Before I get started with this post, thanks for all the banana chatter Everyone wanted to talk ‘nanas, apparently.

I’ve mentioned before that I am psychic.  Sometimes about big things, sometimes about small things.

Depending on your perspective, you could call my psychic thoughts the other day something big or small.

For me, it was kinda big. 

I had this overwhelming voice inside my head say, “Go to the Mall and get some Bombshell Summer because Victoria’s Secret is:


1. Going to discontinue it


2. They’re almost sold out.”

So, I listened to that voice.  Much to the chagrin on my wallet.

I grabbed my personal shopper dancing sidekick.

And we went to the Mall

Apparently she was almost as happy to be there as I was

Turns out that sure enough, they are discontinuing one of my newest but current favorite body sprays (after talk that they were going to make it a permanent scent)

And I snagged the last bottle of it.

Whew.  Body spray crisis diverted.  Til I run out.

I also found a velour hoodie that was on the sale rack for $29.99


And I got a free black tote to boot (buried under the hoodie)

Yes, this post is tongue-in-cheek

Life would go on without body spray.  I hope.

 But after my recent post, Lessons, we needed some levity around here.

Or some chocolate.

Flourless Chocolate Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies


Have you ever found that perfect product, food, health and beauty item, makeup, hair product, perfect clothing item (i.e. a perfect brand/style of jeans) and then it gets discontinued?  What was it?  Did you find a replacement item?

I’m sure we’ve all had this happen to us.

Sometimes there is warning, i.e. anything called Bombshell Summer there’s a good chance that when the summer is over, the product will over.

I remember when Trader Joe’s announced that they were discontinuing peanut flour.  I know plenty of bloggers who went to multiple TJ’s and bought out any remaining supply on the shelves!  I do love making these with it and you can order PF online if you really are a hardcore fan.

But sometimes there is no warning. 

You get to the store and realize your beloved shade of eyeliner, your favorite shampoo, your favorite style of running socks, your favorite type of protein bar, or whatever it is, is just gone.  And it’s not coming back.

Makes you want to scream at the Retail Gods and say, But Why?! 

As you think to yourself that you would have personally purchased enough of said item to keep stock prices high and for them to keep making your beloved item.

Sometimes this is a blessing because it makes you try new things and new products but other times, you still miss the old products and never really find a true replacement.

MAC used to make an eyebrow pencil in a perfect-for-me shade of blonde-ish brown, it wasn’t too gray or ash-ey like everything else I’ve tried.  Then, they discontinued it.  I bought all remaining stock and it lasted me about two years!  But after that, all other replacements I’ve tried, in every cosemetics like from Nars to Chanel to Target brands are just not quite right.  But life goes on.

Another item I miss was a white yogurt covered Zone bar in a flavor called Honey Peanut.  I loved those things.  I ate one almost every day when I was pregnant.

I am not big on protein powders or bars, but those things were my crack.   I loved them.  Nothing like it on the market anymore.

The closest thing is Balance Yogurt Honey Peanut bars but they are not the same.  Nor are White Chocolate Think Thin barsNot even close.

Guess that explains why I make so many white chocolate desserts

White Chocolate PB Cups with Chocolate PB Centers

Deep Dish Double Chocolate Golden Grahams Smores Bars
I just have a thing for white chocolate
Anything discontinued of yours that you wanna vent about?  Go ahead.


  1. Do you remember the craziness that was TJ’s discontinuing peanut flour? Yeah, I have 3 packages still left in my pantry. :) Crisis averted.

    I feel like a lot of people can have intuitive/psychic moments, but they just really have to tune into them!

  2. I’m not even a body spray/perfume type of person, and you’re making me want this scent! I think I need to go check out the sprays at Vickies:)

  3. My tennis shoes!!! Not just regular sneakers, but my actual tennis shoes that I wear every single day to train and compete in tennis! I have been wearing them for years now, and they are discontinuing my shoe! UGHHHh…I loaded up on a couple pairs, but it will only last me like half a year because I wear my shoes out in 2 months. I’m so mad. It is so incredibly difficult to find a new tennis shoe that’s comfortable, has support, doesn’t wear out too quickly (my shoes now don’t wear out quickly. 2 months is not a lot in tennis time. other shoes i could quickly wear out in a couple weeks), and doesn’t make you roll your ankle or get blisters! So mad….

  4. I hate it when stores discontinue the products that I like/use. I spend so long looking for the perfect whatever that it’s such a pain to start looking all over again!

  5. I have the same velour VS hoodie in black– I love it! So comfy, yet cute :D

    Have you smelled the Very Sexy perfume? It’s my favoriteeee

  6. yes! this *just* happened to me with my absolute fave pair of Paige denim jeans. Went to Nordstrom a few weeks ago to buy a second pair because I just love them so much and was told they were discontinued. This despite being sold out in a matter of days — if it’s so popular, why discontinue???? such a bummer. But luckily I found an equally amazing pair of new jeans at Anthro shortly thereafter. :)

  7. When you think about it, the discontinuation of peanut flour was almost comical. Can’t you just envision all these food bloggers flocking the stores, grabbing at least 5 bags each? Luckily, it’s still available from the original manufacturer from iHerb so the fact that TJs discontinued it didn’t really have an effect on me :P Now that I say that, watch them discontinue it soon and I’ll become a crazed blogger and snag 10 bags…
    And thanks for the reminder that I need to go to VS soon. TOo bad I’ll miss out on the best scent!

