You Wouldn’t Believe It

You wouldn’t believe some of the news I’ve had in the past week.   I really could not even make this stuff up.

I’ve had a couple life bombs dropped on me.  And no, I’m not pregnant.

I’m not going to blog about it until a few things are finalized.  Remember Blogging 105 and that some mystery and privacy are ok and just common sense sometimes?  Well, I am taking my own advice on things for now.

For inquiring minds and not to alarm anyone, I am fine, my family is fine, things in general will be fine, and they seem to be working out, but I’ve been in major scramble and stress mode the past week.  And that’s not going to change for awhile.  Good thing I have never shied away from hard work or a challenge because life is about to get really crazy.

In an effort to keep things light and sunny on this holiday weekend, here are other things you wouldn’t believe:


1. I miss the Bravo Orange County Housewives

I finally watched all of my DVR saved stash of episodes from when we were in Aruba in May, but now that I’m done with those episodes, I’m in OC HW withdrawals!  The OC ladies are my faves, followed by Beverley Hills, and then NYC/NJ/ATL/Miami are all tied my ‘like’ scale.

2. I have no parties that I am going to over the Fourth of July long holiday weekend.  And I am more than okay with that!  I have my hands full with other things anyway.

Good thing I have Red, White, and Blue Food, among other things, to keep me busy over the Holiday weekend.

3.  You wouldn’t believe that I sometimes wear these boots at night here.  In June. And now, it’s July!  

I hate having cold feet and anything below 60F, I deem cold.  And yes, this former Minneapolis girl has turned into a mega weather wimp.

4. You wouldn’t believe the and insanity that is going to be the next 3 weeks or so of my life.  I am still in shock.  Deep breath.

5. You wouldn’t believe that I eat a huge bowl of popcorn with chocolate, coconut oil, nooch, and other toppings


a dessert like a Magic Eight Bar every single night very late.  Way past a midnight snack.

Or a White Chocolate Blondie with Peanut Butter Frosting in the wee hours

And I go directly to bed and sleep like a baby.  For the next 5 hours.  And then it’s time to get up and start my day and the next 19 hours ahead of me.

And no, I don’t worry about “eating late”, weight gain or any food rules about what or when I “should” eat. <–All nonsense to me anyway.

You may not believe it, but I do think fatty carbs, i.e. desserts, help me sleep and help me wake up feeling great.  To each her own.

6. You may not believe that I wish I could use my minky lined camera strap as a blanket.  It’s so soft.  I wish I could!

7. You may not believe that the Mixed Berry Clafoutis is almost gone.    Then again, it was really good and easy.  I enjoyed hearing what your favorite fancy-tasting-but-easy-to-make recipes are.

Fill in the Blanks:

You wouldn’t believe it, but__________.


You can’t even make this up, but_________.

Happy 4th of July Weekend to everyone celebrating and Happy Canada Day/Weekend to my friends to the north!

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  1. I really do hope all is well with you. From the short time I have known you I think you meet every and any challenge head up and will prevail.

  2. Thinking happy thoughts and positive vibes in your direction, Averie! xoxo

  3. Sorry to hear you’ve been thrown some curveballs :\ I hope everything works itself out and it’s nothing too serious!! I know you will get through it!!

  4. I’m here for you 100%, you know that xoxo

  5. Hang in there, with whatever it is that you’re going through! You are strong and I know that whatever it is, you can handle it with grace and ease!

    “You wouldn’t believe it but” I ate my way through 2 lbs of blueberries this week. Summer does these kinds of things to me. ;)

  6. You wouldn’t believe it but… Averie is actually Wonder Woman.
    Good luck with everything that’s going on, if anyone can handle it it’s you!

  7. Averie I just wanted to thank you — after you reviewed Five Bamboo clothing a few weeks back on the blog, I checked out the site and ordered some clothes myself (the t-shirt & skirt you have, as well as the elusive dress in papaya and black leggings). Well I just received my stuff in the mail and I am IN LOVE (so soft!). Thanks for introducing me to such a great company! :)

  8. You wouldn’t believe it but…I am totally jealous of anyone who doesn’t worry about what/when they eat and can maintain a healthy weight easily. SO not my reality.

    Okay, maybe that is believable.

    • I am a big believer of a calorie is a calorie

      And no matter the time of day, it’s simply and input/output thing

      Ingest about what you burn off, and your weight will stay the same. Whether you eat that at midnite, eat it all in the form of twinkies, eat it all in the form of raw nuts and lettuce and agave sweetened smoothies, I believe *in general* it does all come down to math.

      Input/output more important than time of day or even quality/type of calorie. Yes we need all types of foods but from a *weight mgmt* standpoint, I do believe that the type is fairly irrelevant.

