Weekend Necessities

Did you do anything exciting this weekend?

I didn’t.

Well, let me rephrase that.  I didn’t do anything outrageously “exciting” but I did do some things that were necessities.

Like changing the sheets on my bed


Catching up on my laundry after being gone at Food & Light earlier in the week

I’d rather be taking pictures but clean clothes were beginning to be a necessity.

I nourished my near-daily “must make a Trader Joe’s or Grocery Store Run” habit

This looked like a necessity

They were sampling Ready to Bake Brownies

But for the first time ever, I was scolded by a TJ’s employee who told me I wasn’t supposed to be taking pictures in the store.

Go figure since some of their employees actually have posed for the camera.

Not to mention, me blogging about TJ’s is free advertising for them.  I don’t get anything out of singing their praises.

In just two weeks, there’s been the Wall of Nuts post

Wall of Hummus & Dips post

Summer Fresh post

Coconut Palm post

And more posts, top!  I guess I practically live there.

I could go on and on with my positive and glowing reviews of TJs

But I didn’t even take this sample after being scolded for my iPhone pics.

I took one picture, paid for my items, and bailed.  <–I think that may have been a necessity.

Plus, I had these necessities waiting for me at home:

White Chocolate Vanilla Marshmallow Cake Bars – 4 Layers

I am grateful the Gawkin’ Gods said yes

And the Tastin’ Gods, too.

Some of you told me you’re not a huge fan of white chocolate but others agreed with me that nothing is too sweet or too rich, and there seems to be no overall shortage of white chocolate fans.  Good!

These may possibly be the best bars I have ever made.  Dessert is a necessity, no doubt.

Other weekend necessities and items I tackled:


Organized & Updated my Photography Section on my blog to include my Travel/Workshops/Photography Tips posts

Went on a couple really nice runs and enjoyed the low 70s, sunshine, light breeze, and no humidity weather.  <–San Diego norm.  I actually wish it were warmer.  It’s August, right?  Dog days, right?

And it was a necessity I spent time with my family.  I missed them after traveling!


1. What necessities, chores, or projects have you tackled lately?

Considering that I just posted about wanting more calm in my life because the past couple weeks have been some of the busiest in my entire life,  I was happy to not have anything ridiciulously “exciting” going on Saturday and Sunday.

Ridiculously exciting was Thursday.  I had about 5 things from guest blog posts on a few different sites to blogger meetups galore.

And today I just did something big!  Had no idea I was going to do this today when I woke up, but I did.  More on what I did in my next post.

2. Have you ever been chastised for taking pictures in a store?  Or scolded about something ridiculous by a store employee?

Just on the heels of my restaurant photography post discussing the pros and cons of taking pictures of food in restaurants (and thanks for your thoughts and opinions and if you’re shy about it or not) and I had said I was okay with it, just be discreet, I get yelled at by an employee about in-store photography.

I could speculate about why they don’t want pictures but really, I don’t truly get their rationale.   We live in a very digital age.  I am sure there are people taking pictures (more discreetly) than I am and posting them everywhere.  But that’s life in 2011.  Like it or not, it’s the way it is.

As a mother, I have been scolded by store employees in various different places for letting my baby crawl on their floor.  9 month old baby, baby gets fussy and wants to get out of stroller or out of mom’s arms.  They want to crawl.  That’s what babies do.   Yes it’s a little dirty but we have immune systems.  That’s what babies do.  They crawl and are exposed to germs.  God forbid.

I am sure there are other ridiculous things I have been told but would love to hear yours.

P.S. Thanks for the Attune Foods Healthy Free Food Giveaway entries!


  1. I have been tackling chores and neccesities all day after traveling last week. Laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, the list goes on!!

  2. sorry you got scolded for taking pics in TJs – I GUARANTEE your pics have influenced readers from all over the country to buy their products. They really need to get with le program. I mean you’re the reason I bought my first Five Bamboo outfit – and then I went back for more (lots more). Note to companies: don’t underestimate the power of bloggers. They are advertising your sh*t for FREE, and they DO have influence. embrace it (& the 21st century). Thank them even! I know they have their reasons for objecting, but really….