  8. hmmm yes, when I was younger my family always bought the variety packs of quaker oatmeal in all the fun kid flavors- cookies and cream, strawberries and cream, etc. Then one day, poof, thy were gone. We were sad. And I wrote to quaker oats asking why they discontinued such a great product! I was six. hah

  9. LOL… I love it that your psychic senses talk to you about…BODY SPRAY!!! :-)

  10. “I grabbed my personal shopper dancing sidekick” that picture and line was priceless! It’s a rainy day here in Connecticut, thanks for the laugh!

  11. Nicely done! I’ve never been to Victoria’s Secret… haha I know, I’m missing out on life I’ve been told. I make my own body spray. Just a couple drops of lavender essential oil + RO water. It’s fantastic!

  12. very cool that you were able to score the last bottle and get that hoodie! that’s excellent that you know to listen to your inner voice…big or little, doesn’t matter! great photo of skylar in action!
    funny that you mention the zone bar – as i was reading your post, before i saw that, i was thinking “protein bars!” seriously, i have the worst luck with those. countless times, my favourites have been discontinued. the latest loss is the myoplex lite chocolate 4 pacs of protein powder that i LOVED. gone!
    i’ve seen so many times, too, where someone LOVES a running shoe, then they come out with the updated model, and it’s not the same! people stock up like crazy!

  13. you are hiiiiilarious, this post had me like crying. Averie’s psychic senses…sensing scent crises.
    my fave perfume got discontinued, and I ended up going on ebay and buying a bunch of it. Hanae Mori, Magical Moon. it cost way too much in dept stores and sephora but when I ordered off ebay I got a few bottles for the cost of one at retail, so it all worked out for a while. I don’t wear perfume often but when I do that stuff is the only thing I want to wear, it’s so special

  14. Hey averie!

    I miss my whole foods’ salmon sausages and president’s choice shrimp burgers. I an unable to find a camelback wide mouth water bottle without a drinking straw lid.

    It doesn’t happen too often to me cut whew it does, product discontinuation … Sucks!

    Happy Thursday!


  15. A few years ago I found the PERFECT pair of jeans at Target. I know, not the place I normally find good fitting jeans. I bought 2 pairs (and thought I was nuts for buying 2 pairs of the same jeans) but I just loved them. A few weeks later I decided to pick up another pair just in case and they were gone. I was so bummed. The same thing kind of happened with some Express jeans that I have bought in the past — I hate that they changed the fit, sizing, everything.

  16. Ugh! I am still upset about the fact that TJ’s discontinued two of my absolute favs from there: semi – sweet chocolate callets, and their individually wrapped little semi-sweet chocolate bars. I still use the chocolate chips, but really really miss the callets. I don’t know if its just my store that stopped carrying them or TJ’s in general, either way I don’t like it!!!

  17. I loved that body spray too!! I went in a few weeks ago and thought “Eh, I’ll get it next time..” But now it’s probably gone!! :( Hoping I can talk the boyfriend into taking me to the mall today..hehe. I love all their sweats and sweatshirts too. Good choice!

  18. Your dancing sidekick is adorable, as usual! TJ’s discontinued (then brought back) my faaavorite peanut salad dressing a while back. Close call for sure…whew.

  19. They used to sell these AMAZING raw food bars that were made with E3Live. They were expensive, about 12 dollars, but they were massive. Thankfully I was able to try them twice before they were taken off the shelves (because the producer was spending more money making them than selling). My fav was the Mint E3Live Chocolate Bar.. it was outstanding.

    btw the Cheezy Vegetable Bake was DELICIOUS!! My mom was a little upset because I only left her 1/2 a cup worth lol… we’re kind of addicted now :P
    Just posted it a couple minutes ago- thank you for sharing your delicious recipes with the world :)

    xoxo <3

  20. Lip Smackers! Ok, they aren’t discontinued, but I have a really hard time finding those little chapsticks! I can only seem to find them at Target, but usually not the old school flavors I want. I want strawberry kiwi comet darn it! I’d go through a tube of that in a week in college.

  21. Wow. Lucky you listened to your intuition. Or you would of been very bummed.
    I love that hoodie. Definitely going to take a run to the mall with my personal assistant, too. Oh wait. I think she is more expensive than me. LOL. girlies and their shopping.

  22. Glad you got your favorite body spray while you still could!

    I used to LOVE Zone Bars, too! I lived off of them in college… probably too much. I never tried the white chocolate ones, but I guess I’m glad I didn’t get addicted to them since they’re discontinued! ;)

    It drives me crazy when Trader Joe’s discontinues items!! They seem to shift my favorites around a lot!

