Two Cookbooks for Two Winners

I recently received  two books written by Joy Bauer

Food Cures  “explains exactly what to eat to lower high cholesterol and blood pressure, improve skin tone, sharpen memory, sleep better, and take charge of PMS, arthritis, and more. Each chapter focuses on one of the many conditions that drive people to seek Joy’s professional help and simulates a personal consultation. Readers walk away with up-to-the-minute, scientifically researched recommendations on particular foods to seek out and which ones to avoid, plus grocery lists, meal plans, recipes, and supplement recommendations presented in easy-to-follow 4-step prescriptive plans.”  source

Slim & Scrumptious “features more than seventy-five recipes for every meal and every taste. Whether you want Double Chocolate Pancakes or Eggs Benedict for breakfast, Sesame Chicken Tenders or Spicy Pork Tacos with Sassy Slaw for lunch, or Spice-Rubbed Flank Steak with Chimichurri and Creamy Spinach for dinner, Joy shows you that classic, rich food can still be made to taste great with just a fraction of the fat and calories. She also includes fun snacks, desserts, and appetizers that will keep you satisfied all day long, such as Cinnamon Cheesecake Fondue, Frozen Hot Chocolate, and Banana Pecan Bread.” source


Two winners will each receive: one copy of Food Cures and one copy of Slim & Scrumptious

Do you want to win copies of Joy’s books?

To Enter:

1. Tell me what you make that’s scrumptious that’s fast and easy


suggest a recipe that you’d like me to make/remake/feature on my blog.

2. For a second entry, Twitter Follow Me and Twitter Follow Joy Bauer and then tweet the following:

“I just entered to win Two Cookbooks @Joy_Bauer @loveveggiesyoga″

3. For a third entry, do one of these things (or more if you’d like but you can only claim one for contest purposes)

Facebook Like MeFacebook Like Joy BauerStumble Follow Me & Stumble It, Pinterest Follow Me (and no I haven’t done anything with my boards, yet), or post this Give Away on your blog.

Contest will run until Sunday, July 10, 2011 and two winners will randomly be chosen and announced.

Open to continental U.S. residents.

Get your entries in now!


  1. That “Food Cures” book sounds like exactly the type of book that I LOVE to read!

    Something scrumptious, fast and easy that I make is bacon wrapped water-chestnuts :-)

  2. Different kinds of marinated tofu is one thing I make that’s scrumptious. It is not super fast, but the hands-on work is about 5 minutes, so it’s kind of fast! Marinate it (usually with some version of vinegar or bbq sauce or lemon juice, agave or maple syrup, and spices) for as long as possible, then broil for 20-30 mins. Such a yummy snack!

  3. I also just “liked” Joy Bauer on Facebook :)

  4. For food that’s fast and easy, I make your microwave oat cake…I usually add in maple syrup or fresh strawberry to switch up the flavors. Yum!

  5. I’m a fan on Facebook!

  6. There isn’t a specific meal I’d like you to make, but I would love to see some healthy crock pot meals. I’m a single mom to three kids, and attending night school. I need healthy and quick meals!

  7. My new fav thing is a protein pancake in the morning! Main ingredients are egg whites and protein powder – plus the occasional chocolate chip or twelve! Quick, easy, delish!

  8. My go to healthy dinner is quinoa bulked up with tons of veggies!

  9. I recently made your banana blueberry oat cookie and it was surprising easy, filling, and deeeelicious!!


  10. One of my fav fast and easies- Toasted Sprouted grain bread slathered with all natural peanut or almond butter, topped with sliced apples and/or raisins and/or honey. In fact, I just snacked on that! mmmm.

  11. I’d like you to make a vegan, gluten free pancake recipe!

  12. I’m following you on twitter and I tweeted about this giveaway!

  13. I liked you on facebook!

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  15. This is a little boring, but I like to take an Ezekiel tortilla, spread marinara on it, and sprinkle it with Daiya, italian seasonings, and garlic, then pop it in the toaster oven til it’s bubbly!

  16. I tweeted!

  17. I’m a facebook fan! Of course :)

  18. My go-to quick lunch is canned, drained beans mixed with salso and served with chips. YUM!

  19. I am on a huge pesto kick lately. It’s so easy just to give the basil a whirl in the processor with some olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice. I’ve been putting it on everything. My current face: roasted eggplant and quinoa. Fast and easy!

  20. Overnight oatmeal is about the easiest I get. Mix Greek yogurt, cinnamon and gf oats. Stick in fridge. Eat the next morning when you are too lazy to make anything else. Because it’s delicious and you love it. Yeah…that’s me! :)
    These books sound interesting!

  21. Smoothies! I can throw just about anything into the Vitamix (fruits, veggies, nuts) and blend it up with some type of liquid (juice, water, milk or milk alternatives) and ice cubes and have a delicious smoothie within minutes! Love that!

  22. I love making all natural fruit smoothies! I like to freeze my fresh fruit, like bananas, mangoes, and strawberries, then blend them with a little almond milk and stevia… So good!!

  23. Fast, Easy and Delicious!
    Whole wheat tortilla, hummus, cucumber slices, spinach leaves, some shredded cheese…broil till bubbly, roll it up and enjoy! Yummy!

  24. It is a tie between margaritas or grilled cheese. Grilled cheese is one of my NUMBER one favorite foods and ‘ritas are my number one drink. Both super easy and both are super fast…perfect for those last minute cravings!!

  25. I already FB follow you and I am setting up my Twitter account this weekend…I’ll make sure to follow you there too!!!!

  26. I would love for you to remake spanikopita!! So good but not quite healthy :(

  27. One of my favorite fast meals is a wrap. I but La Tortilla Brand and fill it with black beans, LOTS of veggies (preferably grilled if I have time), maybe some corn, and top it with salsa. It is so good. I know you would like it!! :)

  28. I will follow you on twitter and tweet all about the giveaway! :)

  29. Fast, easy and scrumptious = Avocado lime black bean salad served with tortilla chips :)

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  31. I like to make pizzas using healthy pita bread as the crust and then switching up the toppings. Then i bake them in the toaster oven for a few minutes…super easy, but still yummy!

  32. Fast and easy for me these days in the hot summer is a salad. I love adding cilantro to it in addition to adding berries or different veggies to give it a different flavor. YUM!!

  33. I make a bean salad with black beans, corn, garbonzos, green pepper, onion, tomatos, garlic salt and lime juice. Yummy yummy to my tummy. Also, you can use it as a dip with some backed corn chips!

  34. A fast and easy meal I make often is a sweet potato topped with black beans and salsa!

  35. Spicy Black Bean Soup – 1/2 can of black beans, 1/2 can sweet corn, 1/2 jar of chuncky salsa,
    1-2c. veggie broth, Cumin, Salt & Pepper to taste and puree in blender. Put pureed soup over stove top and add the remaining black beans, sweet corn, & salsa, along with 1 chopped up red bell pepper & a dash of hot sauce. Bring to boil and simmer for 10 min. Serve with corn chips. Mmmm. It’s really good the next day or two.

  36. Did the Twitter thang just now :-)

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