Themes From Mexico City

I am so happy to be back at home in San Diego.   I have so many images from my photography weekend in Mexico City.  Like about 800. 

It’s so hard to pick and choose what images to post, what to post first, and also not to bore anyone to death who’s not a photography junkie.  Or not into street food and outdoor markets.  Of which I saw enough to kinda last me a good six months or so.

Here are some images that I like and that are representative of probably another 50 images that look similar to it and to what I saw over and over.

Tortillas & Tacos


Fried anything. 

This happens to be fried cheese in a tortilla.

Apparently this was phenomenal according to my fellow travelers.

I didn’t try any.

Fried Cheese at the market

French Fries

Corn from street vendors cooked outside. Tons and tons of corn.

Mangoes everywhere

Fresh vegetables at the markets

And all of us smiling, sampling food, and making lots of pictures!

Penny & Lesley

Left to right: Susan, Lesley, Penny, back of Cindy’s head

Cindy, Susan, Penny

Penny & Me

It was the trip of a lifetime.  I learned so much.  Not only from Penny or about photography, but about myself.

I had some personal convictions about meat reinforced.

I saw lots of romance and PDAs.

I took a ridiculous number of photos.

I saw the beauty in the people, culture, history, and the historic city of Mexico City.


1. What’s a familiar theme in your life lately?

I know that I love making pictures and that I can do in San Diego what I did in Mexico City. 

I need to set aside dedicated time and energy to taking photos and I need to keep challenging myself; giving myself photography assignments and pushing myself to grow, and just doing it.

2. What’s something that you need to challenge yourself with, push yourself with, or set aside dedicated time to just do?

For some people this is working out.  For others, this is unplugging from technology, reading more, sleeping more, being  more social, not wasting time, not spending money frivolously.  We all have our “things” that we’re working on.

For me, I will be not only be working on my photography but will be working on moving into our new home on WednesdayOmg my life is a whirlwind right now!

Glad you enjoyed my last post from the Phoenix airport, too.   It was fun to hear your thoughts about when travel ends if you’re ready and be glad to be returning homeOr not so much.

P.S. All of my previous Mexico City Posts


Time for me to unpack my suitcase and pack more of my house!

48 comments on “Themes From Mexico City”

  1. Just love all the pictures. Thank you for taking the time to share!

  2. Looks like you got some awesome photos, Averie!! :) What a great experience!

  3. Great pics, love the energy in the food vendors and the corn looks wonderful. Fun pics of you, what an adventure. Glad you made it home safely!

    1. Heat, running, and a little stress with family health problems.
    2. Everything I guess, as I get older I’m much more open to pushing myself more realizing I’ll benefit and grow from the experience.

  4. I LOVE the french fry guy!! so happy! :D

  5. i love love your blog- just found it after a tip-off from holly at therunnyegg

    i love that you enjoy fresh food, new sights and sounds and that you are about lifes pleasures and enjoyment :)

    can you help me with my latest post, please?

    i make bars like your microwave banana bar already (i.e. fruit and oats) but need one with a protein edge! pop by?

  6. Welcome home!!! Beautiful pics– you definitely ate well (or photographed others eating well, haha) while you were there!!

  7. Averie these pictures are beautiful! And I just love the french fries guy! How hilarious. I’m glad you’re spending time on your photography — it is something you enjoy and you are naturally good at, so why not get even better!

    What I need to spend more time on — reading, quality time with Jason and discovering/building my own passions.

  8. ohhh the food! It’s interesting to see such a different food culture than what I’m used to. I am loving the photos, I would never get bored of seeing these images if you continued to post them for a year haha!

  9. It looks like you had a great trip!
    You sure took some gorgeous pictures, so much color and liveliness!
    That corn and those mangoes look mighty good! :D

  10. Your photos look great, Averie! Now I’m craving a taco, some friend cheese and some elote. YUM!

  11. Fried, not friend. OOPS!

  12. Awe, I’m so glad you had a great trip! Sounds like the trip of a lifetime! I hope you have a great week and welcome home!

  13. WOW! So many gorgeous pictures. And I have a home for them… :) We just uploaded it!

    I love, love, love all the fresh produce. And that street corn, WANT! See, I probably would have sampled everything, haha. I can’t resist. :D

    So glad that you’re back home, too. Missed you!!! XOXO

  14. Fabulous photos! Fried cheese???


    Theme in my life recently = dance dance dance

  16. Your people pics are AWESOME- have you considered doing portraits?

  17. oh averie! i loved your recap and so glad you had a great time. Your pcitures are obviously beautiful and everyone looks like they had a blast! I am so glad this was somewhat of a ‘self relization’ trip for you as well as informative. I went to Israel a few years ago and I left such a different ‘person’ it was eye opening and so mentally challening I loved it!

