Talking Myself Out of It

Recently I mentioned that I needed a lamp for my desk.

The natural light I get from the windows is great but I have a north facing window so there are many hours of the day where I get very little.

Including night time where I get no light.  I do my best desk and computer work at night when everyone else is sleeping, the house is quiet, and no one ‘needs me’.  Just call me Vampire Night Owl.

I decided that a trip to West Elm was just with the Lighting Doctor ordered.


I could spend a fortune here.

Oh wait, I already have.

From fluffy pillows to ‘home accessories’ <–i.e. overpriced knick-knacks

I have bought it

Roll back the clock to 2009-2010, I had quite the monthly West Elm habit.  I went room by room in my house and redecorated it.

And God, it was fun!

Ironically, even though I’d love to buy more and what they’re currently selling, I realize that much of what I bought, they still have and sell.  Or have versions on the theme of what I purchased and already own.

That gray rug?  I have that for my bathroom in a smaller size. And I have it in brown for my kitchen.

The pillows shown above?

I have a gray and white striped one almost like it, shown below as well as the fluffy pillows.

Notice my capiz shell floor lamp (above)

And then this capiz shell chandelier they’re currently selling.

Their current bedroom sets and duvets?

Check.  Have a duvet in gray with a white pattern.  Complete with fluffy pillow.

Just goes to show you, ok to show myself, that I don’t need to buy anything else. 

Talking myself out of it.

Except for a lamp.

I saw these cute owl lamps

Remember all the owls from my trip to Anthropologie?  I guess owls are trendy right now.

This coconut shell chandelier that looks like streaming feathers was a steal.  But I have no room for it!

I wanted to buy it just to have it for a future house I loved it so much but don’t need the clutter!

For my desk, I went with the square table lamp in white.  They had “my desk” right there in the lighting section and I liked the way the white popped so that’s what I went with.

My lamp all set up at home on my desk and the photo was taken after dark.

Now I can actually see what I’m working on.

Light is a very good thing for photo editing

In the end, I talked myself out of about 17 cute things I could have bought.

Because I only needed a lamp.

And I need a Nutella & Peanut Butter Graham Bars with Chocolate Frosting (No Bake) right now.

From my last post with my Friday Faves, there are so many cute things I’ve seen recently including those iPhone cases that everyone seemed to agree were awesome, but so far I haven’t bought anything I’ve seen.  I’m talking myself out of it I guess.

I also recently went “shopping”, but it turned into a Just Browsing session.  <–Apparently miracles do happen every now and then.


1. Do you tend to talk yourself out of purchases? 

Or do you struggle with self-control when it comes to shopping and just buy, buy, buy?

I tend to over-think and over-research most purchases.

Sometimes I am spur of the moment and a bit impulsive but that’s usually only on smaller items and little things.  Like coffee mugs or iPhone cases.

For bigger items, I tend to ponder it quite a bit and if I have any doubt that I won’t use it, like it, need it, or feel it’s frivolous, I don’t buy it.

I also use the “think about it for a few days” approach and if I find myself still thinking about it days later, really feeling I’ll use the item, then I may go back for it.

In my former life, I loved shopping and spending money!  I still do love those things; but I don’t actually do it nearly as much anymore.  I’m far more financially cautious.   Thus, talking myself out of many things and purchases.  I’d like to remain debt free and save money!

2. Fave stores for household goods or any great stores you’re loving for anything lately?

I love Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, thrift stores and consignment stores for finding some great and one-of-a-kind pieces for the house and home and that are also great bargains.

My blogging dishes and kitchenware items are almost always found at one of those places and I never spend more than $5 bucks per item.

But I do love a good girly trip to the mall, too.  I am not just all about thrifting.  I mean, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

3. Weekend plans?

I have to work but want to enjoy all the great weather we’re having

Aand I want to be with my pumpkin as much as I can!

P.S. Don’t forget to enter the Sweet Treats Giveaway!


  1. You know what?? I have never actually been to West Elm nor purchased anything from there. I must change that soon. Congrats on some new light :) Happy weekend girl!

