$50 Whole Foods Gift Card Giveaway

This giveaway is going to make someone very happy!

Earth’s Own brand has two new beverages they want you to know about:

First, a new rice beverage called Ryza


And a new almond milk beverage called Almond-Fresh

And of course, I’m sure you’ve heard of Whole Foods

It would be your lucky day to win a $50 Whole Foods Market Gift Card, wouldn’t it?

The winner of this giveaway will win:

Vouchers to try Ryza & Almond-Fresh


$50 Whole Foods gift card (via email delivery)

To Enter the Giveaway:

1. What will you buy at Whole Foods with $50 and How will you put your rice & almond milk to use?  (Must answer both parts to the question)

2. For a second entry, Twitter Follow Me, Twitter Follow Ryza, Twitter Follow Whole Foods and then tweet the following:

“I entered to win a $50 Whole Foods Gift Card @LoveVeggiesYoga @WholeFoods @Getryza http://tiny.cc/vd30q”

3. For a third, fourth, or fifth entry, do one or more of these things and leave a separate comment for each (that’s five total chances to enter)

Facebook Like Me, Facebook Like Ryza, Facebook Like Almond Fresh, Facebook Like Whole Foods, Leave a Comment on any previous post of mine, Stumble Follow Me & Stumble It, Pinterest Follow MeInstagram Follow Me, or post this Giveaway on your blog

Contest will run until Friday, September 16, 2011 and winner will randomly be chosen and announced.

Open to all (but make sure you have a Whole Foods in your area and/or the ability to use your rice & almond milk vouchers in stores near you)

Comment Below to Enter!


  1. I’d spend oh, say HALF on pastries (who’s kidding who?!) and then most of the other half on a 3 lb hot-bar dinner for myself :)
    And duh, milk was only made to go in COFFEE!!

  2. I would buy all of my staples! Field Roast sausages, etc. I would use the rice and almond milk in my green monsters!

  3. I like you on facebook!

  4. I like Ryza on Facebook!

  5. I like Whole Foods on Facebook!

  6. I’ll get organic produce. Rice & almond milk would be great for making smoothie.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  7. like you on FB
    jessie C.

  8. like Ryza on FB
    jessie C

  9. Facebook Like Almond Fresh
    jessie C

  10. I will buy rainforest crisps and I will try some new cheeses. YUM Oh and of course almond milk. Love that stuff. I use it in my protein shakes.

  11. i would buy lots of cereals, fruit and granola bars and I would use the rice and almond milk in my cereal

  12. follow all three on twitter and tweeted http://twitter.com/#!/aes529/status/113766557506740224

  13. I would hit the salad bar at Whole Foods and use the almond milk for oatmeal!

  14. AWESOME giveaway! I would use the $50 to stock up on some of my GF goodies that cost an arm and a leg! For the almond and/or rice milk, I would use it for my oatmeal in the morning or in my coffee!

  15. I follow all three and tweeted this giveaway!

  16. I will by lots of fresh, organic fruit and vegetables! I will use the rice and almond mild in my morning oatmeal or overnight oats!

  17. I like WF on FB!

  18. I would use the almond milk for smoothies and cereal! I haven’t tried rice milk yet but I’d love to! I really love Whole Foods but I just can’t afford shopping there on my budget right no so I’d love to be able to use this gift card.

  19. I will buy produce! And use it in cereal I love rice milk!

  20. I would buy fresh organic produce and kitchen staples essential for my college apartment! I would use the rice milk in cereal and possibly making a mixture of some sort with cream of mushroom soup and fresh mushrooms to make a chicken and brown rice casserole!

  21. I would def use the almond milk in my oatmeal… yum!

  22. I like LV&Y on Facebook!

  23. I would spend the gift card on multiple trips to the whole foods hot food bar on Wednesdays. Yes, I am there, every Wednesday. Rice and Almond milk will definitely go in coffee. I either drink my coffee black or with Almond milk :)

  24. I liked Ryza on Facebook!

  25. I liked Almond Fresh on Facebook!

  26. I liked Whole Foods on Facebook!

  27. I followed you on Pinterest!

  28. I commented on your Dark Chocolate blog and now my mouth is watering!

  29. I would use the Whole Foods card for lots of trips (well, probably only a few lol) to the hot bar. I would use the rice and almond milk for smoothies or oatmeal!

  30. I would use my almond milk in my yummy banana bread recipe and in oatmeal every morning! I would put my gift card to use and by lots of organic produce that I can’t afford (college student).

  31. Wow, what a great giveaway!!! I would definitely stock up on pantry staples from Whole Foods…beans, rice, quinoa, canned goods, flour, etc!!!
    I actually always buy Earth’s Own Almonds milk. It’s the best almond milk I have tried. I have not tried the rice milk.

  32. I am following you on Twitter :)

  33. I would buy all the stuff I usually get at Whole Foods – raw cashews, good meats, yogurt, nut butters (yumm!), my favorite sprouted bread, lucuma, cacao, Earth Balance, organic produce (berries, spinach, peppers etc.), canned beans (BPA-free) and FIGS (if they still have them).

    Almond milk I like to use in oatmeal and chai, and I would use the rice milk for cooking – maybe alfredo sauces, whipped creams, and the like.

  34. I already FB like Almond Fresh

  35. I FB like you now :)

  36. I am instgram following you now too :)

  37. I would buy some raw cocoa powder and take the almond or rice milk and make a shake!

  38. I would load up on seasonal fall foods like squash, and their vegan baked goods are pretty tempting!

  39. This is lovely! I would buy coconut oil, brown rice syrup, peanut butter, cashew butter, and some veggies! I love love love nut butter of all kinds. :) I buy almond milk regularly, so it would be wonderful to have a few free cartons for my morning oatmeal or smoothie! Hope you have a beautiful Wednesday :)

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  41. I’ve been dying to try some new gluten free products so those would be high up on my shopping list along with some nut butters and baking supplies! I’ve never tried rice milk so that would be a fun new experience, and I would use it in cereal combo bowls, smoothies, baked goods and even throw some in with some mashed sweet potatoes!

  42. I will buy so much bulk food that I will need an extra closet to put it in (and many, many glass jars). I like buying bulk nuts and coconut there. I’ve been dying to make some cashew cream, so I’ll probably make that.

    With the milks-smoothies. Or even that pumpkin spice latte you made today! Looks sooo good :D

  43. I would stock up on bulk bin items (and maybe a few treats!) at Whole Foods, and would use the milks in a smoothie!

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