I recently received these new-to-me bars called Bella Bars

Bella Bars come in two flavors

Cinnamon Nut


and Chocolate Nut

They’re all-natural, raw, vegan, and contain only 12 ingredients

Well, okay, 13 ingredients for the chocolate nut flavor because of the cocoa powder

The taste and texture of them is very Larabar-esque

Dense, chewy, and sweet-ish, but not overly sweet because there’s no added sugar.  It’s amazing what dates can do <–aka, Nature’s Candy

If you like Larabars, you’ll enjoy the Bella Bars, too

And if you have neither Bella or Lara standing by and feel like making your own bars, balls, or bites, try…

No Bake Vegan Sugar Cookie Dough Balls, i.e. add extra cinnamon to resemble the Cinnamon Nut


Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Fudge Balls, i.e.Chocolate Nut

Another thing that’s been bella (beautiful) around here has been spending time outside on a sunny, crisp-but-not-cold, fall day

Still in the high 60s or 70F during the day, I can’t complain

I spent some time editing photos, pre-blogging, answering emails, and doing desk & computer work

I went for a nice run.

And best of all, I spent some quality time with my little bella

I love weekends and family time.  The.Best.

And a few of these from the freezer stash have been bella, too

No Bake Peanut Butter Biscoff Cookie Dough Bites

Use graham crackers (or even animal crackers) rather than Biscoff cookies if you don’t have Biscoffs laying around


1. What’s been bella in your world this weekend? 

Anything particularly beautiful?  Or special, nice or fun?  What’s been going on in your world?

Time with my little girl is always beautiful!  Sounds cliche, but really, just being with her makes me the happiest.

2. Are you amazed at the sheer number of snack/energy/protein/”granola” bars that exist on the market?

I am!

Every time I think I’ve seen or heard of them all, I hear about a new brand or version.

Walking through the aisles of Whole Foods, TJ’s, or just the regular grocery store or even Target amazes me with just how many varieties there are!

Case in point, my Case of Odwalla Bars Giveaway with new a new flavor they just launched.

Between the new brands and the new flavors each brand seems to put out every few months = mind-boggling array of choices

Everything from raw vegan to super high protein and not at all raw or vegan; to low carb to low sugar to high calorie replenishing bars to bars spiked with green tea, caffeine, added fiber, added superfoods, added antioxidants, you name it, there’s a bar for everything. Or for everyone.

I like to make my own balls and bites (which you can make in bar form) and homemade bars, too.

But of course, it’s fun sampling new varieties of the store-bought bars to see what’s out now; what’s new, and what I may just fall in love with next.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. I don’t see how any of those products survive with so many on the market. Max love Larabars. I’m sure he would like these too.

  2. Oh I love Lara bars so I’m sure I’d love these too! Bella this weekend was spending time with my three furballs. I’m always running in and out of the house so to actually be able to spend some time with them has been nice, as I am solely at home this weekend as we pack to move on Monday. That photo of your girl is so beautiful. She’s so lovely!

  3. I love these bars! I feel like I’m being better when I eat bars like this instead of the others out there— Very delicious : )

  4. Our Bella this weekend so far was walking the dogs down by the ocean early Sat. morning. Watching the triathletes who have rolled into town train up and down Alli Dr. here in Kona. They are here to do one of their dreams in a paradise that is like no other.

    Went to the farmers market, lots of cook things but one special thing was the green heirloom tomatoes I plan to make green tomato soup out of. Have some left over from last week to though we tend to use them in every salad and ahi lunch sandwich we make.

    The Bella coming up. Going over to a friend’s house tonight to watch the sunset over the ocean and make our pizzas.

    Tomorrow. A swim in the ocean, maybe see some dolphins and dinner at our house for friends. Making Indian Cuisine. All the vegetables are local. Fun stuff when it comes to mindful food.

    Aloha Wags!

  5. I’ve never seen those. There are SO many out there though, you’re right on that. And just hearing (reading) you talk about your daughter makes me smile.