    On a happier/less ranty note, I love your bedding! :)

  3. hee YES I’ve been scolded!! some of my favorite handbags I have are my Louis Vuittons – when we were in Vegas once, I passed a store that had fake LVs – called LEROY V… we went in and I had Jason take a photo of me posing with one, and we were asked to leave the store!! :D BAAA – maybe I was going to buy one! ;)

  4. Oh my god hahaha At first I thought that you had actually bought all those bags of ready to bake brownie mixes from Trader Joes after seeing that first picture with the caption ‘this looked like a necessity haha I thought to myself wow Averie has some serious brownie baking plans!

    I sometimes feel like I live there too… When I lived in Tucson, AZ I went to TJ’s allll the time… I knew a lot of the cashiers by name. I was a regular. A little different here in Boston just because there are so many TJ locations and they are always swamped. Even though I do frequent one particular TJ’s at the same times every week. Love Trader Joe’s!

    As far as projects I have tackled… I just started giving wine tours in Boston on the weekends for a fun side hobby. I gave my first one on Saturday and it was so much fun! I was super nervous I wouldn’t be prepared but it all came together. Oh, and laundry. Checked that off too!

    The picture taking thing is weird I know. I worked for Whole Foods as a buyer for a long time after college and they were very strict about that for marketing reasons. It’s super easy to sneak in pics though. I did cheese buying for WF in Boston and Wine buying in Maine and I always let customers take pics of cheese and wine. No harm done! I love your TJ’s pics! I’m sure they are a tease for those folks that are don’t live near one.

  5. That is totally ridiculous that they would scold you for taking pictures!! If they even know how much publicity you give them they would change their mind!

  6. oh it was probably one of THOSE employees- you know the super goody goody follow every strict rule, etc etc. Don’t let it bother you and continue to take pics haha.

  7. yes! i can totally relate to your tj’s experience…and i don’t get that, either. like you say, hello – free publicity!
    1) i was just about to snap a photo in urban outfitters in downtown toronto, and an employee (politely) told me they don’t allow photos in the store. (???)
    2) just last week, i took a photo of a SCONE in a COFFEE SHOP and the employee told me i really wasn’t supposed to be doing that, if her boss was there he’d freak out, but she’d “look the other way.” this one i REALLY couldn’t believe – what is top-secret about a SCONE, for heaven’s sake?!!!
    glad you had a “back to normal” weekend, and could get re-settled at home!

    • It may seem a bit silly but the reason a lot of stores do that is so that you can’t go in, take a picture of the store/food/whatever, and copy their marketing ideas, things like that…

      I used to work at Urban Outfitters and that’s how they described it to the employees.

  8. I’ve gotten scolded in TJ’s for taking pics too—and it was just for a text msg b/c I wanted to send a pic to a friend of the signs displaying the nutritional info on the produce (she thought she came up with that idea and wanted to pitch it to the local grocery store). I think they’re not supposed to allow pics for marketing/competition reasons….however, as you’ve noted, they don’t all take that rule seriously!
    I got scolded once in the grocery store for letting my nephew stand up in the cart—he was two and the side came up to his armpit. There was no way he was going to fall out.
    When I was in high school I worked at a movie theater and we were supposed to ask people to take their feet off the seats and also take away their “snuck in” food. I always pretended I didn’t see it. Although, one time I did have to interrupt and escort out a young couple who were half naked under a blanket in the back row. There were kids in there too….
    I’m getting ready to move…so I have tons of chores right now! In fact, maybe I’ll go do some…

  9. Ah yes, family time can be a definite necessity! And exciting can sometimes be over-rated when enjoyable is where it’s really at.

  10. i’ve heard TJ’s is notorious for not letting you photograph there!

  11. I’m kind of surprised the TJ’s employee cared enough to tell you to stop. Was it a manager or just a regular employee? Bizarre.
    Considering I spent half of my Sunday cleaning the bathrooms in the house, I’d say they were at the “necessity” stage. Ugh. Hate cleaning bathrooms!

