Blogger Meetups Galore

 As I mentioned in my previous post, when it rains, it pours.  And it poured blogger meetups and fun times for me Thursday evening!

I didn’t want to lug my big camera with and so all the photos I took are iPhone pictures.   I sort of regret not bringing The Big Gun because I am not thrilled with the quality of these images but by not bringing my DSLR, it allowed me to concentrate more on the people and conversation at hand rather than on taking pictures and “getting the shot” so in that sense, it was a good trade.

Not being so caught up in capturing the event that I didn’t concentrate on it as it was unfolding is something I’ve been guilty of in the past so not bringing a huge camera was freeing.

Onto The Events:

First, I attended the Global Olive Oil Tasting & Pairing Party #StarParty sponsored by Star Fine Foods and Lori of Recipe Girl


Here’s Lori and I, and boy, Lori hosted a wonderful event!

Look at this pretty table they had set for us at Bice Restaurant

It was great connecting with many local San Diego area bloggers many whom I had not previously been able to connect with and meet until Thursday evening.

Marie, Amanda, Lisa

Lisa and I

And Triple Blondie Alert: Lisa, Lori, Me

Do blonds have more fun?  That’s for us to know, and you to guess.

Beautiful food was served

And after that event wrapped, I headed a few blocks away…

And met up with Kath and another set of bloggers

Lorin, Kelley, Kaitlyn, me, Katie, Tammy, Jeanna, Meredith   (image courtesy of Kath’s post)

Some are local San Diego area bloggers and others are in town for Blogger Her ’11 San Diego

Kath is the sweetest, friendliest person!  She’s every bit as sweet and friendly in person as you’d expect if you read her blog.

Two Kath tidbits and trivia for all you Kath fans <–I know she has tons:

She has gorgeous, flawless skin


The way she said y’all a few times with a slight Southern accent reminded me she wasn’t from California.

We all strolled around downtown San Diego

And then ventured into Pinkberry

Everyone was reading the menu, with great concentration.

Everything in life is better with chocolatey and sweet toppings, right?

It was so fun meeting all these bloggers!

Tammy in the blue shirt is a doll.  Can’t wait to get to know her more since she lives in San Diego.

It was truly so much fun connecting with everyone!

From my last post, many of you agreed that things seem to cluster up and happen all at onceWhen it rains, it pours.

Thanks for the compliments on my being featured on Pooja’s Way

And I also did a guest post on Gabriela’s site that went live Thursday evening.  It had been planned for weeks, and randomly, it went live Thursday night.  <–I couldn’t have planned a busier and bigger Thursday if I tried! 

And coming off the heels and flight from my photography trip just 14 hours earlier, let’s just say it’s been an exciting few days!

I hope you check out my post on Gabriela’s site where I featured some of my favorite and easy, no-bake, vegan recipes.


1. Have you met up with any bloggers?  Who? What was your experience like?

I have met up with tons of different bloggers!  I went to Foodbuzz, went to Mexico City, went to Boulder, have had numerous coffee dates in Phoenix and in San Diego, you name it, I’ve met lots of bloggers.

In general, I think bloggers are a really sweet bunch.

We all “get it”.

We are just so thrilled to find others who “get” what blogging is all about; we all understand that each other person who blogs pours her heart and soul into her blog.  We all give so much to our blogs, we share selflessly with the whole world.   So when we finally meet each other in person, even if we were perfect strangers and are walking into a large group, we all have the commonality of blogging to unite us.  We all get it.

And for those who’ve I “known” on email only and then finally meet them in person, it’s been like meeting a long lost friend. 

2. Who was the last person you met up with in person?  What did you do?

The last people I met up with was everyone on my Food & Light trip earlier this week

And prior to that, I had a coffee date with my dear friend Marla

TGIF friends!

62 comments on “Blogger Meetups Galore”

  1. Looks like you’re having a blast! I’m jealous :( (of the Pinkberry AND the company!)

  2. What a fun day! A few weeks ago I met up with about 10 other Chicago area bloggers for lunch at Seasons 52 – it was awesome to meet some locals!