  6. Skylar is so beautiful! Obviously, since she’s yours. I love her hair..and it’s such a lovely picture Averie!!
    today, the sky over NYC was insanely beautiful, especially the sunset. I forgot to capture a picture but everyone was commenting about it on Facebook, that’s how gorgeous it was. <—that's my true beauty, the fact that so many people were moved by the sky to post about it online.

  7. Skyler has the most beautiful hair! What a cutie!
    Love Lara bars so will give those bella bars a try if I see them!

  8. I love your blog! So happy I found it. I’ve never heard of those bars, but my furbaby is named Bella, so it’s a sign!! I even named my blog about her “walks with Bella”. Newest Follower – tamra x

  9. Well, I actually love bars. But the bars I prefer are like the ones you make…the Magic Eight Bars and the White Chocolate Vanilla Marshmallow Cake Bars. Omg! Sometimes when I am craving dessert that is rich and not dry (I won’t say the dreaded “m” word!) – I just have to LOOK at those bars and I am partly satisfied. Seriously, Averie, I think you have the cornerstone on best and most awesome selection of bars on any blog. If I am going to have a “bar” then I want something like that. Not a Larabar or Bella bar. Still, I can see why people like them. They have clean ingredients, not a lot of sodium and for those who don’t like super sweet, they are great. But give me a Nutella and Peanut Butter Graham Bar with chocolate frosting any day! :-)

  10. I am so jealous. We have such a limited varieties of bar here :(

  11. Huh, I haven’t heard of those bars. Since they’re so close to Larabars, it’ll be interesting to see how well they do. I’m currently in a KIND bar phase, but they don’t sell them here, so I guess I’m in a “no bar” phase, haha.

    Have a wonderful Sunday! :-)

  12. you enjoyed a lovely saturday, by the sounds of it, averie! the sunshine is the icing on the cake!
    i am in the minority of readers who does not like larabars! but i’m always willing to try a new one. have to say, some of my faves are the “frankenfood” sugary, high protein bars – they just hit the spot, some days! i’ve tried a lot of bars over the years…heaven knows, i’m not going to invent my own! :)
    my bella saturday: high sales at the store and super busy with customers (gives me an adrenaline rush!), fabulous sunshine, a gorgeous sunset.
    have a great sunday!

  13. I used to buy bars all the time when I was living in the dorms and needed easier breakfasts. But lately I probably haven’t purchased one in well over a year. They just don’t really satisfy me and I can’t justify the price usually! I’ll stick with some homemade varieties if I need something on the go. This weekend I’m spending it close to home with a bunch of my high school friends just enjoying each other’s company, going out, taking lots of pictures, shopping etc…. Have a great end to your weekend, it sounds lovely so far :)

  14. I worked yesterday so I imagine today a hike with the fiancé will be my bella!:) I love making my own homemade bars, balls, etc., but I love the name of this new bar! It sounds delicious! Where do you buy them? Even though I love making my own, I like trying what’s in the stores!

    Happy Sunday!

    p.s. Your little Bella is Beautiful!!

  15. The Bella Bars look great, but I think their advertising is a little deceptive. The website says “no added sugars”, but the 4th ingredient is agave syrup. It might not contain white, granulated sugar, but when a product has agave syrup, honey, rice syrup, etc, I consider that to be added sugars. What do you think?

    • in many circles agave (or maple, rice, etc syrups) are still considered to be better than white sugar and maybe it is, but yes, it’s still a sweetener and a form of sugar in the end. I could go on and on, but I’m sure we’re on the same page on this one.

  16. Thanks for reviewing those Averie! I hadn’t heard of them prior but they sound right up my alley.

    Yes, totally overwhelmed by the amount of bars, but these days just as many seem to be disappearing from the market as appearing. Tough market.

  17. Nice bar score! They wouldn’t go to waste here! :-) Great weather for you too, but things are finally cooling off here – in the 70s today!

    1. Spending time with my sisters doing a little shopping.
    2. Yes and I rarely buy them except when traveling. The snack bar isle at Sprouts Martket is insane!