  12. Ahahaha yes, I’ve been scolded once for taking pictures of some stuff a guy was selling on the street in NYC…
    And as far as chores go, I cleaned out my entire closet and filled up a 50 gallon trash bag with shoes, bags, and TONS of clothes to donate. I did NOT want to do it but it needed to be done for a few reasons, A. Whatever I leave home when I go back to the city for school is obviously not worth keeping. B. I don’t need 00 jeans and will hopefully never need them again. C. I can now feel less guilty about buying new stuff! :D!

  13. We finally finished painting our guest bathroom…

    A small chore, but it was nagging me!


  14. hey averie!

    i was chastised at a coach outlet store. my friend (who wasn’t with me) had requested a purse. i was taking pictures with my phone to send to her, when a salesperson told me to stop. it was there loss – no pics to my friend meant… no sale!



  15. i have been tackling my daily to do list pretty well! and my summer reading is slowly starting to slow down :)

    that cupcake picture is SOOO PRETTY!!

    sorry i haven’t commented in foreverrrrr!! <3

  16. AVERIE! Your bedding is gorgeous. who makes it?!

  17. I think the pervasive no-pictures policy is because of privacy issues. First, there are the pervs who like to aim their cameras up women’s skirts. Second, there are mean-spirited people who post pics of people in public with the sole purpose of ridiculing them. (People of Walmart website, for example.) Third, some folks are just plain old paranoid about other people taking pictures of them.
    I say: Just be as discreet as possible and you won’t get hassled MOST of the time.

    • ok i see your point on all of the above it’s just so weird. I mean, I am just shooting pics of packaging, not PEOPLE. But whatever. Discreet it will be :)

    • the girl wouldnt/couldnt answer me when i asked well WHY can’t i take pics…she said, well, well….well we just don’t allow photography. Very vague.

      99% of the time in San Diego and in general, people are totally cool w/ me taking food pics. Because I am not taking pics of people..JUST food, so no one cares. I mean what diff would it make if i take pics of a bag of choc chips? seriously! and most of the time, no one cares.

      very cool story about the photographer you saw!

  18. Did they say why you couldn’t take photos? That’s just stupid.

    I was at a coffee shop yesterday with a bunch of really great looking cookies and scones and such. There was a lady there with a GIGANTIC camera taking pictures. I asked her if she has a food blog, because why else would she be doing that? She said no, she’s just a photographer. The employees were super nice and were moving things for her to get better shots. Small town vs. San Diego, maybe.

    Today was all about the necessities. I had to get back into work mode, which meant spending about 2 hours in my office re-organizing everything. Alternately freaking out about how much I have to do and how little time I have to do it with thinking I’m fine and I’ll get it all done. I have no idea which will happen.

    • the girl wouldnt/couldnt answer me when i asked well WHY can’t i take pics…she said, well, well….well we just don’t allow photography. Very vague.

      99% of the time in San Diego and in general, people are totally cool w/ me taking food pics. Because I am not taking pics of people..JUST food, so no one cares. I mean what diff would it make if i take pics of a bag of choc chips? seriously! and most of the time, no one cares.

      very cool story about the photographer you saw! and it all happened in WI. nice!

  19. The staff sounds rude. I mean, there’s a difference in being polite than scolding! The nerve of some people!!!

  20. I love that you posted this! I was out this weekend downtown on a culinary adventure window shopping and oogling foodie finds, when I walked into Meinhardt, a grocery store in Vancouver, and wanted to take a picture of the delicious bakery section! I took one picture of a s’more brownie, and the girl said to me “no photography!” and I was like really…and she also scolded me. I said not even for a blog? and she didn’t even answer me. I don’t get the big deal?? It’s groceries!! It’s not like someone can copy your grocery store or even an item – and if they do so what! There are so many similar recipes out there, you can’t really copyright them. And it’s just food! A cookie?? A brownie?? Who cares!! I just said fine and walked out. They lost my business! I’ve only been to TJ’s once and took pics, probably no one noticed? I think it’s weird grocery stores won’t allow pictures of food. like especially produce? what’s a tomato gonna do! lol