  3. wat a blast! TGIF indeed!

  4. I’m fairly new to blogging, so have yet to meet up with anyone else but I think it would be fun (and sort of scary at the same time)! Chocolate on chocolate… I’m just guessing that’s yours haha!

  5. Looks like you had so much fun!! Yay!

  6. It looks like such a good time! I am jealous :P All of you ladies are so pretty too! I love the picture of you and lisa. I’ve never met up with anyone from the blog world but I know it would be AWESOME to do so!

  7. What fun!!! You gals are so pretty. :D

    I have yet to meet up with any fellow bloggers (other than my sis, ha!) but I would love to attend a blogger event someday. There are so many wonderful people in the blogging world. :D

  8. An olive oil tasting sounds amazing! Have a great rest of the weekend! :)

    We have pretty regular Atlanta blogger meet ups. It’s so much fun to see everyone “live” and I’m still amazed at how our local community has grown.

  9. I would love to meet up with bloggers in my area but I’m still fairly new to the “blogosphere” and haven’t really found any other bloggers semi-close to me! One day! Looks like you are having a blast. :)

  10. I wish I had the chance to meet more bloggers. I was lucky enough to have 2 meet ups in Chicago though.

  11. what awesome fun!!!
    i agree – by NOT taking pics you are able to really focus in on the people and the conversation. a good break, sometimes. love all your photos – esp the three blonds! very fun!
    i have met two local bloggers a couple of times. it really is cool to meet the person behind the blog!

  12. I haven’t met up with any other bloggers yet, but I would love to!

  13. I’m glad you had fun at the meetups!

    I’ve only met 2 bloggers — Kate from For the love of breakfast (who actually doesn’t blog anymore!) and Charlotte, although I feel like I’ve “met” so many more just through email.

    The last person I met up with was my sister last weekend — and this weekend we’re meeting up with Jason’s bro and sis in law for a race and breakfast!

  14. Haha – love the tidbits!!!

  15. I really want to have a boston blogger meet up soon!! i’ve never been to one before. i was going to go to healthy living summit but the weekend would be a little too expensive for me right now. Lisa looks like one of my fav people…Chelsea Handler!! Blondes do have more fun. It’s a fact! Your pics look great..def worth the trade off! Have a great weekend!

  16. Loved finally meeting you & hanging out with so many blog friends!

  17. I love meeting up with bloggers. It’s great to talk over bloggy type stuff that no one else really understands.

  18. Hi! It was really nice meeting you yesterday! You take really pretty pictures! Love your blog!

  19. The simple froyo combos (like yours) are always the prettiest – but I always pile the toppings on, anyway! :P

    I’ve never done a blogger meet-up (I’m relatively new to this), but I would like to. Considering that I’ll be in Europe all fall, however, it seems unlikely…

  20. Averie, this is such a FUN post!! I will never know about the blond thing but I do know how amazing it is to hang out with the blog pals. Glad to see you went to that Olive Oil party looks like a blast.

  21. Hey – you found a blond who is as tall as you are! ;)

  22. That looks like so much fun! I wish I knew of Bloggy unions in my area! And I also wish I had a Pinkberry!!!

  23. Fun post! I love downtown San Diego..perfect place for meeting with other bloggers. I hope I can do a blogger meet-up some day but there are none where I’m currently living. :/

  24. So much fun meeting you!! Lets do this more often!

  25. How awesomely amazing was this meet up for you??? SO many wonderful people in one place!! LOVE IT!!

    You look so gorg girl….tall and beautiful :)


  26. I’ve had one blogger meet up. It was only one girl though and we met at the galleria with my boy-friend (no traveling alone lol). She is from California and was in town for a ballet studio :) It was really fun and so nice meeting someone I felt like I already knew.

    The irony…Both health bloggers meeting up and getting ice cream ;) mmmm

  27. how come you didn’t get anything from pinkberry?

