Early Morning Boulder Run

I set my alarm for 5:50 a.m. and got up and by 6:02am.

I had my shorts on and was out the door for a 30 minute run

Normally I am just going to bed!  Kidding.

I knew if I didn’t go for a run and do some gentle yoga before my big day starts today


…that I’d have ants in my pants, especially after my long travel day yesterday.

I even spotted this pretty creek

Totally what I imagined Boulder would be like.

And I spotted the Prana store!

I love Prana.

My two favorite yoga brands of all time are Be Present (like I mentioned here) and Prana

For more Yoga related questions regarding what mat I use, what clothes I like, how to score free yoga classes in your area, check my Yoga FAQ’s post which is in my Yoga Section

And now, it’s time for me to get to class!

It was fun hearing your take on how far in advance you like to get to the airport and just how much cushion and padding time-wise you roll with.


1. Do you find it easy or hard to get motivated for early workouts?

I have a post on my early/morning workout motivation tips (but could be applied to any kind of workout motivation tips)

2. If you’re a runner, when you get to a new city do you plan your runs, look at maps, consult your digital devices like your iPhone or Garmin, or do you just wing it?

I am 100% a wing-it girl!

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  1. What a beautiful place to go for a run! The landscape there is amazing! Sometimes I think that if I had more scenic places to run, I would do it more often.

  2. I’m much more of an early bird than I am a night owl, which is a little inconvenient ATM considering I live with the ultimate fan of sleeping in and staying up…. However, when he’s outta the house by the end of the month, I imagine my days schedules will shift about an hour or two earlier!

  3. I hope you’re having a blast! I don’t have trouble getting to the gym to lift in the morning, but it is a massive effort to get out the door for a run. No clue why!

  4. I love Boulder … my hope is to move there in the next couple of years. Gotta sell our mtn house (my house sits at 10,000 feet) first … and nothing is selling in my neighborhood right now.
    Can’t believe you are less than 30 miles from my office chair right now (I work just west of Denver)! :D
    Enjoy your workshop!

  5. i LOVe morning workouts…BUT when I know that I can sleep in…i will totally take advantage. For me its a mental thing. If I know I am going to workuit in the morning I psych myself up, but i I know its not until later, I just am a lazy bum in the morning :) your pics are beautiful!! i love seeing you instagramming all over the palce too! :) so fun!

  6. I get so antsy if I don’t exercise, too. And Boulder is gorgeous!!! A lot of my family lives there, and it is wonderful! Have fun today :D

  7. Running is the best way to start the day! I feel more motivated to run in the morning, than later in the day! And i love to run in new countries and citys. Im too, a 100% wing it girl :)

  8. Good for you for starting your day on such a positive note!! I’m definitely a “wing-it” girl when it comes to running in new places. It’s a great way to explore the city. :D

  9. I find it hard to get motivated for morning workouts in the winter, because it is so dark and cold. In the summer, the sunshine beckons me to get my ass outside!

  10. Seeing the mountains — oh my gosh how beautiful!!!

    I am so back and forth on AM vs PM workouts — usually I opt for PM workouts, but if I have tons of stuff to do I have no problem getting up super early to get my workout out of the way.

  11. Winging it scares me when I’m alne but if I’m with my boy-friend than we just wing our runs as well :) Looks like you passed some really beautiful sites winging it!

  12. I wing it. Surprisingly, the only time I enjoy running is in a new city on vacation. Otherwise it feels like work. But on vacation it just feels like super fast sight seeing. ;)

    I love Boulder, and I’m so jealous you are there!

  13. Thank you for the photos, Averie! I’m moving to Denver in TWO WEEKS (gulp!) and my brother already lives in Boulder. It’s so nice to see some photos of the scenery. That’s one of my primary reasons for moving, actually! I hope you’re having an awesome day and learning LOTS. :)

  14. Wow, I would love to run through Boulder. I think I might like running anywhere new, though. Maybe I ought to be one of those people who “runs the states.” hmmm…

    I’m in between re: early morning motivation! I just recently discovered I can’t just pop out of bed and hit the ground running – literally. But I love waking up early, eating a light breakfast at a leisurely pace, and then setting out. Time to get the cobwebs out of my brain ;)

    I can’t wait to hear about your day today!

  15. would love to go to boulder one day! for the most part, my workouts are done before breakfast as soon as i wake up. sometimes its hard and i need a few minutes, but i am so use to it that its become part of my life and feel weird if i don’t do it !

  16. Its funny you posted about an early morning run…..I was prepared to get up and take a nice short 2 mile myself……until half a tree decided to fall on the roof right above the bedroom at 1:30……needless to say I slept through my run. :(

    Thank you for this beautiful post.

  17. I actually never run in a new city unless I am with someone who knows it – just for safety reasons. I usually hit the treadmill in the gym.


  18. Fun pictures! But wow, not sure I could be running that soon after I wake up! You go!

    1. I usually need at least 30 minutes after I wake up to get hydrated … with coffee. :-)
    2. I haven’t done a lot of travel runs, they’re tough for me to plan with everything else. I’d like to just go out and explore, but that’s not always safe.

  19. I am kind of with Brooke on this so be careful!

  20. Wow! What a great surprise to visit your blog today after a break from the blog world…to find you are in my own little town! Boulder is totally right up your alley. Health food stores and yoga studios galore :) Enjoy your time here

  21. quiet and calm runs are the best. I bet the air felt crisp and soothing. Prana is a favorite of mine too. Have a wonderful time Averie!

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  23. Looks like you stumbled across that running path along the creek! Some of my favorite runs have taken place there!

  24. what a great run lady! i’ve never been on a run through the woods like that but i bet its such a rush to run through real outdoors instead of on a boring track or busy street (like i do if i go running haha)

  25. Lately early AM runs are easily motivated by the heat and humidity that comes with sleeping in. If I don’t get my can out to run early it’ll be miserable later.

    PS. Prana?? I hope you went shopping. I would’ve.

  26. how do you take pictures on your run?

  27. I loved reading this post! Run recaps with fantastic photos of tracks and SHOPS are my blog orgasm, so I hope I’ll see more posts as beautiful as this.
    I hope you enjoy your photography seminar

  28. Boulder is SO lovely. We also LOVE Nederland, the more secluded mountain town with it’s own “People’s Coop”. Love Boulder but it is so pricey for housing and super trendy now. But Nederland is still kind of off the beaten path & adore it. Love that part of the country.

  29. I think I would be afraid to run in a new city without either someone else or some planning. I get lost or end up in “not so nice areas” WAY too easily. Looks like a gorgeous run!

  30. I love these photos on your run! It looks gorgeous!!! You are so good I totally would have slept in then kicked myself for it all day long!

  31. I can’t do early morning workouts. My mornings are a process. I have to take my thyroid pill, finish waking up, drink my lemon water, then eat a big breakfast. I am hungry in the morning! Plus, I have found that if I try and work out before eating, that my system refuses to *move* that day. It prefers breakfast first, then digestion, then everything seems to work fine. The only problem is that when the system gets messed up, all hell breaks loose. See, THIS is why I’m a control freak, lol.

  32. 1. Do you find it easy or hard to get motivated for early workouts?

    No because I just wake up and run!

    2. If you’re a runner, when you get to a new city do you plan your runs, look at maps, consult your digital devices like your iPhone or Garmin, or do you just wing it?

    I wing it as well!

  33. I am fine with morning workouts if I wake up naturally … but … if I have to wake up to an alarm, then there is NO way I will have motivation to workout.

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