  23. There’s a particular brand of mayonnaise around here that has a really soft taste, which I like very much. Unfortunately I can’t find it anymore and I’ve tried 4 different stores! I think they don’t exist anymore.. And there is no replacement.. I found a vegannaise that is a little similar to it, but it’s three times the price.
    No fun when that happens!

  24. Glad you were able to snag a bottle! You have a dancing sidekick I have a drooling one ;). I’m sure she’ll be dancing before I know it!

  25. Adorable Skylar pics, to be that giddy again!

    Not that I can remember on products, maybe the occasional seasonal product. I was bummed about peanut flour, but didn’t stock up – our TJ’s was out by the time I heard about it.

  26. This may be lame, but once upon a time Nissin Foods made low-fat, low-sodium Ramen noodles. They were baked, not fried – yet still delicious. I won’t touch Ramen now, but I LOVED it as a child, and once they discontinued the not-quite-so-bad-for-you low-fat Ramen, I said goodbye to it forever. :'(

  27. I was racking my brain trying to figure out if this has ever happened to me and then it hit me. Yes! I love Food Should Taste Good chips but they totally discontinued my favorite flavor: Potato & Chive. They rocked. They have other chips and they taste good and all, but Potato & Chive was AWESOME! Sniff, sniff. I miss them. ;)

  28. Gap discontinued my favorite bra in any cup size over a C! (I’m a D!) It made me SO mad!

  29. It’s usually perfumes for me. The Body Shop’s Heartfelt was one of the first perfumes I bought when I was 13 and then it was immediately discontinued. EMBARRASSING CONFESSION coming up: I still have the bottle with two drops left in the bottom. I never spray it but I sniff it every now and then and keep it so if I ever get rich enough I can have a perfumer custom make a scent that is a recreation of it. I’ve just never smelt anything like it since!

    Also Escada’s Sexy Graffiti – I was obsessed with it and ordered it off eBay as it had been discontinued. Now I’ve barely used it and don’t want it anymore. Go figure.

    And I have some psychic moments too but only about big things and they’re very general feelings. Mine are not nearly as useful as yours!!!

  30. I feel like everytime I like a product, within a year it becomes discontinued! haha. I Love that picture of your little dancing side kick :)

  31. I hate when stores discontinue things I love! I have had certain face washes and lip glosses go Bye Bye and it made me sooo mad! Good thing you were able to snag the last one! ALong with a super cute hoodie! Love the color :)

  32. Wow! White chocolate PB cups with chocolate PB centers might just be the best invention ever!
    I get very disappointed when shows I love get discontinued, especially F.R.I.E.N.D.s. It’s like a break up, you stop being able to see people (ahem, characters) that you’ve fallen in love with.
    Anyway, great call on the PB cups :) I really liked searching through your blog, and I’m following you now.

  33. I think that this is so cool! I feel like it is telling you that something in the universe cares about what you care about! It is cool to receive “messages” about things that are important to you, even if they may not be important to everyone.

  34. I was really bummed when they discontinued the beach blonde line of john frieda products. I’m a brunette but I loved the ocean waves sea spray and lemon lights (water based gel plus lemon juice no peroxide) for summer highlights.

  35. I have been wearing “frou” by MAC lipstick since 11th grade. I remember going sometime in my mid 20’s and they told me it was getting discontinued! I stocked up. It’s back now thankfully, wasn’t discontinued after all. It was tragic so I totally understand. I live for that stuff!!!!!

  36. I was totally obsessed with Sugarplum stuff from Bath and Body Works—to me, it just smelled like Christmas. :) When they discontinued it I was SO upset!

    Your daughter is the cutest thing ever.

  37. I used to love LARABAR Cocoa Mole and they discontinued it : (, but now I have a new favorite flavor….blueberry muffin!

    Your shopping partner is too cute!

  38. i love your blog and have been reading for a bit.

    my discontinued item= essie- bermuda shorts. enough said. i almost passed out the day the nail place didnt have it. it was a piece of my life for many a fun summer.

  39. I loved Mac eyebrow pencil in blonde!!!! I was so sad when they discontinued it!! It’s so funny that you posted this as I just went to the mall tonight to stock up on my favorite eyebrow pencil which is Clinique instant lift for brows in soft blonde. I bought three of them! You should check it out as it’s the closest I’ve come to the Mac pencil. Its so hard to find a good eyebrow pencil when you’re blonde. I definitely need the definition. I’m so jealous of people with great eyebrows!

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  41. I feel like everything I love gets discontinued especially when it comes to beauty type stuff. My favorite color adding conditioner from aveda was discounted and I went on an area wide hunt and bought 15 bottles from various salons in my area. Bras getting discontinued is awful too when you’re a bigger size. Favorite shoe styles from Earth is another bummer. I’m a big fan of being your old loves on ebay. I even bought my sister an entire case of her favorite chapstick that was discontinued!

  42. I have had so many favourite things get discontinued. I used to love Salon Selectives shampoo that smelled like apples, and then that got discontinued. I also had a couple favourite dishes at my favourite restaurant in the city that were taken off the menu :-( Also, I really like my hubby’s Burts Bees aftershave (with a bearded guy) on the label, but that got discontinued too. Sad, because it smelled so good!

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