I love all things sunny:

Sunny weather and blue skies

Sunny days at the beach in Aruba are my favorite days ever.


I love Sunflowers

Skylar enjoyed touching them looking at them, too

“Mom, the middles are so soft.


“Look with your eyes, not your hands” is what my mom used to tell me.

But I didn’t squelch the learning about the world around us moment.

And Sunflower Seed Butter is a major love.

This is my favorite nut butter of all time!

For the price and the taste, it just cannot be beat

Well, ok, it’s a tie with Peanut Butter because I just could never choose.  SFSB and PB are very different nut butters so they are both winners!  Both tied for the coveted #1 nut butter award.

I am not brand loyal to Peanut Butter but do have very fond memories of drunk nights + Triscuits +Jif Reduced Fat PB

I love Sunflower Seed Butter Vanilla Balls (or use PB or AB)

Vegan, Raw/Nobake, GF, ready in less than 5 minutes

I need to make some of my Peanut Butter Recipes <– compilation post of everything I’ve ever made that includes peanut butter

with Sunflower Seed Butter.

Maybe I’ll start by trying SFSB in the No Bake Nutella & Peanut Butter Graham Bars with Chocolate Frosting

And then go outside and eat one on a lovely sunny day!

From my last post on Gratitude, thanks for the kind words about being featured on Katie Lee’s website.

Holly and Katie brought it to my attention that Katie Lee used to be married to Billy Joel.  Learn something new every day, I tell you.  Along with her being on the Food Network and a judge on Bravo’s Top Chef, I feel pretty grateful to be featured on her site!

And I enjoyed hearing about what you’re grateful for.  I find it’s usually the simple things; simple food, simple activities,and our loved ones that make us most fulfilled and for which we’re most grateful.


1. Do you like the sun?  Sunflower seed butter?  Sunflowers?

I like all three, immensenly.

I know some people are not advocates of sunshine and shun tanning or being tan, but I would rather get premature wrinkles and expose myself to whatever risks the sun imparts because without the sun, I am not happy.  I’d rather be wrinkled and happy than smooth and grumpy.

I need the sun.  If I don’t see the sun for a few days, I get depressed, moody, irritable, cranky.  I could never live in a place like Seattle or rainy, overcast places.

I really crave the sun; it centers me, balances me, and I feel out of sync and out of balance without it.

When I was in Mexico City, it was cold (who would have known it would be cold in July in Mexico!) and it was overcast and misty and I felt anxious and unsettled.   Same thing with San Francisco weather.  It’s too cloudy and damp and cool for me. I love the Bay Area for all things except the weather.  I am much more of a SoCal girl.

It’s no coincidence I live in San Diego and have a house in Aruba.   I need the sun!

And of course, I need sunflower seed butter and pretty sunflowers don’t hurt, either.

P.S. Keep those Organic Raw Honey Giveaway entries coming.


  1. I LIKE the sun, but I can’t be out in it – I’m like a vampire I guess, haha :D

    Sunflower butter = delicious.

    Sunflowers = beautiful.

  2. I love the sun :) Being from Miami, I grew up with it shining down on me and go through withdrawals when I can’t get any!

    With that said, I ALSO love sunflower butter ;)

  3. I love the sun (hence moving to florida!) but i try not to stay out in it too long since my grandfather has skin cancer and both of my parents have had many precancerous moles removed. I still try to get at least an hour outside a day since i get super depressed without the sun and vitamin D pills do nothing!! I won’t use tanning beds though since they kill your eye sight and as an artist its pretty helpful for me to be able to distinguish between colors:)

    I never tried sunflower seed butter but if it taste as great as sunflowers look, then i’m sure i’d love it:)

  4. I am the same way about the sun! I NEED it. NEEEEEEEEED! I grew up in the pacific northwest (near Seattle) though so I didn’t grow up with it around too often. But that is why summer is my fave season of all– I can be outdoors he whole time, being happy and soaking it up! Good thing I don’t sunburn…I might be dead now if I did. I just tan and tan and tan when exposed! I also like sunflower seed butter sometimes (when a craving strikes). Sunflowers seeds?… ehh, not so much.

