Feathers & Trends

Saturday is always errand day for me.

I  hit the bank

Then the grocery store

Stocked up on some sale peaches, plums, and white nectarines


I’m already mourning the loss of summer fruit

Watermelon, I will miss you too.  Did you see my How to Pick a Good One post?

And I hit up the beauty supply store

I could live here.  Really, I’d like to move in.

I replenished my Enjoy.

Enjoy has been my #1 go-to shampoo for the past few months.  See here.

And then I saw these adorable feather barrettes.

I really wanted one but they were $33.  Each.

I’m thinking that a pair of $70 barettes after tax isn’t the smartest idea and maybe a trip to Michael’s may be.

Feathers are are all the rage here.

From long feathered earrings that sort of look like they’re woven in with hair

To feathered barrettes that you can clip on on top of your hair or more underneath by the nape of your neck so the feathers are hanging down with your hair and all  mixed up with your hair and resting on your neck and shoulders

It’s Feather Time here

Considering I have a bird phobia, you wouldn’t think I want to jump on this craze, but I do!

Edited to add: The store employees told me these are all synthetic feathers.   I’m already getting some ruffled feathers in the comments.

And after errands, it was time for cream with a little coffee coffee

And a run outside.

It turned out to be a beautiful day!

Thanks for your lovely comments on my previous tribute post to the late Mikey, Peanut Butter Heals


1. What have you been up to on Saturday? Best thing you’ve eaten or done so far this weekend?

2. Do you like beauty supply stores or any fave healthy and beauty, haircare, makeup products you’ve been loving lately or can’t live without?

I did a big haircare & beauty products review post with all my faves, sulfate-free shampoos, detanglers, and more.

3. Feathers?  Or any other trends or crazes you’ve tried lately or spotted on others? Jumping on board with any of them?  Or not?

I am digging the feathers.

And I have been contemplating another tattoo.  Not sure what yet, and who knows if I will actually get one, but I feel the need for more ink.   I am going to sit it out and wait (well I have been waiting) and see if this, too, shall pass.

Trends in clothing?  I usually rock my own look from Neiman Marcus meets thrift store, to Anthropologie meets 10 year old workout clothes.  I never know what I’m going to put on.

Art.  Creating.  Tattoos.  Makeup.  Photography.  Recipes.  Cooking.  Hair.  Fashion.  Feathers.  Marching to your own beat.  It’s all good.

P.S. Keep the $150 Anderson Seafoods Giveaway entries coming.  Giveaway ends Monday.


  1. The best thing I’ve done so far this weekend was go to a huge thrift store where I found an adorable vintage Hawaiian dress that I’ll use as a swimsuit coverup AND a $3 food dehydrator. :-)

  2. I love hearing about new hair care products, so I loved reading through this post. I’ll keep an eye out for your recommendations. My hair is becoming fly-awayish and a little on the dry side (especially on top, although it tends to get weighed down by the end of the day…such a conundrum!) I could use some moisturizing! :D

  3. I’m already mourning the (soon-to-be) loss of summer fruit too. Especially plums – I have been loving them so much this year.

    and that 2nd beauty supply store pic features the shampoo & conditioner I use – Pureology. Love it, but I have to admit I’ve been curious about Enjoy ever since reading your post about it. Will have to try it out one of these days…..


    1. Today I went shopping – my weakness. Got some really cute things from Nordstrom, Anthro, J.Crew, Banana, & Lulu. I think I love clothes a little too much ;) I also cleaned, worked, and enjoyed this gorgeous weather we’re having.

    2. I LOVE beauty supply stores, and beauty/body/bath/shower products in general. So much fun! Some products I’m loving lately include: Origins Modern Friction gentle at home microdermabrasion, Origins Clay mask, Alba Botanica sea mineral face wash, Kiehl’s pineapple papaya facial scrub, Fresh brown sugar body scrub, Dr Bronner’s almond soap, Burt’s Bees acai lip balm, and Trader Joe’s honey mango shave cream. There are so many more – I could go on forever, but I don’t want to write a novel ;)

    3. I don’t see myself doing the feather thing, no but it’s interesting to see how other people work it! The only trendy thing I’ve got going on right now is the green jeans – you know, the ones from Anthro that Jenna blogged about recently? I usually stick with classic rather than trendy pieces but after that post I just had to have them!

  4. Those hair feather barrettes are cool looking, but also very cruel! Please know that unless they are made cruelty-free, a rooster had to die to make them. http://www.businessweek.com/ap/financialnews/D9NKE5HG0.htm. “It’s gotten so out of hand that at least one farm in Western Colorado is now killing up to 1,500 roosters per week just for their backside “saddle” feathers.” Even Ke$ha, who I dare say is the main originator of this new trend, urges people to get *cruelty-free* feathers. Luckily there are options..just google them. Please keep this in mind. Other than that great post!

  5. 7am Spinning class, 8am body pump, 9:30am group bike tour to farmer’s market (didn’t buy anything, though), and 90 minute walk in the beautiful sunshine with my 2 pomeranians. What a glorious day.

  6. i love those feather things, but like others have said, refuse to pay the $$ (even for the cruelty free ones). anyway. i do think the trend is cute!

  7. Funny thing is I never noticed the feather trend until my sister pointed it out a few months ago. :-P Lots of women around here are having them woven into their hair. They’d just disappear in my curly hair. :-P

    1. Not much, chores, movie, and errands. Nice after a busy week.
    2. Sure, but I’m not a big spender in them, I buy more beauty products from Target.
    3. No on the feathers, but I’m digging vintage looks.

  8. I’m loving the feathers. I haven’t worn them in my hair yet but I have a pendant with a light pink feather attached to it and I wear it every chance I get!

