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My blog has a new look.  If you’re reading this in your Google Reader or via Email Subscription, you’ll have to click off now.

I have wanted a new header for quite some time but since I don’t know Photoshop (only Lightroom) I didn’t want to pay hundreds of dollars to someone to design one or have a million emails up and back about what I did and didn’t want.

I came across a woman who sells semi-customizable yet pre-made headers and I saw the framework of the header that I ultimately went with.

Her price was fair and reasonable, and I said, what the heck and bought it.

And now I have a new header!


And I made some other individual minor changes but they add up to a cleaner vibe which is what I was going for.

Here’s a screen shot of the old blog

Here’s what I changed:

I moved the ordering of my columns from: sidebar + main content area + sidebar (and the sidebars were both the same width)

to: main content area + sidebar + sidebar (and made the first sidebar slightly wider so that I could accommodate a FoodBuzz cube-shaped ad + one skycraper rather than two vertical skyscraper ads)

I also widened the area for pictures so now my photos are just slightly bigger

Here’s the old size

New size

Bigger is better in most everything.   Up to a point, of course, but I hate dinky photos!

In the process I moved around the sidebar widgets, deleted others (recent comments, recent tweets)

I removed the faint gray lines that divided the columns

Removed the gray color from the top menu tabs/navigation bar, i.e. About, Popular, Recipes, etc

Now everything is just solid white and clean

I have a few other changes I’d like to make but all of this (with the exception of actually creating the header) I did myself!

I need to find someone to help me with a few other items, though.

For instance, I want customized social media icons.  But since I don’t know Photoshop, I can’t create the icons myself.  <– Not yet anyway.  Another reason I have to learn it is because once a week there’s something minor I want to do and that if I only knew PS, I’d be in business.

Blogs and websites, always a work in progress.

This little makeover is just one of the behind-the-scenes things I alluded to in my Disses & Kisses post

So it’s not done yet, but it’s getting there.  Until 3-6 months from now when I want to re-do things, again.  It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.  A million times.  And keep changing it!  Or in this case, keep changing her blog.

Thanks to those of you who commented that you noticed the changes in my Power Snacks post.  I was literally going up and back in an email firestorm with the woman doing my header and with FoodBuzz and moving widgets around by myself all morning.  I didn’t want to blog about it until a bit of the chaos had passed.

I’m glad you enjoyed my snack ideas and balls ‘n bites suggestions.

I could use one of these balls right about now

No Bake Vanilla Cake Batter Chocolate Truffles


1. Feedback so far on the changes?

And if you tell me you don’t like it, well, I’m probably not going to do much about it, but you can tell me anyway.  Knowing is better than not knowing!

2. For the bloggers or those who have and maintain websites, do you find yourself always wanting just a little something done to your site?  Do you have anyone who helps you with these things who’s fabulous?  Feel free to share their info in the comments section.

I am in need of someone to help me with site-related projects and have sent emails to a few different people and have either gotten:

price quotes in the 4-figure range for what I wanted done (and pretty much just did myself what I wanted done and it cost me nothing! other than what I paid for the header)

the people simply don’t email back and are not responsive at all

or they do email back but are busy/booked/traveling/on vacation/etc and can’t start my project for x amount of time  (Well by then I could change my mind again.  Blogs and websites are a business of now.  As in, wanted it done yesterday.  I realize it all takes time and everyone is busy <–great for you$$ if you’re that busy! but 4 to 12 week waits just aren’t happening for me. Or anyone I know.)

So as I said in my Blogging 101 Series, Google is your best friend.

Researching it, google, youtube videos, online forums, spending an inordinate amount of time at it, trial and error, and tweaking things until you get it right, really, that’s just best because then going forward you can just handle it.  By yourself.  For free.

That said, some things are and will always be over my head!  I’m not a graphic designer or an IT person which is why fabulous, responsive, designers and tech support people are worth their weight in gold.  I have a lead on someone who’s supposed to be helping me with a few things this week so hopefully that pans out.

Hope your week is off to a great start!

99 comments on “New Blog Look”

  1. I love it averie! I think it’s totally you! The new header is cute Too!!

  2. LOOOOOVE IT!!! Beautiful!!!

    I am actually getting on a waiting list for the Blog Fairy I decided last week. Time to revamp!

    • when i was a blogger blog and had TONS of trouble with intense debate and commenting system woes, the blog fairy/emily was amazingly helpful. she saved my a$$ so many times! way over the call of duty but since ive been a WP blog, havent thought to use her…

  3. I like the cleaner look, I just did something very similar a few days ago. Bigger pictures are always better.

    I do all my website work myself, I got tired of relying on my husband to do code for me. He would do 10% of the work, and then leave it for a year, while I whined and begged for him to finish the project!

  4. looks great, Averie! crisp and clean, I like it!

    I have a LIST of updates / to dos, and I usually make changes a few at a time… I am due for an update soon. I do much of it myself – as frustrating as things sometimes get, it’s fun to learn.

