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I read all types of blogs from food to fitness, home decorating to photography.

I was reading Jasmine Star’s Photography blog and she did a Diss and Kiss of the Week post

Ok, I’ll jump on that train

This week’s DISSES go to…


1. Natural disasters!

The Earthquake that many in the Northeast U.S. felt earlier this week coupled with Hurricane Irene, this week has shown us the power and fury of Mother Nature.  I hope everyone is safe this weekend!

2. I was upset to realize a couple different websites have been taking my recipes and posting them as their own.

Taking my entire post, copying + pasting it, then hitting publish on their site.  Not changing a single thing, just publishing my content as if it’s their own.

My Flourless Chocolate Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies is one recipe that they’ve reprinted in entirety

At least they have good taste because the cookies are pretty darn good if I do say so.

I think they are spam sites that really aren’t “true websites”.  There is no contact information so I can’t ask them to take things down.   The only thing I could really do is write a cease and desist letter and send it to their ISP.   As if I have time for that!   I just hope they get closed down soon, as many spam sites do.

Clearly they haven’t consulted with my Blogging 101 series of posts, including Thou Shall Not Steal.

If you’re a (new) blogger and you have questions about how to properly attribute a recipe or link back to another blogger’s recipe, or how to take your blog from free to self-hosted, or how much to decide to reveal about yourself and share with the world, to how to run and host giveaways to how to get free products from vendors, please consult this series:

Blogging 101
Blogging 102
Blogging 103
Blogging 104
Blogging 105

3. After I got done with a food photo shoot, and got the images up on my computer screen, I realized I hated all the photos I took and I had nothing really useable.

After I put away all my props, backdrops, the “set”, the dishes that had the perfectly plated food on them were washed and some of the prettiest parts of the food were eaten.

Blurry images, the colors of the dishes didn’t work with the food, the food itself didn’t even look that good, the lighting was off.

If it was just one or even two things, I would have just said, whatever and rolled with it.

But nothing was salvageable.

I have never actually re-shot food, but I did this week.  Ugh!  Time.Suck.Central. 

But, see the Kisses because it was worth it.

This week’s KISSES go to…

1. It was this dessert that I re-shot the photos for

It’s a dessert worthy of proper photos

Now that I finally have the images, I can edit them and post the recipe

And it’s such a divinely amazing sugar bomb of a recipe good recipe

2. I’ve made tons of progress behind the scenes on some photography projects and goals I’ve been working toward.  Maybe one day I will have that photography career.  Never say never.  Just keep working hard and having a vision.

In the past week I have been really busy on computer/website related projects for all of it and am proud of myself for accomplishing things.  By myself.  Not paying people to do my tech projects for me is both scary but liberating!

3. The self-assigned project, Photography Assignment: Pioneer Park was a major Kiss for me because it made me think.  It stretched me.  It made me grow.

Both as a photographer and as a human.

Thanks for your support on that one.

A little edgy posting cemetery pictures but I’m glad my words and feelings were conveyed in the way I hoped they would be.

From my last post, Meaning of Organic, I loved hearing your take on it all.  I think we all agree that many people confuse organic and healthy.  The two are not synonymous.  At all.

It was also interesting to learn who buys organic and when, what items you do or don’t buy organic, and your overall thoughts on it.  So many sides and factors to contemplate when it comes to Organic


1. What are your Disses of the Week?

2. What are your Kisses of the Week?

3. Best part of the weekend so far for you?

Saturday is evaporating for me!

I just drank some homemade coconut milk kefir that I “made” on my countertop and now…

…It’s time to go outside and enjoy the lovely weather and rock out a quick run

P.S. Last chance to enter the Sweet Treats Giveaway.   Winner announced Sunday.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Those kind of websites are called content farms. They aren’t really websites run by people, more like programs designed to find recipes with keywords and copy them. Yes, they’re very annoying. Sometimes if they’re a Blogger blog you can report them and get them deleted fairly easily.

