Some Calm


I need some calm.

It’s been go, go, go for me the past month.


A trip to Aruba (well that was June not July technically speaking)


A trip to Mexico City

A trip to Colorado


Moving into our new house, unpacking, getting settled

It’s been the busiest month of my life.  Or that I can remember.

It’s time for some calm!

Things that give me some calm:

Coconut Palm <–rhymes with calm.  How fitting.

I saw these cuties in front of Trader Joe’s and I didn’t buy one but maybe I should?

It may do okay on my balcony.  No yard, no street level patio; I solely have a shaded/covered balcony with an awning so not sure if it would thrive or not?  I’m thinking it won’t get enough sunlight.

Hearing live music and feeling the hippy dippy vibe always calms me.

Whether it’s in Boulder or Encinitas, sights and sounds like these make me slow down a notch.

Being on the side of a mountain alone was calming.  I hiked up there after Day 1 of my photography workshop

I had my iPhone with me (that’s how I took the pictures in this post) so I wasn’t truly “alone”.  I was actually tweeting and Instagramming from the Mountain.

Sort of paradoxical that I was so connected and un-connected at the same time.  But I was sure calm.

Runs like this are extremely centering, refreshing, recharging and calming.

Open road, very few cars, the mountains, wide open sky.

I loved it.  Everyone talks about the altitude and how it’s harder to run up high.  I didn’t find that to be true.  In fact, I was more energized because of the calm space and peaceful energy vibe.  It actually put more of a spring into my step!

But I also am calmed with Aruba views like this, even when it’s 90F and humid, I actually run better along the ocean because of how peaceful and calming I find it to be.

The scent of my new Bombshell calms me

As does anything chocolate

Some people say that chocolate and caffeine are stimulants and they “can’t handle them” or can’t tolerate too much of them.

I do get jittery if I drink too much coffee but “too much” means a really large quantity.  Cups and cups and cups.

I actually am calmed by coffee.  I could lay down and rest after it.  It induces a sense of peace and calm in me.  <–that may be my caffeine addiction talking though.

Whatever it is, I don’t care.  I love coffee.  Coffee Reviews Post anyone?

And my nearly daily Vanilla Iced Coffee hits the spot

And chocolate.  That calms me!

No Bake Vanilla Cake Batter Chocolate Truffles

And I want to be calm this weekend!

Blue skies and sunshine will do that for me.

From my last post on Blogger Meetups Galore, yes, I had quite the night on Thursday!

Meeting everyone was amazing from Lori to Kath, and all the other bloggers I mentioned.   I want to keep in touch with everyone!

1. Do you thrive on busy situations and times or do you prefer calmness?

I do love staying busy, keeping active, and having a full schedule.  Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, celebrated and enjoyed, and keeping busy is great.

Anyone who reads my blog knows I am always on the go, always up to something, I sleep very little (on a “good” night I get about 5 hours.  I wish it were more but I need the other 19 to get every else done!) and I couldn’t imagine my life being any other way.

But, I also need downtime.  And Calm Times.

2. What do you do when you feel the need for some calmer times in your life?

Things like checking my google reader and zoning out, doing 20 minutes of at-home yoga, or going for a run, or vegging out for 15 minutes with my DVR and mindless TV shows I like, I need those times.  We all do I’m sure.

I need to recenter myself and recharge my batteries after having really busy times.

After everything I’ve been through the past month as mentioned, I am ready to not: travel, move, go anywhere, take on any new projects.  I need to decompress and recenter myself.

And also spend time with my favorite person in the whole world!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out my guest post on Gabriela’s site

P.S. A call to anyone attending BlogHer ’11 here in San Diego, if you are around, you’d like to meet up, you know of fun meet ups that are happening, drop me an email or just comment here and I’ll email you back.  Maybe we can sync up our schedules!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I’m so pissed that I can’t go to BlogHer… oh well :(

    Relax, dear Averie! You deserve it more than anyone.

  2. I kind of like being busy to an extent. I want the best of both worlds ;-)

  3. It’s nice to be busy with worthwhile activities or a job that brings happiness to others.

    Ways to bring out the calm: talk to a good friend, go for a walk, do yoga, read a magazine, drink hot tea, sometimes organizing a messy drawer can be meditative, staring at the clouds, going to the beach, go for a bike ride…Getting outside!

  4. Agreed on needing some come! But wow, it’s been a crazy month for you!

    1. Depends, if I’m busy following my passion, then I thrive. If it’s just madness and stress at work, well…
    2. I like to get away for a change of scenery or have some down time at home depending.

