Meetup to Start the Weekend

Friday afternoon I met up with my friend Amber

We met up at Corner Bakery


We decided to sit outside rather than inside

Do you blame us for wanting to enjoy this perfect day and weather outdoors?

72 F and sunny, no humidity, no bugs, light breeze.  Your typical San Diego day.

The weather was perfect but it was even more perfect seeing Amber

It had been far too long since we last saw each other!  I don’t think I blogged about our last meetup but it was probably almost three months ago.  Wow, were has 2011 gone?!

We gabbed.

Did some of this:

And caught up on each others’ lives and what’s been going on for each of us.

It was wonderful and a perfect way to start off the weekend.

After Amber and I parted ways, I continued on my merry way and spent a leisurely hour of walking around and browsing in some shops in an eclectic neighborhood in San Diego called North Park.

I seem to be getting better at browsing lately. Ok, well, the last week anyway.

But I don’t think the “just browsing” trend is going to continue.  I have my eye on a few things.  Big time.

I also have my eye on one of these, a Magic Eight Bar

From my last post, I loved reading the Quotes you all shared.  Thank you for those!  Loved them!  Lots of you are better at remembering quotes off the top of your head than I seem to be.


1. When and with whom was the last meetup you had?

We all need to recharge our batteries, meet our real life friends in the flesh, step away from our computers, and laugh.  In person and across the table from each other.

I hope you’ve had fun and some meetups with your friends lately!

I am guilty of stretching my in-person meetups out far too long.  The last one was with Marla.

Between working FT and having a child to raise FT, I just don’t have time for meetups like I used to.  What working mom does?!  But it’s important to make them a priority.

 2. Weekend Plans?

I have to work, but I want to spend time with Skylar

I’d like to cook a little bit, bake a little bit, get in some nice runs and do some at-home yoga

And take pictures and play with my camera.

Enjoy your weekend!


37 comments on “Meetup to Start the Weekend”

  1. I NEED a meetup, asap – last one? I don’t even remember! You two goldenhaired ladies look so beautiful ;-)

    I’ll get myself a date…and some coffee! Have a nice w-e Averie!

  2. You two look great and I’m glad you had such a great “date”… But I do have to say, 2010 is long gone and 2011 is on its way out too! (“Wow, were has 2010 gone?!”) Hehe

  3. It’s great that you make the effort to stay in touch. You look very happy!

  4. I want to be able to recap OUR meetup!

  5. there’s just something about getting together IN PERSON that is so much better than email/blog/phone visits – glad you had such a good time! i’d love to see those shops you browsed thru!
    i enjoyed a meet-up this week with a new friend and an old friend – same day!
    this weekend: working, but hope to check out glee: the movie/3D tonight if i feel up to it (getting over the flu, still!).
    happy saturday!

  6. I love in person meetups. I seem to go months without putting in much effort, but lately I’ve been making all kinds of plans.

    Where did you get your area rug (that’s next to your yoga mat)?
    I’m moving this weekend, and will have more opportunities for meeting up face to face with friends (I’ll be closer) and also…I need to go shopping b/c it’s a bigger place. I’m not good a browsing.
    I see. I like. I buy!

    • West Elm. My go to store for everything. They still have it too or some very similar.

      Good luck with the move!!! and if you get anything from West Elm, LMK :)

      • Thx! I lovvvvvvvvvve West Elm, and I’m glad you reminded me of it (no W.E. store here, so I’m stuck catalog shopping). I used to live near a West Elm store in Boston, and I would save up my dinky paychecks to buy accessories there :)
        Will def report back with my purchases….

  7. This is weird but.. your floor looks so clean! I’m jealous haha

    I’ve never had a meetup! Granted, I only started blogging about 2 months ago so I’m sure my time will come :)

  8. Looks like the perfect way to start the weekend! :)

    Browsing is fun.. but picking up a little something on the way is sooo hard to resist! Haave a good weekend with Skylar!

