Check, Please

I  mentioned recently that I love Wonder Woman

I used to have Wonder Woman checks

And was poking around on some online check printing sites because I realized that I’m almost out of my current checks.

I almost bought Wonder Woman checks again.


And I used to have Betty Boop checks, too

But then I saw these and went with them

I don’t even like Dr. Pepper but I just love this:

I’m a Pepper

Orange Crush

And the vintagey vibe of the 7-Up reminds me of my grandma and my childhood where I drank many cans of 7-up

Root beer.  Not a fan of root beer or beer.

But I love the vintage-ey vibe of the checks!  Something 70s-ish about them that I am digging.

A quick google search for a coupon code saved me big time, too.

One box was going to be about $18.95 but after the code one box was going to be $6.95 and two boxes were only $7.44

So I got two boxes.

At the rate I write checks, I will have this supply until Skylar is in high school.

We’ve moved so many times since I last ordered checks that it will be nice to have my current address actually printed on them and I won’t have to scribble out the old address (about 3 addresses ago) and write in the current one.

I hope we don’t move from this place for a long time.  I’ve got way too many checks on the way!

On other matters, the winner of the No More Pests Giveaway is:

chelsea September 4, 2011

“Pigeons creep me out the most. I went to New York and they come walking right up to you and it’s so creepy. They’re huge too and keep squawking! Ack.”

Congrats, Chelsea


1. Do you write out checks?

I rarely write out checks anymore and pay as much as possible online or my bills are auto-drafted from my checking account.

But, there are still times and situations where good ole fashioned paper checks are needed.

2. Do you have “cute” checks or themed checks or do you stick with more of the solids and basic varieties?

I usually sport some cuter or themed checks just because well, I am not a solids or basics girl.  May as well express a little flair and funk with my checks.

P.S. If you’re just catching up on posts from over the weekend, here are mine:

Have a great (and short) week!

41 comments on “Check, Please”

  1. I rarely right out checks. I might write one to pay a doctors bill or magazine bill when I can’t pay them online.

  2. I almost never write checks. ours are pretty basic, no frills. My grandmother had chickens when we were kids (like the fancy kind with top knots and such). I had one named Betty Boop ;-)

  3. I don’t often write cheques, but mine have kittens on them! Very cute, indeed! ;)

  4. I write checks as seldom as possible. There aren’t many things more annoying to me than being behind someone in a long grocery store line who’s sloooowly writing out a check for their groceries. AAHH!

  5. I like the checks you ordered!

    I write maybe 4-5 checks per year — we do online bill pay for everything and it is so rare that we’re not able to pay with cash or our check card. But every once in a while we need the checkbook! (good for wedding gifts!)

    I used to buy the theme checks but I never ended up needing them, so now we just go with the plain jane ones from the bank.

  6. I write about 5 checks a year. I need knew ones but am waiting until I figure out if I am going to move or stay put for a while. When I do order checks it is usually something fun- bright colors or patterns.

  7. I probably only write one cheque a year but I didn’t even know you could get such cute cheque books! If I had some, I’d definitely write more cheques.

  8. I never write checks…so I don’t have them. My bank (bank of america) has online check writing, so I can just go in and put in the name, amount, address of who to send the check to and they do it for free. I use it for rent and used to for car payment when I had that–set it up for a monthly check to be sent and never had to think about it. If I have to write a check and hand it to someone I just get a money order at the bank. I think that’s happened twice….

  9. I like your new checks too – especially the 7UP. I had fun checks in college, when I wrote many more (they were Star Trek checks… #Nerd.

    I have checks but they are basic. I write so few checks – probably less than 5 a year. I pay ALL the house bills online, and get MOST bills to my email, too. The water bill still comes in the mail, they won’t do paperless.

    I think the last check I wrote was for taxes. boo. ;)

  10. I am LOVING those checks! :) They’re too cute! The price is even better!

  11. That must be a total pain to have to scribble in the new address every time you write a check! When I was little I made my mom buy Spongebob checks & a Spongebob checkbook…now she is stuck with it for a while :) I rarely ever write checks, most of the time I am able to take care of things online (thank goodness). When I do have to write them though, they are a pain!

  12. nope, I doubt we even have these here :D
    Online banking is really good here, banking transfers from people to people, to pay bills, everything

  13. I don’t even have a checkbook anymore. Ihaven’t for about 5 years. My bank will “write” checks for me and mail them for free, so there is really no point to it.

    LOVE the Wonderwoman checks!! I used to have an Orange Crush t-shirt in high school, and wore it until it was in tatters.

  14. This is CA-RACKING my face up. I hardly ever write checks. I’ll write one every other month to our water company because THEY DON’T HAVE ONLINE PAY. Is that not janky to the MAX?

