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Happy National Coffee Day.  I assure you, I didn’t plan this post for this day.  I am just not that clever or organized.  And didn’t even know it was National Coffee Day until some people mentioned it in the comments (edited to add this)

I was recently received this Peet’s Coffee for review as part of my relationship with FoodBuzz as a Featured Publisher

A perfect gift in the mail for me.  Never met a coffee I didn’t like.  Some are better than others, but ya know.

The Cafe Solano and Cafe Domingo are both delicious.  Medium bodied, crisp, but full of flavor with hints of sweetness.  Perfect everyday coffees.


I have always loved Peet’s.  I had never tried Peet’s until about 8 or 9 years ago when I was in San Francisco and stumbled upon a Peet’s coffee shop so I walked in.  I didn’t know at the time what a serendipitous happenstance that was.

What I admire and enjoy about Peet’s is that their coffee quality is excellent.  They handcraft their coffee in smaller batches with higher quality beans, and I can really taste the difference.  Always rich and smooth, just the way I like my coffee.

This quote from their website says it all “His style of coffee was a radical departure from what was then available, emphasizing smaller batches, freshness, superior quality beans, and a darker roasting style that produced coffee with richness and complexity”

Two thumbs up for the coffee they sent me as well as this reusable mug.

If you are ever near a Peet’s coffee shop, go in and try a cup. Not only for the coffee, but because their coffeeshop atmosphere, is fabulous.

Or if you live in San Diego, pull up a chair on the patio.

The vibe is calmer and less rushed compared to other coffee shops.  And none of  that being so crammed at the cream and sugar station that you want to run for the door as fast as possible.

And as a bonus: The baristas at Peet’s don’t scream out your order or any other patron’s orders at the top of their lungs.  Because who really cares that a stranger named Susan ordered a venti sugar free vanilla four pump soy latte with extra foam.

What am I going to use the coffee for?

You guessed it

Vanilla Iced Coffee

Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Or just…drinking as is

Love your coffee as much as I do?

Check out this post for reviews and mentions of dozens of varieties and brands of coffee that I’ve sampled

And what will I pair my coffee with?

Oh that’s easy dessert because cakes, bars, or cookies just go with coffee, right?

White Chocolate Blondies with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting


Snickers Bar Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies


1. Have you ever tried Peet’s Coffee?  What’s your fave brand of java?

2. If you order coffee from a coffee shop, do you ever drink it there, or do you grab it and go?

What I enjoy about Peet’s is that they take time to give you a great cup of coffee and make the atmosphere as nice as the coffee and for me, that counts for almost as much as the product itself.

I’ve mentioned recently that for me atmosphere matters.  It was regarding hair salons.  But coffee shops, hair salons, clothes shopping, or really any business, I don’t want to linger if the vibe is not soothing or tranquil or peaceful.

Too much shouting, banging, music blaring, people bumping into me, tons of hustle and bustle, nah, not my something I enjoy anymore so I avoid those types of establishments and businesses.

I wish, however, that I had time to just linger in coffee shops.  To just sip my coffee, savor the moment, people watch, and watch the world pass me by.  Ahhh, those are fantastic memories of my single life and pre-kiddo days.  And with memories, I mean distant memories.

Nowadays, life is too busy and rushed for me to stop and smell the roses smell the coffee beans and just plop down with my coffee and a book, magazine, or just zone out at a coffee shop.  But I want to make time for that again.

The closest I get to chilling at coffee shop are during meetups with friends like Marla, Amber, or Madeline (<–also distant memories with those meetups, sniff sniff)

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  1. glad you got to enjoy the coffee, averie! perfect for ya!
    i still have not recovered my coffee luv since i had the flu in august. i’m drinking a cup of decaf some afts, but it’s not out of coffee love…more because i want something other than water to drink, and i have coffee to use up.
    i LOVE hanging out in coffee shops, to blog or to read. but i rarely do it. easier to stay home – and cheaper!
    have a great day!

