Seasonal & Must’s

I opened up the mail to find the new Ikea catalog

Not that I needed an excuse or anything to go into the store and see what they have that’s new for fall.

Does home decorating really have seasons?

Sure, we may all put up a few decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukah, but no one I know has the means, or desire, to change their home decor with the seasons.

Then again, maybe I know the wrong people because that does sound sort of fun.


Just like Instagram pics can be fun when I am rolling with the iPhone and not the DSLR

Seasonally, when it gets colder out, I switch from eating lots of summer, fresh, juicy fruit

To more vegetables

And more roasted root veggies

Roasted Coconut Ginger & Peanut Butter Carrots

Anything roasted with peanut butter is destined to be good

And you can use this “marinade” for veggies other than carrots.

Like squash or yams or rutabaga or pasnips, turnips, even zucchini.

Or roast some beets using this recipe and method:

Caramelized Ginger & Olive Oil Roasted Beets

Don’t dismiss beets until you try them this way.   Even if you “don’t like beets”, just try them thatway.

I never liked beets either until I figured out how to prepare them.

The seasons are changing and it never did get hot in my corner of San Diego.  I only turned my A/C on once this summer.  For an hour.

I am hoping for an Indian Summer and a hot snap in September and October as is usually the case in SoCal.

Til then, I’ll just enjoy the Sunflowers

And enjoy my coffee.  Coffee is not seasonal for me.

And go figure, I can drink scalding hot coffee year round.

As well as drink vanilla iced coffees year round.

Coffee is universal and always in season.

And Chocolate + Peanut Butter (+ Sugar) is always in season too

Special K Bars

A no-bake recipe from my Grandma that has been around for a half century.  She loved coffee, chocolate, and peanut butter, too.  The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

From my last post, Projects & Telling, it sounds like with some things, many of you said you tell others about it to hold yourself accountable but with other things, you like to keep it more under wraps.  I’m similar.

And yes, one day I hope to include photography as a career path, in some way.  Just like yoga is a life path, I am never “away” from it.  It is always with me, on and off the mat.

I view photography as similar; it’s always with me.  My mind is always seeing and creating pictures, stories, images.  Even if I am not actually holding a camera.


1. What are you excited to eat this fall/winter?  What are you going to miss from the summer?

I am going to miss all the summer fruit!  So juicy, fresh, abundant.  Peaches, plums, nectarines, watermelon!, apricots, pluots.  I will miss you all!

And yes, I am excited to roast veggies and I know some people get really excited about apples or pumpkins and for me, they’re “okay”, but I love summer, warm weather, raw-ish foods so I will be sad to say goodbye to summer.  Even if it never did get real hot here.

2. Any foods that no matter the time of  year, you just have to have them?

I have to have:

Fresh Produce in general and in abundance

My countertop is always full of ripening fruits and veggies and my refrigerator is always stocked

My one-a-day habit

Cold salads + raw veggies are musts

And so are:




What are your must haves?

P.S. Thanks for your entries on the Say NO to Auto Giveaway and I’ve really enjoyed reading what it is with your camera, photography, or with shooting manually that you enjoy and also what has you stumped.  Keep your giveaway entries and thoughts coming.  Winner announced Friday!

36 comments on “Seasonal & Must’s”

  1. Fall for me = PUMPKIN and root veggies!

    And I’m a year-round iced coffee girl myself- my trademark is trudging down the snowy streets of NYC in winter in a parka, boots, scarf and mittens holding an iced coffee…

  2. I sort of feel like summer has passed by in a bit of a blur this year so I’m sad to see it go but I’m looking forward to more baking in fall/winter. Not that I really ever stopped but there’s nothing like the smell of cookies baking on a winter’s day!

  3. Your pictures continue to get better and better!

  4. Two must-haves for me = spinach & chocolate :D

  5. I have ALWAYS wondered who in the world changes their furniture and bed coverings and everything else with the seasons. I mean, who has that kind of money or time or storage area??? The Pottery Barn magazines always crack me up with that. My mom always changed decorations with seasons in our house, but that’s about it. And I definitely do none of that in my apartment!

    Totally agree with you on fresh produce – I love to eat what’s in season!

