Strawesome Glass Straw Giveaway

I recently reviewed a Strawesome Glass Straw

I am loving my glass straw!


It helps me slurp things like a Peach Banana Colada Smoothie

Vanilla Iced Coffee

or a Vanilla Avocado Banana Smoothie straight from the Vita

And now, it’s your turn to win one!

To Enter:

1. Tell me: What would you drink with your Strawesome glass straw?


Tell me what a favorite beverage or drink recipe is of yours?

2. For a second entry, Twitter Follow Me, Twitter follow Strawesome and then tweet the following:

“I just entered to win a Glass Straw from from @loveveggiesyoga @bestrawesome”

3. For a third entry, do one of these things (or more if you’d like but you can only claim one for contest purposes)

Facebook Like MeFacebook Like Strawesome, Stumble Follow Me & Stumble It, Pinterest Follow Me, (and no I haven’t done anything with my boards, yet)Instagram Follow Me or post this Give Away on your blog.

Contest will run until Friday, July 22, 2011 and winner will randomly be chosen and announced.

Contest is open to U.S. residents only.

Get your entries in now!


  1. I would drink lots and lots of iced coffee!!! And any kind of green smoothie-chocolate mint is my fav right now.

  2. FB liked ya! (no idea why i hadn’t before though…)

  3. following on pinterest…though, i hardly ever use it anymore. ;-) basically, i got it out of my system early on and now just use it for organizing ideas for specific projects. ;-)

  4. I would love to use this to drink my smoothies! I’ve been on such a smoothie kick lately and I always feel so bad using straws and then throwing them out so this is perfect!

  5. Ooh I love the glass straw idea! I would definitely drink my morning iced coffee with it!

  6. Drinking iced coffee with that Strawesome straw would be great!!

  7. I would sip my arnold palmer in the pool with this straw!

  8. Pingback: What I

  9. I would drink a delicious strawberry-banana-kale smoothie out of it!

  10. Awesome giveaway! I’d drink some freshly made lemonade… or possibly a delicious fruit smoothie.

  11. I would love this with my spinach and banana smoothie. Yummy!

  12. I would use it for my chilled green teas and for smoothies!

  13. I would drink my smoothies with this awesome straw! :)

  14. I liked you on facebook! What’s not to like?

  15. Oh Mi Gosh! I would drink a huge chocolate-green smoothie with that cute straw!!

  16. I was just thinking this morning how I need to help save the planet (but can’t stop drinking my iced coffee)!

  17. Iced coffee with loooooads of almond milk!

  18. I need one of these so so so badly! I cant bring myself to pay so much for them online =/ and paul thinks i’m nutso for wanting one! hehe but i’m not nuts — they rock =)

    I would slurp up my green smoothies! yum!

  19. Following both and tweeted! <3 yay!

  20. I would drink a chocolate spinach smoothie. :)

  21. I would drink my Green Monster Smoothie after a tough workout!!!

  22. I would drink my banana/almond milk/chocolate protein powder smoothie!

  23. a delicious green smoothie for sure! can’t get enough of them lately :)

  24. I would drink my smoothies and iced coffee!

  25. I’d guzzle green smoothies for sure, as well as iced tea and lemonade.

  26. I would drink EVERYTHING because I am very obsessed with straws! I would mainly drink it with iced tea and lemon :)

  27. I’d definitely drink one of my coconut water smoothies:)

  28. Smoothies of course!

  29. I’d enjoy a large iced coffee with the Strawesome glass straw!

  30. I’d do iced coffee! you know, it’s better for your teeth that way..haha! and refreshing smoothies, of course.

  31. My yummy green smoothies of course!

  32. I would drink a banana smoothie

  33. I follow you on twitter

  34. I would drink lots of smoothies and maybe a mojito ;)

  35. If I had a glass straw, I would drink all my smoothies with it. My favorite at the moment is peanut butter, almond butter, amazing grass, coconut milk, and vanilla extract.

  36. I’m following you on Pinterest!

  37. Wi would drink vegan mango lassis 24/7 :)

  38. Im already following you on twitter and I tweeted!

  39. I liked you on facebook!

  40. I would like a glass straw so that i can drink my (made from scratch) Delicious chai. I like drinking warm chai too, but there is just something so much better about a nice refreshing glass of ice chai. The only problem with drinking ice drinks is that i hate the feeling of the ice sliding as the glass tilts and just makes the drink less enjoyable. I could just get some plastic straws but a glass straw just sounds so much better AND Eco friendly :]
    So i would love to have a glass straw so that i could drink smoothies and iced drinks! OR smoothie iced drinks! Some times I add a frozen banana and some protein powder to my chai mixture i make and it is instantly a lovely Hello Morning Smoothie!
    Thank you so much
    Erin Thomas,

  41. I would use it to drink my green smoothies every morning. I already follow you on FB and and twitter as well as strawsome.

  42. Iced coffee

  43. I would love a glass straw! I just got a juicer and have made SO many yummy combinations already, so I could use a new straw to drink my fresh veggie + fruit juices!

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