Printing Poorhouse

I had a busy Monday

It was  beautiful day for running errands

And when I say “running” errands I actually mean walking errands.

Lucky for me, everything I did was within walking distance.  Remember I said I love where I live.  Walkable neighborhood, 74F and sunny, light breeze, yep I’ll take it.


First, I had to go to the bank

Then to Kinko’s for a printing project

I rarely print things at home and our printer wasn’t working properly and I really didn’t feel like troubleshooting it.

Between that and the router, it’s always something I tell you and I had had my fill of playing tech support to myself.

So I just went to Kinko’s.

It’s so much faster to print from Kinko’s, too, because their printers are so big and fast.

And so expensive!

A buck a page.  Yikes.  Who can afford that on a regular basis?!

I printed out my e-book, Say No To Auto

And also printed this Photography Cheat Sheet I had in my email

After my errands and coming back home, I took a glorious run

Did a little at-home yoga

Had a snack

Raw Vegan Chocolate Donut Holes

No Bake, Vegan, GF, chocolatey

 And then I received a tweet with some fun news:

Yummly featured me in their Divine Vegan Recipes for Meatless Monday post


They featured my Raw Vegan Pasta Salad with Creamy Lemon & Herb Dressing

From my last post, Listening to your Hunches & Instincts, I am glad that most of you do pay attention to those little voices inside your head.  It’s an absolute must.

And computer router issues, yes, so many of you said you have similar issues with yours every few years.  Note to self: next time my computer is running painfully slowly and I know it’s not my computer itself that’s the culprit, first thing to try and swap out is the router.  So easy and if it wasn’t the router, just save your receipt and bring it back. 


1. How often do you print things out?  Any tips for doing it efficiently and economically when you need things printed?

As I mentioned, I almost never print things anymore.

Probably less than 5 pieces of paper per month, and some months zero.

Why so little printing?

It’s wasteful for the environment

Ink cartridges, even at home, are expensive

It’s slow because I don’t have a fancy schmancy printer

It’s finicky because my computer is Bluetooth connected to the printer in Scott’s office and it doesn’t always get a signal and it’s just not worth dealing troubleshooting since I do so little of it.  So it usually works, but not always.  Oh well.

Whatever I “needed” to have printed, i.e. directions or a grocery list or similar, I email it to myself and then when I’m driving or at the grocery store, I just read it from the email on my phone

And the less I print, the less I rely on printing.   It’s like screw it.  I’ve lived this long without printing other things, why bother with printing this particular item, mentality.

But when I do need to print things, I sure don’t want to go to the printing poorhouse!

2. Any Readers Request Posts you’d like to see me cover?

I am always open to suggestions.  Doesn’t mean I’ll do it, but you can ask.


  1. Actually, I do have a question I’ve been kicking around for a while. My soon to be husband (eek) has an obsession with protein bars. I love your no bake ones, but they’re not too practical for his “shove it in a pocket and eat it later” lifestyle. What would be your suggestions on how to make the no-bake a bake? or at least a bit more portable?

    • I’d bake it for 10 to 20 mins at like 350. Just watch it and see how it does. Spray the pan well, or line with foil, like a 9 x 11 or 9×13 pan and give that a whirl

      Or make these

      or these

      in bar form

      or really anything in this entire post can be made into bar form and will be more portable than the ones you are having now w/ the banana

      report back w/ what you do!

    • I did what you suggested and baked for 20 mins. They came out a little dry, so I’m thinking next time either adding an extra banana or maybe a scoop less of protein. I also tweaked a second batch by omitting the PB, adding extra coconut oil and agave and as well as cocoa powder and mint extract to make a mint chocolate bar. Oh, and I also dipped them all in dark chocolate, because you can never have too much chocolate right? I’m sure that with practice I’ll figure out the right measurements to get it perfect. Thanks for the suggestions Averie!

    • well from afar, and without seeing your batter or what you’re working with, it was a good start in that you got close to what you needed. 10 to 20 mins, as i had mentioned. maybe 20 was a little long but sounds like you tweaked

      2nd batch sounds GREAT

      and you’re right about never having too much choc!

      And yes, tweaking it…that’s the story of cooking b/c no two batches are ever identical anyway!

    • It means a lot coming from you that my tweaking sounds great :D I’m sure my fiance will enjoying being my beta tester with all the tweaking I’m going to end up doing. He’s already come up with a request for a cookies n cream… I just need to figure out how to make that happen!

  2. I love that everywhere u go, you are in walking distance!
    I have had my fair share of issues with internet, computers, name it! Technology has not been very good to me! lol But all is well now…knock on wood :)
    And I really need to learn how to play with manual settings. I want to do a better job at taking pictures of my daughter. She is sooo fast! It’s hard to get a good picture of her!