  5. I love the (natural) sun but I have extremely fair skin, so I really can’t be out in it for very long. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the beautiful sunshiny weather all summer long! I live in New England so I am grateful for every sunny day we get here in the summer. Snow and cold live here most of the year, unfortunately. I would move in heartbeat (LOVE warm weather, HATE the cold), but my fam is here and I just can’t bear to move away from them.

    I absolutely adore sunflowers. They are by far my favorite flower, and actually symbolize something very special/personal to me :-)

    And can you believe with all the trips I make to TJs (go nearly every day, known by name in there lol) that I have never tried that sunflower butter (or any sunflower butter for that matter)?! Must fix!

  6. LOVE the sun – totally obsessed! I get so depressed without it. I am one of those in the 70+ SPF, fearing wrinkles for my life, but hey, you pick your vices and the rest of your life balances it out!

    I’ve also never tried sunflower butter – good thing I have a TJ’s trip on my to-do list today!

  7. I had almost forgotten how beautiful Sunflowers are! I must buy some soon to light up my apartment :D I love the sun! However, Im happy that I live in a country that has all kinds of wether.
    I havent been able to find sunflower seed butter here :( After all Ive read about it, I so want to try it! Im always up for a new nut butter to try :D

  8. I love the sun.. I moved from New England to Australia and part of that had to do with being in a sunny, warm climate year round :) That being said, I really don’t spend much time in the sun anymore! And I would never ever go in a tanning bed again. I used to go all the time in college..with one of my good friends, who passed away a few years after we graduated at the age of 26.. from melanoma. Basically, tanning killed her. Not sure if my outlook on tanning would’ve changed so drastically if this hadn’t happened but when you see the damage and heartbreak that it can cause.. it’s easy to find the sun – and especially tanning beds – pretty scary. That’s just my outlook on it, not judging you, promise!! :)

    I’ve never tried sunflower seed butter..I love sunflower seeds though.. one of my fav snacks!!

  9. I am inspired to try sunflower butter! :)

    The sunflower pictures are STUNNING!

    I love sunny days and being in the sun! I load up on sunblock because I’m pretty fair, but I’d sit outside all day long if I could! :)

  10. Sunflowers are my absolute favorite, but I think that’s more from being a Kansas girl than anything else!

  11. I looove the sun! I’m going to be so sad when summer is over. But I’m living in the moment and soaking it up while I can.
    Sunflower seed butter is good, I’ve only tried it once though! I love how TJ’s wrote “add an new twist…” on the price tag. Really? Lol!

  12. I just recently started trying sunflower seed butter and I ate it with my dates. It’s so yummyyy :)! I have yet to try almond butter as well but it’s next on my list!
    I can’t see you ever staying cooped up inside sun-less haha :) I love the sun as well! I just hate the Texas humidity *yack!*

  13. I need the sun!! I really struggle every winter – I love Chicago, but I think I am destined to live somewhere warm, sunny, and near the ocean. Sunflower seed butter is awesome!! My boyfriend is allergic to both peanuts and nuts, so sunflower seed butter is the only nut/seed butter he can have. I’m always looking for recipes using it! And sunflowers? Gosh, they are such a happy, bright flower, who wouldn’t love them?

  14. Sunflowers are actually my favorite flowers. They’re so beautiful! I think I love them so much because they remind me of my grandmother. She tended to her sunflower patch like they were her children; because of the love she showed them, they grew tall… so talll, in fact, they were double or triple my size! I also love sunflower butter, but my favorite is Maranantha because they don’t sweeten it. Just roasty, toasted, lightly salted perfection. I gotta try that at home!

  15. Sunflower seeds remind me of my high school. Our campus minister was OBSESSED with them and wrote a song about how people are to God like sunflowers are to the sun. Um…yeah. SO I can never look at another one without thinking of her.

    The sun? ALWAYS!!!

  16. I’m in love with the sunshine and summertime almost as much as you. “I’d rather be wrinkled and happy than smooth and grumpy.” Couldn’t have said it better myself, I love it! Unfortunately I live in Vermont. ugh. I love it here but I HATE the winters. I become much more closed off and unwilling to go out and do things. I have every intention, after I graduate, to move somewhere warmer and I can’t wait.

  17. LOVE the sun (NOT a sun worshipper though) and it’s the reason we moved to Arizona from Rhode Island. I get depressed if I go too long without it.
    Never even knew sunflower butter existed until about last week. Am going to have to give it a go.
    Thanks, Averie!

