One Leg at a Time

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday?  I guess that’s a good thing.

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday sort of evaporated into a blur.

Sunday I was domestic

Monday I bought a non-domestic

Tuesday, among other things, I went to Target because someone’s pants either have holes in the knees or are becoming too small.


We loaded up on pants

Pink, purple, aqua, pink and purple striped.  Target dressing rooms and iPhone photography don’t mix apparently.  Nor does Trader Joe’s + iPhone photography, but that’s another story.

And there were other pink things

The shoes are a little big, but the beauty of kids is that they grow.  The shoes will fit in about October precisely when we’ll be experiencing some of our warmest weather of the year and when you cannot find sandals or slipon shoes, or knockoff Crocs, anywhere.   I may have planned this.

Dora & Princess brushes make brushing more fun.  Kind of with they had those for my teeth.

The whole event was much more giggly for her than I.  Nothing quite like trying on clothes in a too small dressing room with a four year old.  Pokey meets chaos meets inability to get in, get done, get out.

Oh well at least we giggled together and I kept repeating the phrase, “Honey, we put our pants on one leg at a time” as she tried to simultaneously jam her sweaty little feet through each of the tiny leg openings of the leggings and jeggings.

For me, I steered clear of the cute clothes and loungewear that I would have loved and stuck with the basics and things I know I needed more than another $16.99 Champion sports bra in hot pink.  Although that would have been fun.

After Target, we came home and snacked on some fresh grapes that were on sale at the grocery store

Watermelon (which is beginning to go out of season I am fearing)

And we each had a White Chocolate Vanilla Marshmallow Cake Bar – 4 Layers

Talk about the way to a 4 year old’s heart.  Or a mommy’s heart.

Thanks for the compliments and feedback on my last post, Food & Light: Favorite Images & Judging.  And what you liked about the photos or why you liked the ones you said you did.  Lots of you told me you like the water, the second picture of nuts, the hummus, or Diane’s hands in action.

And thanks for sharing your stories about being judged and what you do about it.

Also, yesterday Gina the Fitnessista posted a guest post of mine on her site that she had asked me to write about Prenatal Yoga.  I realize not all of you are mothers, pregnant, and kids may be a long ways off for you, but perhaps it’s a good resource for someone you know or for that rainy day down the road.  Also, I shared some of my background with yoga and what I did when I was pregnant with Skylar.  <– Hard to believe that was 5 years ago already.  Time.Flies.


Have you seen any cute new fall clothes lately?  Do you tend to buy seasonally-based clothes, i.e. back to school in the fall, fall fashions, or new clothes in the spring?

I don’t tend to buy much anymore as fall approaches.  It’s fun, but I just don’t partake in the retail thrills.

I wear the same things nearly year-round here in San Diego, I am not going back to school, I am cheap and don’t want to spend money on new clothes when I have a closet full of clothes, most of which I rarely wear and wear the same half dozen things over and over (as most of my blog pictures tend to prove!) but it’s always fun to browse and see what’s hot for fall or a new season.

But I won’t lie, with an unlimited budget I could really have lots of fun here.

Owls anyone?

And more fun here

Or something from here is always up my alley.

But can I borrow your credit card?  Thanks.

Have you bought anything for fall?  Or seen anything cute?  <–wait, don’t tell me

P.S. I’m glad you’re excited about the Attune Foods Healthy Free Food Giveaway, too.

41 comments on “One Leg at a Time”

  1. I haven’t gone clothes shopping in….pretty much forever. As I was losing weight I had to keep updating my wardrobe and now that I have pretty much settled into it (after 100 lbs finally being gone) I pretty much just wear the same things time and time again. I’m still trying to tone up so I don’t know if I will need new clothes again or not. I certainly have a variety of sizes to choose from!

    It’s sad that watermelon is going away soon. I am only on my second one of the summer. It’s just so darn expensive everywhere. The last one I got thankfully was on a mega-sale and was half price. Still just as tasty!

  2. I usually buy 1 pair of jeans each year (not this year though, last year’s look fine still) and 2 new shirts before school starts (I’m a student at university). I used to get a new pair of running shoes each year too but those are going to have to wait!

    I did recently buy two new shirts but that is because they are solid black and appropriate for work. I’m looking forward to seeing what styles of sweater dresses are coming out!

  3. It might just be the resolution on my phone… but I don’t agree about your Target photos. If you crop out the bottom of the first photo, it’s an awesome shot!

  4. I’m more about buying things on sale which means I’m usually buying off-season. I snap up shorts, swimsuits etc. for the next summer at the end of the current one. Downside: I have to store them all until next summer. But hey I saved money! Those white chocolate bars look divine. Now I’m salivating.

  5. I’m a new reader, and so far have really enjoyed your blog!

    I live in WA where we tend to have really pronounced seasons, so I have to buy summer clothes and winter clothes every few months. I try not to buy anything too trendy so it will last longer. I am moving to southern California in a few months and I am hoping I can have more of a “year round” wardrobe, as I have always disiked buying winter clothes anyway.
    I haven’t purchased any fall clothes yet, but I have my eye on lots of cute things!

  6. There are so many new fashions that I cannot wait to try next season. All of the fall lines look amazing. Your photos look amazing as always! :)

  7. haven’t bought anything for fall yet… kinda baaaroke right now and i’m happy wearing my summer clothes! i don’t want summer to end! i certainly don’t want watermelons to end as well! xx

  8. I have seen some really cute fall clothes but haven’t bought any yet, because I don’t think they’ll fit my growing belly by the time fall is here!

  9. Awe, your girl is adorable! I love Target. A little too much. :)

  10. Skylar is a doll!

    We don’t get out to clothes shop much. I love my kids but with three, clothes shopping is TOO much! Somebody always has to potty or is hungry or tired…

    I dream of Anthro too.

  11. I usually do a big spring shopping and then buy a couple key pieces for fall, but I was too busy/didn’t really need anything for spring this year, so I had a big fall spree! Lots of Free People (my favorite! Do they have it in San Diego?), a piece or two from Anthro, and these shoes on sale from bloomingdale’s!'s+Lorissa.aspx
    They’re crazy, but I love them :)

  12. Agreed on this week, getting back to work after a few fun days has been painful today. And a blur since I had to rush to the hospital to visit my grandma and have a long list of shores to tackle tonight.

    Target is addicting, I always end up with more than I went in for – it’s just dangerous.

    I haven’t been looking at a lot of clothes lately truthfully since I’m trying to save money, but I need to start updating soon. Love browsing Anthro, but haven’t bought anything yet.

  13. I love shopping for Fall clothes and am always suckered in to buying a whole bunch of them. The colours and styles are always so nice.

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