Made Something Good

I am working on my next post and won’t get the recipe for my latest creation from this afternoon posted for awhile.

But seriously, it’s really good.

I just had to post a little teaser picture.

Sugar rush central

The last thing I made that was this sugar-riffic were these bars

White Chocolate Vanilla Marshmallow Cake Bars – 4 Layers


Thanks for the comments on my last post, Overwhelming Satisfaction.  It was nice to know what’s left you overwhelminly satisfied lately.

In addition to what I mentioned in that post, this leaves me overwhelmingly satisfied, too

What have you made lately that’s really good?

You can say tofu and broccoli but I’d be lying if I said that (sugary) desserts will always win on the Making Something Good front for me.  Just sayin’.

Next post will not be quite as sugar-centric.   Close though.

22 comments on “Made Something Good”

  1. made a supppperr good garden veggie soup :) i know, no sugar. but it had nooch and [almost] everythings good with some noooooch!

  2. ha – shatter proof jar, NICE! :D that would be good to have in my kitchen. #klutz

  3. Yum!!! That teaser looks curious as to what you made! I made my first lattice-top blueberry pie today! – That was good!

  4. I spy grahma cracker cereal, which was my favorite!!! Please tell me that is golden grahams and some marshmallow fluff. Please?

  5. Anything with Golden Grahams is a winner in my book! Can’t wait for the recipe! The best thing I ate today were your peanut butter raw cookie balls. Delicious!!!! I made them for lunch with my girl friend tomorrow. I thought they would balance out the kale salad, which was the second best thing I ate! Here is the recipe:

  6. I am so into my seaweed salad lately!! it’s the bomb!! you know i’m more of a savory kinda girl! :) however though, the boyfriend’s bf is on thurs and i think i’m gonna bake a chocolate cake (he loves chocolate!). know of any good recipes? thanks momma!

  7. Oh man!! That delicious sweet mix looks heavenly. It would be so dangerous to have around the house! As much as I love eating healthy foods, sometimes a “healthy dessert” will just not satisfy (either the taste buds or emotions). Good for you for keeping it real and including some extra-sweet desserts! Love it!

  8. I’ve been making a monster size oatmeal cookei everyday that I’m obsessed with. Different day, different nut butter to try in it. ha ha! That teaser picture is cruel. Can’t wait for the recipe. :)

  9. I spy white chocolate! Thumbs up!

    Speaking of, I spent all day yesterday making homemade vegan white chocolate peanut butter. I jarred it all up and am taking it to Vida Vegan Con this weekend to sell!

  10. I made a Mocha Coconut Frappucinish thing last night. It was pretty damn good.

  11. Are those Golden Grahams that I spy? I recently made chocolate drizzled cookies with them… :)

  12. Nothing exciting, although I’m making a quinoa salad today for dinner. And that sounds pretty darn delicious right about now. I’m intrigued by the picture! It looks sooo good!

  13. Mmmmm sugar!! As much as I love sugar, I’ve made a couple really delicious comfort food dinners lately. I’ll be sharing soon, but they’re so wonderful now that the feeling of fall is settling in over here in New England :)

  14. Look at the overwhelming amounts of sugar in this post! :-P You are the dessert queen! :-) For me it was the mint chocolate energy balls.

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