  18. Such an uplifting post!! I LOVE the sun!!! It makes me so happy. I need to move back out of Minnesota before winter hits… :)

  19. I love sunshine — I just don’t like extreme heat! But being outside under the sun is wonderful. And I cannot help but smile when I see sunflowers — they are so cheerful!

  20. I have yet to try Sunflower Seed Butter but this post is totally making me want some :) I too love the sun. There’s nothing like taking a nice morning walk in the sun to clear your mind.

  21. Oh my goodness I cannot get ENOUGH sun! I’m so much happier in the summertime when the sun’s out and shining late almost every night. If I didn’t enjoy snow and changing leaves, New England winters would kill me. Cold, dark, gloomy. The sun’s gone by 4:30pm!

    Sunflowers are my mom’s favorite. She’s trying to grow some but the deer keep eating them! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous.

    And Sunflower Seed Butter for $3.99?!? I’m low on Almond Butter but I might have to replace it with that instead. I knew it was delicious but I didn’t realize it was so cheap too!!

  22. Awesome pics! Clear blue skies…I’m so jealous!

  23. Oh man, I totally crave the sun, I get super cranky if I don’t get sun in my life every day. I live in Boston where for me it is difficult to get enough sun during the winter especially. I lived in Tucson, AZ for a year and with the dry, clean air and sun combined I was ALWAYS in a good mood. Interestingly rates of autoimmune disease, which is linked to vitamin D deficiency (sunlight helps with this!) are very high in the North East compared with the Southwest and other areas that get more consistent sun all year.
    I have also noticed that since taking my first 9-5 desk job, I have been really irritable… like if I don’t get outside to feed sun need habit I will go crazy. So I have been running right after work every day as it is still sunny out and it brings a smile back to my face.
    I think sunflowers are just so happy and they certainly help to bring the sunshine inside! They last so long too!
    I like sunflower seed butter a lot… but find that it gets very rich for me very quickly… when I can eat double the amount of peanut butter without that overly rich sensation. Kinda weird, right?

  24. That’s a great deal on sunbutter!

  25. Your photographs are absolutely beautiful!

  26. Sunflower seed butter? Yes. Sunflowers? Yes. Sunflower seeds on their own? Nope.

    The first thing I ever grew was a sunflower patch in my parents back yard when I was 15 years old. Those thing got to be about 10 feet tall! I’m not joking, the flowers were like 1 1/2 feet in diameter!

  27. Your post has ivpired me to run to Trader Joe’s for sunflower butter. I can’t wait to try it now.

  28. I used to be a peanut butter girl -until I found out that both my kids had peanut allergies!!! Then we found sunbutter and I have been i love with that ever since!! It is the only kind of nut butter my kids can eat-so we use it as a replacement for all things peanut butter!!!

  29. Still to try sunflower seed butter :) pics are so good

  30. Love sunshine, hate sunflower seed butter and love sunflowers. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad right? ;)

  31. ALL of your Trader Joe’s pictures make me incredibly jealous. Thankfully, they’re opening in Mt. Pleasant Friday!

  32. I like the sun, and sunflower seeds, but not sunflowers. They are cool, but I don’t think they are the prettiest flower.

  33. What’s the difference between tahini and sunflower seed butter?

  34. I love all three! I can’t stand winter days where the sun is only out for a few hours at a time. It makes me so depressed. Love sunflower seed butter and sunflowers! One time I was at the farmer’s market, snapping pictures of HUGE sunflowers for sale, and the guy told me I should see the field if I like the bunches. Sunflower fields are soooo beautiful!

  35. I leave for Aruba on Sunday! Yipee! I seriously cannot wait! I am jumping up and down with joy and anticipation :)

  36. I made your flourless peanut butter cookies just yesterday, but I made it with sunflower seed butter instead. SOOO good! And then I had to pass the cookies along to my husband and my best friend and her family so I wouldn’t eat them all. Yum, yum, yum!

    Although, holy cow that’s a good deal on sunflower seed butter! I have to get mine at New Seasons (the only store near me that I’ve found it at) and one jar is $8. I wish I could find it for half that!

    • So did you follow my recipe exactly? Reason I ask is that SFSB is usually quite a bit runnier than PB and this is good info for me to know…to know if they still worked out just fine.

