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I’ve had a busy day but I was really excited to come home from my hectic day and realize that FoodBuzz featured me as their Daily Special recipe today, August 30, 2011


There I am in the bottom left corner!

They featured my Snickers Bar Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies


I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t pretty cool to see the picture of my cookies in a widget on their site

Screenshot of the widget.  Actual widget found here

FoodBuzz has never featured anything of mine, so thousands of blog posts later, it’s a great feeling to see these cookies on their site!

I feel validated like I can actually cook or write a blog or take some decent pictures.  Finally.

I promise I won’t let the Daily Special go to my head or anything.

Life in general keeps me plenty grounded.  Disses happen.


Parenthood = The most grounding experience ever

I’ll remember that my cookies were special the next time someone tells me something I made was less than special.  Ahem.

Now it’s time for me to go enjoy a run at sunset

I’ll see the skies go from this

To this

Then come back and figure out dinner.

And I already know I am having one of these for dessert

Deep Dish Double Chocolate Golden Grahams Smores Bars

Thanks for filling me in on what oils you use and like on my Oil post from earlier.  Lots of recipes, charts, and oil info so check that out and get your grease on.


1. What was the last special thing that happened to you?

I wouldn’t say it just “happened” to me because I made it happen but creating a new look for my blog on my own has been a special thing.

2. What was the last special thing you did for someone else?

Having a sense of gratitude and helping others is paramount.

Giving, not just getting, is where it’s at my friends.  And no, I’m not just saying that. 

What can I do, not just what can I get.

I believe in these things, big time.

See these posts to name a few:


Firecracker & Gratitude

Being Grateful & Thankful

 So the last biggger special thing I did was donate to an online auction to raise money for Susan (who ironically tipped me off I was featured as the Daily Special!)

And the last smaller special thing I did was email pictures to Scott of my time with Skylar with Skylar at the park.  He said he loved them and they made his day.

Special things don’t always have to be big things.  The small stuff is sometimes just as or even more appreciated.

What’s special in your world?

Enjoy your evening!

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  1. I’ve been wanting to do a specific professional development training for several years. Today, the funding came through AND I was chosen to attend! I’m so excited! They’re also giving me an iPad–which is really just a ‘cherry on top’ of the entire thing.

  2. have I told you how much I adore your blog? because I do. I *always* feel better after reading a new post. thank you for sharing your awesomeness with us :)

  3. I second the comment above. Seeing your blog updated in my reader makes me happy :)
    I have tons of special things going on lately that have been making me happy. A couple big “disses” this weekend myself but I’ve been able to get past them rather quickly because of all the other good stuff.

  4. Congrats on being featured on foodbuzz!

  5. Your blog rocks. Period.

    Many special things (more like people) in my world. I’m truly blessed.

  6. Congratulations Averie! I know how special this is for you!

  7. Congratulations!! Your story and progress gives me hope :)

  8. That is amazing!!!! You deserve it, your desserts rock!!!!! Cyber hug! :)

  9. I love that you were featured for that recipe — I actually made them tonight! (will probably blog about them later this week) — I took the easy route and used store made dough — but I doubt my coworkers will notice a difference!

  10. That’s so awesome, congrats! It’s great to see you get recognition for your beautiful photos and yummy food! The last special thing I did for someone was make my husband dinner. :) I do it almost every night, but it never stops being special.

  11. Congrats, but it’s August 30th :P

      • Haha, okay, I didn’t want to come off critical, I just thought it was funny :) Anyways, I know you’ve changed from when you did the fitness shows and I was wondering if you still have the same attitude towards how one can get more toned abs (i.e. no sweets, mostly fruits, grains, whole foods). Or would you say you can get toned with a dessert at night now. Just curious about your thoughts! :)

      • my abs look almost identical now to what they did then…I never changed my eating then (or now) from what I always eat…fruits, veggies, easy on the cooked grains (just not a big fan of rice, quinoa, etc..not my personal thing just based on taste) and yes, ate desserts then and now. Never changed.

        It’s about moderation, working out, eating right for YOUR body. For my body, this includes working out hard but also eating desserts. It’s taken me decades of tweaking to figure it out. But yes, you can still eat desserts. But you better also work out really hard too if you want to eat brownies and have toned abs :)

      • Okay, I figured it would be the same, but was just curious. I’m learning that diet>exercise; exercise is important, but it’s WAY easier to eat more calories than your burning vs. burning what you are eating, so just be careful with how much you think you are eating and what type of foods. Also, I was looking at your other Popular posts as well and they are all very informative and interesting, thanks for putting in the effort to write those posts and the daily posts you do as well.

      • Glad you’ve like the posts in the Popular section…yes, I do try to be really thorough with them.

        And as they say in fitness circles, “you can’t out train a bad diet.” Meaning yes, exercise is important but diet is more important. Food choices, food types, food amounts, etc.

        I’ve read that 80% of results overall are dictated by diet and only 20% by exercise, as well. Don’t quote me and Im sure that’s not an ‘exact science’ but also goes to reinforce that diet choices trump exercise choices for final results/outcomes.

  12. THis is so well-deserved and yes, you should be proud! You worked hard on that recipe, the photos, the post, all of it. I bet you are just glowing.

