Overwhelming Satisfaction

Right before sunset yesterday I had this overwhelming feeling come over me.

The feeling that I had to go outside and take pictures.

But if you saw this sky from your window, you’d want to take them too, right?


So I told Skylar, “Get your shoes on. We’re going!”

And she said, “Where?”

I said, “Surprise!”

And when we get there, you can do some of this, honey

While Mommy captures this (with my iPhone)

And yes, it is possible to take marginally decent pictures with iPhones but I strongly urge editing them Strongly urge.

And I captured a whole lot more on my 5D

I’m still editing the images but the ones above and below this sentence are  from my real camera

Walking around the park was wonderful

Skylar ran around like a nut and went, Weeeee!!!! a jillion times

Kids get so wound up around dusk.  Seriously.

And I went Weeeee!!!! with my camera in my hand.

I felt calm.




We came home and did the dinner, bath, bed routine and then I was browsing through my photos getting ready to edit and remembered this dessert

Mixed Berry Clafoutis

Sounds complicated and fussy and has a fancy name

But it’s as easy as making pancake batter, pouring it over fruit (fresh or frozen) and then baking it

Sweet, rich, dense, custard-ey, and use any fruit you have on hand that’s in season or needs to get used up pronto.

But if you’re feeling more no-bakeish lately there’s always these

No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls (GF, Vegan, and with a High Protein Option)

And you don’t even have to get out your Vita or food processor.  Just a bowl + spoon.

From my last post, Printing Poorhouse, glad I’m not the only one who feels ripped off by Kinko’s!  And glad to hear most of you don’t bother printing out that much anymore.  Good job.


1. What was the last overwhelming feeling, the last I Must Do This feeling, that you had?

Other than taking pictures, the urge to do yoga and run are strong and powerful for me.

They ground me, center me, fuel me, give me what I need in order to be a better parent and a better person all around.

2. After you did what you wanted to do, did you feel satisfied?  Did you get that aahhhh feeling and sense of calm contentment?

Most definitely, yes, I did.

Being outside with my child, my camera, nature, wide open spaces; watching her giggle and laugh and play while I took pictures, was wonderful.

It really is the simple things.  Free, easy, basic.  And, The Best.

I’ve touched on this before in a post I wrote called Bonding Time, where just celebrating the simple things together with Skylar really makes me swoon with delight.  That’s what nourishes me.

That’s what I want.  My child, my camera, being outside.  Basic stuff.  That is what life is about.

What has left you overwhelmingly satisfied lately?

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  2. The last…oh, EIGHT weekends….have just been sheer craziness for my husband and me. I have an overwhelming urge to be sitting on our couch together, enjoying a bottle of wine and just catching up on life. Perhaps one of these days it will happen! :)

  3. The urge of making brownies with peanut butter… then commence eating one warm with vanilla ice cream. greatest thing ever. Skylar’s growing up so much, she’s so gorgeous!

  4. The last time I felt a “must do” was when a couple of weeks ago I had it stuck in my head that I wanted to be in my early 20s again. I wanted to go out on the town and be crazy. It didn’t turn out well. Nothing bad happened, I just realized that I am NOT in my early 20s and the things I found fun back then just aren’t as fun now. And it is mostly because I used to go out to a club or a party with a big group of people. It’s a much different atmosphere when it is just me and my husband and we feel like the oldest people ever, even though we’re not even old!

  5. What gorgeous photos! I wish I had the urge to go out and play at dusk, but lately I’ve just had the urge to lounge around in my PJs! I don’t think I consume enough caffeine for the amount of sleep I get! I also have this incredible urge to spend a weekend by myself in my apartment doing whatever I see fit. I love my boyfriend, but traveling every weekend can get tiring. I have my eyes on a weekend in a few weeks when he’ll be in NYC and I’ll be home alone :)

  6. That clafoutis looks delicious!

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