    Oh, and I have regular boring yawn your face off checks.

  15. Haha! I LOVE the Wonder Woman checks!

    I actually just had to order new ones and had to stop myself form going theme-crazy! I was pimping my checks in the most extravagant of styles that I totally forgot that I would be spending money WITH them as well, not only ON them haha. Needless to say, now I have the boring standard layout, but hey– a girl can dream :D

  16. how cute!! I didn´t even realize you could buy different styles!!! Growing up in Germany, I have never used checks.

  17. These look so awesome. I don’t write cheques anymore though, seems they’re just dying out :(. So sad when you look at how cool these ones are!

  18. When I was growing up, I always loved flipping through the check-design booklet things that my mom would get. I basically wanted a checkbook right then so that I could have neat horsey-themed checks, haha. Of course, now that I’m old enough to have a check book…I don’t bother with it, and just use my debit card. And kick myself in the foot when I’m somewhere that doesn’t accept it, because I never have cash on me, either :P

  19. I write two checks a month – one to my girls’ acting coach and one to the utility company. I’ve been wondering when they will go by the wayside I have checks I love, too – a woman kneeling down and touching the fingers of a chimp with several other animals (cartoon drawing, of course). By the way, I’m a major fellow Betty Boop fan!

  20. Isn’t the price of checks ridiculous!? I hardly ever write them and just last month ran out and was about to order some more but then discovered you can add pretty much anyone to online bill pay, not just banks and/or companies that you have an account # with. I’m probably the last person on earth to discover this but it was enlightening for me and I didn’t end up ordering the checks and have just done everything online since!

  21. My checks couldn’t be more plain. I think they are still the first free set they sent me when I opened up a checking a few years ago. Now that I write rent checks they have been going a bit faster, but I also do all my bills online. So much easier! I love the ones you chose, so cute.

  22. I have Hello Kitty checks! I love them, perfect for my Hello Kitty obsession. haha

  23. Neat! My roommate has tie dye checks and I’m soooo jealous, I’m totally getting them next time. I write a bunch because I have to pay the roomie for rent and bills, and it’s way easier than heading to the ATM every time!

  24. I love your checks of choice!

    I’ve actually never owned a check book in my life. I tend to use my credit card more than anything, and I just pay it off right away. Although there are definitely times when checks would come in handy. And it would be fun to write one out in such a personalized way. :mrgreen:

  25. I always have a check in the back of my wallet for emergencies, but I can’t remember the last time I wrote one. I throw everything on my Visa card, and Rob pays it all on-line every month, along with all our other bills.

  26. Ok Averie, don’t worry because you are definitely NOT the only person who didn’t know about the bank check writing service! I still use paper checks but only to pay my rent. I ran out a few months ago and had to order more — more than I’ll probably ever need! I love cute checks though — mine are a bunch of Eastern landscapes/landmarks. Yours are adorable!

  27. I have a breast cancer check book where the money I used to buy the book was donated to an organization =D I use it sometimes though like at the dental office and other places.

  28. I have never seen crazy checks like that before. I just have boring, regular ones.

  29. Adorable checks.

    In case you haven’t seen: Target has vintage look t-shirts with some similar old school soda logos on them. The catch? They’re in the men’s section. Really soft and great for lounging around the house in. About $9 a shirt.

  30. Ha! I hate checks and rarely use them…these are really cool though. Even though I hate soda, those graphics are dang cool!

  31. I hardly ever write cheques anymore. Online banking is the way to go for me.
    When we lived in our apartment building, I paid the rent with cheques.
    Nothing fancy on our cheques: boring blue background with black font.

    We were moving around so often for a while that I got the cheques without an address on them, and then just wrote it in – or used an address label. Easiest way to keep the cheques current :)

  32. I write a few checks. I like getting a physical bill (which I know is awful for the environment) but has helped me many a time to prove that I have actually paid for something or can tell me exactly what the charges were for without later being changed online. Which I have had happen before, it said one thing and then magically said something else. Uh uh, print that out and send me a copy and THEN I’ll prove what I know to be true.

    I actually tried to get fancy checks once, but my credit union has a weird way of doing them so when I got the checks they were worthless. I filled in all of the appropriate info, but there was no box for some extra numbers that my credit union throws on there. Waste of money! That’s fine, I’ll stick with my boring checks then!

  33. Love the checks, very fun and vintage! I used to be nuts for Dr. Pepper in high school.

    1. Rarely, maybe 2 a month. But I always get stuck behind people taking forever to write them at gorcery stores. :-P
    2. Yes, mine are vintage women of the 20s.

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