Cake, Bread & Gluten

I received these Bauducco Panettone Cakes as part of my relationship with FoodBuzz as a Featured Publisher

I had never tried a cake like this before

It looks like a giant muffin until you cut into it and then…


…It’s more like fluffy, light, airy bread

From the Bauducco site: “Bauducco Panettone is a moist and ready to eat specialty cake loaded with a variety of SunMaid raisins with candied fruits and Hershey’s chocolate chips!”

I found the bread itself to be slightly sweet and then there’s chocolate melted into it.

Yum.  It was really good and I could have really gone to town on this stuff.

I didn’t have more than a couple bites because gluten and me really do not get along well and I didn’t want to have a horrible stomach ache.

But Skylar got along very well with this bread!

That’s actually her eating pizza samples at TJ’s from a few months ago but she enjoyed the chocolate Panettone cake in similar face-stuffing type fashion while proclaiming, “Mommy, this is good bread!

I noticed a recipe for french toast on one of the boxes.  I think we need to try that and start using some of this bread up.

Because I still have the box of raisin Bauducco Panettone Raisin Cake to dive into, too.

And now it’s time to announce the winner of the Hoodie & Leggings Giveaway:

Ilana September 27, 2011

“right now I’m obsessed with this pair of Beyond Yoga pants I just bought. They’re so comfortable I bought two other pairs in different colors.”

Congrats, Ilana!

All the talk of cake and bread reminded me of…

Peanut Butter Banana Cake

or Peanut Butter Banana Bread

Both versions are gluten-free, vegan, and will make your house smell like a million bucks.  Peanut butter and bananas baking have a tendency to do that.

And being that I have cake on the brain, I was also thinking about Angel Food Cake & Berries

I styled the food and took the photos at one of the food photography workshops I attended  <— life changing event and I believe it changed the course of my life and what I want to be when I grow up


1. Do you like bread? Would you prefer bread or cake?

Scott is a huge bread lover.

When I went gluten-free and I was strictly GF for about 5-6 years, I never really missed bread.  Sure, it would have been nice to have a hearty, chewy bagel with cream cheese or a warm piece of toast with melted butter or peanut butter on it every  now and then, but the loss of bread wasn’t really that big of a deal to me.

However, I love cake, cookies, donuts, brownies, blondies, you name it, I never met one of those items that I didn’t like.  And the loss of the traditional versions of those was hard to adjust to.

2. Do you eat gluten?

Going gluten free forced me to learn how to cook and bake without using gluten-containing ingredients and for most of that time I was also vegan, so no eggs or butter, either.

Gluten-free vegan baking can be tricky but lots of trial and error and experimenting was how I learned.

Recently, and on a very limited basis, I do use eggs and butter in my baking, but prefer to make things that don’t need eggs, don’t need egg-substitutes, and don’t call for gluten-containing flours.  i.e. these Caramel Apple Bars

Sometimes it’s really hard to navigate around using an egg or a little all-purpose flour but I try my hardest not to use it because:

1. it’s hard for me to tolerate and digest gluten


2. I think it’s hard for most people’s systems so why use it if you don’t have to and can use something else instead

Just my own personal choices and to each her own.

As an aside, the gluten in certain foods does more of a number on me than in others, and bread is unfortunately one of those foods that I need to be really careful with.

Overall, I am less sensitive to gluten than I used to be because I believe I’ve healed my gut; but I also don’t abuse the privledge and go crazy with gluten, either, which would render me right back where I was with gluten issues, pain, and upset.

There are things I’ve trialed back in, but have had to cycle them back out, i.e. Included No Longer

It’s such detective work to figure out what works, what doesn’t, and certain days some foods are more likely to cause symptoms but on other days they don’t bother me as much.

And if you can go to town on bread, bagels, pizza crust, crackers and chips, pastries or baked goods that have gluten in them with no ill effects, more power to you and enjoy!

P.S. Don’t forget to enter the Case of Bella Bars Giveaway


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  1. Panettone also makes an awesome bread and butter pudding (if you can tolerate gluten obviously!)

    I’m not gluten-free at all but my dad has been a celiac since 1985 so I grew up with the idea of eating gluten-free. It’s definitely a lot easier to do it these days than it was 25 years ago!

  2. That chocolate chip panettone sounds really good. I’ve been meaning to try making French toast or even bread pudding with panettone but it just never seems to last long enough in my house when I get it!