  28. Looks like you had quite the blogger meet up day. So many bloggers, so little time :) Glad you decided to enjoy the unfolding of events, instead of trying to capture the moment on camera. Something we all have to remember in this digital age.

    Meet up: I’m going to count last night’s babysitting / play date with my friend’s 2 1/2 year old as my last meet up. We had a great time walking the dog, blowing bubbles, having a snack, playing with a blow-up ball that I brought her, reading, and getting ready for bed.

  29. I have never met any bloggers, but I am getting together with my best friend tonight for some MUCH needed bonding time. Gabbing and chilling without any stresses will be awesome. I haven’t seen here for quite a while, so it shall be a great evening!

  30. wow you have been sucha buzzzy bee averie!!! :)) you look great in your pics btw!

  31. So jealous of the blogger meetups, looks fun! I’m spoiled by the DSLR pics too, glad I have a smaller bag that can fit in larger purses for it now. Great pics, sounds like fun times!

    1. Yes, the last time was at the FoodBuzz fest – kind of pathetic, I know. :-P
    2. A lot of bloggers at the FoodBuzz fest at the formal dinner.

  32. Fun! I’m so new to the blog world, I miss out on all these fun activities because I just don’t know about them! I haven’t met any bloggers yet… but I’d love to!

  33. Oh I would love to met KERF!

    I am only 5’3 so I just LOVE that you look taller in all these pics!


  34. So fun!! I haven’t met any bloggers, but I can’t wait to start. I feel like I know you all, and I already understand that you guys all “get it”. Meeting up with the boyfriend tonight for the first time since last week!

  35. I haven’t been blogging for too long, but I am always blown away by kind remarks and support. It really is a community, and you’re so right about everybody being united by “getting it”. I’m happy I live near a city, because I would love to meet up with many bloggers at one point or another!

  36. oh my gosh look at that fun blogger meet up! it is so fun to all get together, take pics, talk food…its like you all ‘know’ eachother…I hope one day we can meet up!!

  37. Meeting bloggers is so cool- it’s like an instant friendship :) Now I wish I had gone to BlogHer! San Diego isn’t too far away from me :)

  38. Such a great night! An olive oil tasting and froyo? I’m jealous! Y’all are too cute :

  39. What an awesome weekend you are having!

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  41. I haven’t met up with any bloggers. I know of some in the Bay Area, but we haven’t set up a meet up. I think it would be fun though. Goddess how I miss San Diego!! Really wish I could have gone to Blog Her! :(

  42. Glad y’all had so much fun! I hope to attend BlogHer in the future. Keeping my fingers crossed :D

  43. Yikes. What am I doing sitting at my house right now when all this is going on in San Diego and I live here???? Ahhh!!! :) Thansk for sharing so I kind of feel like a part of it. :)

  44. “by not bringing my DSLR, it allowed me to concentrate more on the people and conversation at hand”

    ugh. if there’s one thing I hate about being the photo-geek, it’s that people EXPECT you to bring you camera and take pictures. And if I ever decide to just go somewhere to watch/go to a get-together to hang out, after a greeting it’s “Where’s your camera?”

    Oh, I’m sorry…I thought it’d be okay if I just relaxed. (and if it’s a gathering I’m at, I can’t help but wonder if I was invited to take pictures, or to hang out. lol) I’m sure you will experience this phenomena soon, if you haven’t already :P

    The meetups look like so much fun! I haven’t had any yet…maybe soon!

    • I am already experiencing that. When I DIDNT bring my big camera, I had about 10 people ask me where my camera was.

      Not to mention, with the amount of $$ I have invested in my camera, I dont exactly want waiters and water pitchers and shallow bowls of olive oil and side plates of dressing and dips getting too close. :)

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  46. My husband works at Bice! Crazy!

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  48. The only time I met up with other bloggers was in San Fransisco, and it was fun!!!! I hope to go again this year :-)

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