Listening to Your Hunches & Instincts

Just when I think that my technology needs are under control and everything is humming along just fine, I hit a snag.

As in my less than 3 month old should-be-lighting-fast-because-I-paid-through-the-nose-for-it-to-be iMac computer was loading internet pages slower than an antique Commodore 64 for the past week.


And it was driving me up a wall!


I spend a significant amount of time at my computer (as we all do) and I don’t want to sit at it one extra minute due to slow loading internet pages or “connection timed out” monkey business.

So, after spending 90 minutes on the phone with AppleCare and not having any significant resolution when I finally hung up

And me saying to the guy over and over, “Don’t you think that for less than a hundred bucks I should just replace my 2009 router?”

And he kept saying, “Well, I have routers that are 5 years old and they work great.”

And I kept thinking, That’s You.  Not me.

So after wasting precious hours of my Sunday morning on the phone for 90 minutes with him, I wasted my Sunday afternoon spent a little time on Sunday afternoon at Radio Shack buying a new router.

I got this Netgear Router which was on sale for $79.99

And came home and played tech support.  To myself.  Always a party.

I got it installed and Houston, We Have Liftoff.

As I suspected, it was the router because the internet is now humming along at warp speed and pages are loading lightning fast.

I need to trust my own instincts more often and listen to my hunches.

After all, I posted about this sign a few days ago and boy, how true.

Tech support by phone is great when it works.  It just rarely works for me. 

What did work for me was some of my weekend food:


Raw Pasta Salad with Creamy Lemon & Herb Dressing

Spiralizer info here or use a vegetable peeler and just make ribbons rather than noodles

Sesame Ginger Maple Tofu

Summer Fruit

Sniff.  Possibly some of the last peaches and white nectarines and plums of the season.

Tootsie Pops

Reds rock.  As discussed.

And Flourless Chocolate Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies were the other hunch I listened to.   Happy I did.

I had a hunch these may be accepted, and they were here and here.   And I am very grateful.  Photography.  Career Maybe one day.


1. Best thing you ate or did over the weekend?

It sounds lame but the best thing I did was getting my computer working properly again by troubleshooting, buying, and installing the new router.

“When mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy.” <– – And mama was not happy about the slow-loading situation.  Whew, thank goodness that’s fixed.

2. How good are you at listening to your hunches, trusting your instincts, your gut, or that little voice inside your head?

I used to dismiss my hunches and voices much more easily and more frequently but the older I get, the more I trust them.

I also believe that motherhood helps facilitate this, too.  If I started listening to everyone who chimed in with (unsolicited) parenting advice and didn’t just focus and listen to my own internal mama voice, I’d be a mess.  And so would Skylar!

Examples of listening to my hunches & instinct, past vs. present:

I really don’t want to attend this event because it will stress me out and cause me to have to rush from work to here to there and give me anxiety.  But I used to say yes to things like that but now if my gut says, that’s just too much driving and rushing around, I say no.

I really don’t love the color the hairstylist thinks is going to look “fabulous” on me.  I used to let them have more creative license even against my better judgment.  Now, no way.  Do it my way.  Or else.

I feel a nagging pain in my knee but I think I am going to run anyway.  Now, if it hurts, I stop or don’t do it.  Nothing is worth getting injured longer-term over.  From yoga moves to running to trying to be a ‘hero’ in group fitness classes and push through things I didn’t really feel good doing.  Nope, no more.

I think this guy is a little weird but whatever, I’ll give him my number.  This ended in violent crime for me.  Trust your instincts about bad, weird, or guys who just seem “off”.   If he seems like a creep or weird, don’t date him.  <— I wish I could tell my younger self this.  I will tell Skylar this.  Over and over.

This food/gluten/dairy/shellfish/nuts taste so good and I really shouldn’t eat them because too much will make me feel awful but they taste so good going down.  I still re-learn this lesson every year when I forget how badly I feel for days after too much of a “harmless” thing that took minutes to eat, a week to feel better.  See here or here for more.

So yes, I trust my instincts and hunches much more now than ever before.

What hunches/instincts have you not listened to and the outcome was not good?

What hunches/instincts have you listened to and you’re thanking your lucky stars you did listen to that little voice?

51 comments on “Listening to Your Hunches & Instincts”

  1. ugh i suck at listening to my instincts! and i suck even more at being on the phone with computer people. i always get REALLY angry at them and frustrated haha and try not to be mean but it usually fails and i usually end up being a bitch haha so next time i’m calling you to figure out my computer problems!

  2. We usually replace a router about 1 1/2 to 2 years, when the computer is on all day long it tends to fry the little guy. I really enjoy the foodie photography!

  3. I listen to my insticts as well…even if my mind wants me to do something else! Will you ever disclose on your blog what violent crime happened?

  4. Definitely listen to your instincts! Esp on the router. Whenever our internet gets painfully slow, we call tech support at the cable company, and it’s ALWAYS the router.

    I pass on things that I know are going to stress me out. With some exceptions. It’s pretty tough for me to run from home to pick up my son and then get home and get ready to go swim in the ocean…but I always enjoy it when I do.

  5. hehe I live in Houston ;)

  6. Maybe this is lame, but the best thing I “ate” over the weekend was a whiskey cocktail last night. BOY did I need it! And I’m having another right now.

  7. I think my favorite foods I ate this weekend were at my cousin’s wedding. There was a cookie table…and my aunt’s amazing gingerbread cookies were present. Ahhhh delicious! As was the cake with mango in it! :) My sweet tooth was in heaven!

  8. Ohh girl! I was getting so nervous reading this! I thought something was going to be wrong with your iMac! I bought mine a few months ago and I was nervous you were going to tell me some earth shattering news! LOL I love mine wayyy too much to hear a bad review. :-P

    Glad you were able to get it all figured out and get a new router!!

  9. As soon as I saw the heading- I thought, ROUTER! I have a (very pricey) Macbook myself and went through this problem a LOT- until I realized it was the router. We bought the fancy new Apple router, since all the electronics in the house are apple, everything goes along smooooth now! Good to hear you got it fixed up!

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  11. Unrelated to your prompts for comments, I have to say — LOVE your setup with that comfy chair as your desk chair. Who needs the office-y swivel ones when you can have a setup like yours? I’m looking into a new apartment, and moving will most definitely involve pulling a copycat move.

  12. I often think about this. I don’t ever seem to get “hunches.” I don’t really know why. I’m thinking that I must get them, but am just really bad at knowing they are there. Because I never see things coming. I can never guess what’s around the corner, or see the way things are stacking up. Even if others are able to say “well of course that happened, didn’t you see a, b, and c first?” I don’t know why, I just didn’t!

    Also, so many things make me anxious, I never know if I’m just being overly anxious again, or if there is truly a reason to be anxious. It all feels the same to me. When it is a social event, I pretty much just assume that it is my social phobia talking. But if there was really a good reason to avoid the event, I don’t think I’d be able to know that it was something more than just my fear.

    So many interesting things to think about!

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