  2. That store looks awesome! And I am currently lovinggg Marshall’s!

  3. I think you posted those pictures just to make me drool!!! I have been obsessed with the West Elm catalog…but really want to see the stuff in person. Is your iMac the 21.5″ or 27″? I just bought the 21.5″ and I’m so totally in love. I can’t wait till things settle down so I can spend time playing and learning.
    I do internet comparisons for big purchases, but I tend to just buy things on the spot without much thought. This has saved me time before…and it has also wasted significant amounts of money at times too.
    This weekend I’ll be hanging with friends selling junk at a yard sale (not for the money…it’s so not worth it—but the friends and wine are fun, an excuse to hang out and pretend it’s productive!). I’ll also be working…and I really want to play in my new kitchen. I need more hours in the day!
    Hope your weekend is fabulous!

  4. 1. Yes, I talk myself out of things at the store all the time. In fact, at most stores, I will end up carrying things around the store, or have them in my carriage, and then put most of them away before I go to check out. I also tend to only shop when I need something specific, and plan for the purchase if it is an expensive one. There are rare exceptions, however.

    2. One of my rare exceptions was at Pier 1. I *adore* Pier 1. The store nearest us is closing for major renovations, and sold EVERYTHING in the store. I had picked up a few dishes when they first started marking things down, and then forgot about it. Then, several months later, I was driving by and saw a “last 3 days” sign…walked in and came out with a coffee table! I got a $360 table for $40!!!! And, it is PERFECT…it is also much nicer than the table I was planning to purchase from IKEA.

    3. Weekend plans? Not get swept away by Hurricane Irene (we are just north of NYC). Get ready for my second year of grad school which starts up with orientation this coming week.

  5. Hey Averie!

    I’m no longer an impulse purchaser. Purchases are thought out, researched, and then acquired. If I see something I like, I think about, and then come back (most of the time – sometimes, you just have to act). I wasn’t always like that (yay to growing up?).

    Household stores? It varies. Our home is a mish-mash of IKEA, local furniture place, The Bay (Canadian department store), handmade (my MIL is an awesome sewer; she’s made us quilts, tv cozies, placemats, napkins, chair covers…), winners (similar to TJ maxx). The home we are in is a rental and not long term, so we aren’t investing in expensive pieces, more like “last 5-7 years and we’re good”.

    weekend plans? i had today off, which was used for errands. We’re biking to our local, organic farmers market tomorrow, visiting friends, spending time together.

    I can’t believe that it’s the end of August! Where did the summer go?

    Happy weekend, lady!


  6. I have to talk myself out of some purchases or else I’d go broke ha. With a college students bank account there’s not much you’re capable of splurging on for yourself.

  7. I usually overthink purchases…last weekend I found a perfect pair of work trousers at Ann Taylor, but they were full price. I waited to buy them. Today I got a 40% off coupon in my email–I’m going to buy them tomorrow! It sometimes “pays” to wait!

  8. Earlier this month I bought a desk from West Elm (my first desk since I was, like, 15), and I love it! The design is to clean and pretty.

    I talk myself out of buying stuff all the time. I use the “I’ll come back if I’m still thinking about it in a few days” trick, though sometimes that backfires and leads to me ordering the thing online when I get home…

  9. wow west elm is so nice!! i personally have not gone inside one! but maybe because i don’t have my own place yet. love your duvet though! :) right now i’m living on a budget (like a really tight one) so i have to talk myself out of a LOT of things lately. sucks but it’s how it is. but when i am not on a budget, i tend to go for it! hehehee… no regrets either.

  10. I’m one or the other. I either buy, buy, buy (and then usually return, return, return) or I talk myself out of it. I wish I had a safe middle ground. Ha! And i would like one of those Nutella squares right now please too! :)

  11. LOVE your lamp choice! Really all your decor is great! :) And kudos to you for only buying the one thing you needed! :)

  12. You picked a great lamp! I have a desk lamp but don’t get enough light from it. I love how much light yours gives off.

  13. I’ve always been a big fan of Owl decor. It all started with my grandma’s McCoy Owl cookie jar.. I wish I still had it. The owls are coming back in full swing now and are very reminiscent of the McCoy pottery.