  3. Congrats on another distinction! So well deserved!

  4. I have a question about your flourless peanut butter cookies. I made them last night and the dough was soooo delicious, I couldn´t wait to bake them. But the little dough balls totally diverged while in the oven and they are so flat and think ,that they break up the moment you touch them. Do you know why this happened? I used the flax egg instead of a regular one, otherwise exactly followed your recipe. They still taste great, but the end results are crumbles and no cookies :(

    • so many variables but first i’d say it’s a flax egg issue
      then, i’d examine the type of PB you used…I would suggest NOT using “natural” PB and using something like Skippy or Jif, not “health food store” PB as it will separate easier

      next the temp of the dough. colder is better, refrigerate it first

      baking time, maybe too long

      soo many things but those are my hunches…lmk if you re-try it

      i would bet tho it’s a flax egg issue…eggs are wonderful in baking. They just are. Flax is good but will never compare. Just being honest.

    • thank you so much for your honest reply!! It def is a flax egg issue, as I can rule all the other facts out. I have experienced it before, vegan “eggs” just don´t always work, sadly. still, I love the taste of your cookies, addicting! maybe I should keep them uncooked and just eat the dough straight :D

  5. congrats on the recipe feature! that’s a great surprise for a monday!
    i hardly ever print anything anymore. we have a dinosaur of a printer. it takes for-ev-er to get the signal from my laptop to the printer, too. on saturday, i printed a movie ticket, and i’ll print a tax receipt or important thing like that….so, as little as possible!
    have a great day! sunny, i bet!

  6. Congratulations on having your recipe featured – it looks delicious!

    I hardly ever print anything these days; I don’t have a printer at home and I can print things out at work if necessary.

  7. We don’t have a printer either! I rarely print anything anymore but if I need to, I usually just print out something small at work.

    Sounds like a glorious day! I just got back from CA and I am SOOO jealous of your weather. I want to live there!!

  8. $1/page?! Holy wow.

    I print stuff every other day. Not necessarily for me, but it goes with my job description, ya know ;) If it’s for me it’s probably just directions, mayyybe a recipe or school work. If my printer didn’t come free with the computer I probably wouldn’t have bothered but hey, it does come in handy when I need it.

    And I laughed at the “running errand,” (but I mean walking) bit. Ever since I started running, if I’m going somewhere nearby, it’s habit to say “I’m gonna run down to X” and then have to specify “and by running, I mean walking.” haha

  9. I only print stuff at work – We dont even own a printer at home…We just email things to ourselves!

  10. I so admire your dedication to improving your photography skills. You are such a joyful, passionate person – I love it! And it has been such a pleasure watching your photos evolve over the years. You have a natural eye and are REALLY talented! I can’t wait to see where you’ll go with it.

    I loathe printing. I have a great new computer (macbook pro) and a nice printer, but I just never print anything. I always ask Cody to do it for me. I think I’ve been scarred by printers in my life, they never ever seem to work properly. And then the paper jams or the ink runs out. Ugh. They are such a pain.

  11. wait, people WALK in Cali? this changes everything!
    (no but seriously i’m looking into a Cali move soon and I really want to be somewhere with a walkable community)

    I also never print anything. Every printer I’ve ever had has gone absolutely insane-all printers are cursed. When I NEED to print something I sneak onto the local college campus (by sneak, I mean I am an alumni so I just go visit my old school), or beg a friend to do it for me haha. So wasteful. Even through college I would refuse to print my papers and just email them to my professors.

    Reader’s request – maybe I’m just in a nerdy yoga phase but I don’t know if you ever really wrote about your teacher training and your path. I know you’re kind of somewhere else in life right now but my favorite Averie posts are when you tell your stories, because you have AMAZING ones, so…yeah. Haha you totally don’t have to do it though.
    Love you!

  12. I try to print as little as possible, but with my job…I print a lot of papers. And it is only going to get worse! I am uploading all my lab directions and assignments and syllabi onto course websites (yes, I’m making a course website for EACH of the three courses I am teaching!!) and letting my students submit all their assignments over email and through the website to save on printing costs and paper. I teach at an environmental college! ;)

  13. Congrats on the feature!

    I’d love more workout ideas, yoga included <3


  14. Honestly I hardly ever print stuff out at home — maybe a coupon or something like that, but I can’t think of anything else! And thankfully Jason knows how to take the printer apart and fix it if need be. I’m clueless when it comes to that sort of thing.