      Of course my .02 and my experiences only here…just thinking out loud… :)

    • thanks for that .02 averie…you are so right! as long as you burn off what you put in, it’s all good! and i hope everything’s well with you! stay strong like you always do! x

  9. Good luck with things, I’m sure that whatever it is you will handle it with grace! You wouldn’t believe it but if I had those boots I would probably wear them all the time. An ideal temp for me is 80 degrees, and even then my feet might be cold.

  10. averie, totally wishing you the best as you deal with the curveballs that have been thrown at you. stay strong. i totally agree about keeping some stuff off your blog. stuff can tend to snowball…
    you wouldn’t believe it, but a bowl of cereal makes ME sleep like a baby!
    i am sad that i have seen all of the jersey shore episodes! i love RH, too – NY was my favourite, thus far.
    take care!

  11. have a great fourth of July!!!

  12. I hope everything is alright! I can tell you’re a very positive and strong person and can face any challenge!
    I’m still catching up on the Real Housewives of OC every time they play this seasons reruns on bravo :)

  13. I’m right with you on the lack of ‘food rules’. Aka I also eat late into the night if I feel like it, and sometimes not until noon, oh the horror! I sincerely hope everything works out with your life curveball, your perseverance is so inspiring.
    You wouldn’t believe it but I haven’t shampooed my hair in 9 days…… I promise there’s a reason behind that, I’ll be posting soon haha.

    • are you “no poo’ing”? baking soda as shampoo with an ACV rinse? the no-poo method that many of my friends have done…i never have but hey, some ppl love it. or you may be doing something totally diff.

      wrote this to another commenter too
      “I am a big believer of a calorie is a calorie

      And no matter the time of day, it’s simply and input/output thing

      Ingest about what you burn off, and your weight will stay the same. Whether you eat that at midnite, eat it all in the form of twinkies, eat it all in the form of raw nuts and lettuce and agave sweetened smoothies, I believe *in general* it does all come down to math.

      Input/output more important than time of day or even quality/type of calorie. Yes we need all types of foods but from a *weight mgmt* standpoint, I do believe that the type is fairly irrelevant.

      Of course my .02 and my experiences only here…just thinking out loud… :) “

  14. I hope everything is ok! Challenges suck…and also give us opportunities to become even stronger and more evolved—most of the time that part is only obvious after you’ve gotten past the tough things!
    If anyone can persevere, you will!

  15. Sorry to hear that so much is going on. When a lot of sh hits the fan at the same time in my life, I always think….well, at least I”m getting it all over with at once! I love Real Housewives. Beverly Hills, OC, NY and NJ all rock (in my book). I could do without DC, ATL and Miami. I heard theres a new Canadian one coming too- Vancouver? I’m always cold too. Enjoy your 4th

    • hadnt heard that about Vancouver yet.

      DC was a bore to me. Seriously.Boring.

      “well, at least I”m getting it all over with at once!”– indeed :)

    • DC was so dull because the Mid Atlantic is just that boring!!*

      *I can say that as a current resident of VA, but I will be returning to my beloved hometown San Diego soon and I can’t wait! California is just so much better..even with reality tv!

  16. So sorry life is crazy right now but I know you’ll get through it!!!

    You wouldn’t believe how f-ing hot it is here in MN — we had 50 degree weather last week and this week it is 100.

  17. I’m sure its all amazing, good news that will make your recipes famous!

    I am making my party menu with you and your methods of cooking in mind

    Deviled Eggs
    Homemade Salsa (15 minute prep, as many ingrediants as I feel like! This time around its like 4 tbs chopped garlic, an onion, the rest of the cilantro in my fridge, all the tomatoes in the house, some peppers and adobo sauce- and put in the food processor! Throw in some black beans & corn too…)
    veggie dip – Greek yogurt (plain) with garlic, onion powder, salt, pepper. Yummy onion dip not from a box!
    Fruit Dip- Vanilla greek yogurt with agave and a little lemon juice. Violia!
    Pineapple/chicken skewers. Not veg, but super yummie. Fresh pineapple, and the BBQ sauce that goes on it! Divine… ketchup, soy sauce, a little mustard, some agave & brown sugar a little garlic and lemon juice. 10 minute whip up!
    Strawberry shortcake…fresh strawberries & blackberries soaked in mango juice and a teaspoon of agave overnight to make them OMG sweet, over angel food cake…and I had to make fresh whipped cream, if only to respect the berries.

    Oh yeah…and your snowballs.

    Good luck!

  18. Hope the “bombs” are good bombs!!! (Is there such a thing?!?)

    Thinking about you!

