Two Cookbooks for Two Winners

I recently received  two books written by Joy Bauer

Food Cures  “explains exactly what to eat to lower high cholesterol and blood pressure, improve skin tone, sharpen memory, sleep better, and take charge of PMS, arthritis, and more. Each chapter focuses on one of the many conditions that drive people to seek Joy’s professional help and simulates a personal consultation. Readers walk away with up-to-the-minute, scientifically researched recommendations on particular foods to seek out and which ones to avoid, plus grocery lists, meal plans, recipes, and supplement recommendations presented in easy-to-follow 4-step prescriptive plans.”  source

Slim & Scrumptious “features more than seventy-five recipes for every meal and every taste. Whether you want Double Chocolate Pancakes or Eggs Benedict for breakfast, Sesame Chicken Tenders or Spicy Pork Tacos with Sassy Slaw for lunch, or Spice-Rubbed Flank Steak with Chimichurri and Creamy Spinach for dinner, Joy shows you that classic, rich food can still be made to taste great with just a fraction of the fat and calories. She also includes fun snacks, desserts, and appetizers that will keep you satisfied all day long, such as Cinnamon Cheesecake Fondue, Frozen Hot Chocolate, and Banana Pecan Bread.” source


Two winners will each receive: one copy of Food Cures and one copy of Slim & Scrumptious

Do you want to win copies of Joy’s books?

To Enter:

1. Tell me what you make that’s scrumptious that’s fast and easy


suggest a recipe that you’d like me to make/remake/feature on my blog.

2. For a second entry, Twitter Follow Me and Twitter Follow Joy Bauer and then tweet the following:

“I just entered to win Two Cookbooks @Joy_Bauer @loveveggiesyoga″

3. For a third entry, do one of these things (or more if you’d like but you can only claim one for contest purposes)

Facebook Like MeFacebook Like Joy BauerStumble Follow Me & Stumble It, Pinterest Follow Me (and no I haven’t done anything with my boards, yet), or post this Give Away on your blog.

Contest will run until Sunday, July 10, 2011 and two winners will randomly be chosen and announced.

Open to continental U.S. residents.

Get your entries in now!


  1. Fast & Easy? Sweet Potato Fries (grilled) Cut S.P. into wedges, coat in a bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Real Maple Syrup and a dash of Cayenne Pepper & salt – Grill for a couple minutes on medium high and enjoy!!

  2. I made a great black bean salad last night! Black beans, avocado, feta cheese, salsa and some Frank’s Red Hot Sauce! Absolutely divine, especially on a hot summer night!

  3. Hi Averie! I have been enjoying lots of caprese salad (tomatoes, fresh basil, buffalo mozz., balsamic reduction and olive oil). My tomatoes and basil are plentiful right now in my garden. Fast and cool on hot summer days! Really enjoy your blog.

    Take care,

  4. Hi Averie! I have been enjoying lots of caprese salad (tomatoes, fresh basil, buffalo mozz., balsamic reduction and olive oil). My tomatoes and basil are plentiful right now in my garden. Fast and cool on hot summer days! Really enjoy your blog.

    Take care,

  5. I made a quick black bean salad with avocado for our BBQ on saturday and it was a “clean” easy and pleasing dish! My SIL actually emailed me today asking me for the recipe! :)

  6. Grilled Vegetables!! Yum city. Fast and scrumptious.

    I already follow you on Twitter and just added Joy!

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  8. I’ve been on an oatmeal kick lately, and they are DEFINITELY fast & scrumptious! :)

  9. I’m all about fast. Lately I’ve been making different variations of my mayo-free egg salad. It’s scrumptious!

  10. Scrumptious, fast, and easy? Baked sweet potato topped with cinnamon. I just don’t get tired of it.

  11. I make an avocado and cream cheese sandwich with a little bit of salt and pepper! So good!

  12. I’ve been loving salads with sun dried tomatoes, artichokes, and roasted red peppers and olive oil! So yummy

  13. all right, Averie, you are gonna laugh at this one, but something I make that is TOTALLY tasty and easy (and healthy) – all the variations of christin’s chickpea balls! :) I have made so many variations of them and they’re all good. ;) perhaps I’ll send you some as a housewarming…

  14. I’m not nearly creative enough to suggest anything for you to feature. But a fast, easy, and scrumptious meal that I love to make is flatbread or mini-pita with hummus, carrots, romaine, spinach, provolone, and italian dressing. For the husband, I’ll add jalapenos.
    I’ve already facebook-liked you, does it still count as a 2nd entry?

