Gabriela recently posted the 5-4-3-2-1 survey on her blog, and before that it was Tina and I’ve seen many other bloggers post it.

It’s my turn today.

5 Words to Describe Myself







4 Favorite Foods

Plants of all kinds

Fruits and vegetables <–that’s my #1 and #2 fave foods

Fresh, raw, or simply prepared plants

As close to the way they were found in nature, for me, is the best way

See my Roasted & Baked Vegetables & Sides section for ideas

Chocolate (#3 fave food)  Let me Count the Ways I love it. 

From Flourless Chocolate Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

to Snickers Bar Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

I never met chocolate in any way, shape or form that I didn’t like

See This Post for all my Chocolate Recipes

Coffee (not officially a food but it will make the list at #4 fave anyway)

Vanilla Iced Coffee

to a massive Coffee Reviews Post

I do love my coffee!

3 Things I’m Most Proud of Accomplishing

a. Motherhood.  As I said in this post, if I don’t do this job right and well, nothing else matters.  Period.

b. Starting my blog and nurturing it and watching it grow.

As my blog has grown, I have grown so much as a person and have received so much from blogging.

I have learned about everything from the technology-based side of of blogging (please see my Blogging 1o1 Series if you’re a new-ish blogger or need help with these things) to interacting and negotiating terms with with large corporations.

I’ve made amazing friends that I know I’ll have for life.

c. If nothing else, blogging has helped me unlock my passion for photography!   I’ve learned that I’ve not only liked photography, but that I love it and it is like yoga; it will always be with me nowIt’s a life path.  Who knew. 

I’m proud of the ways I have grown as a photographer.

From using a point and shoot to where I am at today

I’m clearly a work-in-progress, as we all are.  But I’m trying to learn and I am proud of myself for diving in.

2. Favorite Workouts

a. yoga

b. running (or walking)

They are free, you can do them anywhere, nothing other than a mat (or an old towel on a hotel floor if you’re traveling) or a pair of shoes is required.

You don’t need a team, a coach, a buddy, a partner.

Just you and your mat, or you and your shoes and the open road, is all that’s needed.

You can make them fancy, complicated, or expensive with classes, gadgets, or what I think is non-essential equipment, but for me, my mat, my shoes, and my legs are all that I need.

If you missed this post from earlier in the week, Diet vs. Exercise, check it out as I discussed my thoughts on working out, where I’ve been, what I’ve tried, how that relates to diet, and so forth.

The physical and mental benefits of both are why I will always be a runner and a yogi.  Period.

It’s interesting, when I first started my blog it had a longer name, Love Veggies and Yoga. Running. And Chocolate.

Seems I have touched on all of those things in this post.

1 Thing to Expect From My Blog

The unexpected.

I have no idea what I am going to post about from one day to the next.  I write much of my content 24-48 hours in advance so that I have a rough shell and outline of what I am going to post about but there is massive flexibility in my posts.

Some of my drafts never make it to be published and other times, I am determined to share a “vital” piece of information or something that just happened that was unplanned or something I did or food that I made and that’s what I publish.

Some days it’s recipes, other days it’s product reviews, what I found at TJs or at the mall or what I bought for my house or a photography project I am excited to share or a trip I went on.

I just never know until I sit down to write and try to let the words flow where they want.

Case in point, my last post, Random Bits from the Week.  I surely didn’t know I was writing that one until I sat down to write.


1. Answer one of the categories from above

I’d love to hear the things you’re most proud of! (item 3)

And also what you come to expect from my blog or what you think readers come to expect from your blog if you have one?  Do you have a style, theme, or category you think your blog falls into?

2. Best thing you’ve done or eaten so far on this (Holiday) Weekend?

My weekend has been flying by!  I’ve had to work, I’ve cleaned my house, done some baking, taken pictures, been with Scott & Skylar.  It’s been going way too fast!

P.S. Don’t forget to enter the No More Pests Giveaway


  1. Gorgeous watermelon shots. I could take a nose dive right in! What I love about your blog is how open you are from day today. Open to learning, possibilities, and people!

  2. I Love That Your number One accomplishment is motherhood. :) the love That you Have for Skylar shines through each of your posts, And I find this one of the most admirable things about you! I hope to be a great, nurturing mother one day, like you! (Note: this One day being 10..15..20..80.. years from now…)

  3. Love this survey!

    What people should expect from my blog = no sugar-coating.

  4. Hmmm…things to expect from my blog…

    I think if I could describe my blog in one word it would be serendipitous.