  2. I’m checking out your post dedicated to coffee reviews right now– I’m a huge coffee fan, so I’m willing to try any recommendations. Peet’s coffee sounds great, but that Pumpkin Spice Godiva one you sampled a few days ago still has my toes curling :)

  3. the presentation of your photo very applied, I must emphasize texture, too, is coffee I know I am a big fan of coffee

  4. I’m a coffee nerd, I love talking about different roasts and where it came from and how that affects taste. And I do love Peet’s, and I love that its fairly inexpensive for quality coffee at my grocery store. We have some awesome, funky, chill coffee shops here that I love brining my work to do. In that case I always plan to grab a cup and savor it while I work. And I meet up with friends or go out with friends on the weekends occasionally for coffee. I’ve heard that down south, it is not as common to meet up with someone for a cup of coffee, but much more of a northern thing.

  5. I don’t drink coffee (I’m a tea fiend), but I think I’m going to have to start just so I can enjoy your vanilla iced coffee. It manages to look decadent and refreshing at the same time. And with a chocolate chip blondie on the side (or just a vat of the icing, actually) I’d be such a happy gal. :-)

  6. Everything goes with coffee.

  7. ohmygoodness! So funny that you were to write this post today. I’m in the middles of writing a pst about coffee, too, because guess what? It’s national coffee day (totally serious.).

    And I adore coffee. I remember being 5 and sipping my mom’s coffee, and loving it! I wanted it all the time, but my parents didn’t let me have it because of the whole “stunt your growth” and “caffeine” stuff. I was so happy to grow up and finally drink coffee. I just adore the flavor and the warmth.

  8. I’m such an oddball – I’ve only ever sat down and had coffee at a coffee shop once. I really only drink coffee in the morning at work. It’s sort of part of my routine for the morning. But I never think about coffee again the rest of the day and rarely on the weekends.

  9. mmm what a fun taste test :) Peet’s is my MILs favorite coffee. I enjoy it to! Theres only a few coffees I DON’T like though ;). I usually take my coffee to go- but I love meeting up with friends for a cup too

  10. Never heard of Peet’s before! Maybe it’s not in my neck of the woods yet!


  11. did you KNOW it’s National Coffee Day? :D

    we LOVE Peets!

  12. I can’t go a day without drinking my beloved coffee! I have had Peet’s before and liked it :)

  13. I LUV coffee…going to take full advantage of national coffee day! Crazy that you didn’t plan this post..some things are meant to be!! We don’t have a Peet’s in Fort Collins but anytime we visit Denver or Boulder we stop as love the atmosphere and their delicious soy lattes…wished they offered almond milk though!

    Have a great day!

  14. We have a Peet’s right across the street from a Starbucks, and it’s actually much more crowded than Starbucks; there’s usually a line hanging out the door! I went last month for the first time because one of the Y members invited me to come by so he could fix me whatever I wanted. I got a soy latte and it was delicious, and he put a heart design into the foam like this:
    (No, he’s not sweet on me; I’m pretty sure he’s gay!)

  15. I LOVE coffee but I have to be careful because they trigger my panic attacks…..I dont have a fave but when I order from coffee shope (very rarely) I get anything vanilla. :)

  16. i love ordering coffee in a coffee shop and sitting there to enjoy it. even if I have no work to do– i’m the biggest fan of “people watching” and just enjoying the aroma of coffee!

  17. Where would we be without coffee? It is seriously awesome. I spent a lot of my time at University studying at one of the local coffee shops. It was warm, cozy and relatively quiet (noise wise) for a University town. Recently I have started taking a couple of hours each Sunday to go to a local coffee shop to blog and have some ‘me’ time. My husband hangs out with the boy so it’s a win-win situation :)

  18. I LOVE the smell and taste of coffee but I’m so sensitive to caffeine. I already start to get shaky in my hands after a cup of black tea! Yeah…it has the same effect white sugar has on me, though without as bad of a crash after.

    If I do have it I use decaf and I love to cook with it, use it to flavour things, that way I get the flavour but without the strong hit of caffeine. Yum!

  19. I don’t drink coffee, although I have seen a Peet’s coffee shop before. Good to know that there are some places with what sounds like a much better atmosphere!

  20. I gave up coffee for 2 years but recently I started drinking it again! I love everything about it– the smell, taste, warmth– so delicious– I don’t know what I did for 2 years without it : )

  21. There’s a Peet’s in Boston! I’m not a coffee drinker but the boyfriend is (understatement of the year). We sometimes go to coffee shops with WiFi to do work!

