San Diego Bound

Food and Light has been great!

Here are a few Instagram highlights

Chocolate Mousse


And cupcake highlights

I’m glad you enjoyed my last post and Diane’s Photography Tips.

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Have a great evening!  Time for me to board!


1. What has made you smile today?

Being at Food & Light has been wonderful and has made me smile.

But knowing I am going to see this little girl really makes me smile!

2. What have you learned recently?

Everything I’ve learned at Food & Light has been awesome.

And I’ve (re)learned that I love my family and San Diego and that’s where my heart is.

See you from San Diego!

23 comments on “San Diego Bound”

  1. I still can’t get over those cupcake photos. They are incredible!

  2. You have such an amazing smile! Every photo, seriously.

    1.) My boundless energy, which I did not have before.

    2.) Still have a long ways to go with being less rigid and more flexible with my schedule/food, but I’m doing much better these days.

  3. The fruit looks incredible. Honestly, it’s been a long day, hard to smile. I did get a few giggles during spin class at least. And knowing how happy you must be to see that cute kiddo makes me smile ;-)

  4. i have learned that you HAVE to follow and do what you love…seriously…there is no point in making money at a job where you are miserable…GO AFTER IT!

    oh I adore your pictures averie!!

  5. Have a safe trip home!

    What have I learned recently — you need to be patient and put in hard work to get anything worthwhile done.

  6. Photos are phenomenal! I know that sweet baby of yours is ready to squeeze her mama! I have learned I need to keep working with my camera!

  7. In this short post with very few words, your smile says it all! I can tell you had such an amazing time! You are glowing in that first picture!! Oh to be a fly on the wall when you see Skylar again!

    Are there settings for iphone camera photos? Mine always seem super grainy, like I am shooting at low settings or something.

  8. Today I am smiling because I got to spend my evening with two cute kiddo’s! I babysit sometimes after work to earn a little extra $.


  9. Love your photos, such an inspiration! I tried to incorporate some of your notes today. Today, the sunshine and the quiet lakeside lunch made me smile! And recently I’ve learned that the people we love don’t deserve to be the brunt of our frustrations and it’s time for me to overlook the small stuff and get back to being the upbeat, positive girl I’m supposed to be :)

  10. That fruit looks amazing! And by the way, I can definitely see a huge improvement in your photography. Keep up the great work.

  11. i guess it’s not new information, but i’ve really been learning i need to give in and go with the flow. a friend of mine said something about how i’m on my path, and i just won’t get to know where it ends up. and everything will be alright. :-) it was one of those perfect, calming, soul-hugging conversations. it’s also what’s kept me smiling… partly.

  12. I’m in awe! These pictures are absolutely beautiful. I need to get away from my awful iphone pictures and read the tips you posted!! Have a safe trip home.

  13. What are your favorite food & light & food photography books??

  14. My mountains made me smile today :)

  15. Hellloooo from London Averie! I love that we are both having adventures this week! Your photos are seriously always my favorite. You capture shots that are each so vibrant and colorful. You can evoke so much emotion, even just taking pictures of food. Talent, lady!!!

  16. Your photos looks stunning! Those cup cakes look just beautiful! I wish you a safe trip home!

  17. Amazing photos! Great to get away but even better to get back home!

  18. Such beautiful photos, Avery! You and your daughter are just so adorable. :) I was just in your town this past weekend celebrating our three year anniversary, and I have to say — I LOVE San Diego. What a wonderful place you call home :)

  19. Great highlights, glad you enjoyed the trip.

    1. Looking forward to an upcoming road trip.
    2. New stuff for work and new software at home.

  20. Today I smiled at the sight of my friends set up for her backyard French lunch. It was so pretty!

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