Printing Poorhouse

I had a busy Monday

It was  beautiful day for running errands

And when I say “running” errands I actually mean walking errands.

Lucky for me, everything I did was within walking distance.  Remember I said I love where I live.  Walkable neighborhood, 74F and sunny, light breeze, yep I’ll take it.

First, I had to go to the bank

Then to Kinko’s for a printing project

I rarely print things at home and our printer wasn’t working properly and I really didn’t feel like troubleshooting it.

Between that and the router, it’s always something I tell you and I had had my fill of playing tech support to myself.

So I just went to Kinko’s.

It’s so much faster to print from Kinko’s, too, because their printers are so big and fast.

And so expensive!

A buck a page.  Yikes.  Who can afford that on a regular basis?!

I printed out my e-book, Say No To Auto

And also printed this Photography Cheat Sheet I had in my email

After my errands and coming back home, I took a glorious run

Did a little at-home yoga

Had a snack

Raw Vegan Chocolate Donut Holes

No Bake, Vegan, GF, chocolatey

 And then I received a tweet with some fun news:

Yummly featured me in their Divine Vegan Recipes for Meatless Monday post


They featured my Raw Vegan Pasta Salad with Creamy Lemon & Herb Dressing

From my last post, Listening to your Hunches & Instincts, I am glad that most of you do pay attention to those little voices inside your head.  It’s an absolute must.

And computer router issues, yes, so many of you said you have similar issues with yours every few years.  Note to self: next time my computer is running painfully slowly and I know it’s not my computer itself that’s the culprit, first thing to try and swap out is the router.  So easy and if it wasn’t the router, just save your receipt and bring it back. 


1. How often do you print things out?  Any tips for doing it efficiently and economically when you need things printed?

As I mentioned, I almost never print things anymore.

Probably less than 5 pieces of paper per month, and some months zero.

Why so little printing?

It’s wasteful for the environment

Ink cartridges, even at home, are expensive

It’s slow because I don’t have a fancy schmancy printer

It’s finicky because my computer is Bluetooth connected to the printer in Scott’s office and it doesn’t always get a signal and it’s just not worth dealing troubleshooting since I do so little of it.  So it usually works, but not always.  Oh well.

Whatever I “needed” to have printed, i.e. directions or a grocery list or similar, I email it to myself and then when I’m driving or at the grocery store, I just read it from the email on my phone

And the less I print, the less I rely on printing.   It’s like screw it.  I’ve lived this long without printing other things, why bother with printing this particular item, mentality.

But when I do need to print things, I sure don’t want to go to the printing poorhouse!

2. Any Readers Request Posts you’d like to see me cover?

I am always open to suggestions.  Doesn’t mean I’ll do it, but you can ask.

45 comments on “Printing Poorhouse”

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  2. Lots of errands, wow! That’s an expensive way to print, no big if you’re not printing that often.

    I don’t print that much, mainly pictures for family and the occasional recipe. My inkjet uses separate ink cartridges for each color making them cheaper to replace. And I mostly print in low quality gray scale to conserve ink when I don’t need color.

  3. “I am always open to suggestions. Doesn’t mean I’ll do it, but you can ask.” Bahahaha, you are so funny. Love the honesty.

  4. Good to know about Kinko’s. We print at home too, but ya never know when you have to have something & you are already too pissed at your computer equipment to troubleshoot. Geez….BEEN there!

  5. OMG I love that cheat sheet! I wish I had one! I’m terrible at remembering the f stop stuff and all that! I need to photograph more often but I’m never sure so I ended up just going from one extreme of the spectrum to the other lol. I sure do wish I had that email……that was a subliminal hint ya know lol!!! Have a great day!

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