Long Overdue

Wednesday afternoon I met up with a dear friend, Ashley

This meetup was long overdue

Like 8 years overdue.

Let me give you the full story.

When Scott and I left Chicago in 2000, we moved to a quiet, quaint, small beach town in North Carolina.  We didn’t know anyone there, but we moved there.  Just because.


It’s beautiful there and we were adventurous, sick of the cold Chicago winters, and we said what the hell.  We picked up our things and moved across the country together.

And we’ve continued to move a lot, but that’s another story.

I was also feeling adventurous one fall day, probably about 11 years ago to.the.day, when I walked into my very first yoga class in an old ballet school for kids.

I had no idea what to expect but Ashley was the teacher and I immediately loved her, and yoga!

I was hooked after my first yoga class, and about 3 months after my very first yoga class, I went to Costa Rica and did my first yoga teacher training at the 200 hour level, at the same facility where Ashley did her certification.

We quickly became friends; we did yoga together, we went out together, we had friends in common, and we were both living such a carefree life as I think back to it all.

I should note that over a decade ago, in a very sleepy small Southern town, yoga was not common.  At all.  As in, kind of unheard of.  People thought it was a religion, a cult, or just crazy hippy stuff.

But Ashley had a vision, and she opened her own yoga studio, and now travels the world doing teacher trainings and hosting retreats.

I was so grateful to have met Ashley and found yoga!

If you are even contemplating becoming a yoga teacher, or just want to strengthen and deepen your own personal practice and don’t even think you want to teach, I strongly urge you to look at Ashley’s teacher trainings and retreats from the mountains of North Carolina to Guatemala to Costa Rica, she is a gem and you will love her.

But back to the story…

After spending a couple years in North Carolina, we left and moved to South Carolina where we owed a house for a couple years, and then made our way to San Diego in 2004.

Ashley and I hadn’t seen each other since probably 2002 or 2003, but she has been in California for a few months.  However, she’s leaving in just a few days and through a series of serendipitous events, we figured this out and decided to meet.

We caught up on eight years of life: men, babies, houses, yoga, photography, blogs, careers, visions, goals, dreams, people we both knew,  who’s doing what now, travel and more.

We covered some major ground at Starbucks in 90 minutes and it felt like we never missed a beat

Ashley drank tea and I was tempted to order something but was saving my caffeine shots for a homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte

It was such a gift to connect with her and she will be back in California, soon.  Right, Ashley?!  And there will be more meetups and more fun times.

Great energy, great conversation, two hippy dippy yoga chicks two women who have grown up so much… reconnecting after all these years.

Fabulous and long overdue.

It’s also long overdue that I make another batch of these Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies (gluten free, vegan adaptable)

I’m having a major peanut butter craving


1. Do you have anyone in your life that even after a long time of not seeing each other or being in touch, that when you do reconnect it was just like old times, right away? 

We are both older, wiser, and have both lived so much life the past decade but it’s like we never lost touch.

I have another friend like this that comes to mind from my childhood.

And this week was my week for meetups and re-connections because I had also just met up with Marla on Tuesday.  A very lucky week for me to spend time with two great gal pals!

2. Are you excited about the weekend?  Any plans?

I am excited for this week to wrap up and downshift gears a bit.  I feel like I’ve been go-go-going nonstop!

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27 comments on “Long Overdue”

  1. Averie what a cool story!!! I’m glad the two of you got to meet up. I have a few friends that I see very rarely — some of them I met online years ago and I only hope to meet them in person one day! It is so nice to have people who make such a positive impact on your life — it makes me want to be that positive influencer for someone else, know what I mean?

    Nothing too exciting this weekend: Twins game on Saturday (lets hope for warmish weather, it was 30 degrees this morning!) and Lion King 3D with my mom and sister on Sunday :)

  2. Aww, so great that you got to meet back up with a friend who you have such a great history with. What a wonderful way to start the weekend!

  3. Very cool to get to re-connect. It’s such a great feeling!


  4. How cool to catch up after 8 years! Very cool! U look beautiful girl! Wish I had that tan!

    Weekend plans, PACKING! I know you KNOW how fun that is : p

    Love ya!

  5. those really are the ebst meet ups. I have a friend who I see maybe every 2-3 years and its always right where we left off. Good friendships do that, right?

