A few weeks back I won this Strawesome glass straw in Robyn’s giveaway.

Don’t think for a minute it’s easy to photograph glass.  Reflections, translucency, all kinds of fun stuff.

But with the craziness of my photography trip to Mexico City last weekend


My move at the beginning of this week

I almost forgot to mention how much I love my glass straw

I actually already have a few others and use a straw almost daily.

I throw them in the dishwasher and since I only run my dishwasher every few days, having another straw is great.


Because I just have to drink from a straw when I inhale and slurp down drink my Vanilla Iced Coffees

And now I have another beauty to add to my collection.  Sweet!  Or shall I say, Suck!

I love the pretty, decorative little glass beads my straw.

Thanks, Strawsome and Robyn!

Another thing I’ve been slurping down and loving is this Bailey’s coffee creamer I mentioned I snagged

Omg. If you like Bailey’s, you have to try it.   I got the Original and it’s so good.

I am putting it in this coffee

That’s my daily go to coffeeI never tire of thee.

And with the new Bailey’s?  It’s been a party in my coffee mug.

I actually need to pick up another one of the Bailey’s creamers because some days I like a little coffee with my cream, if you know what I mean.

And some days I like a little brownie with my frosting, if you know what I mean.

Fudgy Nutella Brownies with Cream Cheese Frosting anyone?

In the morning, I sure hope the weather is like this because I have a very important Parade to watch.

And I’m glad you enjoyed my Dog Days post.  I thought those dogs were hilarious.  Like an old married couple.   I just had to post those pics.

I also want to give a very special thanks to Gabriela who featured me as her Friday Feature Blogger.  If you don’t already read Gabriela’s blog, you should!  She’s always up to something fun and she makes amazing desserts.  She also loves frosting as much as I do and is blond.  Maybe blonds who love frosting do have more fun.  Kidding. Only kind of.


1. Are there any beverages you just have to use a straw for?

I really love my iced coffee with a straw.  If I drink it without a straw, I feel like I’m sucking on ice cubes rather than coffee and that’s not nearly as enjoyable.

When I used to drink lots of mixed drinks or be out at the bars, I had to have a straw for my cocktails.  There was no way I could just drink a drink, sans straw.  Again, the sucking on ice thing.  Not a fan.

But with ice water, I don’t use a straw and prefer not to.  Go figure.

2. Have you ever tried a glass straw?

I tried my first about five years ago and I love them.  I put them through the dishwasher and although I’ve never dropped one, I haven’t had any problems at all with mine.

3. Weekend plans?

Same as my last postParade time, for sure!

Thanks for all the entries on the Summer in a Box Giveaway.  It’s a popular one!

Enjoy your weekend!

52 comments on “Slurp”

  1. I have never tries a glass one…and don’t think I would like it!

    I like to bend my straws and suck out of them (I know I’m odd) – so that glass may pose a problem!

    As far as drinking out of straws I HAVE to have a straw for anything I drink with bubbles…

    My FAVORITE thing to drink out of a straw (or in any way possible) would be an iced caramel macchiato :)

    Brooke Annessa

  2. Love the glass straws….I have 5…for no real reason other than I liked one so much that I bought a 4-pack! I’ve dropped one…and it didn’t break.

    I drink pretty much everything out of a straw, except water and hot coffee.

    Have fun at the parade! I’ll be working most of the weekend, but I slacked off yesterday so it’s a good thing.

  3. I need a straw for anything iced or that contains liquor! I love spicy iced chai lattes through a straw and the occasional soda has to have a straw as well.
    Weekend plans: eating yummy leftover summer salads for lunch, teaching yoga at a campground and reading.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. I prefer to use a straw any time I have a drink with ice but I’ve never used glass straws — I guess I’ve never thought of ordering any!

    What I hate about not having a straw is when the ice all falls back on your mouth and nose — and then you have to wipe your nose. Sounds silly but its true!

  5. Blonds that love frosting DO have more fun. It’s just a fact :)

    I love Coke Zero, but I don’t drink it too often so when I do, it’s usually from a movie theater or restaurant fountain. And then I HAVE to drink it from a straw. In general though, straws tend to make me suck in way too much air!!

    Weekend plans = pool party today, then lots of just hanging out. School starts on Monday!

