Banana Flavored

I’ve mentioned that I love Tootsie Pops

I bought a new bag yesterday and found one lone banana-flavored Tootsie Pop

Banana-flavored anything tastes nothing like real bananas


I don’t know how they think this tastes like this a banana.

It doesn’t.

But that’s ok.

Most foods with banana flavoring have a really unique taste and you either love it or hate it

Banana Laffy Taffy anyone?

I’ve mentioned that I actually don’t really like bananas by themselves but that in things, they are magical.

I have a Banana Recipes post where I highlight my recipes that use bananas in them:

Microwave Banana Blueberry Oat Cakes (vegan, GF, single serving)

Peanut Butter Banana Bread (vegan, GF)



No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Protein Bars

And more.

Also, if you have any ripe bananas that you need to use up, asap, check it out


1. What’s your take on banana-flavored foods?

Sometimes I am down for the fake banana flavored stuff.  The banana Tootsie pop was good but I think I’m good for a long time with banana flavoring. 

Wait.  Until Halloween and the fun-sized Laffy Taffy’s are out!  Which is soon.

2. Do you like bananas?  Fave way to eat them?

As I said above, I actually don’t really like bananas by themselves but that in things, they are great.

In vegan and/or gluten free baking, bananas are superstars.  They really help replace eggs (moisture + help things bind) and replace gluten (help things bind and stick together) in one fell swoop.

They’re also superstars with frozen (vegan & GF) treats & smoothies, too.

Vanilla Banana Avocado “Ice Cream” anyone?

It’s was 93F here in San Diego today! A scorcher again!

52 comments on “Banana Flavored”

  1. this is HILARIOUS!! I have always wondered WHERE that banana flavor comes from!? no banana I’ve ever eaten. ;)

  2. Banana flavored tootsie roll pop? Odd. Banana laffy taffy? Yummy. But I generally hate fake banana flavor too.

  3. I am the exact opposite of you! I love eating just ripe bananas by themselves or with a bit of nut butter, but I cannot stand anything That is banana flavored! I don’t Even like banana in Smoothies.

  4. I used to hate bananas now I crave them. But banana flavored things never seem to taste right. So real banana whole or in baking and that’s it.

  5. definitely not a fan of banana flavored things…I like bananas but I find that I have to be in a mood to eat them…it’s not a fruit that is a go-to for me. I do, however, use them like crazy in my smoothies!


  6. Banana flavored??? This is wonderful news. I will definitely keep an eye out for these.

  7. Tootsie Pops…. you just reminded me that I might resurrect my Tootsie Roll costume again this year :D

  8. I love banana bread, and bananas by themselves. I might have to try a banana ice cream. Fake flavor is okay, but it definitely doesn’t even remotely taste like actual banana

  9. I try to eat a banana every day, whether alone on in my breakfast smoothie. I’m a such a fan that, in addition to our wedding cake, we had bananas foster prepared and served to every guest at our wedding reception! It was yummy! Good memories :)

  10. Ugh– I HATE banana-flavored things!! So funny, because I love bananas…but I guess you’re right, the banana “flavor” usually tastes nothing like bananas!

  11. I just finished a bowl of blenderized frozen-banana “ice cream” with cocoa nibs on top.
    Can’t stand fake banana flavor, bleccch!

  12. I don’t like banana flavored foods. I love banana bread, but that’s real banana. I don’t even like smoothies with banana in them. They over power the other flavors.

  13. I love banana popsicles!! And I am the same as you..I won’t eat a whole banana, but love them baked in things!

  14. I. Love. Bananas. Right now my favorite way to eat them is in banana soft serve! I can’t remember the last time I had something banana flavored, so I’m not sure what my take is. That banana bread looks amazing! I need to get on that.

  15. I have NEVER seen a banana tootsie pop before!!!!


  16. I HATE BANANA FLAVORED STUFF! sorry to shout. i just am so passionate about my hate for it. i always picked out the naner runts.

  17. I didn’t even know they made banana flavored tootsie pops. Interesting.
    My favorite banana flavored thing: penicillin. I used to get SO happy when I’d get sick as a kid because that meant I got “banana medicine” as we called it. Looking back I could have just had a load of probiotics, rest, and a frozen banana treat. Darn those antibiotics. haha

  18. i totally agree that banana ‘things’ taste nothing like bananas! same with grape…I mean anything grape flavored tastes nothing like grapes LOL but oh well I still enjoy both unless they taste SO fake…bleh

    wow banana tootsie pops! never seen!! my favorite were the strawberry blow pops and cherry tootsie pops…mmm i love them!

  19. i have never been a fan of eating just a banana. seriously, i remember as a kid they made me want to gag.
    but best popsicle flavour? banana! very fake, but it’s tasty!
    and i love banana cupcakes – my mom has the best recipe.
    you’ve got some great banana recipes, averie!