    It’s sort of my story of the happy accidents that led us to adoption!


  5. ah, i love the 5-4-3-2-1! i did a post on this, too, 1-2 weeks ago!
    we are the same with the yoga and running, averie! i think they complement each other perfectly.
    #1: yes, that is why i enjoy your blog because you just never know what your topic will be. and you are witty, funny, and tell it like it is.
    i’ve been on a cleaning spree this weekend, too. just pulled out the fridge and stove and cleaned behind/under them – first time in 7 years!
    happy day off tomorrow!

  6. Love the photos in this post! Especially the iced coffee!

    Yoga is also my number 1 exercise of choice :) I always look forward to my little Saturday morning yoga and coffee ritual.

  7. Love the photos!

    We are on the same page when it comes to running, yoga and of course iced coffee (so yummy). I also really enjoy boxing, great workout and stress reliever.

    Your blog is so great and inspiring, keep up the great work!

  8. averie,

    love you girl! your photography has become STUNNING, and i am so loving seeing all the photos you come up with. as for me, 5 words to describe myself: independent, creative, outgoing, laughable + imaginative. have a great rest of your labor day weekend!!


  9. Oh Averie, I LOVE you blog… what do I expect from it? Every morning something upbeat, creative, inspiring and delicious! I read it three times a day, and I just love reading one post to the next!

    Three things I am most proud of: (1) Graduating from Amherst College, (2) pursuing my dream to become a dentist (in school now), (3) surviving and growing from the sudden and unexpected death of my 19 year old brother.

    Best eats: WATERMELON…. old-fashioned tapioca pudding was something I hadn’t had in ages!

  10. Hi! Been a while since I have commented…been so busy trying to finish school – will be done with Nutrition Consultant certification on the 15th! Whew!

    3 things I am most proud of accomplishing:

    1) mom of 2 wonderful boys!
    2) finishing Nutrition Consulting school, almost!
    3) my music

    What have I come to expect from your blog? Amazing photographs, delicious and SIMPLE recipes, and a refreshingly REAL person who is who she says is. I LOVE your blog, even if I don’t get to comment regularly.

    Best things I eat (usually) are salad with nooch and frozen coconut water. I am boring! :-)

  11. Hi Averie! I’ve been a lurker for a while- this is my first comment! I have a question for you about your half sleeve tattoo. I have 5 tats now and am considering a half sleeve. However, I’m in college and will hopefully be employed in a (conservative) hospital so I am really weighing the pros and cons of getting it. Do you have to cover yours for your day job? Have you been judged for having it? I’m going to school to be a Physician’s Assistant and figure that a lab coat will cover it, and I could always wear long sleeves/makeup. I’m already rationalizing it :). Thanks in advance and I love your blog!!

    • I think that you should get it if you want it and if people judge you (there will be some who will) then you know this going into it and you chose to get it anyway…or chose not to. You can’t get it or not get it based on what people say b/c someone will always say something snarky…you just have to rock it loud and proud if that’s what you end up doing.

      Here in San Diego in my neighborhood, I literally see 50+ people in an hour with half sleeves. Grocery store, TJs, errrands, etc…so it’s SUPER common here and I really dont think anyone here bats an eye but not all places are this open, I realize.

  12. What I’m proud of:

    Getting out of my shell and volunteering with the police dept 5 years ago — that is where I met Jason and I don’t think I would have known him if I hadn’t done that.

    AND paying off our debt and continuing to work towards the goal of being debt free (car payments are the current focus). It feels so good to get that out of the way and move forward (I know you agree with me on that Miss Debt Free as well) :)

    I totally agree that your blog is “unexpected” — each day it is something new which is nice and refreshing.

  13. As far as the first question goes – there are a lot of things I am so proud of doing.

    But for the best thing I have made this weekend??? It is YOUR Nutter Butter Special K Bars!
    They are fantastic to say the least. My husband and I are in heaven.

    Thank you for your amazing dessert recipes. You really are the dessert/baking or no baking:) Queen.

  14. Bugs that creep me out? Silverfish, roaches, ants, spiders…..there are more but they don’t come to my mind at the moment.

  15. Expect the unexpected – in blogging and in life. I feel the same way about your blog, but from the other end. I see a new post and never know what to expect. That’s what I love.

    And the photography. This blog isn’t even the same blog that you had two years ago when I started reading. The content, the pictures, the recipes, YOU; everything on this site has grown. I’d say it has flourished, but that’s really a cheesey word. I guess I just said it though.