    Kinko’s is $1 per page? Crazy!

  15. It’s my dream to live in a super walkable place. Oh yeah but I need to have a good yard, too. Do those two things co-exist anywhere? ;-)

    I print at home, but not super often. We don’t have many printer issues so it’s most convenient for us.

  16. I’m so jealous of your walking errands– there are MANY things that we’re starting to love about Huntsville, but it’s not very walkable, which sucks :-( Oh well– you can’t have it all, right?! :-)

  17. I want to ask my fam for a nice camera for my birthday. I have no idea where to start. I think yours is too advanced for me. do you have any suggestions on a “beginner” dslr? is there such a thing? I know you’re busy so take your time getting back to me. I have a few months :)

    • i would set your budget, then see what canon or nikons fit within that

      honestly, that’s going to dictate a lot

      and then from there, really research them and what appeals to you and go to a real live camera shop and touch and hold them. dont just buy off the internet until you hold them first.

      just do your own research and go with your gut!

  18. I wish we could just walk to most things. Our city is most definitely not a walking city unfortunately.

  19. If I ever print anything, I always do it at work. It sounds kinda bad, but my office has a seemingly endless supply of ink and paper. I’ll take it!

  20. I always wonder how you exercise such self control with all the yummy food you make? You are in such great shape yet seem to enjoy wonderful food. I would love to find that balance.

  21. Your neighborhood looks lovely. :) When I had a work office, I always just printed everything there :). They could definitely afford the little amount of paper and ink I used!

  22. I never print things out at home because I don’t own a printer. In fact, the only time I ever print anything out is when I e-mail it to my husband at work and he prints it out. And that is only when it is a coupon. I don’t think we have printed out anything that is not a coupon in years! Although he has finally tired of that, and in fact might have actually bought us a printer. I’ll have to see what we use it for!

  23. I love being able to bike to almost any and all errands I have to do around town also. It makes errand running much more enjoyable.
    As a student I do have to occasionally print, and it costs some money on campus. I haven’t bothered buying a printer though because I wouldn’t use it enough to get good use out of it. I try to avoid printing at all costs, for environmental purposes and to just keep my like streamlined and simple… less clutter is always a good thing!

  24. Technology can be a biotch. Printers seem to break after a few months. And I’ve had really bad experiences playing tech-support with an on sale Netgear router. May yours serve you well!

    A few ideas for posts:
    1. The New Job…advice for starting? I’ll be starting my first job in the “real world” soon. Its kinda odd. Fall is the time of new beginnings, fresh starts as people are going back to school. The seizing of opportunities.
    2. Multitasking. Do you do it? How do you manage to be a productivity beast? What do you do while you brush your teeth? Or are you zen, focused, one task at a time, living in the moment?
    3. Moving to a new city. I recall you’ve done a bit of moving around. How do you meet people? Readjust and find your groove?
    4. Food and others who don’t share your physical/mental sensitivities. I’m vegetarian, want to say vegan, eating disorder past/present. Living with my carnivorous family. I want to share what I know-stuff from The China Study, Forks Over Knives, Food Inc, but I don’t want to offend anyone or seem pushy or let on that I’ve had issues with food. Dining with others with different viewpoints/levels of education on the matter has been challenging for me. Guess I have trouble being who I am openly. What’s it like for you..ever have any difficulty with family or coworkers?

  25. I never ever print stuff at home and I OCCASIONALLY do at school. It’s terrible for the environment, but I like to have my scientific papers in hard copy. I always print them double-sided! And for writing I make up for it by using single-sided pages as scrap paper. I have that photography cheat sheet in my inbox too, waiting to be printed as soon as I’m hooked up to the color printer here!

    Congrats on the recipe feature!

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  27. Lots of errands, wow! That’s an expensive way to print, no big if you’re not printing that often.

    I don’t print that much, mainly pictures for family and the occasional recipe. My inkjet uses separate ink cartridges for each color making them cheaper to replace. And I mostly print in low quality gray scale to conserve ink when I don’t need color.

  28. “I am always open to suggestions. Doesn’t mean I’ll do it, but you can ask.” Bahahaha, you are so funny. Love the honesty.

  29. Good to know about Kinko’s. We print at home too, but ya never know when you have to have something & you are already too pissed at your computer equipment to troubleshoot. Geez….BEEN there!

  30. OMG I love that cheat sheet! I wish I had one! I’m terrible at remembering the f stop stuff and all that! I need to photograph more often but I’m never sure so I ended up just going from one extreme of the spectrum to the other lol. I sure do wish I had that email……that was a subliminal hint ya know lol!!! Have a great day!

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