Ooh La La

A few things have made me say Ooh La La this weekend:

1. These ingredients

And the resulting dough and finished product was Ooh La La worthy.

I’m a tease.  No recipe.  Yet.


2. My friend who sells jewelry hooked me up with this bracelet.  Because I’ve already been asked, all the things she sells are one-of-a-kind.  Or let me rephrase that, she only has one of each item that she sells and so I don’t have a shopping source for this.

What I love about it is that it’s soft and flexible.

It’s pleather <–plastic leather and it’s super soft and comfortable with snap closures on the underside.

I hate rigid bracelets.  They hurt my wrists and the clinky-clanky jingling sounds stacks of metal bracelets make is like people who whistle: my ears beg both clinky bracelets and whistlers for mercy.  And silence.

But this bracelet is an ooh la la.  No clinking and it’s comfy.

And it’s sparkly.  <– The most important quality

3. The beautiful San Diego weather

Most people in town for Blog Her ’11 are surprised when it’s 74F, sunny, breezy, and at night downright chilly downtown because of the bays and marinas and ocean.  As Kath said, it feels like October here!

But it’s ooh la la because there’s sunshine, no humidity, no bugs.

4. I love popcorn and ooh la la over my near daily bowls of it.

Nooch + Stevia + Chocolate Chips

Buy your nooch and stevia and all other supplements, vitamins, bulk spices and more from iHerb.com and save about 40% off retail.  Use code AVE630 for $5 off your iHerb order

5. And I’m ooh la la’ing and all excited because I love Patti the Millionaire Matchmaker and her new season starts in just one week.  For now, I will get my Kardashian fix Sunday night.

I love mindless TV shows and my DVRWhat can I say other than ooh la la!

6. And from my last post and my very Big Week

I am hoping that life may get a little calmer this week.  Maybe.


1. Best thing you’ve eaten or done so far this weekend?

2. What’s made you say Ooh La La lately?

See you later with a fabulous dessert recipe.  I don’t throw the F word around casually, either.

33 comments on “Ooh La La”

  1. A dress I saw and tried on (<— mistake) in Armani made me ooh la la recently – but so did the price tag, so I had to say no….for now anyway. That dress WILL be mine! It is just too beautiful!

    "And it’s sparkly. <– The most important quality" – truer words have never been spoken ;)

    and I too love the Millionaire Matchmaker & Kardashians – so fun!

    Looking forward to your recipe later on! :-)

  2. As soon as I saw those ingredients I was thinking to myself…YES! Another amazing Averie recipe to start my day. I can’t wait!

  3. Had an awesome day surfing yesterday….that definitely made me say Ooh La La! xoxo from Trinidad

  4. That bracelet is making me say Ooh La La! Could you share where we could find one and be happy too?

    I am digging that dough photo and can’t wait to see what it created. Heck, I could just eat the dough.

  5. I LOVE that bracelet!!! It looks so comfortable and I love how all the bracelets look separate when you have it on.

    I like the Kardashians too… and Khloe’s spin off is also a good one. I’m a diehard Jersey Shore fan just because it’s one of those shows that’s so dumb, it’s hilarious. The new season just started last week!

    Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing week, Averie! :)

  6. I’m pretty confident that you and I are always the first 2 bloggers up in the morning ;) haha

    Can’t wait for the recipe!

  7. Love that bracelet. I have such small wrists that I have a really hard time finding bracelets to fit. Typically have to go with stretchy ones that aren’t nearly so cute.

  8. I love that bracelet — I too hate the clingy clangy noises that jewelry can make — I’d prefer it to feel soft or at least comfortable on my skin!

    What has made me ooh la la lately — planning for our Wisc Dells/Chicago next week!

  9. The bracelet is gorgeous! So jealous right now. Seriously.
    Can’t wait to see what you are making!

  10. ohhhh millionaire matchmaker is my guilty pleasure, I LOVE her!! I usually just watch it online at my leisure though. Best thing for this weekend…. I’m leaving in an hour for a day trip with friends to go shopping and go out to eat with one of our friends in the next state over. I love days off!!

  11. Awesome bracelet! And I’m super curious about the recipe…chocolate and peanut butter?? Count me in!

  12. I going to tell you the WORST thing I’ve eaten in a long time.
    Yesterday at the farmer’s market I was seduced by a beautiful looking bunch of rainbow chard. I’ve never had chard before. I cooked it according to the seller’s directions: sautee in olive oil with a bit of garlic, salt and pepper; put the stems in before the leaves so they get tender.
    BITTER, BITTER, BITTER! Since eating it an hour ago, I’ve been chugging down coffee and mints in an effort to get the bitter taste out of my throat, but it’s still there.

    • sounds horrible. The thing with chard is it CAN be really bitter. It’s normally about the same as kale but clearly you got some that was awful. Ugh. I’d say if you ever try it again, pinch of stevia or squirt of agave or even some O.J. or ground ginger powder to cut down on the bitter.

  13. i totally used your coup code for my iherb order the other day :) thanks lady! haha

    anyways the bracelet your friend made is so awesome looking! i love the color and it’s such a good color for fall :) weee!

  14. My sweet friend made me a batch of blondies…and oh my goodness…they are the most amazing things I have ever had.



  15. Love that bracelet!

    I’ve been having a lot of “ooh la la” moments with furniture lately, what with our move and all. Unfortunately, my bank account isn’t having the same moments :-)

  16. I can’t wait for that recipe! And that is such an awesome bracelet. I love one of a kind things!

    Nothing has made me fully ooh la la lately. Although, I definitely want to make some chocolate covered nuts today, it sounds soo good right now for some reason!

  17. I made your nutella peanut butter bars this weekend. They are one of the best things I have ever made. Sinful!!!!!! I said oh la la when the a/c guy fixed my air conditioner. 48 hours in the desert with no air conditoning was no fun!!!

  18. The new bags in a Louis Vuitton collection (particularly a bluish grey top handle bag) made me say ooooh la la!! I can’t stop thinking about it!

  19. can’t wait to see your recipe! i bet it’s quick n ez!
    i can’t wear bangle bracelets. i was going to say i don’t like jangly bracelets, but that’s not true as i love wearing my charm bracelets and they are LOUD! your new one is really pretty!
    it feels like the equator here today – muggy, humid, hot and sunny – i am happy!

  20. Are the TJs chocolate chips good? My MIL and I were debating buying them this week! The batter looks awesomeeeeeeee. CUTE bracelet. Very fun. So glad you’re enjoying having all the bloggers in town! Knock on wood…how fabulous my baby has been so far has made me say ooh la la!

    • they are THE BEST
      I like them better than any other kind of $3 to 4 dollar a bag choc chips out there

      Now there are some really, really gourmet choc chips, that are lovely but for my general baking purposes, I would never go back to the yellow bagged N brand of chips. ONLY use TJ’s. The best!!!

  21. I had a great boat ride yesterday to an island. That was for sure the highlight of my day. Too bad the weather sucked all afternoon. perfect for indoor shopping though!!!

    I don’t know about best thing I ate, but the worst was dinner at a diner last night. BLECH. We all felt sick all night long, except my mom, but only because she didn’t eat her crappy meal. Smart lady.

  22. I have almost that exact same bracelet and love it! I wear it often, such a fun, different look.

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  24. Hi Averie, love your creativity! I look to you for inspiration often, but have to tweak the recipes since not all of the goodies you use are anywhere to find here in Czech Republic :( If you do not mind sharing, I would love to know what your portions look like throughout the day. Thanks and keep baking!

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