  14. oh yes I do love west elm! one day when i get to decorate a house of my own I cannot wait to get inspiration from stores like that and then buy the entire place out LOL

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with beautiful weather and spending lots of time with your lil pumpkin!

  15. I heart West Elm!! I have to ration my visits there :)

    Super cute lamp!

  16. I love the lamp you chose. I try to think about things instead of buying them on impulse. When I buy on impulse I end up being a bulimic shopper and bringing everything back, and who has time for that? Not me.

  17. love that lamp!! simple and tasteful. looks great on the desk!
    i have been seeing owls everywhere lately: h & m yesterday, pier 1..then i always think of janetha! feel like i should send her photos (i don’t!).
    i talk myself out of purchases or else i would be broke and live in a cluttered mess. although i did just buy a couch at ikea this week – that was a thought out, budgeted-for necessity, though.
    love all the west elm choices you have made – such a great look.

  18. Lots of shopping porn here. :-) Love the lamp, I might need an Ikea trip to add another to my office.

    1. All the time, especially now trying to safe money and going nuts at my job.
    2. Mainly Ikea, but we haven’t been buying much since the office redo not needing anything.
    3. Work, running, grocery shopping and visiting grandma – not too exciting.

  19. we definitely have a very similar taste in style! well the difference is that you put that style to good use whereas i tend to procrastinate and just let things fall apart a bit lol. but when i do get my own place i can bet it will look something similar :)

    xoxo <3

  20. Wow that store looks amazing. I must have that owl lamp!

    The only thing I have to talk myself out of buying is nail polish. Somehow I think every color is not like any other color I’ve ever seen :)

  21. I LOVE the lamp! So modern and sleek :] I also love all the other home decorating you’ve done.

    I am pretty good at talking myself out of purchases. Especially in store. I think about waiting in line and going through the whole checkout process, pulling out the money/card, etc, and decide it’s not worth it. Which is odd, because it’s not like that is much of an ordeal…but hey, I’m not complaining! haha.

  22. Oh my god. I need to do some apartment shopping and now you’ve got me thinking! AHHH! Haha. I love all the decorating you have done in your house!

    I always manage to talk myself into buying things even though I try so hard to avoid it. Especially food. It can get bad. And if something is on sale it’s mine!!!

    I love Home Goods, Ikea, and Cost Plus!

  23. Loving that lamp. I like basic and clean things like that. I’ve never heard of West Elm, and rarely ever venture into home stores. It only makes me want things I don’t need. As far as a favorite store, people look at me funny when I tell them it’s Target (for household stuff) and Kohls (for clothes). I don’t mind thrift stores as a concept, but I haven’t found one yet that I actually enjoy shopping at. I see other people getting amazing things from them, but the ones around here are…well…lacking.
    Talking myself out of purchases? Oh no, I often have to talk myself into purchases. From clothes to groceries to gas for the car, I have to justify every expense. And I get buyers remorse after every shopping trip.
    No weekend plans other than taking care of a sick husband. Cold season is starting early this year. Hope you have a good one though!

  24. I love the lamp you got. Simple and clean and elegant.

    I tend to talk myself out of in store purchases, but online is a different story. Just bought myself a new Mac Mini today!!

  25. I ALWAYS talk myself out of purchases. Once I have a full time job and becoming a working lady..we’ll see about that. ;) Your comforter set and pillows are adorable! I would want everything in that store too!

  26. Love your new lamp! I think you and I have very similar taste, clean and simple. And always a little reminiscent of a yoga studio (; I never buy anything! My runners are four years old and are falling apart and I am still putting off getting new ones. I just never spend money. Lots of cooking and chores for me this weekend!

  27. I love that lamp. So pretty. I actually love to just go to IKEA at times and “browse” – it can take hours!

  28. Had a great time having drinks and good talk with my best friend and husband last night. Not too many weekend plans other than I definitely want to make it to the gym today to sweat out some anxiety and extra sodium that the drinks convinced me to consume last night. Now that is why I don’t usually have more than one drink or two.

    I usually talk myself out of purchases because we don’t really have “extra” money. We have money for our expenses, and not really much more than that. So I over-analyze pretty much every purchase making sure it is necessary.

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