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A few weeks ago I won Ari’s giveaway for a Silpat

I had no idea she was going to send this gorgeous apron with it, too!

I own a lot of kitchen appliance, gadgets, tools, and items and see this post for my favorites


From my spiralizer

To my knives and dehydrator

To my Vita-Mix

I use my Vita for making Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

But I one thing I have never owned until now was a Silpat.

Thank you so much, Ari, for making me feel like more of a real baker.   And also for the gorgeous apron.  It’s almost too pretty to wear!

I have been working on a recipe and I can’t wait to test it out on my new Silpat.

Does that dough have enough chocolate in it for you? 

I can’t wait to try the Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies  (Vegan, GF) on it

And of course, I need to make a batch of Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies, for quality control purposes, of course, on my new toy.  I’m thinking I may need to pick up a second (and third) toy, too!

From my last post on the Fruit & Food Tips, thanks for sharing your tips and tricks.  It’s always nice to share our little gems with each other and make someone’s life a bit easier and smoother.

And now, to pay it forward, so to speak, the Three Winners of my Attune Foods Healthy Free Food Giveaway are:

1. Bria August 10, 2011 at 6:28 pm

That probiotic dark chocolate Attune bar looks pretty darn cool! Would love to try that one.

2. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance August 8, 2011 at 5:43 pm

I would lovvveee to try the gluten free brown rice cereal! I was just diagnosed with a wheat sensitivity so I’m trying all the gluten free products i can find haha

3. Emily @ Comfortable Home Life August 8, 2011 at 5:07 pm

That maple nut crunch granola looks goooooood!

Congrats, Ladies!


1. Have ever worked with a Silpat?

2. Do you have any baking toys, cooking toys, or appliances you love and can’t live without?

In this post, I discuss my love for my Vita and use it almost daily.

However, there are a few appliances that many people covet and ooh and ahh over that I find to be over-rated and I don’t use mine.  At least for me personally and my lifestyle they are impractical.   Between cooking times and cleanup times, nah, not for me so much.  But to each her own.

3. Any appliances you really want?

One appliance that I don’t have and I think I want is a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer.

Like this one

I have a $19.99 Betty Crocker Special, circa 1997.   Or maybe that was $9.99 circa 1992.  Seriously, cheap and old.

I have heard from some people they actually prefer their cheapie hand mixers to the Big Kahuna Stand Mixers but I’m not so sure.  That seems akin to saying I like my Magic Bullet better than my Vita, which is not the case.

So, I am in hot and heavy in lust with these powerful, pretty, grown up machines.

What do you lust after and covet for the kitchen?  I’ll also take anything from here.


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  1. even i dont have a silpat,and ya kitchen aid too,..apron looks so cool.

  2. I do love my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Use it almost daily! It was a gift and it’s white. I would love a pretty red one!

  3. I am dying for a Vita Mix, as the Canadian Tire blenders just do not cut it. M has been hinting, however, that a Vita Mix may be a gift in the near future. I can’t wait!

  4. That apron is beautiful! I’d love to try a silpat. Seems like it would make life in the kitchen much easier! so many recipes call for parchment – which I never have. Let us know how you like it!

    I feel spoiled because my mom has a nice Kitchen Aid. Ironically, I almost always mix things by hand, but it;s really handy for kneading dough! (…back when I made a lot of bread…)

    What do I covet? A Vita!! Easy answer ;) I have a decent processor and a crappy blender…and I can get by…but I still want a Vita ;)

  5. Yey! Thank you so much Averie!
    Can’t wait to get my coupons :)

  6. the apron is gorgeous! if that material was in a dress/skirt/top, i would wear it!
    don’t own a silpat. i am very happy to have discovered parchment paper for lining cookie sheets, though.
    i have just the old-school handmixer, too, and it hasn’t failed me yet. easy to store, easy to clean, i don’t have plans to upgrade!
    i love the kitchen gadgets at william-sonoma. outfitting my kitchen with their stuff pretty much goes on my “if i ever win the lottery” list!