  5. Lady! Your new header is beautiful! And so you. I love the sleeker, cleaner look. Very, very nice. I am sure that you will have no trouble at all finding someone to help you out with all your techie stuff, so many people are so knowledgeable out there! Good luck with the rest of your updates, I can’t wait to see them all!

  6. I love the new header! The whole blog looks awesome… just like you intended, it’s crisp and clean.

  7. Hi, Averie! Change is good!

  8. Love the new look! So happy to be introduced to your gorgeous blog:-) Hugs, Terra

  9. looks great!!

  10. I like! It’s fresh and clean and understated but elegant. Great job! I have a list of things I want to change about my blog design too and I wish I knew how to just do it myself b/c like you said it would be much easier and we could change it whenever we feel like it!

  11. Love the new look Averie! I’m all about simple and clean. Looks great. :)

  12. I love it Averie. You have such a great sense of style. It’s clean and bright and totally YOU! Well done, chica.

    And I know what you mean, I’m always wanting to tweak something on my blog. My designer/host is great about putting up with me because I’m always changing tiny little things that other people probably don’t even notice. I spent the past year (!!!) trying to figure out what font I want. And I just now got it. :-)

  13. I really like how bright and clean it is – I much prefer uncluttered blogs where the focus is on the content rather than all the little add ons.

  14. Looks OK, but everything to read is now WAY left shifted on the screen. The giant white space that takes up almost half of my screen is really distracting. It’s clean, and the header is puuurdy…. but the page itself feels kind of disproportionate now. ;-) you said you wanted to know…

  15. Love the new look, Averie! The header is perfect– you made no mistake in your little splurge to purchase it! Oh, and I love that your pictures will be a tad big bigger now too :)

  16. Averie, It’s beautiful! This design seems like it will be much more conducive to displaying your photos.
    I wish I had more time to comment on your posts– you know I’m reading every morning. :)

  17. i already mentioned it, but it’s worth saying again: love the new header! yes – crisp, clean, but also unique and fun.
    thanks for pointing out all the changes you made – i would not have noticed them all!!! i do like the new look – as a fan of minimalism, simple and uncluttered is a look i like. will be fun to see what else you change in the next little while!
    i would love to change up my blog but i just have not made it a priority. some day!

  18. It’s really cute! I think it was defo worth a little splurge! :)

  19. love the new look and header! so “AVERIE.” Can’t wait to see more of whats coming!

  20. you can always make icons with powerpoint!

  21. Oh it looks GREAT Averie! Very clean and simple, which I’m always a fan of! Especially when pictures are as pretty as yours, you don’t need anything to distract from that!

  22. I LOVE the new look! Super clean and sleek, just like you said. I love white on white. And the new header really ties it all together. Wish I could help you out on the custom icons!

    And always wanting to change it up…YES! I’m rarely ever happy and complete…I just find good pausing points or come to a wall, haha.

  23. I like it. It looks more “yogic”. (Is that an adjective?)

  24. I love the new header and I like this layout better!!! Very clean and very pretty!

    xoxo <3

  25. This is for the purpose of feedback, and not to be offensive… I’m nice I swear!

    I think with the white background, pretty but fade-into-white-background header, lack of dividers, and two columns of “stuff” on the right, it’s all a little spacey. I think the bold block of color of your last header that went all the way across tied things together much better, like a picture frame.

  26. Hey!

    I love the new header- I think it’s very pretty. I agree with some of the other comments though- blogs are easier to read with dividers (to make the advertisements on the right side feel separate)

    But I love the clean and minimal look otherwise!



  27. Averie, I love it! It definitely looks like you! It’s better than the last one. Congrats!

    And photoshop is so worth the money-it does everything!

    • I HAVE PS! I just need to learn how to use it :) Have the entire Adobe suite from LR to PS to god knows what….I have only learned LR so far. Need to figure out PS. Every time I start I quit tho b/c LR is so much easier to me!

      • Oh you do! It’s really not that hard. My mom was a graphic designer, so she taught me how to use it when I was very young. You basically just have to place whatever image you want, crop, add effects, maybe play with some erasers or pens, and badda bang badda boom! You’re done!

  28. I love the new header! And anytime beautiful pictures can be bigger is a plus. I really like the changes.

  29. I love it. Absolutley LOVE it. Its a blue spirograph!!!

    I never find myself wanting to tweak my blog. Guess that makes me a bad blogger. Or an apathetic one. ;)

  30. I already told you I liked your header, but I’ll tell you again: I like your new header! And having the larger pictures will be good too. And now this makes me want to do changes to my blog :)

    I so wish I knew what I was doing with my blog — I’d love to be able to make changes and actually know what I’m doing. It seems to be such a guessing game for me.