  20. a banana tootsie pop just sounds nasty. banana laffy taffy though is the BOMB! Everytime halloween comes to town I always look for it the most haha ;D

  21. I’m not a huge candy person at all and think fake fruit flavored anything is kind of gross to be honest. I love real bananas though! Favorite, simplest way? Split down the middle with nut butter in between :)

  22. I’ve been away from my google reader for a while and am just now catching up on my reading and my, I have to say I love the new design of your blog! So cute!
    As far as banana flavored things, I think they generally taste really artificial and I’m not a fan. It’s basically a flavor of its own and should be named candied-banana or something.
    I go through banana phases and like them every now and then. Currently I’m loving them :P

  23. you and me need to be the tootsie pop girls! i don’t dig the banana one either but i am into the caramel which you can only find at 99 cent stores!

  24. Yum! I’m with you on the bananas – love them in smoothies and baked goods (and small doses of banana-flavoured sweets) but I am not crazy about bananas on their own…something about the texture!

  25. Yuck… I’ve always thought that banana flavoring is the WORST. I remember when I was little and the last remains of my Halloween candy was always the banana flavored rejects!

  26. I am obsessed with bananas and so is my family. Seriously every time I go to the store I buy at least 5 bunches and the clerks can’t help but ask myself if I have a monkey in the house. I always reply “actually I do!” Check out Merrick’s first year bday party where he was a monkey!

    Great timing with your post and my baking. I made your pb banana bread today for a playdate tomorrow. They were bananas (Channeling my inner Rachel Zoe!) You are so right about them being beyond moist and delicious! I had to put them on top of the fridge so they make it tomorrow! Thanks again for the yummy healthy recipe!

  27. Artificially banana flavored things are the worse. Bananas are by far my favorite fruit! They are a requirement with oatmeal/overnight oats :). Plain banana with nut better, banana bread, soft serve . . . can’t get enough of those!

  28. Haha, you are so funny! I love that you love Tootsie Pops. I am not a fan of banana flavoured things. Reminds me to much or banana medicine! Bleck! I do LOVE bananas though! I bought my 300 dollar Champion Juicer purely so that I could make banana ice cream. Five years later and that is still its main function!

  29. I think those banana tootsie pops are gross and I hate real bananas, but I LOVE banana flavored laffy taffy and the banana runts. Otherwise, no bananas for me. Oh, and banana bread. Love that too.

  30. Whoa, I’ve never scene a banana flavored Tootsie Pop! But agreed on phony banana flavors, not good.

    1. I adore fresh, frozen, and dried real bananas. But some of the fake banana candies just don’t do it for me.
    2. Yes! As soft serve or in smoothies. I also like TJ’s flattened bananas too, great snack to sneak into a movie theater. :-)

  31. Haha fruit flavored things are so funny! Like… watermelon? Uh, no. Cherry and strawberry, too! So silly. Although I do love banana-flavored runts.

  32. I’m with you. Bananas are best as a supporting player and they’re cheap! I can buy them for like $.57 lb. here in Utah.
    Have you ever tried substituting a banana for a marshmallow when making s’mores? Just roast the banana like a marshmallo and enjoy. it is delicious! I prefer them over traditional s’mores regardless of the added benefit of not consuming gelatin.
    If you eat greek yogurt, try blending half a banana with a cup of greek yogurt and a couple tablespoons of peanut butter for breakfast. Also delicious.

  33. i’m not gonna lie…i love banana flavored laffy taffy! but that’s where my artificial banana love ends. past that, i’m only into the real banana flavor :)

  34. I can’t stand banana flavored things. I actually almost ne’er want to eat plain bananas-though growing up we ate them dipped in a pile brown sugar and that wa good but I think I was in it for the sugar-rush. If I do eat one raw these days it had to be still sort if green.
    That being said, I love banana bread. Go fig.

  35. EW! I hate most flavoured stuff now but I ALWAYS hated banana flavour. I dont even like people eating it near me – for real! I do however loev bananas and my fave way is spread with almond butter and topped with cinammon. I also LOVE banana bread and really want to try your GF recipe – not to mention that ICE CREAM!?! Im off to check out the recipe now! xox

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  37. I’m not fond of banana flavouring at all. I’m also not fond of bananas straight up. GAG!! BUT…I do love “real” banana flavour like mashed into oats or cooked into baked goods or made into soft serve. ;)

  38. I LOVE bananas, and I actually love banana-flavored things, but you’re right they don’t actually taste like banana. I didn’t even know they had banana flavored tootsie roll pops. I have never seen one! It sounds awwwwwwwwwwesome!

  39. Everyone loved the pb banana bread! Even the kids ate it right up. I baked them in cupcake molds so they were super cute too!

  40. I have never seen a banana tootsie pop! I do like banana flavoured stuff, like a DQ milkshake with 1 squirt of banana syrup and 1/2 a scoop of cone dip. It is so good, but I haven’t had it since I worked there many, many years ago.

  41. See, nobody pays attention in class. Isoamyl Acetate is used as Banana flavoring, however some products taste a little better. The thing is, that Banana taste you think tastes nothing like a Banana — is EXACTLY what Bananas use to taste like before a Virus wiped out the species.

    Bananas are highly susceptible to decease and have been genetically modified over the years to resist some of those deceases. So you could say, today’s Bananas taste nothing like real Bananas.

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