  9. Lots of salons have feathers and put them in hair. Also, it’s not very expensive…like $30 for 3 feathers? They clip them to a chunk of hair close to your scalp (underneath the top of your hair so you can’t see the metal ‘clip’.) The bonus is that the feathers stay in for months…so for $30 you get 3 semi permanent feathers put in, that look really nice…instead of feathers that are hooked on a gigantic clip, that’s very obtrusive and obvious! Also, they come in a variety of colors–turquoise, purple, pink, etc. And obviously are synthetic.

    • I have friends with tinsel woven in, too, as well as feathers. Fun but not sure I want it sewn in..for months… :) It’s not a money thing, it’s that I’ve had things sewn into my hair years ago and wasn’t a fan after about…2 days!

  10. i love browsing beauty supply stores. but i admit i only sample and then buy the drug store stuff.

  11. i am terrified of birds and cannot stand the feather in hair trend!!!! even if I was not afraid… i still think its weird…

  12. Had a killer workout this morning. Even though I’ve been attending boot-camp at the Y for years now, this was new: We met at the track at Santa Rosa Jr College for an outdoor boot-camp. They’ve got an artificial track made out of a weird rubbery material. Very hard on the hands during push-ups, but absolutely wonderful to run on, it almost felt like I was bouncing.
    Then when I recuperated, I rode my bike to Montgomery Village for a book-signing. One of the ladies at the Y wrote a book that I’m actually interested in reading (Beautiful Evil by Robbi Bryant) and she was thrilled to pieces that I showed up for her book-signing.

  13. hola mamita! I too am mourning the loss of watermelon already…sigh, could live off the stuff!
    saturday was yogarific for me – went to class at the studio where i’m training, and ended up snagging one or two of my good looking yogi friends to go to the park with me afterwards and just play around with asana and acroyoga. crazy, since there was a group doing acro right by us so we just joined up! acro is a huge trend right now, and it’s super fun.
    i have one of those feather extensions, i got it up at wanderlust a while back but i didnt realize they were such a thing until i got back to nyc and everyone has feathers in their hair!

    loving what you’re doing with your blog lately, your work is really paying off!! hope all is well xoxo

  14. get the tattoo!!! too funny – i KNOW i want two more tattoos in my life, but just within the past two weeks, i’ve been getting the vibe the now/in the next few months may be the time for one of them!…
    feathers: at least you didn’t get chastised for taking pictures of them in the store – haha! trends in canada are always about a year behind the U.S., so maybe next summer feathers will be big up here.
    i just got back from a bday party for blogger friend angela – so much fun!!
    enjoy your eve!

  15. Glad the feathers are not from roosters! I have not seen the feather trend here in Ohio. I am sure it is only a matter of time…

  16. Best thing so far was running 10 miles this morning…

    Worst thing would be the pain in my hips tonight!


  17. wait, its the weekend? I worked all. day. long.

    I got a lot done though, so I suppose it was a success. Or something.

  18. I was digging the feather hair pieces for awhile but then EVERYONE started getting them so I don’t think I’ll be hopping on board with that anymore. That’s the worst part about trends… the fact that they become TOO trendy, if that makes any sense at all! I prefer to be a little different :)

    And I could LIVE at Sephora. My bank account pretty much already does.

  19. Hi! I’ve been a lurker!

    Recently, I started using Wen haircare (from the infomercial) It’s goofy, but i now cannot live without it. My hair is so soft, and not weighed down.
    Also, I can’t live without skin care products from the myrtle leaf (myrtleleaf.com)
    They smell wonderful, and are all natural!

  20. I feel so out of it not really realizing there is a feather trend. I guess Ohio is late to get on the feather train.

    I had a great Saturday–spent the entire day at the lake boating, floating, and eating good food. (Well, food that tasted good anyway, not sure how good for me it was!) I’m sooooo not ready for summer to be over.

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  22. The white flowers you photographed on your run are gorgeous! They look very delicate – almost like poppies. I wonder what they are?

    I love health an beauty product shopping! It’s a bit of a weakness, I suppose. I rotate products often, but some tried and true faves are:
    -Elta MD Clear SPF 46 (love the texture of this facial sunscreen), and it’s extremely protective yet gentle.
    -Benefit High Beam Highlighter – People will ask you why you look so refreshed, or what you did to your skin to make it look so good. It’s subtle, but it works.
    -MAC Cream Blush – Use the cream blush, then apply a bit of the BeneFit over it. Gorgeous!
    -Jo Malone French Lime Blossom Scent – lovely, light, refreshing
    -Chanel Gardenia Scent – amazing floral scent
    -Sonicare toothbrush – couldn’t live without this amazing gadget
    -Smith’s Rosebud Salve (with mint) as lipgloss
    -Whole Foods Lavendar bath salts (DH bought these for me :)

    Another long list…. Now I’m off to read your beauty product post!

  23. I only found your blog a few days ago and loving it so far!

    I love the feathers in the hair thing but unfortunately my hair is so short, I can’t find one to suit – plus I’m rubbish at crafting so can’t make my own!

  24. I won’t be jumping on the feather bandwagon. Mostly because I am horrible at being trendy. I look at the clothes and accessories of the latest trends and I always think “really? That’s what’s in now? Who would WEAR that?” Only to turn around and realize everyone around me would! Whoops, guess I”ll neer be “cool.” LOL

  25. I think the feathers looks really neat, but I don’t really want them anymore because everyone has it! They look great, but I just don’t like following a trend because it’s a trend?

  26. My sister has a hair feather! I can do without them, I wouldn’t mind another tattoo though!

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  28. The feather trend seems hot in my area, too. Although I like the look *somewhat*, I’m not so sure I could pull it off! ;)

  29. I love feathers! My sister had a hair piece for her wedding that had lace and white feathers. It was so pretty :-)

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