  7. I LOVE my silpat!!! Don’t tell, i got mine for 25 cents (!!!!) at a thrift store:):) A nice soapy scrub and it was good as new! It is the best for roasted veggies, no more baked on oil and all the veggies slid right off the pan:)

    The appliance i use the most is probably my food processor but its pretty old so a nice new Cuisinart one would be lovely! And of course i want a kitchen aid stand mixer!! I use a hand mixer that i got for $3. It works fine but still a girl can dream:)

  8. hmmm…I have the kitchenaid, and it’s a toss-up for me. I rarely use it. For one, it doesn’t fit out on my counter, so I have to drag it out to use it (and that makes me sound lazy, but it is a small barrier to using it). Also, there isn’t much I need mixed that way—I made macaroons with it, and they were “over-mixed” …probably operator error, but when I’m making something I usually just weigh out getting it out and cleaning it compared to just using a bowl and mixing myself…. Usually I just do it myself or with a hand mixer. I keep it because someday, maybe, I’ll start using it…
    I don’t need anymore gadgets–I bought everything I’ve lusted after, but I could use some new utensils and accessories!

  9. I have seen those silpats on other blogs, I really want one of those! I saw one at the co-op yesterday but it was pricey!! I spent too much on veggies, fruit, etc, so I wasn’t buying that!

    I want a kitchen aid mixer, and I might get one soon, if things work out ; )

    I want the raspberry colored one from williams sonoma!

    Happy Thursday! xoxo <3

  10. Cute apron! I long for a vitamix!!!! they are just so gosh darn expensive, I can’t justify it! If I’ve lived this long without it, I must be doing OK. I’m sure I’d love it though!

  11. I have 2 silpat sheets. Love them. Also love my pizza stones and bread machine. I think I’m one of the very few people who actually does use their bread machine.

  12. You’ll have to let us know how you like the silpat after you use it. I see them everywhere, but really like just being able to throw away parchment paper after baking. I know, that’s bad, right? But one less thing to clean is always nice.

    I really want a stand mixer. I have a cheap-o hand mixer, too. There’s so much more you can do with the beautiful stand mixers! Someday….

  13. I have 2 silpats! At Christmas last year, Kevin bought me one and my Mom bought me the other. I didn’t tell my Mom that I’d already received one… so now I have two! I love them both so much, you’ll love it!

  14. Ahhh, there’s that silpat!! You’re gonna love it! And oh my GOSH, how cute is that apron?!? Love!

  15. silpats are awesome! Not quite as easy cleanup as tossing foil, but close :)
    I have a Kitchen Aid and LOVE it – sometimes I still use my cheapie hand mixer, but the KA is way better (and prettier – sparkly apple red!).

  16. I’ve wanted a silpat, they look so professional and not to mention great for picture taking, but I haven’t wanted to pay so much for one! Parchment paper does the same job :) I really have been loving my cast iron skillet- I use it every single day and hope to have it for a very long time.

  17. I lack any and all appliances. Ok, so the ‘rents have one dece knife and an old toaster. Well and the basics-fridge, oven, microwave. But my blender is slowly dying.

    Vitamix on the graduation/Christmas present list! So excited. I’ve been lusting one for so long. One day I hope to get crazy and make my own komboocha, get a dehydrator, etc. Tofu press is something I’ve been eyeing too. And a juicer. If only they would make a nice easy-clean juicer.

  18. Just yesterday I went to Sur la Table to buy some food-grade mineral oil for my new/used butcher block table I got at a thrift store a few days ago:
    Have you ever been to a Sur la Table? It’s a toy store for cooks; you’d go bonkers in there. Silpats,(No, I’ve never used one.) mixers, cookware, fancy aprons; they’ve got everything, and it’s not cheap!

  19. I don’t have a Silpat. My favorite kitchen appliance is my mini food processor – I use it all the time! I would LOVE a Vitamix someday. I don’t even use my blender it’s so bad.

  20. A pink KitchenAid stand mixer. I’ve been lusting for some time now.

  21. Don’t be hating on Betty. She’s got good stuff.

    I have a Bed BAth and Beyond brand of silpat and I love it. Its great for cleanup and it really does make cookies bake more evenly and they don’t super crispy on the bottom. I know you like your cookies chewy like me, so I have a feeling you’ll love it. Anytime I don’t have to spray pans with grease and then clean that grease is a good day.

