I love all things sunny:

Sunny weather and blue skies

Sunny days at the beach in Aruba are my favorite days ever.


I love Sunflowers

Skylar enjoyed touching them looking at them, too

“Mom, the middles are so soft.


“Look with your eyes, not your hands” is what my mom used to tell me.

But I didn’t squelch the learning about the world around us moment.

And Sunflower Seed Butter is a major love.

This is my favorite nut butter of all time!

For the price and the taste, it just cannot be beat

Well, ok, it’s a tie with Peanut Butter because I just could never choose.  SFSB and PB are very different nut butters so they are both winners!  Both tied for the coveted #1 nut butter award.

I am not brand loyal to Peanut Butter but do have very fond memories of drunk nights + Triscuits +Jif Reduced Fat PB

I love Sunflower Seed Butter Vanilla Balls (or use PB or AB)

Vegan, Raw/Nobake, GF, ready in less than 5 minutes

I need to make some of my Peanut Butter Recipes <– compilation post of everything I’ve ever made that includes peanut butter

with Sunflower Seed Butter.

Maybe I’ll start by trying SFSB in the No Bake Nutella & Peanut Butter Graham Bars with Chocolate Frosting

And then go outside and eat one on a lovely sunny day!

From my last post on Gratitude, thanks for the kind words about being featured on Katie Lee’s website.

Holly and Katie brought it to my attention that Katie Lee used to be married to Billy Joel.  Learn something new every day, I tell you.  Along with her being on the Food Network and a judge on Bravo’s Top Chef, I feel pretty grateful to be featured on her site!

And I enjoyed hearing about what you’re grateful for.  I find it’s usually the simple things; simple food, simple activities,and our loved ones that make us most fulfilled and for which we’re most grateful.


1. Do you like the sun?  Sunflower seed butter?  Sunflowers?

I like all three, immensenly.

I know some people are not advocates of sunshine and shun tanning or being tan, but I would rather get premature wrinkles and expose myself to whatever risks the sun imparts because without the sun, I am not happy.  I’d rather be wrinkled and happy than smooth and grumpy.

I need the sun.  If I don’t see the sun for a few days, I get depressed, moody, irritable, cranky.  I could never live in a place like Seattle or rainy, overcast places.

I really crave the sun; it centers me, balances me, and I feel out of sync and out of balance without it.

When I was in Mexico City, it was cold (who would have known it would be cold in July in Mexico!) and it was overcast and misty and I felt anxious and unsettled.   Same thing with San Francisco weather.  It’s too cloudy and damp and cool for me. I love the Bay Area for all things except the weather.  I am much more of a SoCal girl.

It’s no coincidence I live in San Diego and have a house in Aruba.   I need the sun!

And of course, I need sunflower seed butter and pretty sunflowers don’t hurt, either.

P.S. Keep those Organic Raw Honey Giveaway entries coming.

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  2. What happened to the adorable picture of you and your daughter that was on this post the first tim I checked?!

  3. I’ve never seen sunflower butter; but will have to make a point to look for it next time I’m in TJs. I would love to try it! I’m wondering if they don’t carry it in IL though, since for sure I’d buy it if I’d ever seen it, and I usually look around the whole store…..

  4. Sunflower butter is amazing, it’s almost dangerous for me to keep inside the house. The Sunflower Seed Butter Vanilla Balls sound perfect, I need to try those!

    1. Yes, yes, and yes. :-) I’m especially obsessed with sunflowers and I love that they’re are huge fields of them everywhere here and they even grow as roadside weeds. :-)

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  6. I love sunny days and sunflowers too.
    Currently thinking of changing up our flower garden by planting sunflowers. Love how they track the sun.

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