  5. that is too funny how caffeine does NOT affect you! i love it!
    i thrive on having a day where i know what i am doing from wake-up to bedtime. that being said, i like to block out an hour here and there of “quiet time,” mixed in with busy time. i hate ’empty’ time!
    hope you get to have some more meetups with BlogHer attendees!

  6. TGIF for sure!

    I am glad you had a great trip and how fun you got to meet so many great bloggers in town for blogher!!!!

    I get no sleep either girl , 5 hours over here as well! I will sleep when Im dead is what I say, lol!

    Love you! happy weekend to you, Scott, and Skylar!

  7. I definitely like being busy, but I hate being so busy I feel like I just can’t get everything done! This week was one of those, so now I’m looking forward to a relaxing beach day tomorrow. That’ll do it!

  8. Def need to go see if my TJ’s has those palms tmr when I’m there… would be perfect for the patio!

  9. I hope that August is nice and relaxing for you and your family, compared to June and July!

    I wish I was at BlogHer. I really wanna go next year…

  10. Boulder is oh-so-gorgeous. I would love to run those roads, too!

    Like you – I enjoy being busy, but I need my calm, too. It’s all about a happy medium ;)

  11. Gosh, my life is beyond crazy right now. We still have not sold our home in Atlanta, we are living in TN, the boys have started school, I started a new job this week and Tony has more work than ever. I hope I get used to the crazy!

    • wow my friend, your life is beyond crazy.

      We left our house in AZ and came to San Diego. It took TEN MONTHS to sell after we left. We made the right call getting outta there. I would have died had I spent 10 more mos there.

      For you guys, I hope you sell quickly! Good luck w/ your new job!

  12. Amen! I need some calm in my life too.

  13. I am definitely a busy body. I swear I can’t stop. I almost get into a slum when I am not moving or doing something productive. And if I am home, I have to be cooking, baking, prepping, blogging, writing, reading, learning, anything! It’s crazy!

  14. If I’m busy with my passions, then I love being busy. It’s when I’m busy with mindless or aimless tasks that it stresses me out more. I love being busy with blogging, picture taking, and my 2 jobs– I’m lucky enough to love them both!

  15. Just looking at your pictures of Aruba calms me down :) Have a great weekend!

  16. I was just in Boulder but I think I was there just before you. Great city! Wish I could have stayed longer. Been reading just not able to comment much. Hang in there though the busy times, hopefully life will settle again soon.

  17. I also find the idea of coffee calming to me…the making it, sipping it, I am usually enjoying every sip so that’s relaxing. Its all around a glorious, glorious thing!!

    You have been a busy bee and I hope your weekend is a good one!!


  18. I agree with VeggieGirl. You deserve some R&R!!

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  20. Such a pretty post. Those Tj’s palms are awesome – they snuck those in since I have been away. Love the clm scenic shots. Something to think back on when you need it most :) xxoo

  21. A nice, long Vinyasa class is my perfect recipe for Calm! Except when the students neglect to turn their phones off, and they ring during the class. This happens more often than not in my class! What would you do if this happened in your class Averie?

    I love your Aruba photos. They bring back alot of memories. Is that Malmok Beach with the Palapa? I have fond memories of Malmok – laying under a palapa reading a Bill Bryson book and laughing hysterically to myself! Great times.

  22. Enough already. You are torturing us with these pics of Colorado, Aruba, coffee and chocolate. But seriously, hope you have some time to relax soon.

  23. I thrive in the calmness. I love having fun things to look forward to on the horizon, but I actually seem to prefer the excitement leading up to it and the calmness that comes when I get back home afterwards more. Times of anticipation get me excited and the calming affect of “ahhh I’m home, and boy that sure was fun” is what I love the most!

    I’m trying to be more “in the moment” lately and that seems to be having a calming affect on me. And hey, as someone who tends to be anxious, I love anything that helps me be calm.

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  26. I completely agree with you! I love being busy and distracting myself with lots of activity, but every now and then I find it so comforting to just spend a few days at home, enjoying my family and the calm of not having anything on the schedule. It’s the perfect way to reboot and put things in perspective if I’m too caught up in other things.

  27. I wish for you all the peace and five hour sleeps the world has to offer busy lady!

  28. I think I thrive in busy situations, but right now I am craving a bit of calmness. I have a 10 day camping trip planned … that should do the trick before going back to work.

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