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Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post about Moving.  Your support, comments, and cheering me on through this stressful time were awesome.  I read each and every comment with a smile on my face.  Thank you for those!

I know I promised a Part 2 as a followup to the last post, but I haven’t had time to type it up.

I’ve been too busy packing!

I hate the hurricane effect that moving creates.  Ugh!

I’ve been busy pre moving my possessions into the new place!  Thank goodness I am able to pre-move some things in like dishes and bulk/dry food items and random odds and ends.  It definitely cuts down on the hurricane effect and the emotional and actual chaos that moving brings.


But I am so tired.  Omg.  Beyond words tired.  I have been working nonstop packing, donating, sorting, decluttering, filling boxes, carrying, sweating and not stopping since last week.

But it’s worth it because I have been busy organizing my new kitchen!
image 0image 3

Didn’t take these pictures, but will be taking some soon and will share them as soon as I take some.

One thing that I’ve been snacking on lately is sugar snap peas.

I could polish off a half bag at a sitting.  <–Fiber much

Something about their crunch.

Their snappy-ness.

I adore them.

I like them plain but I enjoy dipping them in everything from Vegan Slaw Dressing

to Mango Butter

To homemade 2 minute peanut sauce

Dip your peas in here.  And then tell me you don’t like peas.  Yeah, sure.

I bet I could even put sugar snap peas inside fresh vegan spring rolls

I also dip my sugar snap peas (and many other veggies like yellow peppers) in mango chutney

This stuff is so good. 

I can actually eat it with a spoon.  And sometimes do.

I also make my Mango Ginger Maple Tofu with it if I don’t just want to use it as a dip for veggies or want to move past spoon eating it.  Did I just admit to that?

If you’re unfortunate enough not to have a TJ’s in your area, use apricot, pineapple, peach, or mango jelly or jam and throw a pinch of cayenne pepper or chili powder (just a pinch) + pinch of ground ginger into the jam for a cheater’s tofu marinade or veggie dip.

And I’ve also been crunching on some Vegan Peanut Butter Chex Mix, i.e. Puppy Chow

10 minute to make.   And then, you’re addicted to it.  And can’t.stop.crunching.


1. Do you like sugar snap peas?

 I love them!  Obviously, from this post.

2. Any favorite dips or sauces, condiments, or even “non-standard” uses for things?

I love peanut sauce as a veggie dip.

Ketchup makes a great salad dressing.

And mustard is great on crackers.  Or salads.  For me at least.

3. What have you been crunching on lately?

Peppers, sugar snap peas, green beans, raw vegan kale chips, popcorn with coconut oil + nooch + stevia, puppy chow, it’s all good to crunch on.

Time to get snappy with a few boxes now!


  1. ooo, thanks for the peek into your new kitchen! i love the granite and the darker shades. that IS nice that you can pre-move some stuff and not have to move EVERYTHING on one day. moving day next wednesday will be tough enough.
    love snap peas! dipped into lite catalina (my go to salad dressing). i love mustard on salads, too! and on scrambled eggs! :)
    good luck as you keep on packing….”this too shall pass.”

  2. Oh I do love sugar snap peas. One of those veggies I never think to buy though. I need to revamp my go-to veggie list! I love that mango butter and hate that we don’t have a TJs anywhere near here. And I agree – being able to move in increments can really be helpful other than having things half here and half there of course ;-)

  3. I love your positivity, Averie!
    I know it’ll be great :)
    Loved the delicious-looking food pics, as always!
    Have a great day ;)

  4. Glad to know I’m not the only mustard lover—I put it everything, but I love it on my baked potatoes–YUM! :-)

  5. I love snap peas and if I have some ranch dressing I can easily polish off an entire bag. They are so good!

    I like ketchup and mustard on just about anything — although I can’t say I’ve tried ketchup as a salad dressing!

    I’ve been crunching on carrots — I bought a huge bag of them and just love the crunch.

  6. I can’t think of anything ketchup doesn’t belong on. Ditto for bbq sauce.

  7. I’ve been snacking on cucumber slices dipped in some homemade white bean hummus! So delicious!

    Also, just the other day we finished off a jar of the mango ginger chutney to make dressing for a shredded bok choy & broccoli slaw. It was awesome.

