Summertime Cooldown Giveaway

Is the summer weather making you hot and thirsty?

Do you like tea?

Do you drink water? 


Or juice?

Do you want a cooler?

Oh good.

Then this giveaway is for you!

About the products:

Crystal Geyser Sparkling Mineral Water

Natural, refreshing and with carbonation.  It can be enjoyed as a healthy alternative to sugared or artificially sweetened soft drinks.  The flavored varieties are a blend of our natural mineral water and all-natural fruit essences.  Unsweetened and calorie free, it’s available in five delicious flavors.

Juice Squeeze

Made with 70% real fruit juice, a 12 oz. bottle of Juice Squeeze provides a USDA full serving of fruit.  Lightly carbonated, the eight all-natural flavors are sweetened with only fruit juice and contain no added sugar or preservatives.  Could make for a nice lunchbox addition for moms trying to sneak in fruit.

California Teas are a new, award-winning line of 100% all-natural iced and green ready-to-drink bottled iced teas.  With 7 unique varieties including peach, strawberry, blueberry and apple, your readers are sure to find a tasty break from the overly sweet teas and sodas on the market.

Nutritional highlights

  • All natural (no preservatives or artificial ingredients)
  • Lightly sweetened with pure cane sugar (does not contain HFCS)
  • 45 calories or less per 8 oz. serving
  • Fruit Teas contain 10% Real Fruit Juice and Vitamin C
  • Green Teas are fortified with 75mg of Super Antioxidant EGCG

Tejava is the world’s only 100% all-natural, microbrewed and ready-to-drink iced tea made entirely from select, handpicked tea leaves from the island of Java.  Unlike other iced teas, Tejava’s unique microbrewing process eliminates bitterness and yields a rich, distinctive, full-bodied taste, which was recognized with a 1st place win at the 2011 North American Tea Championships.

Nutritional highlights

  • All natural (no added tea flavors, preservatives, or artificial ingredients)
  • Unsweetened
  • Calorie free


You’re invited to enter the Tejava Islands of Java and Bali Adventure Sweepstakes, which is running from now until September 21, 2011.  One person will win a trip for two to the islands of Bali and Java. This 7 day/6 night package includes a visit to the Tejava tea plantation, a visit to a volcano, trip to a pearl farm and a tour of a 17th century temple.  You can find more information or register here.


To Enter the Giveaway:

1. You tell me what the best thing you’ve done so far this summer is?


Tell me your favorite beverage of all time?

2. For a second entry, Twitter Follow Me and Twitter follow Crystal Geyser and then tweet the following:

“I’m hot and need to cool down! I entered to win @loveveggiesyoga @CrystalGeyserCG Summertime Cooldown Giveaway”

3. For a third entry, do one of these things (or more if you’d like but you can only claim one for contest purposes)

Facebook Like MeFacebook Like Crystal Geyser, Stumble Follow Me & Stumble It, Pinterest Follow MeInstagram Follow Me (<–my latest obsession!) or post this Giveaway on your blog.

Contest will run until Monday, August 1, 2011 and winner will randomly be chosen and announced.

Open to U.S. residents only!

Get your entries in now!


119 comments on “Summertime Cooldown Giveaway”

  1. Just spending time on the beach with my kids :)

  2. I love Arnold Palmer’s… they remind me of summer and are so refreshing! I never get to have them, though, because we basically only keep water and juice in our house! Sad :(

  3. The best thing I have done this summer is spend time with my wonderful fiance!!

  4. I facebook like you!

  5. the best thing i have done this summer is go to a 3 week program at wellesley college…amazing!!

  6. i like you on facebook!

  7. The best thing I’ve done so far this summer is soaking up the gorgeous sun at the beach! I live less than five minutes from the beach, so whenever I get bored, I just head down to the water!

  8. I liked you on Facebook!

  9. My favorite beverage would be ice tea I think. I always use to drink it with my family when I was younger. I love those juice squeeze’s though.

    I already facebook like you.

  10. My fave beverage is definitely water!! I can’t get enough of it :)

  11. My fav drink is green tea. So good. Addictive I think.

    And I’m an Instagram follower. :)

  12. Going to Vegas with my husband for my birthday was definitely the best thing I’ve done this summer. Although, I wish it wasn’t so long ago because I’m itching to go on vacation somewhere again.

    My favorite drink of all time? Totally has to be water, whenever I’m thirsty it’s the first thing I grab. I wish I liked tea or coffee, but I think both of them are disgusting. Thankfully my husband LOVES tea, so he can get all of the health benefits for me….right? ;)

  13. ok so the TWO best things i’ve done all summer thus far: going to santa cruz beach boardwalk for my niece’s 4th bday. it was so fun to see her ride the kiddie rides! and second, is going to v.sattui winery for my sis’ 30th bday! sucha fun winery bc not only do they have great wine, but also they have a deli, cheese counter, and picnic area! in the midst of studying for the boards, it was definitely awesome to spend time with my family.

  14. my favorite beverage is my great grandma’s grape-ade. it is so delicious, and whenever i make a batch, it always reminds me of my sweet margaret.

  15. the best thing I’ve done this summer is give birth at home to my new baby girl!

  16. My favorite beverage of all time would have to be water. It never gets old. My second would be a tie between creamy coffee and creamy chai.

  17. My favorite thing I’ve done this summer is plan for my wedding in Oct.!:)

  18. love love love sonic diet cherry limeade!

  19. fav beverage of all time is iced coffee! yum!

  20. This summer we had a BBQ that a lot of friends and family got to go to so that was great. OH and I picked the location for our wedding! What beats that!

  21. Best thing so far was my two trips: Upstate NY to run my Yoga retreat, and then out to Vermont to attend Wanderlust Vermont. Totally fun.

  22. Favorite beverage ever would have to be….

    Iced green tea.

    I think…


  23. My favorite beverage would have to be the Iced Coconut Chai from Blossoming Lotus , Portland, OR. Rich, creamy, and delicious!

  24. The best thing I’ve done all summer is taking a week-long trip home to NJ to visit with my family!

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