  6. I don’t really get excited about fall/winter food. Summer is my favorite time of year and summer fruit is incomparable. Watermelon, berries, and peaches are my favorite summer fruits. They’re the ones I wait all year for. Summer is way too short.

    I love Ikea, but the idea of changing my decor with the seasons sounds exhausting and expensive.

    Beautiful photography, BTW. I especially love the sunflower picture.

  7. Hot weather: Salads, watermelon, fruit smoothies
    Cold weather: Soups, baked butternut squash, pumpkin

    Only 6 more weeks till I start decorating for Halloween! Alas, the furniture will have to stay the same.

  8. hey lady!

    i got the new ikea catalogue in the mail… yesterday! i don’t need anything, but it’s nice to flip through the pages and ooh and ah!

    i’m really looking forward to fall vegetables (like you). In particular, I’m looking forward to butternut squash, pumpkin, and apples. I’m really going to miss peaches, berries, and corn-on-the-cob.

    Happy Thursday!


  9. When it comes to fall & winter I am excited about everything, as you know I a cooler seasons kinda gal. Wish I could do some house reno but not really in the forecast right now ;)

  10. My musts are the same as yours – raw veggies and cold salads. I have a GIANT cold salad every day for lunch, yearround. I also had a tomato a day habit, but after growing them in my garden and tasiting them next to store bought, I give up on them all winter. It makes them taste SO much better come summer, too.

    I finally tried the frozen grape trick you always talk about this weekend. Genius. I am getting more today! They are better than popsicles!!

    Clearly coffee and chocolate are musts. That goes without saying.

  11. I am looking forward to making more soups and homemade breads and biscuits…I know I can eat them in the summer but it’s just not as fun as coming in from a cold day to a hot bowl of soup!


  12. I cannot wait for pumpkins and winter squash. I’m also ready to eat food that takes all day in the oven/slow cooker…but without it making the house an inferno!

  13. I’ve never been into an IKEA. Kind of sad about that. But maybe it’s a good thing. I am looking forward to butternut squash. I pretty much eat apples and bananas all year.

  14. Lovely pictures! I will definitely miss my summer fruit and berries, but I love fall flavors so much that it lessons the blow a bit. I can eat pumpkin, apple, or squash flovored foods every day!

  15. I’m like you with fresh produce. Especially salad greens. Year round, no matter the price, I buy the good stuff. And I heart IKEA. My husband and I call our house the house that IKEA built, lol.

  16. Making a slow cooker pot of chilli and some cast iron cornbread is my favorite fall comfort meal. Can’t wait!! I also love apple picking. That crisp fall air is my favorite.

  17. I love Ikea — I just got my catalog last week I think and I still haven’t looked at the whole thing. Sometimes I wish I had a super small house and had to fit everything in like a puzzle like their pictures show.

    Summer has gone by so fast — it seems like it just got here and before I know it, it will be gone!

    Fall foods to me: tons of sweet potatoes, apples fresh from the apple orchard. In summertime I definitely like having fresh berries and really good avocados — avocados in winter in MN are not good ever.

  18. As much as I adore summertime, I am so looking forward to Fall. I love wearing boots and cozy sweaters, chunky jewelry and autumn colors! I also love pumpkin, sweet potatoes and apples. Sigh.

  19. I’m a summer girl for sure! But I do look forward to wearing my Ugg slippers.

    I look forward to eating butternut squash soup in the fall. I also like to make “pumpkin pie spice” hot coffee. I sprinkle a small amount of pumpkin pie spice on top of coffee grounds right before brewing. It’s kind of a natural (ish) way of making your own flavored coffee. I also do this with cinnamon and nutmeg. A bonus is that the house smells amazing!!

  20. in the fall, apples are a must! for brisk and cold weather: my dad’s pot of peasant ratatouille over jasmine rice. hot and hearty :)

  21. Yum!!

    Coffee is a must :)


  22. i’m so sad summer is ending!! but living here in the bay, we don’t really get “fall” like east coast as you know but i’m going to miss corn!! i love corn! :) but also excited for fall…esp pumpkin! i love pumpkin spiced cupcakes!