  6. I have a couple of glass straws from glass dharma. I’m not big into straws just because people that struggle with digestive issues generally have a hard time using straws – your body doesn’t digest properly when you drink with a straw vs. with your mouth. Unfortunately, I am one of those people. So, I only treat myself to straw drinking every once in awhile!
    This weekend we’re going to a garden party to watch the air show (today), then tomorrow we’re heading out for burgers and fries + watching the transformers movie!

    • “your body doesn’t digest properly when you drink with a straw vs. with your mouth.”—

      Ok I would LOVE To hear more about this. I know that you can drink more quantity/faster with a straw but I have never heard that part??!!

      Scientifically speaking, that is a very interesting concept…you’d think digestive enzymes, digestion in general, it’s all the same via whatever delivery method, i.e. straw or not, is used to ingest the liquid. I mean, how does the body ‘know’? Just talking out loud b/c I have never heard this.

      Tell me more! I love stuff like this!

      • The explanation I heard regarding this is that we tend to inhale more air when drinking from a straw, which makes you bloated and can really irritate someone with IBS.
        Just my two cents!

      • Totally, Carly. We swallow more air than we do the liquids we’re drinking when we drink through a straw. Also, for thicker things like smoothies and such, when we drink them normally we tend to do just a tiny bit of chewing before we swallow whereas when we drink them out of a straw there is no chewing going on. Chewing is a queue for our enzymes and a process called peristalsis to begin. The chewing helps send the signal to our bodies to start the digestive process. I’ve since begun enjoying all of my smoothies in a bowl with mix ins like nuts, seeds, dried fruits so that I’m doing more chewing to help my digestive processes.
        All really neat stuff, I agree!

  7. I’ve never tried a glass straw! The only recyclable one I have is the plastic green one I have from my plastic stabucks cup!

  8. This is so crazy (again!), but I just used my glass straw for the first time in about a year last night! I got one from Glass Dharma a long time ago and was really into for a while, but I generally make my smothies thick enough to eat with a spoon. But I love my straw!

    I made a nice chocolate spinach smoothie to bring to the HP movie last and a chocolate-banana-cashew butter one for my friend (who said it was the best thing she ever ate and I should open a smoothie stand…hehehe). And we’re heading out for iced coffees now. I just tossed my straw in my bag; thanks for the reminder.

  9. enjoy the parade! it’s perfect weather up here for the jazz festival going on – think i’ll check it out this eve. not a fan of jazz music, but it’s a perfect summertime outing!
    never drink with a straw and do not have a glass straw!i slurp from the bottle or mug!

  10. Have never tried a glass straw but I see how practical aand environmentally friendly they are. Love yours with he pretty beads! Have fun time at the parade!

  11. I’ve never tried any of those cool straws out there. I contemplated buying them once but didn’t end up pulling the trigger. I really like the glass and the metal ones I’ve seen on all the blogs.

  12. I don’t have a dishwasher, so I have the feeling I wouldn’t be able to get the glass straws cleaned properly; they’d probably look all filthy and spotted inside. Off shortly for some Saturday shopping. Bye!

  13. I usually always use straws…besides at home!! Looks like I need to check into this trend. They’re so cute!

  14. That straw is so cool! I love blown glass. I just went toa glass fusing workshop last night actually! But I’d love to do a glassblowing class.
    Anything with ice I MUST drink from a straw. Mostly for the sake of my dignity. It’s not pretty when the ice flies into my face and spills my beverage all down my front. I’ve never tried a glass straw though!
    Weekend plans: attending a cookout with the boyfriend and keeping him company while he writes his thesis! Have fun at the parade!

  15. I’ve never been much of a straw person. I love being able to just slurp it down easily ha! Though I just had a root canal and extraction yesterday *youch* so I’m not capable of sipping with any straws right now according to doc =/

  16. I haven’t used a glass straw yet! I don’t drink iced coffee that often but when I do, definitely a straw :)

  17. Any drink that has ice in it needs to have a straw. I have sensitive teeth and drinking cold drinks is much easier on my teeth with a straw. Plus their just more fun! I’m heading to a Beer Dabbler here in a couple hours! Many samples of delicious microbrew beer are in my future :)

  18. When it comes to smoothies, I HAVE to use a straw. I just feel like it taste better that way? :) If its too thick I’ll use a spoon, but once it melts a little I drink it through the straw.
    I’ve never tried a glass straw before, but I really want to now!