  9. I’m glad you were able to re-charge with a fun meet-up :) I agree – it feels good to feel like you’re “escaping” for a bit. I met up with a friend for lunch yesterday and while I rarely take an overly long lunch break while I’m at work/leave at all, I think I was gone for more than an hour. It was nice, but at the same time it made me just want to stay out and “play” all day, haha. Besides, it made me in denial that said person was leaving for school four hours away :(

    Hmmm….do I know what you might have your eye on…? ;)

  10. awww I had a bloggy meet-up this week too! With Gina @ Running to the Kitchen! LOVE her! <3 I'm so so excited its the weekend! Hope you're able to fill yours with all the things you love!!!! love ya lady! xoxo

    ps: i may or may not be driving 3 hours for furniture and WF. yeah i totally am =) worth it!

  11. glad you had a great time with your friend! I’m at a point in my life where I can see (and live) with friends everyday. I realize it won’t always be like this though, so I try to relish in it as much as possible. College days are definitely a little different than ‘the real world’. I can’t imagine living far away from friends or only seeing them every three months!

  12. Aww, glad you had a great meetup!! Besides the boyfriend, my meetups are always way too few and far between. I meet up with my labmates, in lab, if that counts??

    Have a great weekend!

  13. so pretty!! you and amber are so photogenic its amazing!! glad you had a great meet up and enjoy your weekend…hopefully not too much work and more play :)

  14. Tomorrow I have a dachshund meetup…

    That right…a meetup…with a bunch of people who have dachshunds.

    I’ll have 34 dachshunds and their owners in my backyard…

    Yup! I’m a little nutty :)


  15. Cute pics, sounds like a great day. So nice you got some girl time with a friend.

    1. It’s been awhile unforch with a crazy work schedule. I’ve actually been thinking of joining a running group for more social time, but even committing to a running schedule is a problem for me now.
    2. Catching up on house work and sorting through my closet, not too exciting, but needs to be done before winter. Oh, and running of course. :-)

  16. Weekend plans: Moving… Not much of a fun thing to do, specially because I’ve got this huge urge to bake something. Has to wait.

  17. That is a great start to the weekend!! Enjoy :)

  18. it’s so crazy how fast time has been flying! like it’s going to be labor day in like 2 weeks and that’s insane! the summer went too fast :( i feel like it’s over anyways because summer fridays are done so we’re back to the 5-day work week boo! anyways i digress, great meetup! it’s always fun to get away with friends for a few hours especially if there’s coffee and salad involved haha. off to tjs i go!

  19. I love getting to see friends who I haven’t seen in a long time! But during the school year, I get to see most of them every day! Just during the summer when I don’t :( This summer has been especially bad since we moved just a week ago so that’s pretty much taken up all of my August!

  20. I just met up with one of my friends from blogging last week! It was so much fun. I need to do it more often.
    This weekend, I have a hair appointment, a sleepover with my boyfriend, and summer homework to do. :P

  21. I jsut got back from a brunch with fellow bloggers for Boston Brunchers – it’s a fun way to meet new people and also reconnect with friends I’ve met through blogging :)

  22. I have a standing Friday-night “date” with my best friend. We definitely need that time to catch up and gab. She’s out of town for the weekend, so last night my husband and I had our own little date-night. It was nice to do something a little different, although my stomach isn’t very happy with me right now. Had a little bit too much to drink!

  23. I love meet-ups. And weather in the 70’s. I think I’m overdue for both :) Enjoy your weekend!

  24. I’m about to go meet up with a girlfriend right now for coffee and I’m so excited. My weekend plans include updating my blog header which I did this morning (check), shopping for a new mirror for my bathroom, meeting a friend for a run tomorrow morning, and hanging out with my hubby and puppy! :)

  25. I am embarking on a meetup right now with 15 of my closest friends! :p. We’re heading to North Carolina for a week of catching up, relaxing, playing, and laying on the beach.

    I think there is a Corner Bakery in Philly! I’ve only seen it, but it looks like it might be the same chain. LOVE places where you can lounge and get your own coffee refills.

  26. Today I met some high school friends. I haven’t seen them in months, so it was way over-due! I had so much fun chatting with them.
    I also bought some new running shoes and I plan to try them out tomorrow. Let’s hope my feet will like them.

  27. Okay, I have to go grab a midnight sweet snack thanks to your photos.

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