Friday Favorites

I’ve had a busy few days and I’m glad that Friday is almost here

I always enjoy reading about other people’s faves so here are a few of my Friday Favorites:

Fave Flower Sightings


Fave Moments of the Week

Meetup with Marla

Meetup with Ashley

Being with Skylar

Favorite Things That Came Out of Skylar’s Mouth (age 4.5) this week

“Mommy, I love you!”

“If someone is being mean to you, you just walk away and ignore them.”

“Don’t worry about what someone else is doing, just worry about you.”

Wise beyond her years I’d say and yes, I’m biased.

That’s actually a hat she was trying on and not a lampshade

Fave Photography Reads of the Week

Know Your Rights: Photographers

Interview with Documentary Photographer Misty Keasler

Fall In Love with your Kit Lens

Fave Dessert Recipes I’ve Seen This Week

White Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

Oreo & Peanut Butter Brownie Cakes

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Brownies

Fave Things I Made or Ate This Week

No Bake Peanut Butter Biscoff Cookie Dough Bites

Dark Chocolate

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Thanks to everyone who’s told me you’ve made this and liked it

Fave Purchases

New Shoes

Body Spray

Velour hoodie on sale!

Faves that I Don’t Own.  But would like to own

Any of these Camera Bags

But I already have this bag and this bagBut I can always window shop.

These Lenses

This Mixer

This Cupcake Maker

The winner of the $50 Whole Foods Gift Card Giveaway is:

Heather (Where’s the Beach) September 12, 2011

“Cool, I’ve not seen that. I typically buy almond milk. If I won the gift card I’d use it to stock up on the things I always try to keep on hand like raw cashews, nutritional yeast flakes, plus some fun goodies I might not normal pick up ;-) I use almond milk all the time – even use it to make my hummus creamy without oil.”

Congrats, Heather!  Enjoy the $50 and the nut milks!


1. What are Your Friday Faves?

What has you excited that you’ve seen on blogs, on the internet, in person from food to articles to meetups to products to purchases to window shopping items you’re drooling over..,

I love hearing about your faves.  We can all inspire each other.

Pick a topic, or two, or more, and fill me in!

2. Even if you’re not in school, does life feel slightly different for you now that school is back in session?

It does for me.  Skylar’s in preschool, but she was going in the summer, too.

Something about the fall, school starting, the weather cooling off, the days getting shorter <–big boo!  I love long summer days.

Life just feels a little different for some reason.  Even traffic is different.  Not as many people on the roads in the middle of the day but the roads are packed in the late afternoons around here.  Must be all those after school pick-ups.



  1. Its freezing here. Not fall. I had to go home in the middle of the day today and get my space heater for my office. They don’t turn the heat on until it is reliably cold. There is a room down the hall with wall to wall floor to ceiling windows that is called the solarium. I’ve been living in it for the last week. But I can’t plug into the network.

    My Friday Fave that made me think of you, actually is a new lotion I just found at Walgreens – Carmax! It isn’t as minty smelling as the chapstick, but it is not greasy and it smells kind of similar. I have only used it once though; just got it a couple hours ago!

  2. Im definitely a fan of fall foods like squashes & pumpkin but the weather and getting dark earlier not so much!! I’m back in school and cant wait to be done :)

  3. Friends, shopping, food and a gorgeous little girl. What more could make a person smile? What inspires me? Checking out all of the amazing blogs and discovering blog friends like YOU! You don’t know how amazing it is to see your name in the comments section. And school? HOMEWORK baby, I’m having to relearn it all again! XO

  4. Love the extremely dark chocolate and pumpkin spice latte! I’ll have to try the latte soon. I made your magic eight bars and everyone loved them :)

    AND there’s Godiva Pumpkin Coffee? I need that in my life!

  5. You had me at the flowers! Love, love, love! And, your daughter in that hat is adorable! Have a wonderful weekend :-)

  6. You’re so tanned….love it!

    Ok, my FAVES right now are the new Vega Sport Protein Bars!!! In LOVE!!!

  7. You’re tormenting me by posting those dough balls again haha! They look way too good. I actually have to make something for my church’s coffee hour this week so I think I might just give them a go – and see how many actually make it to church… :S

  8. YAAAY for Heather! :)

    “Don’t worry about what someone else is doing, just worry about you.” wow! okay, YOU may be biased, but I’m not, and that’s an intelligent gal you’ve got! :D

    I have another favorites post going up soon too! ;)

  9. Such a beautiful flower picture!
    I love my kitchen aid mixer! But if you have the handheld one, they work just as good. No need to go out and spend TONS of money right?

