I have a weakness for clear, really blue skies and palm trees.

And the weather Saturday has left me feeling weak in the knees.  In a good way.  Sunday’s weather is a bit more overcast but it can’t be sunny every day.  Even though I wish it was!

Just the sight of blue skies + palm trees makes me swoon, get calm, and happy.  A good “weakness” to have, I suppose.

And bodies of water & the beach make me weak


Skylar is my #1 weakness.

I’d do anything for her.  Our bonding time is the most cherished time of all!  And she has Scott wrapped around her little finger, for sure.  He’s super weak for her.

And I also have a weakness for anything chocolate.  Or peanut butter.

And if chocolate and peanut butter are mixed together, even better.

Nutter Butter Special K Bars (No Bake) = chocolate + lots of PB mixed together  <—major weakness

And lately, I have a weakness for Instagram.  You don’t have to have an iPhone to follow along

I have my settings on Instagram customized to tweet out all my Instagram updates on Twitter. <–social media much

I just love sharing the candid moments from my day and also seeing what everyone else is up to on their Instagram accounts.  Get one if you don’t already and prepare to waste lots of time have fun!

It’s like twitter, but better.  Because there’s pictures.

From my last post, glad you enjoyed my Trojans and KY comment At least I keep it real.

And the other scenes from Saturday like the white chocolate creation seemed to get your attention.

White chocolate is another weakness of mine!

I hope you’re having a great weekend and soaking up some summer weather!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a watermelon weakness, too.


1. Best thing you’ve ate or done so far this weekend?

The white chocolate dessert is stealing the show for me.

It reminds me of the White Chocolate Blondies with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting I really liked.

But if you’re more into a No-Bake quickie dessert, try:

PB Cups with Half White Chocolate/Half Dark Chocolate Outside with Chocolate PB Center

And if you don’t like white chocolate <–gasp! you can just use all dark chocolate.

These take about 5 minutes to make.  Happy Chocolate + Peanut Butter eating.

2. What’s your weakness?  Overall?  Or just lately?

I also have a weakness for bling!

For body sprays

For anything vanilla scented from food to lotion

And for cute dishes!

P.S. Thanks for the Barre 3 DVD Giveaway Entries.  Winner announced Monday.

P.P.S. Don’t forget that Monday is the auction.  Please bid on my cookie dough balls or anything else that strikes your fancy.

You can place bids here starting in the morning

Stay tuned for a recipe post.  And it’s not actually the white chocolate recipe.  But it is a dessert.  Surprise, surprise.


  1. this is a fun one! My weaknesses are:

    1. Clothes – partic when it comes to Nordstrom, J.Crew, and Lulu
    2. Shoes – just call me Carrie Bradshaw ;)
    3. Whole Foods & TJs
    4. Farmer’s markets
    5. Massages
    6. soaps and yummy smelling bath/shower products
    7. warm weather
    8. adorable men (espesh when they have dimples) ;)

  2. I am 100% sure if I made those Special K Nutter Butter bars they would be my weakness. They look amazing and anything with peanut butter and chocolate makes me drool. :)

    It looks like you’re having beautiful weather. Enjoy it!!

  3. mmmmmmmmm beach, chocolate AND peanut butter? Yes please!

  4. Definitely with you on a weakness for blue (skies & water)! Definitely have a weakness for beaches and cookies ;-)

  5. It looks beautiful over there!

    I have a weakness for vanilla scents too. I’ve got vanilla candles, body lotions, perfumes, lip glosses… it’s a bit ridiculous actually!

    I also have a weakness for chocolate with mint, anything Lululemon, sundresses, guacamole, and any new nut-free products that I come across at the grocery store.

  6. skylers smile alone is weakness, sheesh! I would be a sucker too! And blue skies and palm tries are my weakness, along with sunsets along the coast….ahh!

  7. My weakness is peanut butter, sunflower butter, pretty much any nut butter. That and chocolate and pb and I’m sold. Also, certain baked goods are delicious, biscotti’s are so yummy to dip in some iced coffee :)

  8. Beautiful pictures!! Best thing I’ve done: Good run followed by awesome pool party.

    Weakness: Whole Foods, kombucha (lately)!

