Simple Sunday Things

Simple Sunday Things that make me happy:

1. My new iPhone case

I picked it up when I went to the mall


Previously, I had a plum-colored case on my iPhone but the white one is so much easier to see when my phone is buried in the depths of my purse.

Plus I just think the white is cool looking.  Something Swatch Watch and all 80s vibey to me.  I had quite the Swatch collection back in the day.

And I also applied a screen protector that’s white

I really wish that I could have gotten a white iPhone when I replaced mine after mine was stolen just a couple weeks after I originally bought it, but the white ones were not out yet.  By a week.  Darn!

I used my jelly bean picture as my home screen background

Because who doesn’t want to look at jelly beans every single time you check your phone?  Don’t answer this if you say you don’t.

2. Bombshell Summer that I picked up

Love.It.  If you like Bombshell, get the Summer Bombshell.  And if you don’t have either or have no idea what they smell like, you must try it.  Just trust me.

It’s one of those seasonal scents that they may or may not be keeping around.   <– Nothing like a little seaonally-induced buying pressure.

3. Mangoes

4. Skylar

5. The Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls

That I made for the winner of the auction

I made a double batch.

For yours truly.

And now, I am off to run errand mania and continue packing and getting things set up on the homefront for Scott and Skylar while I’m gone on my trip!


1. What Simple Sunday Things (or any things) have made you happy?

I’ll also go with pretty flowers!

2. Any amazing (yet hopefully simple and cheap finds) for you lately?

P.S. I am guest posting on Angela of Oh She Glow’s site Please check out my post with my 5 favorite vegan recipes that I shared.  Angela is such a doll and a wonderful friend and I was excited when she asked me to guestie on her site.

P.P.S. Reminder to enter the Summertime Cooldown Giveaway if you haven’t already.

Enjoy your Sunday!

50 comments on “Simple Sunday Things”

  1. Just wanted to pop up and say hi and that I’m so psyched you’re going to CO. You’ll love it there! We’ll miss each other by a few days, as I’m heading that way soon myself. Have a blast and ttys.

  2. ohmygoodness I love jelly beans! And now I want some, lol. What simple thing made my day today? When I told Jelly Bean to get her pajamas on and she put one of her big brother’s huge shirts on. I love it when toddlers dress themselves – hilarious!

  3. i really need to whip up another batch of those balls! hahaha! oh dear.

  4. Love those orchids….sweet post. Congrats on your new phone! I am a huge fan of white everything. The rest of my world is so bright I need relief sometimes ;) Will check out your post at Angela’s….

  5. Best start to my Sunday in a long time: getting up early to take a walk on the beach and watch the sun rise. It’s amazing how nature manages to be so simple yet so complex.

  6. I love your simple posts!!! I picked up an Eggplant Purple case for my Blackberry yesterday and fell in love! My phone is white and with the purple it looks HAWT now :) Im crazy like this…I know ;)

    I also loved the simple day I had today just relaxing at the park, eating healthy foods and getting some work done.

    Have a fab night!

  7. I love the white ones too! But they’re like 100 euros more expensive than the black ones?! Crazy! But, if i had the money I totally would! :)

  8. Mmm. I feel a little bit crazy for saying this but those mangoes look better to me than jelly beans. I’ve never really been a huge fan of jelly beans (though that picture is really pretty!), but I’ve always loved fruit more.

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  10. I love the simple stuff! This weekend was full of it, relaxing after my boyfriend defended his Master’s thesis. He deserved it! Lots of walking, some napping. It was awesome!

  11. Wow, I love the white/jellybean combo of your phone! Would definitely make finding it in a purse easier. My flip phone is black and tiny and I can never find that thing.

    I loved hanging out with my niece and nephew, but my Sunday sweet was getting to spend the evening alone with my husband and being able to just chill for a little bit. The weekend definitely flew by!

  12. Your pictures are so beautiful. I’m in the process of investing in a really good camera. Any suggestions? I really enjoy your blog!

    • I have my camera info linked on my photography page

      As well as all kinds of photography tips. It’s more about how to use the camera you have, practicing, and really working with food composition and styling more so than it is equipment. A great camera simply blows up all your mistakes (and good things!) in higher resolution and detail so it always comes back to other elements of photography too. Go read my posts…you will find some helpful info I bet!

  13. I love the white iphone case!!! I always get my accessories in white – not sure why, just love the clean look I suppose.

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