I saw Chelsey post this fun little diddy and figured, what the heck.  My turn!

Last five people I talked to on the phone:


my sister

a telemarketer (who somehow got my cell phone number)




I basically don’t talk to anyone on the phone anymore.  I have 20 second phone calls with Scott coordinating logistics or a quick hi/bye but everyone else sends me an email or a text.

Last Five Things I Ate:

Popcorn with cinnamon & stevia

A salad with sugar snap peas, tomatoes, broccoli, green beans, cucumbers and carrots

Edamame dipped in vegan slaw dressing


Caramel Apple Bars

Last five places I’ve traveled:

Aruba, December 2010

Regional southern California day trips, i.e Orange County, L.A., Long Beach for Real Food Styling & Photography

Aruba, May 2011

Mexico City Tour, July 2011

Boulder, Colorado Food & Light August 2011

Next five places I will go:

Skylar’s school to drop her off

Skylar’s school to pick her up

the grocery store


and longer range, Aruba in December  Tickets booked!

Last five workouts:



Core work on my yoga mat

Repeat those three items.

Plus lots of daily walking in my neighborhood, running errands, and just walking to and fro in daily life.  That counts as exercise even if it’s not a structured workout, per se.

That’s all I do and have discussed where I’ve been with workouts and my fitness journey, what I do now, and why (see this post or this post)

Five things making me happy right now:

Knowing it’s Hump Day and the week is halfway over

Listening to Skylar’s jokes.  They seem to revolve around burping and farting (4 year old humor) but they make me laugh

Knowing that Scott is on an airplane coming home, and he’ll be home for 24 hours, and I get to see him tonight

Anything on This List

Vanilla Baileys Slushies

Your turn! 

Pick a top five list and go to town.  Sharing is caring.

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20 comments on “Fives”

  1. Fart and burp jokes will never get old.

    Last five things I ate: apple, peanut butter toast, caesar salad, almonds, count chocula with almond milk — and that is the best thing I’ve eaten all day!

  2. So fun! And I suddenly got hunger pains from looking at that popcorn and those caramel apple bars. Oh, and have I told you lately how adorable Skylar is? :) Love that smile! She’s such a happy child!

    • Oh, and I might be borrowing this quiz – awesome for my writer’s block today :)

      Last 5 Places I’ve traveled:
      1. Grand Cayman
      2. Honduras
      3. Belize
      4. Cozumel, Mexico (feel like I’m cheating since the first four were during a cruise…ha)
      5. Orlando, FL

  3. Last five things I ate:
    1. Faux chicken lettuce cups at a vegetarian Chinese restaurant (yum!)
    2. Banana almond smoothie
    3. Tapas last night: salad
    4. spinach
    5. mushroom flatbread

    Your popcorn looks delicious. I just got a popcorn maker as a gift and it’s been fun making it at home (plus it reminds me of childhood).

  4. This is super cute!! My phone calls are the same way. I call my mom, and my husband..haha!

  5. hmmm last five things I ate…. dinner was pork chops, homemade apple sauce (also making me smile), sauteed kale, a banana, and peanut butter.
    Last 5 places I have traveled to… Boston this past weekend, home (massachusetts), Block Island, Ft. Lauderdale on spring break, saratoga, ny to visit a friend.

  6. Love this – so fun. I don’t really talk to anyone on the phone either. Today it was coworker (5 million times), my dad, my sis, my sis….not even Jason b/c we texted!

  7. Last five people I talk on the phone:

    1. Mauri (hubby)
    2. Nana (daughter)
    3. Christa (my bff)
    4. Luca (work – Canada)
    5. Nuria (work – MX)
    6. Cristiani (work – Brasile)
    7. Nana
    8. Paul (Work – USA)
    9. Daniela (Work – Canada)
    10. Lori (Work – USA)

    OK, I went overboard … because I am on the PHONE ALL DAY! :)

  8. Well who doesn’t love a good burp or fart joke?? ;)

  9. this is fun!!!
    i just spent the day with my nieces. for the 5 year old, nothing is as funny as farty/bumbum/bathroom humour! ok, farts still make me laugh, too!
    i rarely talk on the phone anymore, either. part of the job at the store, but i much prefer email or texting for personal stuff.
    last five places i travelled: aruba, florida, aruba, aruba, aruba. yep, i don’t travel much, but when i do, it’s worthwhile!

  10. What a wonderful post! Might have to do this one on my blog…….thank you

  11. you take such beautiful pictures! i love doing surveys like this, though i’ve never done one on my blog. perhaps i’ll have to change that in the near future :)

  12. Last 5 things I ate!!!
    1. Big coconut yogurt mess bowl
    2. Pear cobbler recipe I’m working on
    3. Mama Pea’s Saag Paneer leftovers
    4. Dates and AB
    5. Carrots and a hummus recipe I’m working on!

  13. I love this list! On the phone was Tony, my sister in law, Tony, Tony, my brother in law. Super exciting…not really. Tony is in LA right now and I am soooo missing him. We are together all the time, so when one of us has flown the coup, things get squirrely around here.

  14. What a fun post! Great pics and eats, popcorn and grapes are in mine too. :-) Last five eats were a salad, pineapple chunks, banana, popcorn, and an apple.

  15. Skylar and I would get along famously.

    Five things making me happy now-
    1. I get to fall asleep in about 5 seconds, as soon as I type this and brush my teeth.
    2. The fact that I have everything ready for my labs tomorrow, which means no running around last minute!
    3. Just enrolled in tanning again – i may get cancer, but that shot of Vitamin D is so nice.
    4. Chocolate.
    5. I get coffee soon.

  16. I’m stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago and love what you’re doing here!

    Last 5 places I’ve traveled:

    – Berlin
    – Vietnam
    – Laos
    – Cambodia
    – Thailand

  17. Those caramel apple bars look so good!!
    The next 5 places I will go…
    To the vet with my greyhound
    To lunch with my Dad
    To the grocery store for veggies
    To my computer for some work
    To the park for a walk with the hound
    (and then to the kitchen for some cookin!)

  18. I think the last five people I’ve talked to on the phone are all from my husband. I agree, I don’t really chat on the phone much anymore!

    The last five things I’ve eaten : apple, oatmeal, green smoothie, Black bean salad and a green salad. All of which sound really boring when typed out, but were all delicious!

  19. Top 5 Concerts I want to Go to:

    – Pink
    – Counting Crows
    – Aerosmith
    – Eminem
    – Lil Wayne

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