  9. Definitely have a weakness for chocolate…and I second the weakness for Whole Foods!

  10. Very beautiful photography! I for sure have a weakness for most fruits. The best thing I have had this weekend is durian!! I also have a weakness for my baby sister, she can get anything she wants from me, for sure.

  11. I’ve always been one to claim I don’t need a high-tech smartphone even though I think iPhones are pretty awesome…but I’m tempted to look into one just so I can have Instagram! Look at what you’re doing to me! haha.
    PB…yep, definite weakness there! And my Teddie’s face. That little brat gets away with (almost) everything because he’s just too gosh darn cute…

  12. Weakness: banana & peanut butter or banana & chocolate, food scented candles (Vanilla lover here!), the Food Network, my Sweetie <3

  13. I made cheesecake brownies from Smitten Kitchen this weekend and they were fo sure the best thing I ate all weekend!!

    My general weaknesses in no particular order: my pup, dogs in general, peanut butter, good Italian, cheesy chick lit, boys in black rimmed glasses, boys who play guitar, lululemon and a really well fitted t-shirt. :)

  14. love your weaknesses – I go weak for my puppy, when my husband kisses my forehead, and snuggles from my niece and nephew.

  15. Skylar’s just ADORABLE!
    Gotta love the high temps :)
    Brazil has just been waaaay too cold. Which really doesn’t make any sense! I miss our clear skies and sunny days :(
    But I’m sure the sun will come out, sooner or later. It’s just a matter of time!
    My weakness is also PB! Gotta loooooooooooooooove old peanut butter ;)
    Wish you an amazing week!

  16. i have a weakness for clothes/shoes!! and PEANUT BUTTER/ALMOND BUTTER! so good! can’t go a day without it :)

  17. My weakness is chocolate…chocolate anything…ever.

    I LOVE chocolate.

    Brooke Annessa

  18. My niece and nephew have me around their fingers. I also have a serious weakness for pb and sfsb! Its a good thing there is no TJs around here or I’d be a nut butter FIEND. Oh wait, i am, I just pay more for it. Damn.

  19. The best thing I’ve eaten this weekend..hmm! Tough one. Probably the crispy apple with lunch today (boring, I know ;) )

  20. ah i love body sprays too! i think I have one in every part of my life haha my car, bags, home, work, gym bag…I just collect them because ya never know when your egonna smell right?! :) I also love blue skies and this weekend was the most spectactular perfect blue skied weekend here! it almost felt like a vacation!

    I have a weakness workworkout sneakers and workout clothes in general…high heels…almond butter…big cocktail rings and tory burch bags! :)

  21. I have weakness for good books,music,macaroons,and :)

  22. Yoga is probably the best thing I’ve done! Making lots of Indian Slow Cooker recipes maybe the other. Zero Fat & Tons of nutrients. And making my kitchen explode, from all the food cooking, the other no so cute entertainment.

  23. I normally just have a splash of milk with my iced coffee but today I caved and got some bailey’s non-alcoholic chocolate creamer. I decided to try it just to change things up a bit, but I really like coffee by itself so we’ll see how much I use it. I’ll be trying it tommorow :)

  24. I have a weakness for bags, clothes, and any cute or funky kitcheny items. I also have a weakness for new food products, or specialty ingredients.

  25. I can’t wait for that white chocolate treat… ;)

    Actually, what I’ve had a weakness for lately is all things dairy as I slowly phase it out. I gotta keep healing my gut and I think dairy is hindering the process. Since I also stay away from soy, meat, gluten and other grains that seem to pose problems, what I can eat is slowly dwindling. Slowly I think I’m just going to turn into a stalk of broccoli! At least I like broccoli, lol!

  26. The pics of the white chocolate dish are amazing, awesome job! I have a weakness for over-researching, watermelon, impulse buying at Whole Foods, and tech toys.

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