  19. I bought a four pack and use them every day for green smoothies but I’ve had two break on me so I’m now so weary of the other two. It’s annoying that I have to buy a couple more but I do need to get one of the brushes that I failed to get when I bought them. Mine are coloured, without little beads on glass on them. I want ones like yours now. I love the beads :)

  20. I HAVE to have straws when I’m drinking smoothies. I have thought about being more eco-friendly about it, but I just can’t stand the metal and glass straws I’ve tried. I need to be able to bend my straw around and they just don’t work that way. I’ve just been using disposable straws and recycling them to ease my conscience.

  21. I’ve been thinking about getting some glass straws, perfect for smoothies. Maybe I’ll see some at the raw fest. Can’t wait for the details on the parade. Our weather is actually a little foggy and breezy this morning – good running weather.

    1. Smoothies because a smoothie stache just doesn’t look prefessional. :-)
    2. Not yet, good to know they can go in the dishwasher.
    3. Hardly any since I’m on call, just shopping and running.

  22. I love those straws and have wanted one forever!!

  23. i love my glass dharma straws! i use them all.the.time. i bought them from laury over at the fitness dish on opensky. i’m a chronic sipper :)

  24. 1. I love using my acrylic straw with my breakfast smoothies: frozen mango chunks (TJ’s!), greens, chia seeds, and agave. I would probably love a glass straw even more!

    2. I’ve been wanting a glass straw. Why don’t I have one already!?! :)

    3. Weekend plans: I’m on call for work, but hopefully I DON’T get called in because I want to rest and prepare for moving. I have about 3 weeks to purge, organize, and pack it all up. I’m grateful that I have so much time to prepare for this.

    Also, I just found you on twitter!!! Yay!

  25. Yeah, I like using straws for iced drinks too! And since I like drinking my coffee cold, it lessens the coffee-on-teeth action which my dentist swears is bad for me. Also, it slows me down, since I have a tendency to gulp. Not good when it’s an expensive cocktail!

  26. I’ve never tried the glass straws but I’m intrigued because it’s just so puurrrrty! haha, and I wouldn’t have to waste plastic ones so often then. That part about blonds who love frosting having more fun was so cute :P

  27. I really want to try a glass strawnow . I used to always prefer drinking canned drinks with a straw. I don’t really drink anything out of a can anymore, but I still love using straws!

  28. I just got a glass straw recently–it’s green, which I love (beautiful green glass) but it’s much broader than yours. I have to get every last bit of my smoothie, and I can’t get all of it through that straw! Otherwise, I love it.

    Congrats on rocking your move, your trip and all the rest of it.

  29. I love straws but have never tried a glass one. I want to because they look awesome. Worried about them breaking, though?

    Straws are a must for anything smoothie or milkshake-like. Anything thick, really. :) I use straws all the time. My cousin drinks hot coffee with a straw to protect her teeth, lol.

  30. I’d never heard of glass straws!! Love the idea–adorable little decor on it, too!!

  31. I must get my hands on some glass straws! I waste so many plastic ones it’s a shame. Plus those are too pretty to pass up.

  32. I love straws too! But, I’m not too picky about when and with what I need to use them. Love the glass straw. I want one of those too!!

  33. I can’t bring myself to drink out of a straw because my mom told me a horror story about how when she was little she drank through one without looking inside it and sucked an earwig into her mouth! I always take the straws out of drinks at restaurants for that reason…just gives me the creeps!

  34. I’ve wanted a glass straw for a while now, but I’m not sure where to buy them (aside from online). Yours is very pretty!

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  36. That glass straw has some serious bling! I love it.

  37. That is one lovely straw.
    I’m a big glass straw fan myself.

    Must have a glass straw when drinking a green smoothie, fruit smoothie, or frozen drink. I also use a glass straw a work (desk job) to drink my green tea out of a glass mason jar. This cuts down on the number of trips to make tea, but not the number of trips to the toilet ;)

  38. I think I would need a straw for frozen beverages like an iced cappuccino or a pina colada.

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