Arrived in Boulder

I made it to Boulder for my Food and Light workshop but it wasn’t necessarily a smooth travel day.  Then again, is travel ever smooth?

As I was leaving my house and already running a few minutes late <—but what’s new, I realized the suitcase that I had everything packed in had a bum wheel and was not wheel-able.

So I was literally on the balcony frantically transferring everything I had packed into an alternate suitcase.

Whew.  Make work much?


I got to the airport and even with a printed boarding pass in hand, it was a 40 minute wait just to drop off and check bags.

And I still had to get through security.  Yikes.

I arrived at the airport with just enough time to get checked in, get through security and get my travel essential: Starbucks!

And then we boarded.

Super bumpy flight and there was a man in front of me who did.not.shut.up. the entire flight.  He was jabbering to the woman next to him and I think trying to impress her.  Normally I can sleep through anything, but even I couldn’t sleep through him.

I was also thinking about how much I already missed Skylar!

I left her a love note on her desk that she’d find when Scott picked her up from preschool later in the day.

As I was dropping her off, she was dancing, spinning, laughing, and having a grand old time.

She told me how much she’d miss me too, but clearly wasn’t too effected by my pending departure given her giggles.

I arrived at the Denver airport, got my bag, got my rental car

Drove the hour plus to Boulder (road construction!), checked into my hotel room, and here I am, blogging.

And good thing I picked up this gem for a midnight snack.

It hit the spot.   I needed it!

I could have used a White Chocolate Blondie with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting too!

My day starts bright and early tomorrow.

From my last post, it sounds like most of your weekends go by in a blur, like mine do.  And this day today, it was a blur, indeed!


1. How much time do you normally leave as a “cushion” when you travel?  How far in advance do you like to get to the airport?

I live about 7 to 10 minutes from the airport and I left my house at 2:25pm for a 4pm flight and would have left more like 2:10pm had I not had to re-pack my entire suitcase at the last minute! <–nothing like breaking a sweat in the middle of the day between the stress and the actual work involved.

I got to the airport, parked, and was in the terminal at 2:40pm which was just barely enough time to drop off my bag, clear security, and get Starbucks <—priorites.

In my single/childless days, when I wasn’t juggling so many balls with work, family life, my blog, and just life in general, I left more cushion and padding but lately, well, it just works out the way it does.  And hey, I made it.  That’s all that matters!  But I do hate that stressed out feeling of rushing!

I prefer to leave some cushion, but I am also not the type of person who wants to be through security, sitting at the gate, with nothing to do and completely ready to board, say two full hours, before my flight is to depart.  Maybe a half hour to 45 mins, max, is more like it.

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  1. I try to give myself extra time but always seem to be rushing. Glad you arrived safely and look forward to hearing how it all goes.

  2. skylar’s hair is so long, averie! what a sweetie-pie!
    glad you arrived and all the best on your first day, today.
    international (ie anything outside of canada) is ridiculous. we need to be AT the airport 2-2.5 hours AHEAD of your flight time, to get thru security. my place is 45 min from the TO airport, so i give myself 60 minutes to have a cushion. so, a travel day to aruba, for example (!) is VERY LONG before you even get on the plane!
    at least you had time to grab that starbucks – yes!

  3. Glad you got there safely. Now go enjoy this wonderful experience and take lots of notes. ;)

  4. Have fun on your trip! i cant wait to see the pics:):)

    When i fly, i always get there right on time and thankfully i have never missed a flight!! I love flying but i hate when there is some cocky guy thats jabbering on to some poor female that got stuck next to him!

  5. Glad you made it safe!

    I am a worry wort – so I am always ridiculously earlier, especially for international flights.


  6. Skylar looks like such a happy-go-lucky girl! I’m sure she’ll be thrilled with your love note, I used to get so excited when mom worked nights and would leave me notes for the morning. I always left them for her to find when she got home too!

    I don’t travel often, and the nearest airport is about an hour away (on a good day) so I leave a HUGE cushion when I travel!!

  7. Geesh, that suitcase fiasco SUCKS…know the feeling well. Also know what you mean about leaving Skylar. Isn’t it great how they can giggle & smile knowing that life it great and that we will be back?Thank goodness for our independence (and theirs,) yet knowing we will come home to so much LOVE :)
    Can’t wait to hear about Boulder.

  8. I’ve never flown, so I always give credit to folks who just jump and go without a problem. Good for you!! And that cookie sounds fabulous. :D

    Skylar is such a cutie. She’s just brimming with happiness. :D

  9. I usually leave 1.5-2 hours before check in. I get myself in a panic in case I miss the flight or something is going to wrong. I think it’s best to get there way in advance.

  10. Skylar’s hair is so long!!! Wow. And I bet she loved the note you left for her!

    When I travel I like to leave super early. If that means we have to sit in a restaurant at the airport and have a drink, so be it :) I just seem to get extra anxious and worried that something will go wrong (forget something, have to wait in long lines, etc) that I like to be there early. So for plane trips I like to get there at least 2 hours before my plane is supposed to leave.