  3. That bread looks pretty good. Well, the chocolate chip one anyway. I really don’t like raisins in anything. I’m a huge bread person though. I have a bad habit of buying too much “variety” and then I end up with tons of moldy loaves because I can’t eat them as fast/often as I’d like…
    I tried going gluten-free when I first started having my GI issues (even though they ruled out celiac disease). I wasn’t tolerating anything at the time and was so sick and undernourished that I couldn’t function, so I was desperate for a miracle cure. Gluten-free wasn’t it for me. You said “to each her own” and I couldn’t agree more.
    Btw, I feel your pain on foods causing symptoms on some days and not on others. I thought I was the only one with that issue! I’m so glad I’m not just crazy… :) Good luck, and I am glad you’ve been able to heal at least to the point where you can indulge a little bit.

    • You may have some IBS issues (gosh, I think we all have them some days) but you may want to read up on FODMAPS. It’s basically eliminating certain foods from your diet while your gut heals, then reintroducing them. You want to eliminate foods that are high in FODMAPS and eat low fodmap foods. If you “cheat” <--hate that word but let's use it...if you cheat on a day and eat the "wrong" foods..your body, gut, etc is already taxed and so then when you eat a food that is sometimes "okay" isn't ok that day b/c you've already had the "wrong" foods. Sorry if this is not making sense but I'm trying to paraphrase books and websites in 2 sentences :) Google FODMAPS and start reading :)

      • Thanks for the tip! I actually do have IBS, severe gerd, and mild gastroparesis. The gp and ibs were caused by ulcer meds and I have been healing slowly since going off of them almost 3 years ago (which the docs told me was impossible without pills…Haha I showed them!). I have been reintroducing foods for the past year and a half or so, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. Basically I do what I call “intuitive eating” and it’s been a lifesaver.

  4. never tried panettone – i’d be enthusiastic to try a version with chocolate! go with your french toast idea – that sounds awesome!
    i can take or leave bread…but i’m with you on donuts, squares, cookies – those are enjoyable! i am mostly GF, not 100%. i can have gluten in small doses (cereals!) but several servings?? it would not be fun to be around me, if you catch my drift…
    happy friday!

  5. Surprisingly, gluten is one stomach intolerance I don’t have. Living with Cohron’s has taught me so much about what I can and can not digest but thankfully, I don’t have to worry about wheat. My friend, however, just found out that she has a major gluten intolerance and now may be diagnosed with Celiac. She has been trying to find alternatives to just about everything these days.

  6. i always wanted to try that bread, just wish thy had a GF version. I bet it would not be nearly as fluffy. But like you, I’m not really a bread person. Looks pretty though!

  7. Rob gets a couple of those Panettone breads from his customers every Christmas. He loves them, but I can’t stand them! It’s got that same “candied fruit” flavor as fruitcake, which I hate.
    I rarely eat gluten/wheat products any more, even though I’m not celiac.
    Do you know about the Wheat Belly book and website that’s all the rage right now?

  8. I do gluten occasionally. Since Tony has celiac and my grandmother has it, I figure it does me and the boys some good to go light on it until we are all properly tested for the disease. I’m a bread and cake person. I prefer bread toasted and I LOVE angel food cake! I think I may make my gluten free angel food cake this weekend!

  9. I’ve had panettone before, but I’ve always found it to be disappointingly dry :-(

  10. Pannetone makes the BEST bread pudding. I use the kind with fruit – it’s a little orange-y from the citron. Then eggs and milk (or half and half, just in case the bread isn’t rich enough for you), some sugar and vanilla. I toss some bittersweet chips in with the bread, pour the custard over and bake. It’s KILLER!!! With ice cream, even more so.

    I don’t know that I have any gluten issues, so I just enjoy this when I can. I keep meaning to make french toast, but never have gotten around to it.

  11. Jason picked up a small Panettone a couple of years ago to try at Christmas. It was just soso in my book, but he and my sister polished it off. Now she is GF. Maybe my gift to her could be to find a GF recipe for it ;-)

  12. Those look like something my mom would love. They scream Midwest to me for some reason. Not in a bad way at all. Just…yeah.

    I had a conversation just a couple days ago with a colleague about gluten. He asked what the hardest part for me was and I honestly can say that, for as much as I loved sandwiches, I don’t miss bread or pasta AT ALL. I think I just liked sandwiches for their ease, but now, throw a ton of veggies in a bowl, steam, add sauce – that’s even easier than a sandwich. And no soggy bread.

    Anyway, the thing I miss most about gluten is beer. But on the bright side, the whole GF thing has made me appreciate whiskey even more. :D

  13. I will take bread over cake anyday — especially if it is a good crusty loaf of french or sourdough. I love bread like that with butter on top. And if I have cake I prefer it to have it without frosting. I know, most people love the frosting but I just don’t care for it.

