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I had mentioned a recipe post coming up.  I lied.   Not intentionally though.

One of the casualties of my failing memory being super busy and not writing things down is confusing my dates and times and what photos I have edited and what posts I written in my drafts and ready to be published.  Whoops.

If you’re hard up for a recipe, may I suggest something like Apple Glazed Vegetable & Edamame Stir Fry if you’re feeling the need for a meal.

And if you’re feeling the need for dessert (which would be always for me) then may I suggest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Marshmallow Stuffed Rice Krispie Bars (No Bake)


And if you’re feeling the need to shop, I’ve got you covered there, too.

I went into Buffalo Exchange over the weekend.

I love a good thrifting sesh.

It’s always so much fun to see what other people turn in and sell.  What their castoffs are.

Some things I think, yep, that’s heinous and I can see why she wanted to sell it.

Other things I think, why would anyone part with this?  And I covet it!

One woman’s trash is another woman’s impulse buy treasure.

I didn’t actually buy anything.  Miracles do exist.

It was random that I even walked into Buffalo Exchange in the first place because I was really just out experiencing Cityfest but what can I say, I couldn’t resist poking through the racks.

However, I had my big camera around my neck, my iPhone in one hand (and was also fully occupied Instagramming from the store)…

And had this tshirt in the other hand…

…And even I had a hard time concentrating on shopping.

So it was more of a browsing session than a buying session.

Good thing that I am no stranger to shopping trips.

Girly mall trip anyone?

Sometimes it is just fun to poke around and browse.  Not usually, but sometimes.


1. Are you a browser or a buyer?

All kidding aside, the older I get, the pickier I have become about buying things.

I don’t impulse buy very much anymore.

And before I buy something, I think to myself:

Do I really need this?


Will I use this?

If I feel it will just collect dust on a shelf, hang in the closet unworn, or be something else cluttering and crowding my already tight kitchen, I don’t buy it.   Plus I hate having to return things.

I will think about an item and if it’s still on my mind and I really want it a few days later, I may go back for it.

2. Do you like thrift, antique, or vintage shopping?  Craigslist or EbayWhat have you bought this way?

I used to think that:

Antiques were just old.

That vintage clothing stunk.

And that thrift shopping was unhygienic.

I guess all of the above are theoretically or possibly still true but I do love it all now!

I have bought so many things from blogging dishes to tshirts to using Craiglist to score some deals, too! 

Even my Macbook was a CL find.  Not technically thrifting but similar.

And for my thoughts on price paid vs. quality, see this post.

P.S. Thanks for your entries on the Say NO to Auto Giveaway and I’ve really enjoyed reading what it is with your camera, photography, or with shooting manually that you enjoy and also what has you stumped.  Keep your giveaway entries and thoughts coming.


  1. I love browsing and bargin hunting!

    In college I had an online shopping problem (I used to love getting packages! haha)

    But now I enjoy going into stores and trying on clothes to make sure they fit.

    I actually furnished my whole Apartment through Craiglist finds ( luckily I was only working 2 days a week at the time so I had the time to hunt and find great things!)

  2. thrifting is one of my favorite past times. I get a little life high when I find a golden item for cheap! I’m much more of a browser… I’ll spend large sums on well researched and thought out items but I don’t like to spend much on day to day shopping or just your average t shirt. It’s either thrifting or big money for me haha I’m weird.

  3. It’s hard NOT to have a good Buffalo sesh! I think it’s safe to say that you’re in my part of town too?? PB?

    Also I could DEFINITELY go for those yummy stirfry veggies! Looks like a great glaze!

  4. It is so hard for me to buy anything! I always have all these doubts like, and I absolutely hate spending money when it isn’t necessary (I hate spending money when it IS necessary!). I was the little 5 yr old who saved my grandma’s birthday money instead of spending it. I also hate having a bunch of stuff around my house. It’s just a hassle.