    I gave myself permission to not go to the faculty picnic tonight after three solid days of schmoozing, which was something special I did for myself. I’m getting up early for a bike ride with some other people too. Again, special.

    I make my own special. :D

  13. Congrats on the feature! Those cookies look delicious, as I’m sure they are! Everything I’ve made of yours has been fab.


  14. Ha oops I was trying to think of what to write that’s been special lately! That just seems cryptic now heh. My family has been really great these past few weeks.

  15. A sweet congratulations to you! =)

  16. That’s awesome about FoodBuzz, congrats! I would be thrilled to see that, total bragging rights! :-)

    Hope you enjoyed the sunset run, that’s my favorite time to run here.

    1. Fun surprise anniversary gift from hubby.
    2. Surprise gift for hubby. :-) And pulling overtime to keep my grandma from getting lonely and depressed in her care home.

  17. Aw, congrats, Averie!!! It’s impressive how fast your photography has improved. You deserved that sweet spot at the featured section! :D

  18. Love this post Avery and congrats on being featured on Foodbuzz! That is soooo great! It was about time! he he! I think you should turn your daily special into a weekly special and celebrate! :)

  19. I saw a comment of yours on KERF and clicked on the link, wow! Your pictures are beautiful and your blog is so clean and modern looking. Glad I found it! I’ve gone back through some of your posts as well, can’t wait to read more :). I’ve only just started my own food blog a few weeks ago so I hope I can get it looking like yours someday!

  20. Congratulations! I love your blog’s new look, it’s very stylish. I’m just starting out in the blogging world and you are hugely inspiring. :)

  21. Hi Averie,
    i’ve been reading through your blog today and really enjoying your posts! These cookies look FAB – I think this might be dessert on friday night :)

  22. Congratulations on being featured on Foodbuzz! As much as blogging is a hobby that I do for myself, it’s always nice to receive some external validation!

  23. wow! congrats on the feature, averie! that is awesome. and they chose a very deserving recipe!
    hope you enjoyed your sunset run – great way to destress after the day and recharge for the evening!

  24. Congratulations on being featured!

  25. Congrats on the feature! You’re on fire lately with your photos, recipes and features – must feel good :] And a sunset run sounds so relaxing after a long day.

    The shot of Skylar is wonderful. Love the tones, and of course the moment.

    And I’d have to agree – I feel 10x better giving someone something nice/doing a kind gesture than I do receiving something!

  26. YAY!!! HUGE congrats! I assure you that so many of your photos and recipes deserve that kind of recognition… but it is always a good feeling once you actually get it. ;)

    For me, the big things are great, but it’s the small things that mean the most to me. I little note, a handmade anything, a surprise dinner out… whatever. Those are the most heartfelt and meaningful moments in life. :)

  27. YAY!! Congrats!! It’s so exciting to be recognized for something like this. The cookies look AHmazing! :D

  28. Congrats on being FoodBuzz’s Daily Special! That’s awesome! And I’m really loving your Deep Dish Chocolate Golden Grahams Smores Bars! I’m wondering how the bars would turn out if I used the Kellogg’s FiberPlus(R) Cinnamon Oat Crunch cereal instead? I love cereal-inspired treats.

  29. congrats averie! that picture of your daughter is stunning!!
    big things are going to continue to happen for you girl! i can feel it! :)

  30. Hurray! That is so great that your cookies were featured on Food Buzz. Woo-hoo!

    Lots of special people in my life, and that makes me feel special too.
    Your blog is something special that I look forward to reading. Thanks for bringing a ray of sunshine into my Google Reader on a daily basis :)

    Yesterday on my lunch time walk, an older lady tripped on the curb and fell on the side walk right in front of me. It really knocked the wind out of her. I talked with her, and stayed with her until she was ready to get up. A helping hand later, and she was off to her lunch date with her friend.

  31. Yay!!! Congrats :D Love their daily picks!

    Nothing really “special” happening in my world…..but sometimes ordinary is special and satisfying.

  32. WOW! Those cookies are “daily special” worthy! Great job! I can’t even imagine seeing my photo on Foodbuzz’s site/widget, that it totally amazing!

  33. Hmm…I wish I could come up with something! I haven’t really had anything special happen to me lately, but I also have not done anything special for anyone else in awhile. Coincidence? I think not.

  34. Hi Averie,
    I have few questions for you.
    I dont see you posting about your Yoga practices these days. Do you still do Yoga everyday?
    I wanted to know if one can achieve good muscle tone and lose fats by regular Yoga practice. I understand you were already in a good shape before even you started training with weights.

    • yes I post about yoga still..just not daily, about once a week. But I do have a daily yoga practice.

      Yoga is more than just a means to “looking good” on the outside, although yes, you can ‘achieve good muscle tone and lose fats by regular Yoga practice’ as you say.

  35. Yes you are absolutely right..Yoga is more than looking good. My question was triggered by the fact that you have a very good toned body. Was that due to Yoga or weight training! I am amazed how you manage such regular blogging and photography. So much to learn from you.

  36. congrats on being featured averie!! that’s so cool!

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