  19. You WILL get through the next three weeks!! I hope that nothing TOO serious is going on, and that you can take it slow and tackle it one step at a time :) I say book a vacay to Aruba after the “deadline” is over ;)

  20. Hi There!! I’m writing you here because I know you’ll see it sooner than later!! HAHA…. I hope all is well on your side of the country…. and now for the blank to be filled!!
    You can’t even make this up——Just insert any of the crazy times when we were all in attendance in MB….. LOL :0
    I miss you like an idiot misses the point!!!!

  21. Sending good thoughts your way:)
    I love watching the Real housewives of O/C !!!
    “A good system shortens the road to the goal” Orison Sweet Marden
    I am sure you will figure everything out:)

  22. You wouldn’t believe it, but I love Real Housewives, too! OC is my favorite, but I’ll take any of them, really.
    I can’t believe you only sleep for 5 hours! I couldn’t do it.
    I hope the stuff you may share with us in the future is good stuff and not bad stuff. Hang in there lady :)

  23. good luck with everything!!!! im sure it will all work out ok, as long as you have plenty of sugar to get your through;)

  24. Sending you ‘strong woman’ vibes, which you pick up and mega-amplify because you’re already mega-strong woman! I think you are a past-mistress of the ‘mystery’ and I can’t even tell whether these events are ‘good’ or ‘bad’–just that they’re going to make you super-busy. I’m wondering whether you got signed up to be a star of some show or something! I hope whatever it is, you enjoy it and everything goes well.

    Input/output more important than timing or even quality/type of calories for weight management: I so agree with you, with just the caveat/reservation that if hormones (especially thyroid) are out of whack, then the whole ‘input/output’ thing ends up out of whack too. Your body can suddenly end up blowing through way more or less calories than you’re used to. So there’s a few foods that can (for some people) affect hormones, and they’d be ones to watch out for, and otherwise, strictly from weight management, I’m with you 100%.

    You wouldn’t believe it, but my husband’s kids are older than me! (Ok, maybe you knew that already, but it’s a pretty good one!)

    • yes i always post my own experiences and now write caveats on everything i ever post to my site b/c no two people are alike and my thoughts are just based on…well, my thoughts. and experiences. but they arent universal. But if I dont cover, and caveat myself, there are ALWAYS exceptions, nuances, etc for other people, i.e. specialty situations, hormone disruption, etc.

      Glad you agree with the overall sentiment, though. :)

      I did know phil had older kids, but not older than you. that’s crazy.

      mystery is my middle name.

  25. I DO believe that you will take any chance to wear those boots, mmm! And I hope you do get some down-time with boots and your popcorn the next three weeks…like everyone here I have all the faith in the world that you’ll tackle it just fine, but it’s never fun to be overstretched, especially when things happen at the same time. So here’s to some periods of R&R for you, however short :-).

    Maybe I am inspired by your expression “life bombs” or maybe it’s something else, but I just want to tell you somethng I think I’ve half said before – but it bears repeating if that’s the case. I have been and I am still pretty ill, but I think finally I am getting better – it has never been life threatening, but it has been with me on and off for ten years, and it has been mainly food related. As I am getting better (fingers crossed – I still can’t believe it. Maybe that’s my clue from your post?) I am feeling angry. Angry about this fate, about ten years of youth being “gone”, and especially angry with doctors, and I was trying to switch that feeling into gratitude – surely I have lot to be grateful for as well? – and it occurred to me I didn’t know who to thank. Not the doctors – especially not the doctors, phooey – not my family (unfortunately), not really my boyfriend (I understand. It’s been a long time) and not really my friends (partly my own fault since I’ve been removing myself from a lot of people over the years). I am definitely not bitter, but it just occurred to me over the last weeks that I have no-one to thank but myself. Except – not someone in particular, but something in particular helped over the last crucial year or so. Bloggers. Online ressources. It’s not like I discovered the internet a year ago, but I didn’t get turned on to blogs until I came across yours. Your blog was if not the, then one of the very first blogs that made me aware of all the people out there who love food (like me), want to have a life beside cooking and eating (like me) and who are some of them a little or a lot food “challenged” like me, but who manages with bravado – like I’ve learned. So I’m sending you a huge thank you for “unlocking” this world of online blogging for me – I know you did it inadvertently, but you did it with all the spirit that I know will help you these next three weeks as well: your joy for life, for food, and your resolve to nourish yourself wisely, with whatever food you enjoy & love but with an eye to how it is going to affect your well-being in the longer term as well, and your courage to choose and stick with the food “path” that suits your body, no matter what food choices are dictated by other people.

    AND if I can just be really particular here: I’ve switched to a nut-free diet (sob…), and if it lasts for the rest of my life I will forever be grateful that I tasted your raw cheesecake BEFORE that. It is right up there ind fond-food-memory-heaven with pre-GF croissants, haha :-)

  26. Sounds like you’re staying calm in the face of challenges. Good for you. Rooting for you!

    You wouldn’t believe that I will probably put away an entire watermelon before the weekend is out. By myself (mostly). And no, it’s not a personal melon. It’s the real deal: a fairly good-sized round one.