  11. Skylar is too cute! – always so cheerful and happy go lucky.
    I try to leave extra time whenever I travel, but of course, I’m always running late. Have a great time in boulder!! :)

  12. I live a bit further from a major airport and you never now about traffic so we tend to leave ample time. And when I used to travel with 60+ people with my entire skating club we had to be there hours in advanced–> hectic. I love traveling alone nowadays.
    Skylar is so precious and happy in those pictures, I’m sure she will be missing you lots! Hope your already having a blast at the workshop!

  13. Ugh, hate those non-stop talkers. We had some on our return flight from Chicago. I am really weird about having to get to the airport at least an hour early – typically more like an hour and a half. I hate flying and get so anxious that I need to get there with plenty of time so it’s one less thing to freak out over ;-)

  14. Good luck today!!

    When I travel, it really depends on which airport I’m heading out from. When it comes to traveling from RDU (my “home” port), I can get there from my doorstep, parked, and through security in about 40 minutes tops, so that one’s an easy one. From the PHL airport, though, I prefer to honestly leave about a 2 hour window from doorstep to boarding time. I just never know with the security line if it’ll be 10 minutes or over an hour!!

  15. Oh gosh I hate when traveling turns out badd. I’ve gone to LAX once and it was EMPTTYYY. I have no idea why lol but it was. Maybe because my flight left at 3pm (random) and it was like September…Idk. I usually plan on getting to the airport like 2hrs-1.5hr before my flight leaves.

  16. Have a fabulous time..can’t wait to read all about it. Wish I was there with you!

  17. No matter how much cushion I intend or try to leave, I always seem to get there with just enough time. I’ve never (knock on wood) missed a flight, but I’ve come uncomfortable close too often!

    Have fun!!!

  18. I travel a ton for work so I’ve got it down to a science. When I fly out of the small airport near my house I barely leave an hour (there are never any lines) but when I fly out of JFK, I leave like 4 hours before my flight. It should take 1 hr and 15 mins to get to the airport but there is ALWAYS construction/traffic on the roads and you never know what you’re going to hit when you actually get to the airport. I love the amenities of the bigger airports but the cushion time needed sucks.

  19. I travel a LOT now back and forth across the country between school and home, but it never ceases to be stressful. The energy at the airport is always just pure. chaos. And I always get stuck next to the most ANNOYING people on the plane! The winner was a man who, during our red-eye flight, got WASTED on several beers and a scotch or two and then tried to “sleep” on my shoulder incessantly. Fun times.

  20. Skylar is such a happy, smiley kid! So cute :)

    I HATE the rushed feeling. I would happily wait at the gate for an hour if it meant that I didn’t have to be anxious or stressed about making it on time. It’s my mom’s fault, she’s always obnoxiously early for anything and everything. Like if she says to come over for dinner at 6, she’ll be calling at 5:15 “where ARE you? I thought you’d be here by now!” lol

  21. Yay, glad you made it safely. Sorry on the stressful traveling, by hubby hates checking bags so much he only carries on for business travel now because it wastes too much time. At least you didn’t get a, uh, larger passenger next to you – that was my luck on my last flight and I was jammed into the window while he was completely taking my arm rest … looooong flight!

    What an adorable idea leaving a sweet note for Skylar!

    1. Typically about an hour, never know how long security lines will be.

  22. Glad you made it safe! i usually like to get to the airport about an hour and a half before the flight, but I am from a smaller city with a airport that isnt that busy.

  23. I always try to get to the airport very early – we have scored GREAT upgrades to first class (for as little as $50 each, a GREAT deal for this antsy flier!) many times from checking in early. the difference in my mood is NIGHT AND DAY if I know I have a good seat, even in the exit row. I suppose it’s my controlling nature ;)

    glad you made it safe and sound, albeit bumpy. I avoid stops inn Denver if I can, as the mountains always bring more turbulence, but obviously you couldn’t avoid it this time.


  24. Welcome to Colorado!

    I always allow 90 minutes at the airport before my flight … I live 1.25 hours from the airport so I leave almost 3 hours before the flight takes off. I don’t mind having some time to chill at the airport … I usually will breakout my netbook and watch a movie or grab a coffee and snack.

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  26. I can’t tell if you did this or not, but just so you know you can check-in online, it saves a lot of time! Boulder looks really pretty too. By the way, are you going to the San Diego blogger/reader meet-up this week?

    • I did check in online! the line JUST TO drop off bags with a printed boarding pass already in hand was 40 mins! chaos!

      blogger meetup…which one? there are SO MANY going on b/c of BlogHer in S.D. this weekend!

    • Yeah I figured you did, but wasn’t sure. That is crazy!! It must be all the summer traveling. The one with Kath on Thursday is the meetup I’m talking about.

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  28. I love your blog and LOVE your Tshirt. Where did you get it?

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