    • go to know you have the BB&B brand

      that “it really does make cookies bake more evenly and they don’t super crispy on the bottom”

      that it helps with chewy cookies

      and the lack of grease/cleanup

      basically this will be a great thing for me! :)

  22. Love the stand mixer – once you have it, you will probably use it all the time! I do not have a Silpat but after a couple of ruined batches of cookies, it has become clear that I need one…stat.

  23. Sadly, I have no gadgets that I can not live without. Mind you, I bet if you took my gadgets away from me I could pick a few!!! LOL

  24. YEa!! So glad you like the apron :) I almost bought one for myself! I hope you put that silpat to work with all your delicious cookie recipes! And your kitchen looks like mine. I have soo many(almost too much) kitchen appliances. But there are still more that I want :) haha

  25. Morning Averie!! I could not live without my silpads! They make your cookies brown perfectly. Everyone always says my cookies turn out better than theirs and I think my cookie scoopers and silpads are my secret weapon! I also use a handmixer for my cookies like yours. I am always afraid the big stand mixers will over work the flour leading to a denser cookie-not good! Plus, who has room for it?!?

    I could not live without my vitamix, dehydrator, Cuisinart food processor and toaster oven. Oh, and my microwave to reheat my coffee! I do have a small kitchen appliance addiction though ;)

    Your new white chocolate bars are next on my baking list!!!

  26. Get the mixer!!!!! It makes everything go so much faster and it really saves your arms for those recipes that require 3+ minutes of beating on high, kneading, etc. Also, I picture you doing fabulously inventive things w/ the optional ice cream maker attachment :)

  27. Love the apron! It’s so pretty!!

    I LOVE my stand mixer, it was a wedding gift from my mother-in-law, and before I got it I never thought I would use it but now I use it a few times a week and I am in love with it. It’s my best friend in the kitchen, right after my chef’s knife :)

    I am dying for a good food processor though, must do more research on which to get!

    • when that K.A. stand mixer ended up going to the 3rd place winner at F & L I about died….I wanted it…SO BADLY!!!

      glad to know you love yours, my chef’s knife is my bff too

      food proc, cuisinart 11 cup (or 12-13c), use a 20% off coupon from BB & Beyond.

      i have a vita and ONLY use that but i know some people have both a food proc AND a vita. i streamlined though :)

  28. You want a KitchenAid!! The boyfriend got me one for Christmas (isn’t he awesome), and he got me the ice cream maker attachment for my birthday. I LOVE it!!! One thing I’m lusting after is a Vita. Our blender sucks and we don’t have a food processor, so that seems like a solid solution!

  29. I “inherited” (borrowed until she decides she wants it back, which may be never?) Mum’s plain old white kitchenaid mixer and I love it. Admittedly though, I lust after Alton Brown’s customized flame kitchenaid ( picture: ). Heavy duty blender is next on my list though the little handheld one I use now works just fine.

  30. that is a beautiful apron!

    i’ve always always wanted a vitamix…still don’t have one. someday. it will come. heheh

  31. Sweet giveaway score! I haven’t used a Silpat in ages, but great recipe inspiration for it.

    1. Long time ago and it’s still somewhere in my kitchen.
    2. Vita-Mix, food processor, knives, and spiralizer
    3. Maybe a pressure cooker for dried beans over the winter.

  32. I just bought a Silpat a few weeks ago, but it’s in my apartment so I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. I hear it changes your life in the kitchen though, so I’m excited!

    Gadgets I want? There’s a ton of them. Really nice knives, a Vita-Mix, All-Clad cookware…I guess that’s what my wedding registry is for one day haha!

  33. Oooo let us know how it is!! I have never used one as I always use good ol parchment paper ;) Gotta Love Costco!

    I am looking at your flourless pb cookies…I might have to make these!! HUBBA HUBBA!