      Sounds like it, but just double checking :)

    • The only other change I did was using 1/2 cup white sugar and 1/2 cup brown instead of 3/4 cup white and 1/4 cup brown because I didn’t have enough white. I was impatient and tried to eat one right out of the oven and it fell apart. But I put some in the fridge and when I came back to eat them later they seemed fine. I could tell the batter was definitely runnier than if I had used PB, but it was no less delicious :)

  37. Your photographs are absolutely beautiful.
    I love the sun. I hate living in the rainy place I do. As soon as I graduate college I’m moving to California. At least, that’s the plan for now.
    I’ve never had sunflower seed butter.
    I love sunflowers!

  38. Being from California, I love all three!! While I was in San Diego I visited the SDSU campus and they had the most gorgeous sunflowers…I was obsessed!

  39. Wow, this post made me feel like I just got a week’s worth of Vitamin D! And maybe some Vitamin C thrown in for good measure. Your photographs are just gorgeous and the colors of those flowers are so vibrant. I’m the same way, if I go too long without the sun I feel off balance and like someone has unplugged me from my power source. I’m really intrigued by the sunflower butter! I’m always looking for new recipes and ways to bake so I think I’m going to have to give this one a try.

  40. Love this post. It just makes me smile (must be all that “sun”). :) And I have to try those balls TODAY!! :) I haven’t tried that TJ Sunflower seed butter yet, do you like it better than SunButter (I’m a loyal fan of the brand)?

  41. I love sunflowers! we used to have HUGE ones in our yard when I was a kid – like a foot across, and I’d pull the seeds out of the middle. :)

    Basil and I are sitting in the sun right now as I catch up on a little blog reading. Taking a mid day break to enjoy… not warm enough to get in the pool yet, but SOON!

  42. Gosh I love the sun. That’s why I moved to Florida-sun all year round! I just get so depressed when it isn’t sunny…and the cold just gets to me and I always get sick. I need that natural Vitamin D!!!

  43. I am so so affected by sunlight. I do really well as long as I get a lot of sunshine but come winter here I have to go back on my anti-depressants and I swear it gets worse every year. It’s weird to me that I’m so sensitive but light but there you go. Man I need to move.

  44. I love the sun too! Unfortunately I’m in the midwest. For me I think getting my sunshine on now is work the risk of melanoma and wrinkles.

  45. I love sunny skies too and sunflowers, but I have yet to try sunflower butter! I will pick up a jar next time I’m at the grocery store :)

  46. I like the sun, but I prefer snow :) This is not only because I get sunburned so easily (red hair = sensitive skin), but I also can´t really stand the heat, I really do feel bad then.
    Sunflowers are great and I like sunflower seeds, but I have never tried SFSB (shame on me!)!

  47. Oh I love the sun…i just believe I only need it in moderation. I have very fair skin, freckles and all…growing up in Fort Lauderdale I tried and tried to get tan. Just didn’t happen. Many sunburns later and more knowledge about the risks….I wish I could turn back time and had taken better care of my body’s largest organ. Vitamin D is so important, and I make sure I get my daily requirements.
    But…since i know what i know about skin cancer, seeing people in my family deal with it I try to be very careful. I guess it freaks me out. Not the wrinkles part, so much…hey, wrinkles are just merely signs of life lived. It’s the damage i could be causing myself. I do love the sun, like i said…and can’t live without it, either. I understand the mood thing from lack of sunlight. I just have to soak it up carefully. Plus, i have finally accepted my pastiness. haha! ;-) It’s all about loving the skin you are in, right? ;-)

  48. I am in love with all three as well!!! I get grumpy when it’s dark and cloudy out as well. And a jar of TJ’s sunflower butter will always be in my pantry. Love the stuff! :D

  49. I like the sun and sunflowers but…..wait for it..
    I don’t like SFSB! Can you believe it? I could not believe my taste buds. I thought for sure that I would. And I love sunflower seeds. Go figure. Just shows you that everyone has different tastes and that is how the world goes ’round :)

    One thing I do know is that T.J’s PB and I get along just fine. Oh and the crunchy almond and flax butter from T.J’s makes me happy too. Love your blog! Ciao.

  50. Sun fanatic! Love it all! And um, our TJs…opening FRIDAY! Sun butter will definitely be in my cart!

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