  23. averie ~ everything looks so delectable! one of my must-haves is most definitely coffee ;) ;)
    xo ~ kristina

  24. I have to have apples year-round. I know that eating seasonally is so good, but I have to have my daily fix! Although I am looking forward to the apples that come out in the fall. Especially the Ambrosia, which is hands down the best apple ever. Also, the Portland Nursery has an apple festival every year and that’s always fun. Especially getting a ton of apples for super cheap.

    Although I’m actually not ready for fall or winter because I absolutely hate being cold all the time!

  25. Hey, Averie! Remember how I’m always so jealous of your gorgeous So-Cal pics and mentioned awhile back that I’d like to come from the east to visit my friend in SD? Well, I’m “here”! On the Pacific Surfliner as I type. Everything is so gorgeous… can’t wait to check out the WF (did I really just say that? Oh, well, everyone here understands)! It’s great to be here. :) Thanks for your inspirational posts and beautiful pics that encouraged me to finally make the trip.

  26. I’m going to miss the beach! I grew up on the beach and I’m such a beach bum– although I do love fall boots!

    I’m looking forward to shopping : )

  27. I don’t know how people chnage their home decor seasonally!! I woud imagine it to get super expensive!

    I used to walk by a Crate and Barrel on the way to my old job. I swear the front widow displays changed every other month and maybe every other week with new decor for the season! It was like clothes…. I can see changing a few things here and there like candles, placemats, fun throw pillows… but entire bedding sets and dinnerware!? Yikes! I guess if I had the money to splurge all the time that would be fun? haha

    I will miss the abundance of watermelon like crazy! However fall is my absolute favorite month (I know you’re a sun loving summer gal Averie :) ) I cannot wait for Honeycrisp apples and all the winter citrus! Plus it will be squash season and I am a major sucker for Kabocha squash… even though I ate so much kabocha squash and brussels sprouts last season I thought I was going to explode haha

    No matter what I cannot live without bananas and avocados! They are daily staples. Obviously they are not grown up here in Massachusetts… I sadly don;t even know what their’true’ seasons are.

  28. I love the photos in this post and love even more that you would consider photography as a career!

    I can not wait to have pumpkin everything (although I may have started eating pumpkin oatmeal a couple weeks ago….)

  29. We got our Ikea catalog too and I think hubby was more excited about it than me. :-P I’m kind of burned out on home redec after doing our new office.

    1. Cooler temps, turning leaves, winter squash, kids going back to school, and visiting Apple Hill and pumpkin farms. I’m gonna miss watermelon and summer fruits for sure though.
    2. Just tons of fresh produce in general, but I’m getting better and utilizing more local and seasonal ones.

  30. Just found your blog and absolutely LOVE IT! Thank you so much! I am anxiously awaiting a break from this Phoenix/Scottsdale heat! 110 degrees yesterday! That said, soon as it’s cooler I am going to do the peanut butter marinade with root veggies cause I am also a peanut butter freak! In the meantime….I’ll be sucking down the summer fruit and enjoying every minute of it!

    • thanks for finding me and reading! i lived in Phoenix for 9 months..good luck with that heat!

      • Thanks Averie,
        Once Oct. hits it’ll be smooth sailing for a good 8-9 months so no worries.
        Still reading everything I can on your site today, made the vegan (kind of), no bake cookie dough balls one batch w/ coconut flour the other with chocolate protien powder (not vegan). I can’t stay out of them, absolutely amazing!!! I’ll have to hit it hard at the gym in the morning, can’t wait. Thanks again!
        P.S. Sorry I didn’t know about your blog when you lived here, would have loved to have been able to join you at one of the meet ups.

      • Glad you’re enjoying the treats and after I left Phoenix there have been tons of people I have “met” via my blog that didnt know about me and me about them when I lived there..murphys law!

  31. The only seasonal decorating I’ve heard of is probably changing out the summer comforter for a winter one. But that’s more practical than visual.

    As much as I love just about everything about summer, I do love fall too. There’s just something about changing leaves and crisp air that makes me happy. Plus, pumpkin is my favorite flavor ever. Besides peanut butter! I love hot desserts like crisps and crumbles, and I love pumpkin lattes!

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