    I NEED to be challenged in the work place for sure!!

  18. You saw tacos?!?!? I kid. Hehehe

    The theme of my life is balance. trying to balance everything I need to do (make a syllabus for 3 courses and plan them all) with everything I want to do (play and relax!) with everything I should do (get out and meet people!)

  19. Gorgeous photos, Averie! And welcome home :) I think my favorite pic has to be eager french fry man!!

  20. Averie, your pictures of the street vendors and corn/French fries ARE full of a lot of really awesome energy (Christine also mentioned this). I love trips that not only fulfill the primary reason you took the trip but also those that teach you more about yourself and those/the world around you. I’m so happy to see your trip was so seemingly fulfilling! :)

    A common theme in my life my life right now is trying to fit in as much fun, friends, family and beach time as I possibly can this summer! Not easy…. The summer in Massachusetts is always shorter than we think :(

    I need to push myself to run more than my regular two miles and start to seriously train for the Boston half marathon with my sister. It will be a great memory and lifetime accomplishment for us to do it together :)

  21. I love all of the pictures. Please, keep them coming! I love watching your evolution. I feel like you’re beginning to really utilize all that lens has to offer now ;)
    i definitely need to keep reminding myself not to neglect photography, too. i used to go out and just shoot…lately, i don’t! i shoot events on the weekend, but i don’t consider that personal fulfillment of my hobby. fun, yes – but not an artistic expression, if you will :P thank you for the reminder! because i do still love it.

  22. Out of it all, I have to say the corn looks the BEST! Oh my, I don’t even like corn that much either.

  23. Wow, amazing pictures!! I love the one of the guy with the French fries.

  24. Those pictures from Mexico City are too much! That guy with the fries looks like he’s having a blast

  25. i’m slightly mad at you think you didn’t pack up your sexy mexico city waiter for me! you may be married but i would love me a sexy man friend hahaha

    anyways your pictures are AMAZING. as was the theme of ‘fried’ everything haha

  26. I’m so happy you had a great time and that you learned so much (and met some amazing people it seems!) That corn looks DELICIOUS! What beautiful photos and experiences!

  27. glad you’re home, safe ‘n’ sound, averie!
    fantastic that you took full advantage of your opportunity to take all those photos – what a collection you will have!
    best wishes with the packing tomorrow.
    i still have running challenges i want to meet; it means training smartly and planning long-term – good thing i like planning and goal setting!

  28. photos look great! what a fun time

  29. That definitely does look like the trip of a lifetime. Your photos in these last few posts are some of my all-time-favorites of yours. That cob of corn one is particularly incredible.

    I can’t believe you didn’t try any of that fried cheese in a tortilla! I would have been ALL over that.

  30. Wow love your pictures, they really capture the spirit of the people, amazing. I recognized the “The cafe popular” I agree their cafe con leche is yommy. I would like to hear if you had a hard time with food, sometimes I feel cheese is everywhere.

  31. Great to see you are home safe! And also that you had a wonderful trip!!! :D
    Good Luck for the rush rush week… This time next week, itll all be done and you’ll be relaxing! Hopefully :D
    I LOVE french fry man. Seriously love him. He makes me SMILE!!!! :D

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  33. Looks like you had a great time and got some great shots. I love the french fry guy and moment you captured. I also like the corn guy pointing to the grilled corn and the close up of the corn on the cob. Really great shots. I’d love to hear more about it when things settle down for you and you get a chance.

  34. There are so many things that are up in the air right now in my life and I need to take more time to just sit with my own thoughts. I keep trying to shut down the anxiety, which is good – I don’t like anxious thoughts swirling in my mind. But, that has also caused me to not think about everything at all, and some decisions have to start being made!

  35. wow, what a wonderful trip! your photos are all beautiful! my favorites: the first tortilla shot and the close up of the corn.

  36. You’ve made me want to go to Mexico! I recently travelled the westg coast of the states but sadly didn’t go quite as far south as San Diego (the furthest we went was LA) but I’ve gotta say – as an Aussie who has had MINIMAL contact/experience with anything Mexican, I was lapping up the Mexican culture in southern Cali! I loved it SO MUCH, that after arriving home, we had a “Mexican week” at home and ate something Mexican every night for dinner!

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  39. Love the colors and textures. This looks like such an amazing trip. That first shot is really beautiful. Great job Averie!

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