    But…..I love looking around! If I find an amazingly good deal (like AMAZING), then I will buy it…if I like it…For example, last week I was browsing through a Williams Sonoma store, and they had an amazing deal on a giant donut cake pan-$6.99!!!! I bought it and baked my brother a birthday cake donut :D

  5. I used to love thrift stores when I was in high school! I haven’t been to one in way too long. You can really find some treasures in those places.

  6. I am such a browser! I will bring 30 clothing items into the dressing room, try them all on, and then decide I’m not buying anything. It annoys everyone I shop with but at least I never have buyers remorse!!

  7. I’m turning into a really picky shopper, too! It’s sort of a pain, because my wardrobe could use some updating :P I just hate spending money on clothing, I guess, so I talk myself out of things too easily! haha.

    That said – I love a bargain, so I’m scouting eBay, CL, those kinds of places quite often. Not nec. for clothing, but definitely for my horse tack & such, where I’d way rather have something of a higher quality that’s used, than of lesser quality and brand new!

  8. I love Buffalo Exchange! It’s hit ormiss but a few of my favorite items are from there. Once I walked up and the mannequin in the window had on such a darling outfit that I just bought it right off “her”. :) Easy peasy.

  9. It all depends on the store for me to either be a buyer or a browser, but unfortunately I am usually a buyer :) Thrift + Vintage shopping is the best type of shopping, in my opinion. I love the look of antiques but for me to buy them they have to be in good shape + taken care of.

  10. haha, i’m going to be blogging about my shopping style in a couple of days, as this week has brought more shopping than usual into my life!
    i’m not an impulse shopper AT ALL anymore, after a few hard (expensive) lessons. i JUST went back today for a very cute tshirt that i saw, obsessed about, and decided to get. thinking a purchase over and possibly missing out has saved me money!
    buffalo exchange looks like a great spot! i love looking at vintage tshirts – a weakness!

  11. All my clothes are thrift store gems and anything else was bought for me/given as a gift. I really like browsing through thrift stores and I rarely ever walk out with more than two or three clothing articles no matter what store I go to (whether it’s salvation army or forever 21!), so I may as well have fun hunting! I try to get other stuff used as well (pets included ;)).

  12. Oh I am definitely a buyer. And let me tell you having off for the Summer (teacher) leaves me lots of time to kill which equates to shopping!! I’ve been doing way too much for my own good, but hey every teacher needs back to school clothes right? ;)

  13. I am DESPERATELY trying to sell my never used icecream maker on craigslist with ZERO luck!

    Any takers?



    • ive found the only way to unload things on ebay or CL (even if they are new) is to sell them for AT LEAST half off retail or more like 2/3’rd off., i.e. $100 items should be priced no more than $40 or it will just sit and sit. It’s hard to swallow$$$ but I’d rather have some money than nothing at all b/c no one gets interested unless it’s a DEAL and a steal for them.

  14. I’m a huge thrift shop fan, especially lately trying to save money.

    1. Lately more of a browser, I just haven’t been able to justify any new purchases lately trying to save money.
    2. Yes, for environmental and money-saving reasons, I’ve been enjoying thrift shopping and found three great Nine West tops for $12 on my last trip.

  15. I looove going into stores just to browse! It’s so fun to look at the selection sometimes.

    “I will think about an item and if it’s still on my mind and I really want it a few days later, I may go back for it.” <– I'm the same way! If it's still there, I take it as a "meant to be" sign!

  16. I don’t just browse very well. I want to buy ;-) I love to go to antique stores but have a harder time getting excited over thrift stores. But, could also be because ours aren’t the greatest.

  17. Oh much to my dismay, I am a shopper!

  18. I love browsing and thrifting! I’m good about not spending unless its something I need or want. I just enjoy seeing what neat things I can find :)

  19. Yah for girly shopping trips to the mall! I usually browse at the mall, but end up taking any money I saved and handing it over to Target. I sppend so much money there! I also am an “on sale” shopper. If somethings on sale, I’m much more likely to buy it.