  2. that is crummy that those sites exist!! but i had to laugh at your comment that they must have good taste! agreed!! that very last picture of the street looks so pretty…makes me want to move!

  3. You should start watermarking your pictures :)

  4. I am not answering your questions! ;) Instead, I want to comment on your photography! Your photography has become AMAZING! It is pretty cool to actually “watch” someone grow in their craft! You have given me the inspiration to pick up my DSLR and actually use it! BTW: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the tree images from Pioneer Park! Stunning! Keep up the good work!

  5. Sorry they did that with your recipes…thats pretty crappy to say the least!


  6. That really sucks that someone takes a recipe as their own. I know that anytime I even remotely use a recipe that’s based off another, I link back and if I follow the recipe I link directly to the site now. I guess from a writing background, it’s been ingrained that you always give credit where credit is due.

  7. Yuck–I’m sorry your posts got plagiarized. At least they have good taste, like you said, and if there’s a comment section you can set people right too.

    Second your good wishes for everyone on the east coast.

  8. That sucks about your recipes getting copied and posted elsewhere. I worry about that. I also worry, however, that when I write a recipe, am I truly writing it, or are bits and pieces of memories of other recipes rising to the surface without me realizing it? I worry about that a lot. Like, this past week, I’ve been searching, and searching vegan egg roll recipes. I’ve read so many, on so many different sites. I finally ended up just opening my fridge, looking at what I had, and created something. I measured ingredients as I went so that if it turned out yummy, I’d have a recipe. But, I wonder, how much was from memory (without realizing it), and how much was purely me? Obviously, that is totally different from what happened to you, but I still worry about it. I even read up on recipe copyright law recently, just to make sure I knew the facts on my own recipes, as well as on other people’s recipes.

    My disses:
    – The damage inflicted by hurricanes and other natural disasters (yet, I am also so in love with mother nature, even in her destructiveness)
    – People who refuse to accept personal responsibility, even for simple things – ESPECIALLY for simple things. I quit a job on Monday because of it. I don’t want to take up the slack of other people on top of doing my own work.
    – Liars, cheaters, whiners, complainers, combined with the lack of accepting personal responsibility.

    My kisses:
    – People who accept responsibility to change their lives, and get things done!
    – The friends and family who have reached out to make sure we are ok – we live near NYC, and in the path of the hurricane.
    – My son for being such a smart, and level-headed kid.

    Best part of my weekend so far:
    – Getting an unexpected email from one of my favorite people!

  9. Definite diss to the wacky weather. Teaching Yoga during an earthquake tremor? In a major building in Manhattan? As of this week, yes, I’ve been there, done that. Wow.

    Now the hurricane. Hmph!

    That sucks about them stealing your posts. Have you considered watermarking your photos?

    Kisses: cookies based on your flourless peanut butter cookies. Made mine with sunflower seed butter and jammed some chocolate chips inside. Perfection!

    Got back into the swing of my workouts and am feeling good on that front.

    People are steadily signing up for the Yoga retreat I’m planning for October. Woot!

    Have a great evening. Xoxo.

    • last comment you left too re organic/the yoga retreat..yeah how bout you just raise your prices and then see how well that goes over to cover the additional costs. or how bout THEY run their OWN retreat, and see how ‘easy’ it all is to pull off!

  10. Big fat diss to Irene! And those plagerizers! Have a great Sunday!

  11. The natural disaster stuff is crazy! I have only experienced an earthquake once before (on vacation in LA long ago) and have never been in a hurricane — having them both in the same week here in NYC is total madness.

    My diss: I have a headache and job searching has been tough. But I know all my hard work will pay off soon!

    Kiss: Job searching means that I have had a lot of time at home and can have my own schedule, so I’ve been able to get started on some writing projects!