  6. I really enjoyed reading this and getting a glimpse into your past ‘carefree hippy’ days as you called them. I’d like to think I’m living those days now, and it’s sort of cool to see how much can change over the course of 10 years or so.
    My group of friends from high school… there are several that I could catch up with for hours and hours and still have everything to talk about, and yet feel like we’ve never missed a single thing. Gosh I love reminiscing, I bet it was so fun for you to write this post and actually talk about and sort of re-live those days with your friend yesterday.

  7. What a lovely story! Her training’s looks awesome too! I have a best friend from grade five that is just like you and your friend. She still lives where we grew up, and I have moved away, but every time we talk it is like no time has passed at all.

  8. How nice to reconnect after so long!! The best friendships are the ones that never skip a beat, even after years of not seeing one another. My best friend Brittani, who I wrote about recently, and I hadn’t spoken for a very long time and when we finally decided to reconnect it was perfect! We had a flawless reunification and nothing felt any different. It’s wonderful to have people like that in your life.

    She sounds like a cool chick. :)

  9. and p.s. Did I know you used to live in Chicago?! Where at?? I lived in Bucktown/Wicker Park and Ang lived in Andersonville.

    • I lived in Chicago for about 4 years in between college and moving to the Carolinas. That’s where I met Scott. His family is all still back there and my sister is there. I lived all over the city from Gold Coast to Wrigleyville and also the western ‘burbs, too!

  10. oh i love seeing old friends after a hiatus!!! it is so fun to catch up and sometimes you feel like you never left them, right?!

    I would kill for one of your cookies right now, averie…like for real send me one LOL (noo don’t but you can in 10 days!!)

    this weekend I am totally taking it easy because I cant really be ‘fun naomi’ until after my show wooop wooppp…posing class and workout sunday morning at my studio!!


  11. ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! HOW MUCH FUN IS THAT!!!! you guys both look so gorgeous too! i loveeee getting together with old friends especially when you haven’t seen them in so long and it just goes right back to the same way it was when you used to see eachother all the time! i think this rekindling of the friendship definitely calls for a nice vacation for you to visit her ;)

  12. I love your blog! You are so inspiring. I have a question, you bake a lot, but do you eat all the sweets you make? Or do you just make them for other people? :)

  13. what an awesome story. i would totally love to take one of ashley’s yoga retreats. you must have a lot of really fun memories of those first yoga days!!
    just within the past year, i have reconnected with several old friends, from long ago days. and i have always been in touch with my friend who i met when i was five. it’s so fun to relive funny times and also to support each other’s evolutions.
    great photo of the two of you!

  14. Thanks, Averie! Of course, there was so much more to the story…right??? You forgot to tell them that when you were leaving the sleepy southern town, I bought your sofa (I’m sure you forgot that anyway!) and had it in my home until I left on my adventure to the West Coast. And, yes, I will be back to Cali!

  15. I have a couple friends like that too. Last time I was at my parents, I was out at, ironically, Starbucks, with a friend and a girl I graduated with 15 years ago showed up! It was like we hadn’t missed a beat. Such a great time.

  16. I have one friend like that. We have been friends for 20-some years. We have been through literally everything. I never thought we would go through all the life experiences we have at this point (losing loved ones, birth, divorce, near death experiences). Many friendships crumble in the face of adversity, but ours has flourished. She now lives in Texas and I am in Connecticut. We try to see each other at least once a year and we never miss a beat. Nothing can beat a friendship like that!

  17. What a great story about meetup, how fun!

    1. Yes, old friends from Florida who I rarely get a chance to see.
    2. Yes, but it won’t be too relaxing gooing through my grandma’s apartment and being on call for work.

  18. How awesome that you were able to reconnect. It’s not often I get to see a lot of my friends, but they’re all good ones so the meetups are always fabulous. And there’s nothing wrong with being a hippy dippy chick :)

    Moms is coming to take me and the boyfriend to lunch tomorrow, and possibly a street festival Sunday. Happy Friday!

  19. Actually I reconnected with a friend a few years ago that moved away before we had the Internet to keep in contact with everyone. When she moved back it was like we hadn’t lost any time at all. Love that!

  20. I am so jealous! Two of my most favorite people in the world together in the same place. WOW! How I miss both of you so very much. When I think about those days….My how we’ve grown. Life is such an amazing journey. Any way I can’t wait till its my turn to visit you…maybe one day. Love ya, your friend always.

  21. You have had some fun meetups lately :-)

    I had a great weekend in Las Vegas, but now I have to buckle down and get loads of work done!!

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