  21. Luckily I have never been scolded for taking pictures inside a store … and I sure hope I never am! I would be upset.

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  23. When I was in grade.11 for my photography class we were told to go out into the public and find anything interesting to take pictures of. My friend and I went to Shoppers because of their massive beauty section and different kinds of make up. I was took a picture of the Benefit table because it looked so cool with all the vintage looking packaging and the lady ran right over and told me to delete the picture. I asked her why and she said “It’s just against the board, they said we’re not allowed to have pictures taken.” I replied that it was only one picture and I needed it for my photography class and she told me that even if it was just ONE picture I had to delete it.
    My friend and I couldn’t really find anything else interesting around the school because I mean, who wants to take pictures of a boring school we see everyday? Haha, I ended up going back to class empty handed. Luckily the teacher understood and let me find another way the next day.

    Personally, I think it’s ridiculous because they take pictures of their own products? But yet, we can’t? Doesn’t make sense to me!

  24. I feel like my to-do list is 10 miles long. It’s kinda freaking me out :)

    My ‘real job’ is in consumer products, so I often do retail checks at major retailers. They do not like you taking photos. I always try to be very discreet. It’s annoying.

  25. How ridiculous not only that they would scold you, but that they don’t seem to realize how much free advertising you give them! Although I have to admit I finally made the very looong trek out to the Trader Joe’s closest to me and I was a bit disappointed in their selection. The store is super tiny and I couldn’t find anything gluten-free that looked tasty.

    I checked out their SS butter only to find out that while it’s cheap it has evaporated cane juice in it. The one I have may cost twice as much, but it has just one ingredient: roasted sunflower seeds. And it already tastes sweet to me, so I can’t imagine it any sweeter. Wait, did I seriously just type that? I LOVE sweet things, but for some reason I just don’t think nut butters need to be sweet. Maybe because I am always using them as a topping for things that are already sweet?

    • the first YEAR I went to TJ’s when I lived in CA I always felt like their store was very….meh? and left unsatisfied.

      It took me a long time to be able to find the gems! And also realizing there are things there that are gems that I wouldnt have previously given a second look at…if that makes sense.

      Try again sometime :)

  26. Those marshmallow cake bars look absolutely divine!! Silly that they wouldn’t let you take photos at Trader Joe’s. I’ve actually had that happen to me as well, but at a different place. Not sure what they think we’re going to do with the photos. Copy and build our own TJ’s? haha

  27. I did alllll my laundry including sheets yesterday! Now I gotta put it all away. The worst part!

    And my philosophy on germs is that whatever doesn’t kill ya makes you stronger, so crawl away!

  28. Has that stopped you from ever taking pictures there again?

  29. been told that at whole foods. they said it was liability. you never know when it is someone like michael moore or jamie oliver doing an expose on how terrible the product is. not that you couldn’t bring it home and buy it. paranoid big business.

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  31. Hi Averie! It’s Maren over from the instagram world!! Glad to be reading your blog :) I need someone fresh and new in my life! Plus I already ADORE your daughter. What a DOLL! Can’t wait to read more!

    p.s. I got yelled at once for taking pictures at a store in the mall of america, but I think that’s it!

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  33. I take photos everywhere *but* restaurants and stores. My camera is too conspicuous and it makes me too self-conscious so I expect somebody to tell me not to. Funny that TJ’s of all places would care, though. Strange.

    We were at an art festival last week and there were several women with iPhones clicking away in the art booths which is pretty routinely frowned upon by the artists since it’s so easy to digitally reproduce prints now.

    To-do list? I don’t make them :)

  34. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe an employee said something to you about taking pics! If only they had a clue how much free advertising they get from food blogs…they’d be seting up the photo shoot for you! haha!

  35. Great Blog I will defiantly be coming back to your blog to search for future post keep up the good word.


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  37. I can’t believe they told you not to take pictures!! You only write good things about TJ’s and that is great advertisement! Sometimes I see things on your blog and I go to TJ’s specifically for that item.

    Boo. That makes me kind of upset.

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