One Very Big Day

I’m taking a break from your regularly scheduled programming this week, i.e. photography tips, tricks, and camera talk to bring you other updates.  Imagine that.  And I’m glad many of you told me you’re enjoying it.  Good, because there’s more where that came from!

Yes, I made it back to San Diego after being gone at Food & Light

And boy, it was wonderful putting my key in the front door and just being home.


I went to the grocery store & TJ’s

Such awful weather to run errands in, I know.

Stocking up on fresh produce after traveling is almost as good as taking a shower in your own shower and sleeping in your own bed.

And this is probably better than sleeping in your own bed.

I’ve talked about my love for Sunflower Seed Butter, and then sun, in a post that was unexpectedly quite popular.

On my 7 Links Post, I was supposed to list a post who’s popularity surprised me, well Sunny is an example.

I unpacked, did laundry, cooked, cleaned and chopped produce

Went to work

And best of all, I hugged my precious!

Earlier today I was featured today as the Spolight Blogger on Pooja’s Way

I guess they liked me.   I’m flattered!

Thanks to Jane and the team at Pooja’s Way!

And later on today I have two fabulous events planned.

I never have that many “exciting” things on my social calendar but it just so happened that today, I have two.

Part of it is because BlogHer ’11 is in San Diego this weekend and all kinds of fabulous bloggers are descending on “my” city today.

I am first getting together with Lori, aka Recipe Girl, and lots of other bloggers.

Then, I am getting together with Kath, and other bloggers.

When it rains, it pours!  It’s been a big day already, and it’s not even half over!  Getting back from a trip and having a real “calm” schedule is just par for the course for me.

Thanks for the lovely comments on my last post, Photographing Challenging Food and Personal Assignments

I like to read what kinds of things, food, people, or various subjects are hard for you to photograph.   You’re not alone.  We all have that things that are just tricky.  And some things like brown food or beans or your cat who doesn’t want to cooperate are especially tricky.

Thanks for sharing what personal assignments, projects, and goals you’ve given yourself, and things you’d like to work on more.  Challenging ourselves and going out of our comfort zone is so important!


1. Do you feel like when it rains, it pours?

I have had the most “exciting” four weeks in recent memory

A trip to Mexico City

Finding out we had to move and packing my house up with 2 weeks notice

Moving into a new home, unpacking, and getting settled

A trip to Boulder for Food & Light

And today, I’m meeting people that I’ve wanted to meet for ages.  I wish I wasn’t going to meet them all on the same day but hey, when it rains in pours!

Busy times, events, occurrences all seem to cluster together; then life usually calms down for a bit.  I’ll be ready for a little calmness.

2. What’s been keeping you busy lately?

Stay tuned for my big meetup(s) recap!

P.S. A call to anyone attending BlogHer ’11 here in San Diego, if you are around, you’d like to meet up, you know of fun meet ups that are happening, drop me an email or just comment and I’ll email you back.  Maybe we can sync up our schedules!

31 comments on “One Very Big Day”

  1. Glad to hear you made it back safe to SD! The weather there looks gorgeous! I’d love it if you could send some over to TX ;) We’re melting out here.
    Have fun tonight!

  2. Hey as another local gal, I’ll be at BlogHer tomorrow and Saturday. Sadly I don’t think I can hang out tonight (but just in case, where are you going and what time?) but maybe if more meetups are planned!

  3. Wow, you have so many exciting things going on! Congrats on everything and glad you got home safely!

  4. “Stocking up on fresh produce after traveling is almost as good as taking a shower in your own shower and sleeping in your own bed.”

    – Holy. I agree :D Welcome back!

  5. Glad to hear you’re having such a good time! So wish I was going and could meet ya in person!

  6. It seems that way — I either have tons of stuff going on or nothing at all (doesn’t happen too often though!). I like being busy though, it makes me feel good to get so much done.

    Have fun meeting everyone!

  7. I’ll be seeing you tonight then, I’m going to Kath’s meetup. Should be fun!

  8. It always feels SO nice to get back to a normal routine after a trip. Have fun this weekend with your blogging activities…stay sane :-)

  9. It’s fun to hear of all your adventures! Glad you are enjoying yourself and having so much fun!

  10. The picture of the strawberries was total perfection – LOVED it!


  11. All that produce Looks Amazing! And I definitely believe that When it rains it pours!

  12. oooh fun evening planned, have a blast meeting up with everyone! I hope someday to meet up with bloggers, but it almost seems like a scary thought to me for some reason haha! I’m sure its a ton of fun though.

  13. Glad you had a great time! I definitely agree…excitement comes in threes.

    Yay, I no longer feel strange about absolutely loving the grocery trip right after getting back in town. It’s so full of renewal and promise!

  14. What an amazing day you have planned! I feel like I either have absolutely NOTHING going on or way too much stuff! have a great time!

  15. i LOVE being busy. and yes, it’s been busy lately – not as busy as you, though – haha!
    ENJOY the blogger meet-ups! can’t wait to see the photos!

  16. Yes, about 2 months ago was that way for me! Now things are calm again, but it just the calm before the storm. T-minus one month to my first semester of teaching!

    Don’t forget that you were in Aruba right before all this craziness, too. :)

  17. Welcome home!! When it rains, it DEFINITELY pours for me. I feel like I have tons of normal days and weeks, then everything just comes piling on at once! But it’s always such a relief after everything’s over to relax for a minute!

  18. That photo of the strawberries looks amazing! I want to reach out and eat them! I hope you have an excellent time meeting up with all the bloggie friends! It absolutely rains when if pours, I think it is often times like that for most people. Just the ebbs and flows of life, no?

  19. Glad you made it home safe! Lovely weather and thankfully, so is ours! :-) Can’t wait to heat about the meetups! It does pour when it rains, especially at work the last few weeks!

  20. There’s nothing more exciting than to meet and mingle with like minded bloggers. Have fun! :)

  21. Aloha! Wow I wish they would bring TJs to Hawaii. However, I waited 11 yrs for a Whole Foods so I won’t hold my breath :( xo from the mid-pacific

  22. Sounds like such a fun day ahead of you! Can’t wait to hear the recap of the meet-ups!

    Yes, I definitely agree – when it rains, it pours. When something big happens (good or bad), I’m always prepared for 5 more things to happen. ;)

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  24. Yes, when it rains it pours. Glad that it is pouring socially, and you were busy being social with other bloggers. How fun! Can’t wait to read about it.

    I’ve been keeping busy with: desk job, paintball field, babysitting my friends 2 1/2 year old, house work, laundry, unbaking, shopping, errands, paying bills … same old, same old ;)

    Thankfully am restocked on fruit, veg, and rice wraps for the weekend.

  25. Glad your trip went well, and what fun you have lined up today! Enjoy it!

  26. It absolutely pours whenever there’s a little sprinkle, and not just because I’m in Oregon ;)

    It always seems like nothing is going on, or a million things are. I was supposed to have a relaxing weekend coming up and now practically every second is accounted for. I hope to get some calm time, I really think I need to calm my thoughts and meditate more!

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  28. Yes, it never rains but it pours! Glad you’re going to get to meet up with some bloggie types.

    We had a wedding, three different sets of guests, and now I’m in Tacoma, WA for my MFA program–definitely felt like one thing after the other.

    Have a great weekend with lots of fun meetups!

  29. I love how when good things happen they tend to keep happening and kind of avalanche. That’s awesome.
    I love Todd & Diane… I’m sure you learned so much!

  30. I have been busy getting ready for my sister’s wedding, which is on Friday. There is still so much to do!

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