  8. when bloggers move or just show photos of their house, I ALWAYS love the kitchen photos most! :) your new kitchen looks fab!

    I love crunch, and I’d LOVE to dip those peas into that peanut dip. Mmm.

    hope your Wednesday is going great, Averie!! thinking about you, sending positive energy!!

  9. What gorgeous countertops and cabinets! I love snap peas, I was so sad I forgot to buy them this week.

    I think my favorite sauce (aside from Mama Pea’s Peanut Mmmm Sauce) is definitely a spicy Thai basil. Working on a recreation!

    Good luck with the move and thanks for your encouraging words!

  10. oh my! I missed your post about moving. Sounds like you’re in for quite the adventure. But, these things have a way of working themselves out.
    Sad story.. I used to enjoy ketchup on my morning corn flakes. Or, as a ketchup sandwich. Just ketchup and bread. Don’t enjoy that now, but there was a LONG time where I could have lived on just that!

  11. Love the new kitchen and so will you! You are amazing to still find time to blog but we love it!

  12. Don’t tell ME you don’t like peas!!! :)

    • Haha!

      And the commenter two above you wrote
      “I think my favorite sauce (aside from Mama Pea’s Peanut Mmmm Sauce) is definitely a spicy Thai basil. Working on a recreation!”

      I get comments about your great food and CCKatie’s food all the time in my comments :)

  13. I could so eat that entire bad of sugar snap peas…easy!

    Sorry to hear about the last minute move out. Hang in there! I hate moving but you seem like a pro. :)

  14. I HATE moving but I admit that setting up a new kitchen is kind of fun!!! And you have a lovely new one. :)

    I love sugar snap peas, and snow peas! So good.

    Wish I could be there to help you!! Although, right this minute I am completely useless. My knee/leg is in a lot of pain. I pulled something and/or the water retention, I can barely walk. One thing after another. I’m with you in thought. :D XOXO

  15. Love love love snap peas. I could polish off the rest of your half bag…..and another bag in one sitting! So. Good.

  16. love sugar snap peas!! I really like tahin and mustard as for condiments.
    pre-packing is the key to successful moving for sure!

  17. Wow, hang in there – moving stress will be over soon! Like the new kitchen, can’t wait to see it all set up.

    1. Yes, I could eat an entire bag in one sitting.
    2. Kristen’s hemp nacho dip, hummus of just about any variety, guac, and rich dressings.
    3. Carrots, apples, and fresh peppers.

  18. Oh, Averie, I’m so sorry you have to go through another move, but the new kitchen looks fab! How is Skylar coping with the move? I LOVE snap peas and regular shell peas. I just bought 1 lb. at the farmers market today and have been crunching on the raw. I also love their sweet, crisp crunch! They are also yummy stirred into cold rice salad – yum! As for sauces… I love hummus on raw zucchini, all mustards on ANYTHING, and you now have me on a veganaise kick! I bought my first jar at Whole Foods the other week and tonight I smeared a bit on my artichoke heart instead of my usual olive oil… tasty!

  19. Snap pear are probably my favorite veggie!

    *sorry to hear about the stressfull move. I’ll be praying things smooth out. I am SURE it’s all for the better, if not now, than in the long run!

    Brooke Annessa

  20. I love that Mango Chutney but I especially loved their Apple Cran Chutney which they have since discontinued. Such a shame!

  21. Wow, keep on rockin’ the moving! Seems like you’ve gotten SO much done in little time! I really like your new place-looks pretty! And it IS nice when they let you pre-move. I do most of the moving (aside from some of the heavy lifting stuff) too, so I like it when I can get the little things out of the way.

    I just made your peanut broiled tofu (I know that’s probably not the official name, but it’s off the top of my head). It was DELISH! It even got rave reviews (and second and third helpings) from my meat-eating hubby! So thanks for the recipe!

    And puppy chow, OMG, I haven’t had that in awhile. And now a vegan recipe?? I’m going to have to add a few things to my grocery list!!!

    Hang in there!

