Hair & Atmosphere

Thursday afternoon I went to the salon

I dig the atmosphere.  Loft, wood, spacious, bright.

I’d love to have a photography studio like this!

It was that time to freshen up my color



So while I gazed out the windows of the old, rehabbed loft and listened to the planes fly overhead (as in mere feet above us; this is Banker’s Hill, aka flight path central.  Which is why I don’t live in Banker’s Hill anymore) …

…I waited for my roots to go bye-bye

I looked like this with foils in my hair

While I was processing, I wandered around the salon admiring these super cool chairs

I kinda want one for my house but wood is so firm

I am more of a squishy chair and West Elm girl in my own house

But these chairs are so cool!

The owner said she got them from HoldIt

Maybe I should buy an old chair at a thrift shop and let Skylar fingerpaint on it?

After I admired chairs and listened to airplanes and my hair was washed, I left the salon with wet hair.  I never stay for a blowout.  As If I have time for that section-by-section uber-thorough blowing out.  Nope.

Instead, I ran a few errands and came home and dried it myself


I feel so much cleaner with freshened up color

Ladies, you know that feeling when your hair either needs a cut or a color, you’re almost embarrassed to leave the house and for the week or so leading up to your appointment you either make best friend’s with a baseball cap or a ponytail holder?

Yeah, that was me but I have been freshened.

I can leave the house again without wearing a ponytail

Now if I could just leave the house wearing something other than yoga pants or my Be Present pants, I’d be in good shape

I pretty much live in them, see this post, too

And I live for chocolate, too.

Here’s an easy one

Mint Chocolate Coconut Snowballs (Vegan, GF, No-Bake, One Bowl + Spoon, Freezer-creation)

An alternative to ice cream if you crave cold treats.  Just as rich.  More so.

Thanks for the compliments on my last post about Being Featured in Fitness Magazine  I was really honored to have been selected!


1. How often do you get your hair done?

I try to stretch it as far apart as possible.  I’d rather be a little root-errific these days than go every 6 weeks which is what I used to do when I had the time and more patience.  I just hate sitting there!

Not to mention, it’s pricey to get your hair done and the health of your hair is preserved the less often you’re coloring it, so I’d say I’m more like every 10-12 weeks.  The old me was every 4-5 weeks back in the day.  Boy, times have changed.

2. Does salon atmosphere matter to you?  Does atmosphere in general matter?

I have to say, I love going to bright, airy, spacious salons that are tranquil and calming; light, bright and wide open with kind, friendly employees.

Things I don’t like in salons:

really loud music or music that’s really grungey/metal/rock, i.e. Punk style salons and me aren’t friends

stations that are too close together so you can hear every word of the customer next to you

dark, dirty, or poorly lit salons

an uppity or hoighty-toighty vibe.  Upscale is one thing, uppity is another.

anyone with attitude from the receptionist to the stylist’s assistant.  Chill out, please, and save the attitude.

So yes, atmosphere does matter.

However, for the right stylist, I don’t care if she was doing hair out of her kitchen or a dirty hole in the wall, I’d follow her.  And I have done that with certain stylists over the years!

It’s really about how well they do your hair and everything else is secondary; from their personality to the salon atmosphere.  But it makes for a nicer experience when the atmosphere makes you say ahhh.  Instead of eeek!

Same with restaurants or shopping or bars or just about anything.

Food tastes better, drinks are more refreshing, and shopping is just more fun when I like the overall atmosphere of a place.  For me, ambiance, atmosphere, and the company I’m with is just as important as the food/drink/shopping itself.

There are exceptions to this (hole in the wall restaurants, certain dive bars, or random stores that are semi-gross but have great stuff are all exceptions) but in general, I’ve gotta be feelin’ the happy vibes with a fun atmosphere.



  1. Your salon seriously looks a LOT like mine!!!

    I’m getting my highlights redone tomorrow, and another haircut :)

  2. That salon is so cool! Mine does not Have That kind of atmosphere for sure!

  3. oh its the best feeling in the world, clean colorfull, rootless hair! i know that feeling. And what a cool salon. I’d totally try to recreate that chair.

  4. Hi Averie
    I am a long time reader (think back in the day before you had a Vita-Mix and were training for your 500 hours yoga milestone). I just wanted to say that I am still reading your blog.
    Even though our ‘paths’ are panning out completely different, and I can’t relate to a lot of your food/recipe content, I still adore your posts because of the energy you bring to them. You have inspired me to be true to my own path.
    Thank you! Namaste!

  5. Can I just say I have only paid to get my hair cut twice in my life? My mom does hair and so I always go to her! I usually get it trimmed every 2 months and get it colored every 4 months!

  6. bye bye roots! I love the atmosphere of that salon too! We go to a place down the street. The salon was converted from an old house so it’s really cramped and overwhelming. But the cost is right and we can get an appointment same day! I haven’t colored my hair in YEARS. I just can’t justify spending that much money on my hair. Food on the other hand? Totally haha

  7. As we get closer and closer to bringing our daughter home I find that my hair is getting shorter and shorter and darker and darker! Part of it is saving for our adoption…but part of me knows I’ll have less time and shorter/going back to my natural color, is easier…and cheaper!


  8. your answer to question #1 is exactly me. I used to get my color freshened up every 4 weeks, and now I go about every 8-10 weeks. Much better for my hair, and less expensive. And I absolutely feel SO much better after! It’s amazing what it does to my mood. I am totally addicted to blonde!