  27. Hope all is well. I have a sense of what might be underway, given your comment on my DC relocation post, but in any case I’m thinking of you!

  28. Sending you calm vibes to get through it all! :)

    I miss the glitzy, glammy OC housewives too; glad someone else is also admitting it!

  29. I really love your blog, really.

    Good luck with things you have going on.

    I think you should order a minky lined blanket from etsy ;)

  30. I’m sure everything will work out fine for you and your family! Hope to read about your ‘life changes’ soon.
    I can’t believe that you can function on 5 hours of sleep! I’m having a hard time if I get less than 7 hours for a few days in a row.
    I also can’t believe how much paperwork is involved if you want to get married in Germany! Especially if your fiance was born in South Korea. Argh!!
    Happy 4th of July to you guys!

    • “I can’t believe that you can function on 5 hours of sleep! I’m having a hard time if I get less than 7 hours for a few days in a row.”–

      i used to feel the same about others.
      then i became a FT working mother with a FT blog, FT house, FT everything else…and realized that 5 hrs was about what I was going to get :)

  31. I hope all is well, averie! I hope that these changes turn into something positive…even if that’s not the expected end result. Take deep breaths!
    Be well,

  32. I understand wanting to protect your privacy. I hope you and your family are all okay. I’m thinking about you.

    Most people are surprised to find out that I also watch the housewives. The OC ones are my fave, too. So much drama.

  33. Sorry things are a little chaotic for you and your family right now. I know you are such a strong person and have already handled so much, so well in your life, and I’m certain you’ll make it through whatever is thrown at you now. :) I’m always hear if you need to vent or talk!

    I’m such a weather wimp. Living in WI my entire life has not changed that fact one bit. Those boots are ADORABLE and I’d totally wear them in the summer too!

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  35. Hey love! Im hoping you are ok, love ya and thinking of you! Sending good karma!

    I am ALWAYS cold! lol! It is summer here, and I still rock my sweats at night, love the boots!

    Hope you have a relaxing day today even with the chaos you have going on! xoxo <3

  36. Awww! I hope everything works out for you, and I am sure it will because I know you are such a strong person! And I am sure all of your tasty treats will power you up for each day ;) Just take one day at time.

    Hang in there! Lot of love.

  37. I hope everything is ok and hand in there! You always handle things with such grace and you have so much support out there!

  38. The suspense is killing me…at least you said everyone is fine! Sounds like you’re moving again or something else major.

  39. Well I hope your life bomb is a good one and either way I wish you all the luck and strength in the world in dealing with it! :) Keep on keepin on and everything will turn out well in the end! You wouldn’t believe it but… I’m still in my pyjamas… no joke… its 5:04pm! Oh and I love the real housewives too! :)

  40. Averie I hope things are okay – and whatever it is I know you can handle it and you can put things into perspective. You focus on the positive and that’s what gets you through (and why we all love you!) :D

    you know my email, if there’s anything I can do, even just a friendly chat! XO

  41. I’m praying everything works out for you!

    Life can truly throw us for a loop sometimes, but we can make it through. :)

  42. Averie, I really hope everything is ok!! I often find myself saying, “ohhhh, life!” Because it’s honestly how I feel most of the time – life throws you crap and you gotta deal with it. If it helps, you’re a inspiration to me!! You seem to have a lot figured out and planned out. :D

  43. Hey hun – hope everything turns out ok for you!! *sending positive vibes* :)

    I love to hate to love the RHOC ladies…I can’t believe grown ass women act like them…but I can’t look away!

  44. I love your purple boots and your camera strap. They are beautiful!! I too eat late at nigt. I wish I didnt , but I’m one of those eat junk food and watch tv. I was raised that way and I’ve never stopped. However, it’s never affected my weight. I believe a calorie is a calorie like you said. I hope the whirlwhind you ar about to face turns out for the best! You are a def a Superwoman! You always seem so positive!! Anyways, you wouldn’t believe that I eat half a gallon of ice cream in 3(sometimes 2) days!! Have a awesome 4th with Skylar!! She is precious!! :)

  45. I hope whatever you’re going through passes smoothly. Although you just got back from vacation, it seems you deserve another one :-)

  46. Wow, 5 hours of sleep! Yikes, I need at least 7 to get me through a day. I hope everything calms down soon!

    You wouldn’t believe it but I just made a MAJOR life decision…one that comes along with about a million other decisions!

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  48. I hope things look up for you soon. You have such a positive attitude!

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