San Diego Cityfest

Sunday afternoon I walked around Cityfest in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego.

That’s my neighborhood so I just walked out my door with my camera around my neck and got read to observe and experience a feast for the senses:

Live music

Jewelry vendors


Remember I said that feathers were all the rage here?

Feathered jewelry was everywhere

There were food samples

Plenty of Sausages

In more ways than one.

A diverse mix of people everywhere.  I love it!

Lots of fun with booze, bubbles, and beach balls at Babycakes

Upper right hand corner of the frame you can barely make out the bubbles that were being blown.

There was food made with love.

And boy, do I ever love baklava.

This was my favorite food shot from the day (below)

I took two shots of the baklava: one horizontal and one vertical shot and am pretty happy with the vertical one.  Reminds me of the hummus situation

There are times you just can’t belabor a shot.  You’re in a restaurant and people want to eat.  Or you’re in a crowd and on the fly and have to get the shot, one chance, and be done with it.  Unless you want to look like a total weirdo.  Which is fine too and I’ve been guilty of that.

I saw and smelled lovely hand-crafted soaps, oils, and lotions.

There were vendors with bread.

Vendors with a cause.

And yes, I bought this pink tshirt.

I couldn’t resist!  A $10 suggested donation.  Done.

People from all walks of life were walking around and soaking up the day.

Including this dog that was the size of a miniature pony

The photo doesn’t do the size of this little fellow justice: Huge

I love days like this! Walking around seeing the sights, being outdoors in lovely weather, people-watching, and just taking it all in.  Ahh, perfect.

The man that admitted me to the beer tent/21 and up section asked me if I was a reporter as he was putting my wristband on me.

Apparently I look “official” walking around with my huge camera around me neck.  I smiled and said, Yes.

I didn’t want beer.  I just wanted pictures.

So that’s my report on the day.

From my last post, I’m glad you enjoyed my full moon info and it was great reading the comments about whether you believe in full moon phenomenon and if you’ve noticed anything unique the past few days. 

Many of you said you’ve noticed all kinds of occurrences and some interesting, ahem, moods and emotioanl states.  I firmly believe that the natural world influences us in so many ways and that if we are in tune with it, we will notice various effects.  Just being mindful of these things is so fascinating.


1. Have you been to any festivals or fairs recently?

I love them and yes!

San Diego Pride Parade, August 2011

Taste of Adams Avenue, June 2011

Greek Festival, June 2011


2. Best thing you’ve eaten or done this weekend?

The festival was great.

So was being with Skylar

And eating a few Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls hit the spot after walking around all afternoon.

P.S. Winner of the $150 Giveaway announced on my next post.  Enter now if you haven’t yet!

Have a great week!

44 comments on “San Diego Cityfest”

  1. Wee we’re festival buddies today! Question: When you are photographing at events like farmers markets/festivals/etc. do you use your manual or automatic settings? Your pictures always look awesome!

    • Ok first, ALL of these photos are EDITED. They were shot RAW (and even if i had shot them jpeg I still would have edited them) and then edited in Lightroom.

      So these didn’t just come out of my camera like this :) At all!

      In fact, I had a helluva day working with lighting. It was SO BRIGHT and everything was getting overexposed.

      I only shoot either Av mode (aperture priority) or Manual. Never auto. Ever. And I was going back and forth between Av and M today. Not really happy with either. That’s where Lightroom comes in :)

      How do you shoot? What do you edit in?

      • I always shoot RAW too – except sometimes I’ll get upset and switch over to “flash off” just because I can’t take it!!! :) I seriously need to invest in Lightroom – the way you edit photos makes me want to take the plunge! Now the only thing I need is more funds. :) I just use Picasa (a free editing program) – it does an “okay” job, but definitely NOT what I could be doing!!

      • Girl. If you are going to the work of shooting RAW, AND you are editing, at least edit it in LR :) It’s like night and day. I can’t even begin to tell you. I mean..honestly…you will wonder why you spent all that TIME editing in a program other than LR :) Now, I don’t use Photoshop, have it but dont use it. I am a total LR girl. You’d love it. Worth every penny and look into an educator/teacher discount. I know they have one for students but for $200 or whatever it is…worth it!!

        And I ALWAYS shoot w/ flash OFF. 100% of the time!

  2. Cityfest sounds amazing! Love the pics, Avery:) Those pig shirts are too cute!
    I have been to far too few fairs this year! I think I might have been to … one? Time to change that!

  3. that looks like a really fun fest! i would have loved to meander about the vendors – glad you got the pink t! awesome shots – glad you got to spend some time outdoors, doing your photography thing.
    i had a great time at a bday party last eve!
    the full(ish) moon is hidden by rain clouds here – send that sd sun up here!

  4. I went to a Native American festival in Montana. The outfits and dancing were beautiful and of course the shopping was great. I got cute feathers and a hand beaded headband.
    I’m loving heirloom tomatoes right now. So juicy and delicious!

  5. Yum, baklava! I never liked it til I tried some from bakeries in Greece. :) Love those shirts too!

  6. Cityfest looks so fun! And that baklava looks AMAZING! Now I’m craving some baklava :P

  7. We have a local fair I go to every year…but they never have good food vendors…always just fried crap.


  8. I love just browsing slowly through these events with my camera, taking it all in noticing all the light, and faces. It’s nice to go by yourself too so your not slowing anyone down with the excessive stopping and clicking away.
    I’m totally have a ‘you’ moment right now… went to bed at 630am, running on 2 hours of sleep + tons of coffee, and currently eating a nighttime snack of kettle corn to put me right to sleep :)

    • you just described my life…no sleep, coffee, lots of popcorn :)

      and going by myself was the ONLY way i could have done this. 90 mins alone wandering and taking pics. It was so crowded that just dealing w/ myself, the crowd, my camera, the HARSH lighting that was just soooo hard to work with, yeah, solo for sure on things like this.