  12. Hey Averie,
    Your Flourless Chocolate Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies look awesome. OF COURSE, duh:) Really can’t wait to make ’em. I knew you would come up with another awesome flourless cookie.

    My Diss: Having my flight delayed, twice while tring to get back home from Key West.

    My Kiss: Newlywed over here. What more can I say:)

  13. oo, this was a fun idea! not fun – > seeing your recipes and photos copied! even if it is only a spam site, it’s still a PITA.
    kiss: to my city’s buskers festival this weekend. i love seeing people of all ages out supporting this unique entertainment, people being outside, away from tv, computers etc. a real community feel was in the air!
    diss: to sale signs in stores that say “$14.99” and then in really fine print “and up” under that. a little misleading!!
    enjoy your evening, averie!

  14. I followed that link to your Blogging 101 series and read through the whole thing! I just started my blog VERY recently and it’s definitely going to help me out. Thanks so much, love the blog!

  15. Not sure if anyone already mentioned this in regards to the content farms but you can nab their IP address and then block the images (or replace it with a single image that says “STOP STEALING MY CONTENT MOTHERF*CKERS” a la Roni’s Weigh). After a few times of this most of them usually will stop scraping your stuff. I feel your pain though, this happens to me all the time and it drives me nuts.

  16. Diss: yes i agree with hurricane irene! big diss this weekend!
    Kiss: my bf’s bday last thurs was way fun! esp dancing with my niece and nephew. :) another kiss coming up is a family vacay in orlando fl next week! yay!!
    can’t wait to lay out, swim, and just chillax…

  17. I love Charlotte’s idea. DO IT!!!

    DISS: the insurance thing at work. Its all a bunch of crap.
    KISS: ordering my new Mac mini! (Although the cable to connect it to my monitor won’t get here for another week, so I can’t do much until then…)

  18. I’ve had a few websites do that to me too, spam blogs ripping content from other blogs to advertising purposes – super annoying. Very cool on your projects, can’t wait to hear more about them.

    1. Work stress, lack of time, my work laptop locking up at the worst times, recipe flops.
    2. Supportive hubby and family, reliable car, not being in the damage path of a hurricane.
    3. Relaxing and catching up.

  19. Aw man!!! That’s awful! I can’t believe some people……cut and paste posting…..just terrible!!! You should get all your followers to leave a comment on their site saying, “Hmmmm……I’ve read this somewhere before!!!” :-) xx

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  21. Ugh, so lame about the recipe postings!! I’m hoping they get taken down soon too. Sorry about the food shoot!!! Story of my life at this stage of my photography :)

    Disses: HURRICANE IRENE. Hoping the power doesn’t go out.
    Kisses: Hurricane Irene! I have an excuse to be lazy today :)

  22. 1. Diss to you being spammed! That is awful!
    2. Diss to the sodium bloat I had all day yesterday. I think it was that third martini I decided I needed on Friday night that led to the great Mexican food overconsumption of 2011.

    But some Kisses to my husband having fun at a bachelor party last night (which sounds like an odd kiss, but he was really nervous about going because he pretty much only knew the groom and maybe one other person). And a HUGE kiss to the fact that while they spent the party playing poker it wasn’t for any actual money! Especially since he called to tell me how badly he lost, lol!

    And a Kiss to getting to hang out with my best friend two nights in a row and for getting my hair cut and colored today!

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  24. Love love LOVE this post! That hurricane picture is amazing! And whoever steals recipes and doesn’t attribute is the worst! Those cookies look so good. I’m probably going steal them…but only to make them and consume them. If they are the bomb dot com, which I assume they are, I’ll repost and direct my readers to your site. :-)

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  26. Felt the earthquake all the way up here in Ottawa. Figured if we felt it here, it must have been pretty strong in Washington DC.
    Irene’s weather blew through as well, but didn’t hit us as hard as it did the East Coast.

    Flourless Chocolate Chip Cookies – made them and love them. My husband said they were too rich for him. Really? More for me! :)

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