  22. I absolutely love sugar snap peas. They are for sure my favorite vegetable, I could sit there all day eating bags of them. I’ve been crunching on Clif bars (not so crunchy) because it’s the easiest portable snack for me since I’m on my road trip!! I’m actually in San Diego right now. Last night we went to Little Italy for dinner and ohmygod. I’m in love.

  23. oh averie! i am so happ this move is mostly behind you uand you and your family get to start fresh so soon!!!

    half a bag in one sitting?!?! LOL I have been known to eat the entire bag in one sitting i LOVE snap peas they are so good!! also snow peas…but snap peas win in my book any day!

    have you ever tried the spicy black bean dip from TJS?!?! love it!!

  24. HOLY BALLS! i just updated myself on your life and i can’t BELIEVE you are moving in a WEEK! crazy girl! you are such a family champion, amazing mom and wife i can’t even believe it! i love that wherever you go you always make the best of the situation :) skylar has such a great role model lady!

    on another noteee i would lurrrv the deets/contact info for your blog design guy!

  25. beautiful kitchen! can’t wait til you’re all settled in :)
    i’ve been loving sugar snap peas lately, too! actually…i don’t really know whether they’re that or snow peas. i don’t really know the difference, either. i’ve been grilling them in foil packets with potatoes. yum!

  26. I’ve been on a bell pepper and cucumber kick lately. With salsa or just plain. I really love sugar snap peas too, but I haven’t had them in a while. I need to fix that!

    Love the look at the new place and I can’t wait to see more pictures!!!

  27. So sorry about the move. If it helps…your not alone. I still have to move the bulk of my house! I hope your move goes quickly and painlessly. I LOVE sugar snaps and mustard is my favorite condiment!

  28. I love sugar snap peas! Dipping them in garlic hummus makes me melt…and teriyaki sauce. I hope you get some rest!

  29. Hehe, I just listened to one of my nutrition classes that mentioned when we crave crunchy foods that usually means we are angry and don’t have a way to express that anger! Just wanted to share :) Don’t know if this is true or not, but if I were you, I’d have plenty to be angry about right now!

    Bummer you guys have to leave your current place and move, again. I’ve moved a ton too (at least once a year) and hate the chaos it creates! I need my things and my space orderly as well! But otherwise I love going to new places! Luckily the hubby joined the military so I have to stay put for the next 3 years, lol!

    Good luck with your move!!

  30. Your new place looks beautiful! I am still wishing you a smooth as a transition as possible. And some rest! I love snaps peas! I love to dip into cinnamon. As for crunchy things in my life, little strawberry guavas and figs! Both have very crunchy seeds

  31. That kitchen looks amazing!!

    I can dip almost anything in hummus or guacamole.

  32. That mango chutney looks amazing!

  33. OH MY GOODNESS GIRL!!! How stressful is this situation??? I wish I was there to help you pack or something!!

    You will be happy everywhere you go, I know it. You are just a happy person!


  34. LOVE puppy chow! I loved that when I was a kid.

    That mango butter sounds amazing. I wish we had a TJ’s here. :(

    I want one of those spring rolls!

  35. Your new kitchen is pretty! I’ve been stalking craigslist for 2 MONTHS in Portland, OR trying to find a suitable 2-3 bedroom home and I’m about to pull my hair out. So, I guess I’m saying that I’m super impressed that you found a place in six days! Congratulations, even though the whole situation sounds super exhausting and stressful. I’m glad you’ve come up with a new place and had the means to secure it. Good job :)

    Also, love love love Trader Joe’s for their chutney, butters, hummus, and frozen fruit. I would not eat as well as I do without that place!

    Good luck getting through the big move.

  36. I actually had no idea how delicious sugar snap peas were until recently. I had never had them raw, only in stir fries. But wow, they are addicting!

    Personally, I’m addicted to mustard. Nothing fancy, just plain yellow mustard. Dip a fry in it and then when all the fries on gone, just squeeze some directly into your mouth…. Nah, I think I’ll stick to being the only one who does this ;)

  37. LOL – I literally just finished eating a GIANT bowl of sugar snap peas. Mmmmmmm – so crunchy and delicious!

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