  34. My kitchen aid mixer comes in handy when I make bread. It makes it so much easier to make the dough. I own a silipat and like it but need another one. It can be a pain making dozens of cookies but only one silipat. Must of the time I use parchment paper because of that. The baked goods come out well when baked on the silipat. Great tool to have around. :)

  35. I totally covet a Vita-Mix. Everytime my husband is in the room when I’m using my Magic Bullet I see the “vita-mix” song. Which is really just me saying in a sing-song voice “oh I wish I had a vita-mix. oh I’d love to have a vita-mix.” LOL Not going to be in the budge tfor a very long time. I actually thought about buying a Silpat once, but I couldn’t justify the price at the time. So many things just out of my reach.

  36. Love all sorts of kitchen gadgets and could never have enough … just bought the Swissmar Julienne Peeler … we will see how that works … I am not a baker but love my KA (silver/pewter) LOVE it for making dough … and a great Tres Leches … I guess my favorite “toys” is my All-Clad set … have had it for four years and I keep admiring them every time I cook!

  37. Get a Kitchenaid mixer! I still use the one my parents got as a wedding gift 30 years ago. Seriously, these things are awesome.

  38. I didn’t even know what a silpat was before this post! :) I want a spiralizer! My favorite gadget iis probably the brush to brush on marinades and sauces!

  39. There are a few gadgets/appliances that have *almost* changed my life. First and foremost is the Vitamix. I can’t imagine life without it. Second is my vertical steamer. While it’s not a kitchen gadget, it is seriously life changing! Not having to iron = more time for smoothie making in the mornings :)

  40. I got a kitchenAid stand mixer in this lovely color for Christmas a few years back:
    I use it regularly and every time I use it, I feel so baker-nerdy-cool! The things that I would grab if there were a fire? All 5 kitties, my husband, the kitchenAid, the Cuisinart, and the BlendTech! And… your posts have been part of my inspiration for my birthday present that is in the mail: an Exalibur dehydrator! Yaaaay! Love your blog, your posts are always so sunny and positive!

    • Ok not to burst your bubble but the 1 appliance that I feel is seriously overrated and it’s what those links i linked to talk about…is my dehyd. It’s “fine” but unless you are opening a raw bakery, the amount of things that it makes that are so much more superior to just using an oven, for me personally, arent worth the expense and the SPACE that it takes up. AGain, if you’re going to be making tons and tons of dehyd food, fine, but really, I use the oven with nearly the same results but again, I dont like to wait 18 hrs or more, or time it. I like to cook in 45 mins :) Just being totally honest here!

      And that blue mixer…omg that is SO COOL. I want it!

      • thank you for the input about the dehydrator. It is a tough choice, due to space especially! we’ll see how it goes. I do plan on making a ton of dehydrated food. And it is in my future to sell products, so hopefully it will be worth the space I know it will take up! :). And, as far as the KitchenAid, color choice is VITAL! I LOVE the cornflower blue!

  41. oh yeah, silpats are my new friends. Save on paper products by not using parchment? YES PLEASE…

  42. I’ve never used a silpat! I really need to so I can chuck the parchment paper!

    I am a baking machine right now…sporting my apron while my chocolate biscotti is in the oven that I’m making for someone ;-)

    My fav kitchen gadgets are my spiralizer, kitchen aid mixer…and of course the Vitamix!

  43. I have been dragging my feet over that one, despite my husband’s efforts to get me to say yes.

    I am not sure I need it because I use either arm strength or my lil ole hand mixer too.

    but I found it came with a grain mill and THAT changed everything.

    good luck!

    what color?

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  46. My parents have had their kitchen aid mixer for 26 years now (marriage present) and it still runs good as new. This thing is a STAPLE in our house- everything from baked goods to breads to meatloaf, seriously a kitchen aid is one appliance I will never go without. After I moved out I even got one of my own in apple green. Its soooo worth the money, believe me!

  47. I love the apron! That was so sweet of her!

    I desperately want a Red Kitchenaid Stand Mixer- preferably the 90th anniversary edition with the glass bowl!!! It’s been on my list for the past two years and so far no one has shelled out the money for it for me…maybe this year?!

  48. My honey arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippppeeeeeeee! Can’t wait to try it. Thanks again!

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  50. For really great ideas on how to use your silpat, check out Silpat’s new video demonstration on youtube… it is great!

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