Second Shift

After moving into our new place yesterday, at 5pm my “second shift” was just beginning.

1. I had to go to Bed Bath & Beyond for: a shower curtain rod, shower curtain, and shower curtain liner for Scott’s bathroom.  And I realized after the fact that Skylar needs the same thing for her bathroom.  I thought her bathroom had a glass door on it.  Wrong.  Curtain needed.

So many shower curtain rods and regular curtain rods and yet, I struck out for myself.  Ugh.

I needed curtain rods and brackets for the master.


I succeeded on all fronts with Scott’s bathroom but am pretty ticked as it pertains to curtains for the master.  The guy who sold me the curtain rods for the master didn’t tell me to get purchase longer curtain rods.   In fact, when I asked him about the length and said well shouldn’t I get longer rods, he said, “Oh you won’t need those.  This size will work.”  Wrong.  No go. 

And no curtains up.  Hello, World!

And I will be going back to BB & B tomorrow.  Ugh!

2. Then it was on to Radio Shack for 50 feet of coaxial cable so the cable from the wall can stretch to where I keep the one and only tv we own in our home.  A 10 year old 20 inch special.  It’s worth about 3 bucks but I do love my Real Housewives and my DVR so needed the co-ax.

I love mindless tv programs, what can I say.

3. Good thing that Radio Shack, Ralph’s, and TJ’s all share a parking lot!

At the grocery store I bought some produce that’s cheaper than at TJ’s.  And the Pride Flags are already flying in the grocery store advance of Pride the weekend.  Yay!

And holy mother of Irish Cream

Non-alcoholic Bailey’s coffee creamer.  On sale.  That went into my cart faster than you can scream:

Buttery Nipple!

Even though I hinted around at it in my last post that I wanted to celebrate, there was no drinking and no buttery nipples involved last night.  Darn.

4. After Ralph’s, it was time for TJ’s

I am a tease and will show you my stash.  Next post.

I was just there two days ago, after all.

5. I came home, made dinner, made dessert for Scott and I that involved lots of Dark Rum Caramel Sauce <–priorities

Skylar was happy with a stash of frozen bites I found.

High Raw Vegan Sugar Cookie Dough Balls

I unpacked a bit more, struggled with coaxial cable, and realized the curtain rod situation was a no go.

And now am blogging.

I told you my second shift was just beginning at 5pm!

Tomorrow, er, when I wake up in 5 hours, I have an appointment with the cable company to get our internet and TV working, I have returns to make at BB&B, I need to do some yoga!

I need to go to my paid work, too.  Fun.

And I have Skylar to parent.

This was her eating her last meal and snack at our old house: Triscuits + PB and trying to stuff half a banana in her face at once while giving a wave for the camera.  Blogger’s child, for sure.  Hams it up, always.

Thanks for the compliments on the photos I posted of our new place.  To answer everyone’s questions: Yes, I love the wood floors (and they scream yoga!), and yes, I am always that neat and tidy and organizedI hate clutter and messes!  I am the queen of simplicity and minimalistic without being sparse.

Before I forget, I did a guest post for Rachael of La Fuji Mama, while she’s in Tokyo.  Rachael is an amazing woman, mother, blogger, author, and all around awesome friend.   I was flattered when she asked me to guest post on her site and I posted about some of my favorite Dessert Bite Recipes.  All are no-bake recipes so if you don’t want to turn on your oven in the summertime heat, no sweat.  <–pun intended.


Do you feel like you work a second shift in your life?

I sure do, and not just because of the move.

As a working mom, I am always on the go and just keeping up with the housework, cooking, cleaning grocery shopping, parenting!, workouts, blogging, errands, and whatever else comes up is one job.  Parenting alone is one job, really. 

The rest of it is my second job (and really blogging kind of is my second job).

And then my next and third shift or third job is my paid job. (For newer readers, for privacy reasons, I don’t discuss my work here)

So yes, I feel like I work two or three shifts.  This is why I sleep 5 hours, max.  And when I was younger, I thought I “had to have” 8 hours.  Then life happened.

I am just busy, but really happy, and I just couldn’t imagine life any other way!

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51 comments on “Second Shift”

  1. I totally relate to second shift snarf, but my second shift is my job so I have to get all the other “fun” stuff (cooking, cleaning, laundry, workout, ect..) done before hand. It’s really hard to complain about my day to day stuff, when you are getting EVERYTHING done, kid in hand with a positive attitude. You really are superwomen.

  2. People always comment on how M knows just what to do in front of a camera – I always respond with “daughter of a blogger”. LOL

    And yes – motherhood work NEVER ends!

  3. Look at those low, low, low produce prices!! We rarely see those bargains around here anymore, not even in season at farmer’s markets. :( Your stores look awesome. They make my stores look… old and expensive, lol.

    You have more jobs than anyone I know!! I really don’t feel like I even have one compared to you, lol.

  4. PS. If you bring your BB&B coupon that you get for 20% off a single item even after you buy something, they will give you the credit! If you join their email subscription, you get it emailed to you and you print it out. Then once you are a subscriber, they send coupons like every other day for 20% off one item. They come in handy. :)

  5. Absolutely! I don’t know how you guys with kids do it….I get home from work and there is always a never ending list of cleaning, cooking, shopping and chores to do when I get home. Then you wake up the next day and do it all over again!!! It gets so monotonous! I think a 3 day weekend every weekend would really help the situation :)

  6. Funny you mention the Baileys and shots, those shots make me do crazy things

  7. Your daughter is so precious! How old is she? I have two daughters, 4 and 2. I just love raising girls! :)

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  9. Work is my first shift, and then school is my second … except in the summer!

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  12. Seriously, how do you manage to fit everything into 24 h??!! I think you may be Wonderwoman reincarnate ;-) Yep, that must be it…
    Lovely pic of Skylar- she’s such a cutie with her long golden locks, totally taking after her mum :-)

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  14. I often think as I leave work that I’m on my way home to my “real” full time job, so I always feel like I’m on 2 shifts! LOL

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