Shaklee Giveaway

I recently received this Shaklee Basic H2 organic cleaning concentrate.

It has so many uses:

Kitchen, appliances, furniture, sealed woodwork, fixtures, walls, stainless steel, sealed granite, marble, bathrooms, windows, mirrors, woolens, nylons, and fine fabrics.

I’ve heard great things about this product and Shaklee.


Would you like to win some Shaklee Basic H2 + spray bottles for yourself?

To Enter:

1.  Tell me what your favorite cleaning product is.  What just works wonders for you?

2. For a second entry, Twitter Follow Me and then tweet the following:

“I just entered to win free Shaklee Products @loveveggiesyoga ″

3. For a third entry, do one of these things (or more if you’d like but you can only claim one for contest purposes)

Facebook Like Me Stumble Follow Me & Stumble It or post this Give Away on your blog.

Contest will run until Sunday, July 3, 2011 and winner will randomly be chosen and announced.  Shaklee will ship directly to the winner.

Open to continental U.S. readers only.

Get your entries in now!

54 comments on “Shaklee Giveaway”

  1. Honestly my favorite cleaner is baking soda — it works so well in my kitchen sink, microwave and stove top. Those are my least favorite places to clean, so having something that actually works and doesn’t stink is so nice.

  2. Honestly, I’d like to be all “green” and say that baking soda and vinegar are my fav. But the only thing that has worked the best for the hardest to clean thing in my house (the tub), I use clorox shower cleaner. I use the ‘soda and vinegar on everything else though. ;)

  3. My favorite is the Mr Clean magic eraser!

  4. my favorite natural cleaner is eco-me “the emily” natural scrub cleanser. it is seriously a miracle – i would never buy anything else! i use it all around the house and the tub lasts a LONG time and smells great. it is hands down the best cleaning product i have ever used, natural or otherwise. i would recommend it to ANYONE. i have been debating buying shaklee for a while but have hesitated only because of this product.

    averie, i have been meaning to comment and ask you: i am a new mother of twin girls (only 2 months old) but i am constantly in awe of how you feed your daughter and most of all, how much she seems to embrace and enjoy her diet. would you ever consider doing a post on natural childcare, extended breastfeeding, vegetarian diets for children, etc? i have been a reader for a while now but not forever so i suppose it’s possible you have done one before and i missed it. but i love to see skylar’s beautiful smile and how much she enjoys the wonderful life you have created for her and if you ever have spare time, would love a post on your approach to childcare in infancy and into the toddler years. thanks!

  5. I already follow you on FaceBook! :)

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  7. My favorite cleaner is Mrs. Meyer’s lavender dish soap. I love the smell!

  8. I’m always looking for ways to green up my life! Right now my go-to is Clorox Clean Up, basically bleach in a bottle, because it’s multipurpose. This looks like it’d get the job done too!

  9. I’ve been wanting to try the Shaklee products, I’ve heard great things. Still looking for a cleaner that works wonders but is more natural. The Martha Stewart green/natural line is what I’m trying now, it’s not too bad.

  10. I love mrs Meyers. Love the smell. And yes I will
    Confess I love the mr clean magic eraser

  11. My favorite is vinegar. Vinegar/water/orange essential oil mixture, in a spray bottle, for multipurpose cleaning. :)

  12. Method all-surface cleaner! Smells good and works like a beast :)

  13. I’m already following you on twitter and i tweeted about this giveaway!!

  14. I liked you on facebook! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  15. I love biokleen’s bathroom cleaner. It smells so good that I use it for everything! I do love using vodka to clean as well…it is natural and I can put my own scents in it.

  16. I love Seventh Generation products and I found a Canadian brand called Eco max that I love. Their mint bathroom cleaner works great!

  17. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  18. I’m not entering, but commenting, because my favorite cleaning product is Shaklee’s Basic H! I bought the same bottle you are featuring probably 2 years ago & we haven’t even made a dent in it! (And yes, we do clean often). ;) It is scentless & does an amazing job cleaning & can be used for almost everything! Best part is… the ingredients can’t be beat! LOVE this product!

  19. Baking soda, plain and simple and oh so versatile.

  20. Definitely the Mr. Clean magic eraser…scuffs/stains all over the house are GONE!

  21. I love cleaning :) Well, I love a clean, spotless house. Good thing I live in a 1 bed/1 bath apartment I guess! My favorite cleaner is Mrs Meyers Basil & ___ line. (I’m not at home to check) but it smells absolutely amazing and doesn’t have any crazy ingredients in it.

  22. I love Mrs Meyers lavender stuff.. it all smells so good!

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