    I like thrifting, but only if I’m in the mood. Hope you are having a great evening! Your photos are as gorgeous as ever :)

  20. I love thrifting but have to be careful not to impulse buy. All the little dollars here and there add up! For my son’s 8th b’day we bought him a Nook so I wanted him to have a few inexpensive things to open since the Nook wasn’t a surprise. I found him 3 shirts for only $1.99 each at Goodwill and he was thrilled– two were his favorite color and one was a Saints jersey! I always have great luck at Goodwill on children’s clothing and on housewares (dishes, etc.). The germ factor used to creep me out but really, if you wash everything well in hot soapy water before wearing or eating off of it should be fine.

  21. If I were more patient I would thrift shop daily. I need to be in the right mood for it. In high school, I never bought anything new. I was a punk rocker and it was punk to buy thrift. Except shoes. I wouldn’t buy shoes or *ahem* intimates. Now, I’ll buy shoes, but still none of the lady business.

    When I first moved here, my neice and I were driving down the street and saw a rummage sale. I went in, she stayed in the car. I found our size jeans (awesome name brands in great condition) for $2, so I made her come in and then the lady starting throwing things into the “free” bin!! The clothes had sat soaking wet overnight so they were a little funky, but I washe dthem and no more smell. I got tons of free great clothes!

  22. I am a thrifting junkie. I absolutely love thrifting. But these days I’ve found myself doing more like you and just looking rather than buying. I own more clothes than any woman has a right to own so I only buy something if it is a one-of-a-kind vintage that I absolutely completely adore. And then the rule is I have to get rid of something currently in my closet. It makes me a very selective shopper… That store looks really fun though. I’d love to just browse through it sometime!

  23. I’m a horrible thrifter. I get overwhelmed and then just give up! Every time I see someone with a good find from thrifting it makes me want to try again though :)

  24. When I’m browsing and contemplating a buy, I rate it – if its not a “10” then its not worth it!

  25. ohh, I am *such* a buyer – not a browser. In fact I’d rather not browse if I can’t buy because it’s such torture! lol. such a drama queen I am :-P

    and I’m not really into antiques or vintage shopping, or ebay/craigslist. Just not my thing for some reason. But then again there have been plenty of times when I’ve asked someone where they got such and such beautiful piece (of clothing) and they mention a thrift shop!

    “I didn’t actually buy anything. Miracles do exist”.

    LOL! *so* relate to this statement ;)

  26. Oh I am most certainly a buyer. I do not browse. I don’t know how. It’s something I’m working on, but it’s so challenging when you know your credit card number off by heart! Looks like you went to some great places… we have awesome thrift stores here. I haven’t been in ages!

  27. I LOVE Buffalo! It’s one of the things I’m missing from the west coast right now!! we don’t have it over here. :(

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  29. That store looks like it was super busy! I’m not a very good shopper. For clothes especially. I’m just not good at putting an outfit together and get discouraged very easily! And there are no good thrift stores in my area….IMO. The only time I ever really venture in one is for Halloween costume *stuff* and I always feel like I need a shower when I leave. Icky!

  30. I have definitely become more of a planning buyer, less impulse. I try to shop with a plan so that I’m not buying yet another black sweater (or something of the sort!)

  31. Love thrift shopping!!! As a student it’s definitely the best way to go. I’ve become a bargain hunter, but I usually don’t let myself shop too much because I only have so much money in the weekly budget for spending! It usually goes to taking the boyfriend to dinner, he seems to think I’m his sugar mama :)

  32. I’m always a browser, it’s much more conducive to my financial situation! Actually I’m not even really a browser as it feels mean to myself to look at things I know I can’t afford. It’s like standing in front of a giant display of foods I’m intolerant of and salivating over them. It’s pointless, so why bother?

    Shopping has always been one of my least favorite things to do in the first place. I’d much rather be laying on the beach or getting lost in a good book. You know, lazy things ;)

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