  10. “friday favourites” – perfect theme for a friday!
    it definitely feels like a new season here. it suddenly got COLD yesterday, for one. also, i too, have noticed increased traffic. and there seems to be a buzz of business in the air that’s not there in summer. everyone is go go go.
    my faves: the toronto film festival going on this week – tons of celebs in town (brad pitt, george clooney, madonna etc) so i’ve enjoyed the newspaper coverage and photos.
    also, saw an ad for the missoni line of clothing and products that target is carrying – i LOVE their motifs and would so love to get to a target! not in canada til 2013 – wah!
    enjoy your friday! love the photo of skylar in the floppy hat!

  11. Those gerbera daisies in the first pic: WOW are those gorgeous or what???

    I am not in school but late Aug/Sept will always be back to school time for me. Traffic on my way to work is heavier (I work close to the U of MN) for sure!

  12. What a smart kiddo you have!! Sometimes we should listen to kids more often. And I think I “need” that Lola purse. My fave thing on Friday….that it’s Friday ;-)

  13. Great list, love the kitchen toys and camera bags.

    1. New fall boots and a vegan jacket from Modcloth.
    2. Not really because we don’t have kids. The changing seasons do feel different though.

  14. Hola chica! I looooove pictures of flowers. Well, I love flowers period, but photos of flowers are awesome, and I love taking pictures of them too! Yours are so sunny and BRIGHT I want to print them out and hang them on my wall.

    And please oh please send me boxes and boxes of your yummy chocolate balls! :-)

  15. awww so many beautiful and wonderful things!!! Skylar is toooo cute ;)

  16. I’ve been ogling the World Cuisine Spiralizer for some time and decided to order it. Veggie “pasta” here I come! Very curious about “Wen” on the informercials, but not enough to spend the $$$, while browsing around Sally Beauty Supply (do you have those where you live?) –look what I found!!!
    Tried it this morning and really like it. Seeing your pics of the flowers makes me yearn for spring!

  17. You’ve taught Skylar well, Averie ;)
    I love those first orange flowers!! Do you know what kind they are?

  18. Those flowers look gorgeous Averie. It made my Friday more cheerful just looking at them!

  19. What fun faves! Favorites are fun. Fun favorites. FALL FUN FAVORITES.

    I’ll stop.

  20. Horray for Averie picture posts! I love love love your photography. It sounds like Skylar has got a really healthy dose of self esteem too! That is so awesome. I am just happy that Friday means one more day then I can sleep in and actually GO to a yoga class, instead of doing it on my own!

  21. It does feel different, it feels more “official” in the Fall. Even though people work all Summer it feels like everything is more laid back and people are just generally more chill. Have a great weekend!

  22. Skylar is just about the cutest! My favorites this week include getting back on track to healthy eating and a little kitten who has set up shop on our terrace! I can’t get enough of him…

  23. I’ve had serious Kitchen Aid envy recently. I’ve been dropping a lot of hints recently, so maybe Santa will bring me one…

  24. A great week. Your daughter…such an angel :) And VERY smart! Those flowers are gorgeous- makes me want to run out and buy a bundle of sunflowers. My favorites? OBVIOUSLY pumpkin spice latte, being with Kaylin, Josh & Frank, sleep…., fresh fruit

  25. Skylar is SO sweet…. she obviously has VERY good role models at home :-D

    I dream of owning a professional Kitchen Aid mixer too… my Grandmother tried to pawn off a SUPER SUPER old one… I mean it’s ancient… but I passed. I know they are supposed to be good for a lifetime?? But I am holding out for a new one someday :) maybe I’ll get super lucky and when I get married someday it will be a heaven sent wedding gift haha

    My Friday faves have definitely been this amazing COOL and non-humid weather here in Boston (sososo refreshing!), all the pancake and tuna salad recipes I have seen floating around, the new cranberry lime frozen margaritas I have been concocting lately, and I found the holy grail of races I want to sign up for next year once my leg is healed in a running magazine. now that I cannot run I am obsessed with reading about it haha it’s sort of strange.

    For the past few years I have worked in areas of Boston that are major university centers… I managed at a hotel in Harvard Square, and now I work right in the center of where Boston University is located AND Fenway park… all of which have made this area just explode with energy now that it is the Fall season. I love all the energy!

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  27. I MUST HAVE that yellow Lyric camera bag!!!!!
    My Friday Favorite = ACL this weekend in Austin. Have you heard of it? It’s a huge music festival. 3 days, 8 stages, 130 bands. It’s a long, crazy weekend but I love it! Everyone is just relaxing listening to music and having a good time, the energy is contagious!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  28. Now that school is back in session it feels very different for me, because of course I get the double dose being both a student and a teacher.

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