  14. I haven’t done much cooking without gluten, but I have a feeling it doesn’t sit very well with me. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t sit well with most people, but it doesn’t bother me enough to avoid it completely.

  15. oh yay :) can’t wait to rock them when I teach!!

    my dad uses the raisin panettone to make stuffing for thanksgiving, mixing it with veggies and pouring veggie broth over before roasting. yum. I tend to stay away from gluten … it makes me fall asleep!

  16. For me, crusty, savory bread is what was hard to let go of. I can do without baked goods as long as i have a chocolate bar in site. But for a while it was hard to pass up quality bread. I don’t mean plain sandwich bread, I can do without that. But these days the cravings are pretty much entirely gone. When you eat a certain way for such a long time it becomes so second nature.

  17. Every Easter my Mom bakes homemade panatone. To get that big muffin effect, she lets the dough rise in coffee tins….

  18. Panettone is one of my favorite bread!!! there’s an argentinian kind that i really like, it only has chocolate chips in it! so so good! i have g.i. issues every night basically so i’m starting to wonder if i have a bit of sensitivity to gluten. i know i’m lactose intolerant already.

  19. I agree that panettone makes excellent french toast!

    I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease, even though I don’t have many of the typical symptoms. It really caught me by surprise because I LOVE bread (I can leave sweets) and had no idea that my body was reacting to it in negative ways. I guess it’s nice that giving up gluten seems to be the new “diet” trend because I’ve been pretty lucky finding GF options everywhere I go. :)

  20. I’ve never had that bread before and I prefer my bread dense and chewy – artisan breads are a staple in our house and we lucky that my husband works with a man who also owns his own cafe and bakes his own bread – it is fabulous! I definitely prefer bread over baked goods :)

  21. I wish I could eat gluten because I love all sorts of soft, doughy, bready things. I never really thought about it, but I don’t really miss actual bread either. I miss cinnamon rolls, pancakes, cake, etc. All things that are fine in moderation for others, but aren’t even options for me especially because I can’t handle guar or xanthan gum either. I bought a gluten-free cookie once and it crumbled into dust onto my lap. No good! Those are things I miss.

  22. Panettone bread/cake is an Italian bread. The original is made with raisins, and orange zest, and maybe some sort of nut, but no chocolate chips. And when you slice it, you sprinkle icing sugar over top. It was always traditional to have it on christmas eve, and christmas morning as breakfast. We italians like our sweets! I’ve made french toast with it, its amazing! I love this stuff, could definitely eat it all the time! Thankfully we only have it around christmas. We would always bring it as a present to my Nonna and Nonno (grandma grandpa) cause they all come in neatly decorated boxes. You can also cut it like a star shape, and the slice it horizontally so you get stars. My dad used to do it that way.

  23. Looks tasty! Im much more of a bread girl than a cake girl! But it has to be goooood bread! Hope y’all have a nice weekend

  24. I have never heard of this bread/cake/muffin thing (HAHA)! Being that I’m gluten-free now, I won’t be trying it. But I’m LOVING trying new gluten-free goodies (baking them, at least!)

  25. That banana bread has my name smeared all over it. Delicious! :D

  26. ooooh i should be getting those soon! they’re so italiano haha i only know this because when we went to my brother’s girlfriend’s parents house for dinner they served it like straight from an italian bakery. i wasn’t a fan but i know my younger brother will be! guess he’ll be doing that review haha

  27. Pannetone reminds me so much of Italian Christmas! It’s a staple there for the holidays, I LOVE IT!

  28. I like bread, but I’m like you: don’t live for it. I adore cake, brownies, etc. So if he choice were between giving up cakey stuff and bread-y stuff, I’d give up bread in a heartbeat.

    As for gluten, I do limit it. Seems I feel and look better with less of it in my diet, but thankfully, I’m not allergic or even highly sensitive to it.

  29. I prefer bread to cake most of the time (depends on the bread/cake).

  30. The bread looks wonderful, great pics!

    1. Yes and probably bread compared to cheap, dry sheet cake. If it’s a raw choc cake, that’s another story. :-)
    2. Yes, I’m not allergic. But I don’t eat a lot of it and usually only when eating out.

  31. Though I am not GF, I´m not that much into bread, I eat it maybe 3 times a month?
    I find it really easy these days to get substitutes and often I prepare GF meals, just because I think gluten might not be so good, but I honestly never feel a difference when I skip gluten. Must be because I simply am not allergic ;)

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