  22. Never have had Peet’s (yet). I really like Starbuck’s Verona, Steep and Brew’s Italian Espresso–anything that’s a bold roast. In goes Stevia and LOTS of 1/2 & 1/2. The coconut creamer is pretty darned good too. I’m a grab and go girl…on my way to work. Once in a while Paul and I go to a coffee house. There used to be a wonderful place called “Jitters” and on Tues nites they had live music–we’d meet some friends there. 2 guys playing acoustic guitars. Sadly it’s gone, but I have great memories.

  23. When travelling we stop in the coffee shops and drink our tea there. Sitting and enjoying the scenery, people watching, reading a book or magazine or local paper.

  24. I am a coffee connoisseur! I have to know everything about it, bean origin, roasting time, additives, etc. So I lean more towards small eclectic coffee shops where their main focus is on producing a great cuppa joe, as opposed to loading you with syrups, whipped cream, and pastries.

    As an previous *bucks barista, the calling out of the drink contents is used as a means of final quality assurance check. However, I personally HATE having my drink contents called out!
    I am a sit and read kind of person, the atmosphere of a coffee shop makes so much of a difference to me.

    I’m not really a fan of Peet’s, but I think my only experience with them was a fluke at the end of the night with stale coffee. Other than that I live for Jones Coffee Roasters in Pasadena, Barclay’s Coffee and Tea in Northridge, and Living Room Cafe in San Diego!!!

  25. Just making your blondies from the picture above. Can’t wait for them to finish baking. It’s a little too late here to have them with a coffee now as its past 10pm, I’m already in my PJ’s and was actually ready for bed but then I saw this picture and thought they’re exactly what I need after the work day I had. Decided to skip the frosting though (just can’t wait that long ;)) and put some peanut butter directly into the blondies instead. So I just want to let you know that your recipes and picture are powerful at creating cravings for sure ;)

    • You’re making the blondies? Well LMK how you like them!

    • They’re divine. I seriously feel much better now after some chocolaty sugary goodness. I had one pretty much straight away after like 2 mins of cooling and they didnt let me down. I actually had two in a matter of 10 minutes. Gonna leave the rest now to properly cool and an then frost them tomorrow even though they are already great by themselves – but it can only get better with more chocolate on top, right? :)

  26. Oh great, it’s national coffee day during the week I decide to do a cleanse (Garden of Life Raw Cleanse — really gross stuff by the way) so I’m not supposed to drink caffeine. And….I heard lots of places giving away free coffee, bummer for me. However, I did enjoy a cup of CocoCeps instead of coffee this morning. It’s chocolate, so I think even you might be able to forego a cup of cofee for this. However, the CocoCeps still has natural caffeine due to the chocolate, but I was willing to risk it :). It was a sample that I received in an iHerb order so I decided to have it instead of Teecino. Okay, my real reason for the comment…..Clarisonic! Yes! It is definitely worth the $$. Your skin always feels clean and soft after using it and as you know, exfoliating helps to absorb your skincare products. Tried it on my boyfriend and he said wow! I want one!

  27. I am sampling some Peet’s through Foodbuzz too and I can’t wait to try it!

  28. Happy national coffee day! I just found out today too and I am a coffee fiend :D I want to try this coffee!

  29. Ever tried Stewart’s Coffee? I think it’s mainly a New England regional thing. I’m not even that into coffee, but when I was up in Vermont in June, we stopped in a Stewart’s convenience store/gas station daily mainly for the coffee. It was excellent. Really good flavor, and I could see myself getting hooked on it.

    Btw, sorry to bring it up, but I’m sorry about that TJ’s incident the other day. Ugh, really bothered me to read that. So sad that happened to you. Hope you’re healing well. Xoxo.

  30. This is a great post for coffee lovers like me.

    I’m very fond of Peet’s Colombian, and a Costa Rican coffee from a local roaster. i also have a Nespresso machine that I use several days per week to make iced lattes. And sometimes I like to use a french press. I need an entire room dedicated to my coffee equipment and products!

  31. My fav coffee is either Green Mountain or New England Coffee Roasters Blueberry. I love blueberry anything, especially coffee! :)

  32. I have never tried that coffee before, but I am a really big coffee fan!

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