    • No, it surely isnt the same blog as two years ago, is it! I cannot believe the 1000s of emails we have likely exchanged over the past two years. And you will always be my rock. Thank you for your amazing friendship. We were separated at birth, I swear!

  16. I like that you stay true to you and just post what you want without letting the haters get to you. I’ve been victimized harshly and it’s rough. It’s not worth it.

  17. mmm that watermelon looks delicious! I want some! I love reading your new posts, and seeing what yummo recipes you’ve made lately! :)
    I made a salted caramel cheesecake yesterday, its a Donna Hay recipe, and it was DIVINE! Has a whipped cream and sour cream layer on top… My oh my. Definately the best thing i did/ate all weekend!
    I am most proud of my little baby thats is due in decemer! Even though i havent met him/her yet, i am soooo in love. Also proud of my husband. In every way.

  18. Really Averie- your photographs amaze me. Love the 5-4-3-2-1. :) Love that there’s something new and different everytime I come to your blog.You inspire me! I’m most proud of my two wonderful twin boys and that I still manage to keep running and racing a priority with my hectic schedule. :) Hope you keep enjoying your weekend! :)

  19. Love this post! Great to get to know you better. I love the photos of fresh veggies and fruit! Yum!

  20. I love this one! Three things I’m most proud of, my boys and how close we are. My marriage, although I was lucky enough to find the most incredible spouse, so that may have been luck, but I’m proud that we have proven everyone wrong that thought we wouldn’t last since we got married when we were 20 and almost 17 years later we are more in love and stronger than ever! Lastly, I’m proud of me for accomplishing my physical goals even though I was dealt a pretty rotten hand with tumors and hernias after surgery. I love how strong I feel these days, mentally and physically.

    Great post Averie!

  21. Happy Labor Day!! You have done it again! Everytime I make one of your desserts I think I have a new favorite, that is until I make another one. I made your flourless chocolate peanut butter cookies this weekend and I swear they are my new favorite cookie!!! My husband and daughter both agreed they are amazing! Keep those yummy cookie recipes coming :)

  22. Awesome post, and I’ve really enjoyed watching your blog change and grow over the past year or so (since I’ve been following). It’s crazy how blogging can influence us to grow and change and learn so much. Even though I just started this past spring, I think blogging has pushed me in certain directions and motivated me to pursue certain passions and I wonder what I’d be doing had I not started blogging sometimes. It’s been an incredible few months and I hope to keep it going!
    P.S. you motivated me to finally make a real hair appointment for today. It had been far too long, and I don’t treat myself nearly enough to things like that, so it’s time for a change!

  23. This is such a fun post! I love. Your favorite foods…could not agree more! Most proud of? Kaylin! Marrying a man I really love. Working hard and kicking butt in school and in my career. Being a great group fitness instructor and impacting peoples health

  24. I’m making those Chocolate Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies this week for my birthday!

  25. As far as our favorite foods and work-outs go, we match up exactly! Perhaps this is a reason why I love reading your blog?? lol

  26. Hi Averie!

    I’m a relatively new reader and just made my first recipe from your blog: vegan chocolate chip cookie dough balls!! What a great way to start, huh? I held the plate out for my husband and he sorta turned up his nose (as he always does when he knows something is vegan or “healthy”), but after he got used to the texture, he immediately grabbed a second one. And it was so fast, so easy, so little mess. This will be a staple in our house for SURE! THANK YOU!!! I can’t wait to try more of your recipes — especially the desserts!!


  27. We basically have the same favorite foods! :)

  28. 5 Words to Describe Myself:
    1) Determined
    2) Dichotomous
    3) Fun-Loving
    4) Organized
    5) Responsible

  29. My favorite exercises are yoga and hiking. But I also love my water sports, particularly snorkeling, diving and swimming.

    What I have come to expect from your blog – consistency, straight talk, high quality content and delicious photos :)

  30. awww motherhood….I’m looking forward to it :D

  31. Fun post, I’ve been seeing a few of these and enjoy reading them.

    1. Favorite workouts – running, trampoline aerobics, hiking, and biking
    2. Went for a day hike at Squaw Valley.

  32. Your passions shine through to anyone who meets you! When you love something you throw your whole self into it, which is something I’ve always admired about you

  33. Great post those pictures of the cookies are to die for they are making my mouth water!!

  34. 3 things I am proud of:
    1. Married 23 years
    2. Just lost 15lbs
    3. Started website to hopefully help people also lose weight

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