  31. Looks FANTASTIC, Averie! Bravo to you!

  32. I love your new look! My blog desperately needs to be revamped, but I can’t spend any $ and am so clueless. It takes me hours to figure out a ten minute task! It’ll get done, though, eventually. You’ve inspired me to work on it more. :-)

  33. I absolutely LOVE the new logo. It really seems more like you. The only thing is that everything shows up all the way to the left of my screen – like no padding? But it could be the monitor I’m looking at right now. Not that it really matters – here to read your blog and see your pics ;-)

    • “everything shows up all the way to the left of my screen – like no padding?”

      Ok that’s good to know….I am viewing this on a very large Mac and for me, it’s still centered. Yes, it’s to the left a bit but there is plenty of padding. I will open it on my smaller macbook and see what it looks like…

      One other person said this too.

  34. Hey Averie I love the new cleaner simpler look. Nice one!

    I have some suggestions for who to go to for reasonably priced tweaks that are a little out of my fast learning tech scope of skills. Drop me an email and I’ll hook you up with what I use :)

  35. Love the new look.
    I made the microwave peanut butter granola bars yesterday, and a banana oatcake for breakfast today. As always, delicious.

  36. Averie I love it! Very clean and fresh and it looks great.

  37. I think the site will take some getting used to but for the most part I really like it :) I’m so happy that I know how to work around photoshop haha! It makes the simple things a lot easier sometimes just to create/change myself.

  38. Wow! Very clean and simple. Nice job, girl! I renovate my blog all the time, so I know that it is part fun and part work.

  39. Love your new look!! The header is adorable!

  40. I really like your new header Averie. The design element reminds me of a chakra.

    My blog is still new, and I made the transition from Blogger to WP last week (thanks in no small part to the advice in your Blogging series). I only had 22 posts, and I wanted to do the migration before it became too complicated. I hired a firm to do the migration, and that turned out to be a great decision. The next challenge is design. I have made the mistake of paying for a theme or two that didn’t suit my site/vision. I now deem my current theme “acceptable”, and my next goal is a new header. I’ve contacted a few people for design help, and sadly I’ve found that many don’t respond. Those that do respond have sent quotes on the high-ish side.

    • “and sadly I’ve found that many don’t respond. Those that do respond have sent quotes on the high-ish side.”–

      my thoughts exactly!

      Good luck with it all and I did my migration at 1000+ posts. Sorta a nightmare! You are smart!

      Check out the Thesis theme. Worth paying for IMO

  41. I like your new header a LOT! Definitely clean and the image/typography is spot on.

  42. The new look is great! I like clean lines and simplicity that draw the reader to the content. Bigger photos are awesome. I’m teaching myself how to design my own headers, and it’s a work in progress for sure!

  43. I love the new header!! And I’m with you- no dinky pictures allowed! I totally need my blog redone, I wish someone would magically do it for me for free ;)

  44. REALLY, really love the new look and have to admit… I am jealous ! ;) My blog is so far from this really pretty clean look you’ve created. I too do not have PT skills, but thinking I will have to do some messing around with it bc my blog look needs help. I’ve thought many times… I wonder if when the peeps click over from FG, TS, etc they never come back bc it’s not a clean look. I’ll never know, but I look forward to a time when my blog has a better look to it !

    • just start with anything…do one thing per week. Or once you get inspired, you can make a couple changes. A few little things can really help b/c what you said IS valid.
      “I wonder if when the peeps click over from FG, TS, etc they never come back bc it’s not a clean look.”

      I worried about that with my site too and also page load times…all the widgets on some ppl’s blogs make them load slow. Another thing to keep in mind! argh!

  45. I love the new header! Looks great!

  46. I always wanted to make changes when I had a “fluffy” looking blog, once I cleaned it up and made it very streamlined, I’ve been much happier and much more content to focus on my actual writing!


  47. I love the new look! Gorgeous color scheme!

  48. Love this new look! Very clean and neat. I remember Kath recently posting about the layout of sidebar-content-sidebar vs. both sidebars on one side and while I usually don’t like it as much as framing the content, I have to say it actually works here! Also totally like the slightly bigger pictures in the content area. When photos are one of your main draws and passion, it makes sense to make them a bit bigger.
    looks great all around! :)

    • thanks so much for your feedback, Gina…means a lot!

      i missed that post of Kath’s…I have seen her blogging tips post on how to blog in under 20 mins with photo uploading, LR, Livewriter, etc

      And her recent header changes but not the sidebar/center content post. Angela, Heabs, Sarah/Pea both have this arrangement, well, Sarah has 1 of her ads in the header, but yes, it can work. I’m still not quite done but waiting on some emails/replies from designers!

  49. I love the new blog layout & header! The other one was nice but personally I think the current one is much more serene looking and peaceful in a sense. I love it! Great job on finding someone reasonable! I’m getting mine redone in October :)

  50. Love the new blog look!

    I’m tempted to change my blog’s design ALL the time– but I’m a graphic designer by profession, so it’s easy for me to play with new looks in Photoshop. ;) Let me know if you need any design help for your widgets!

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