  18. i give them props on the 4grams of fibre since many of the raw bars made here are are around 2-3, although i guess it depends on the nuts and seeds huh. Totally agree, there are so many on the market im surprised that more and more keep “sprouting” up lol. But I guess they can come in handy when you really need them, but you can bet i would want yours if given the choice! But the real “Bella” in this post is clearly your gorgeous daughter ;)

    Oh btw, no i don’t use any oil. Sometimes i have used a little coconut oil and/or olive oil in the past but i hated how the bottoms would get soggy. I used water only so that in the oven the squash will absorb it/ any extra will just evaporate and hopefully create a steam effect that keeps the moisture of the food intact. I try to keep the temperature no more than 400F to make sure they don’t burn…usually 385F does the trick. I just like them this way because i agree, you dont want that oily taste. Parchment paper i think is what really helps prevent burning for sure.

    xoxo <3

  19. Our “bella” this weekend was attending a Harvest Beer Fest featuring local craft beer. We were blessed with what we call “convertible weather” this weekend. I keep saying I am going to try some of those fantastic raw cookies you make. I am moving it to the top of my to-do list.

  20. The huge aisle of protein/snack bars shows me that there are entirely too many on the market! Especially since a majority of them are just junk with very little of any recognizable ingredients. Although I have to admit that chocolate peanut butter Zing bars are my favorite, followed closely by Larabars. But I do feel better about homemade versions because then I know I’m saving money and eating closer to home.

  21. My mom and my friends and my bloggie (ehem you guys) friends are bella to me. There are so many energy bars out there! Why not just make em’ yourself? These bars do look great though. Happy Sunday!

  22. Those bars look yum, I love cinnamon.
    Here in Belgium there’s not a huge offer on bars. But I went to London last week and there was plenty of choice, so much that I couldn’t decide which ones to try. I tried a clif bar and a trek bar.

  23. I am with you, it is AMAZING and mind blowing just how many bars there are out there, (and how strikingly similar they all are to one another, ahem) I think it is almost always better to make your own, if not for the fact that you can control the ingredients, just the fact that you can control the taste! I love making balls more than bars, like you. I made them weekly last summer! ALSO!! I got the Wasa Crisps I won from you in the mail! Thank you again, and I will be blogging about it tomo! <3

  24. Glad you had a nice weekend and spent some time with Skylar :)

    The best part of my weekend was cooking birthday dinner for my mom and her boyfriend, and getting some things off my mind that were really weighing me down!

  25. I don’t know who is eating all those bars! I rarely eat bars … they just aren’t my thing.

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  27. Those Bella Bars looks delicious!

  28. Crossing my fingers i win!

  29. It seems every time I grocery shop, there is a new brand of bar or at least a new flavor of a current brand. It would take me years to try every variety (but I am lucky to have so many to choose from). I have yet to try the Bella bars. They sound delish!

  30. I agree about the amazing variety of granola bars! They almost all sound good, especially all of the Larabar flavors, but I try to make my own rather than buy packaged as much as possible…although some sound too good to pass up, like the seasonal CLIF bars (pumpkin pie please hurry up and get here!) I just saw Bella bars at Whole Foods today! Maybe I’ll win some and won’t have to buy them to try them..

  31. i’m totally amazed at amount of energy/protein bars out there and how much some of them resemble candy bars! that’s why i appreciate well-made, whole food bars like these!

  32. Well it has been a very low week but I’d like to search for the bella side of life, in which I can name your beautifull recipies, a few beauty gurus on youtube (thepersianbabe,healthdiet,juicysatr07), the fact that my dad is going to buy me the metamorphosis by tracy anderson!!!, dates (whoch are for me are nature’s most
    yummy chocolate),. Thank you for much for your wonderful blog and this little question that lift my spirit and made me more thankful for the the things I have in my life.

  33. Wow, your no bake Peanut Butter Cookie bites look delicious, I might have to give them a try. I’m actually not as shocked by the number of granola bars available, but rather that there are so many that really are not all that healthy. It’s hard to find a good fit.

  34. The more healthy granola bars on the market, the better. I’m a huge fan, although it is tough making a decision sometimes.

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