  15. Hi Averie — I have been a lurker for a while now… I love your blog!

    Scrumptious, fast and easy? Chopping up whatever veggies are in season and roasting them with olive oil, salt, pepper and some red pepper flakes! Delicious and healthy… I probably eat some version of this for dinner at least 4-5 times a week.

  16. I follow you, I just followed Joy and I tweeted about the give away! @gilliangertrude :)

  17. Fast and easy-veggie pitas! I like to use Ezekiel sprouted grain wraps and smear in some hummus, top with lettuce, add some sliced avocado, onion and tomato and then add on top falafel (I keep it frozen-love it!).

  18. Following you and Joy Bauer on facebook

  19. Just tweeted the giveaway on twitter

  20. I’m on a major microwave cake kick.

  21. Liked you on facebook

  22. Bitter Chocolate cake for one.

    It is quick and easy and totally curbs my chocolate cravings. BUT, it is sugar-free. And it is bitter. You will probably have to adjust it to your likings by adding stevia, honey, or whatever. Also, it has an egg in it, so you should try replacing that with chia or flax or something. But, it is yummy!

  23. green juice! especially during the summer this is super fast, filling and delicious. plus healthy!

  24. I wish I could say my pastries are a delight, or that I could bake, but in actuality, my fail-proof recipe is chilli. I know, it sounds boring, but I use roasted sweet potatoes, ketchup, kidney beans, cayanne, a touch of nutritional yeast, kale, tomato paste, and some freshly ground cloves and rosemary. Aside from the roasting the sweet potatoes for about 40 minutes, the rest is just a “dump-in-the-crock-pot” maneuver that happens in under 6 minutes! quick and savory.

  25. Honey mustard broccoli. Just four ingredients: broccoli, mustard, honey and salt. Combine and bake. Scrumptious and healthy!

  26. I always love watching Joy’s segments on the Today Show!
    My easy and scrumptious meal today was a batch of savory oats, topped with fried egg and tomato!

  27. Fast and Scrumptious: peanut butter & banana rolled in a whole wheat tortilla… SO GOOD!

  28. I follow you on twitter =)

  29. …and I like you on fb!

  30. What I made that is fast and delicious: avocado cream sauce!

  31. I had a great spinach salad today with veggies and feta cheese. Easy to make and delicious!

  32. I follow you both on twitter and I tweeted about the giveaway.

  33. I want you to remake some kind of potato chips! We’ve all had kale chips but maybe a heartier, saltier snack?

  34. And I facebook like you!

  35. My favorite treat: a Wasa cracker w/ tomato, avocado, a pinch of sea salt, + hot sauce! Works for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack!

  36. + I FB like you!

    Good luck on the move! Deep, cleansing breaths!

  37. My scrumptious fast and easy go to treat would have to be smoothies- so easy to whip up, throw in some spinach (for veggies), and protein powder or pb for some added protein and you have yourself a refreshing, tasty, and healthful snack! :)

  38. Hi Averie,
    I’m glad the move worked out for you. I was shocked to find out you were moving, since I missed the blog when you first broke the news; then had to go back and read it. Your new place looks nice; I hope you really like it there.

  39. Quick and easy??? Overnight Oats have been a huge hit lately in the household. But I’m a purist and I just like snacking on seasonal fresh fruits and veggies lately!

  40. Fast scrumptious & easy? Corn on the cob in the microwave! Gotta love summer veggies while we can.

  41. And…I already follow you on Facebook

  42. I have a zillion salad “recipes” for salad that are fast, easy, and delicious!

    And I love Joy Bauer. Healthy food AND a great name. (that’s my maiden name)

  43. I already follow you on facebook, but I added her too!

  44. I liked you on facebook! :)

  45. I have been sautéing bok choi in a little olive oil and adding a touch of low sodium soy sauce to put on top of brown rice. Yum!

  46. now this one is super fast and super easy esp for summer!
    Grill corn for about 5. in a bowl (eyeballing this), place about 1-2 tsp salt, paprika (and a pinch of cayenne powder for some zang) and mix..take a wedge of lime…dip it in the the salt mixture, then rub it in the grilled corn. makes my mouth water just thinking about it! i just actually learned this from my boyfriend last week and i can’t not eat corn without this mix!

  47. roasted veggies with just a bit of olive oil and garlic. loves it!

  48. Fast and easy: Dip made with 4 ingredients: 1 can drained and rinsed black beans, approx. 1/2 cup each of your favorite salsa and barbeque sauce, and corn (I use trader joe’s frozen white corn, rinsed just long enough to thaw). I don’t measure the last 3 items, I just mix until I think it has the right taste, but it is usually around 1/2 to 3/4 cup of each. Quick and fairly nutritious!

    Also I already like you on FB but I added Joy Bauer!

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