  9. You are making leaps & bounds in the photo dept. girl. You will be doing this soon, reporting for money, for real, soon!

  10. The festival looked like it was so much fun! Great job shooting in the bright sunlight, shooting in that kind of situation is always tricky.

    Oh, and I LOVE those shirts. I saw the photos, immediately said “I want one!!”, showed my hubby and he said “Yup, looks like something you would wear.” I want the one in blue :)

    • and if you have any harsh lighting tips, midday sun, blue skies, white tents, i.e. reflectors! everywhere…no matter what I did, almost all my shots were overexposed. From Av to Manual, tinkering with settings, nothing was helping. You live in HotLanta…so you must go thru this too. What do you do? Sometimes you just can’t wait til the sun goes down. The event will be done!

      • Oh I hate harsh light! It’s probably the worst thing when you’re trying to get great photos at a festival. When I have to shoot in a situation like that I always try to shoot people in a way so that there aren’t any harsh shadows on their face, if you’re able to talk to them just ask that person to turn around (usually works unless you’re out shooting at high noon).

        When it comes to food, I always choose to shoot items that are under white tents. I love tents at festivals because the tents are basically great big light diffusers. Otherwise, if harsh sunlight can’t be avoided. I will underexpose the photo slightly so that nothing is too blown out. Then I will edit the photo in post-processing to make up for the underexposure.

        One example of shooting in direct sunlight was when I went strawberry picking a few months ago ( It was all about underexposing for the wide field shot, then turning people around to avoid having sun hit their face and hunching over the strawberries to cast a shadow so that the photo turned out well :) Oh the joys of photography!

  11. Okay, the sausage thing? Before I read your little quip below the picture, I said that same EXACT thing in my head. *giggle*

    These photos are awesome and make me want to live in a big city! I like the small town life, like when my neighbor brought over 8 freshly harvested cucumbers and told me to take as much basil form her garden as I want, but sometimes….well.

    Oh and baklava. My old boss used to make a TON of baklava at the end of the field season. She grew up in Lebanon and she made the real deal, shelled the pistachios herself, used the fancy rose water…So good. Worth all the pain that followed. It might be my favorite dessert ever.

    • Baklava made right is pretty much heaven on earth. I prefer it sickeningly sweet, surprise surprise :)

      And you would love my neighborhood. Had you ever come visited me here before you went to WI, I dont think you’d have gone back to WI! But yeah, jobs are kinda important :)

  12. I wish we had fairs and stuff like that around here… the pitfalls of living in suburbia. But when I spent the summer in the south of France a couple years ago there were markets and fairs almost daily, with beautiful food and I could not get enough of the handcrafted soap, perfumes, and jewelry!

  13. i love how the photography bug hits! it sort of comes at me in spurts, not overall like it seems with you and your awesome shots. saturday was one of those days with me… so excited to sit in conversation and just snap everything.

    i went to the dave matthews band festival in atlantic city in late june, and it was one of my favorite mini-trips! so fun and mellow, and just like you said… interesting people all over the place making for a great time.

  14. This looks like a great time! I haven’t been to a festival recently….does a race expo count?

  15. I love your random hints of dirtiness hahaha ;D They always make me crack a smile and let me know you’re showing your true side on this blog.

  16. LOVE the shirt! I really want to get one like that too. :)

  17. Looks like so much fun! I love the friend not food shirt! :)

  18. my boyfriend’s favorite dessert (aside from anything chocolate) is baklava! i got excited when i saw that pic! i am a baklava fan also. and yes, that vertical shot is awesome averie! impressive!

  19. You photos are always so perfect…love it!

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  21. I love those feathers earrings…so fun! Great photos – as always! :-) That friend not food shirt is way too cute! love it! xoxo from Trinidad

  22. I just love festivals like this!! I love to walk around and meander by all the booths, checking everything out. Not to mention people-watching is one of my favorite pastimes!! I went to a concert in NYC this weekend that had some of the most incredible people watching I’ve experienced! No festivals yet this year, but fall seems to be the time for those in New England.

  23. Lovin the baklava-ness. Takes me back to Greece. That stuff is the best! And you know what would be good? An easy to make at home version. *hint hint*

    Also, I kinda wish I was the chick with the tattoos. And I had some feather jewelery/hair extensions.

  24. Love all the pictures. And there were some earrings I spotted that I feel I should own ;-) The last festival I went to was when we were in Chicago. Lots of fun.

  25. I wish there were more festivals going on near me! That looks like so much fun.

  26. Great pictures, CityFest looks fun. Cute vegan shirts, I’d be all over them for $10 too! Funny on the reporter question, mine is a little more discrete with the cross-body strap that lets the lens hang down thigh length.

    1. Yes, the raw expo a few weekends ago and I was gonna go to a vegan festival Saturday, but ended up not.
    2. Created a few recipes and vent to Sugar Plum Vegan.

    • your other comment to me, regarding Photoshop, would love to hear your tips and tricks or how you learned. Every time I venture into it, I open it, think to myself, gosh LR is so much easier than this…and then close the program :) All this stuff is trial and error and practice and LR is just so much easier for me.

      And the tshirts were a steal I thought too :)

  27. I am obsessed with your pictures!! They’re gorgeous! I know nothing about photography so I am just constantly amazed. My next investment will be a REAL camera and then I need some photog lessons. But I just bought a treadmill, so that’ll have to wait. :)

  28. I love baklava! You got some great photo shots!!

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  31. I went to a music festival recently and my city fair. Both were great :-)

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