    And Seriously girl, I can totally see it in these pics. Same color, cut, length, texture. I can just tell! Too funny

    Are you still getting the keratin treatments? I thought somewhere I read you loved the first treatment but with the second one you felt your hair got really fragile/damaged – or something to that effect (?). I’m only asking because I got my first keratin tx in the spring, and I’m due for another but not sure if I should. My hair is SUPER fragile and fine as it is. Don’t want to overdo things, especially since I color it so often. Thanks girl! :)

    • I loved my first Brazilian blowout..but the 2nd one was VERY damaging to my hair. Not sure if it was the actual treatment/formula that was different the 2nd time or if the 2nd time around my hair just couldnt handle it but I will never get another one. I was so in love…but fell out of love, big time after round 2.

      If you think you have the same hair as me, I would say don’t do it!

      My hair is fine in the sense that each singular strand is fine and the diameter is smaller than other people’s hair. It’s also wavy and colored. So all that leads up to fine and damage-prone so just be careful what you do!

    • Thank you so much for that advice! My hair is exactly as you described – *very* fine, and also wavy and colored. Definitely prone to damage already, so I think I’ll stop at one keratin treatment. I did love the results, but it’s not worth it if my hair’s going to get ruined. I can get good enough results w/ the flat iron anyway (my poor hair, haha). So glad I asked – thanks again! :)

  9. Would you believe I have never been to a hair salon? My mom always cut my hair, and I love my hair color (dark brown), so no need to change that :D

  10. Hey Averie. Just stoped by your last post to let you know that i thought i could cook before i came across your site..:) I wanted to tell you thanks for all that you are doing, because i know how tough it is to raise a daughter and try to keep the family healthy at the same time. We are vegan, but health wise, meaning that we exclude sugar from our diet and don’t mind honey..And all of your raw recipes are extremely inspiring.. I started using the nutritional yeast , that i always had but didn’t know how to use, a couple of days ago, and want to thank you for all your “nooch” recipes. I always come back to your recipes for something refreshing for my cooking!!! You are very appreciated!! Many blessings!!

  11. The atmosphere definitely matters. I grew up in salons b/c my mom is a hair stylist. Since I live in a different city, it’s hard to get home often enough (short hair means every 5-6 wks max) to have her do my hair so I found someone here. The salon she was at was “cool” and hip and all that, but the people there were bitches. Thinking they were hotter than hot stuff. Not a pleasant, friendly environment. She recently switched and it’s like a breath of fresh air going into the new place.

  12. You know I’ve never dyed my hair? I’m an anomoly in girl world for sure. I actually just made an appt for a haircut yesterday because I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and was like WHOAH, it’s time. ANd then it went up in a poytail, where it will remain until it is cut. Its baaad.

    Last time I had it cut was March. I’m usually a twice a year girl, and it gets to the point of scraggley looking. Unfortunatley, there are no cute salons like that here. So, Uppercuts it is! $15 haircut baby.

  13. I think atmosphere matters — you want to be comfortable when you’re spending money. For example, I will never go into Abercrombie because I hate how it smells like a huge perfume cloud. That is enough to keep me out. I can’t stand it!

    I haven’t colored my hair since college. I never really got into it to be honest!

  14. I love a good salon atmosphere! The last haircut I got was at Bumble & Bumble in NYC. It is so beautiful because it its a loft with floor to ceiling windows plus a cafe. You can just sit and start out across the city. Worth the hefty price tag (but maybe only for a haircut every 6 months :) )

  15. Gorgeous hair! I always seem to wait until my roots are past my ears and my ends are so split my mother is chasing me with scissors; life gets so busy – you know.

  16. I rarely go to the hair salon. Like maybe twice a year. Because I usually don’t mess with my hair that much. I don’t get highlights, don’t color, don’t use spray or gel, and I air dry. As for the salon itself, I just need it to be clean and the people working there don’t need to have attitudes-i mean, hello! I’m paying you! I can easily take my business elsewhere.

  17. I hate to admit that I go way too long between hair cuts. I let my friends cut it sometimes…. is that awful? Maybe… but my hair is super curly and doesn’t need much maintenance to act like I want it to act. I also rarely color it, I’ve had a few highlights done in the winter months but that’s about it. A total makeover in the hair department would be fun but I’m clueless as to what would look good so I stick with what I’ve always done.

  18. I never get my hair colored, and I only get it cut every 2 months or so. Any longer and it gets nasty! But I do feel embarrassed when I look in the mirror and notice it’s been way too long since my last eyebrow wax (like today)! I gotta get myself some of those Be Present pants.

  19. I have this new trick I learned… I go and do a root lift about 4-6 weeks after I do the real deal and it really helps to extend the ‘life’ of the full weave. What I really like is not putting my hair through all that stress and damage every 8 weeks, which is what I was doing. I’d say that it gives me an extra 4 weeks before I can’t stand it any more.

    My stylist had left his (what I call) fancy schmancy, well lit and modern salon because he didn’t like where the owners where going with their business model so he moved to a smaller, older and darker salon that was just ‘ok’. After about 6 months of trying to make that work, he’s back at the old salon. I must say that I don’t mind it at all! So glad he’s back there. The people are friendlier, younger and more hip. …not that I ‘need’ that in my salon (as long as my hair looks good), but I like the vibe more. Everyone is happy to be at work and it shows.

  20. I am sooo bad about getting my hair trimmed. I don’t color my hair anymore so its easier to put it off plus I have curly hair so I never use a flatiron so it doesn’t look like it needs a trim but I know it would grow faster if I trimmed it! My salon has a super cute atmosphere too which I enjoy! Ps I made more pb chocolate chip cookies and the pb ones for my vball girls, they love them! Sshh don’t tell them they are gluten free and have very few ingredients. :)

  21. I have only one hair stylist that understands me. She lets me know what will look good, explains why certain things won’t, and never does anything crazy behind my back like give me an unwanted bob (this happened to me many moons ago…*cough* Bubbles).

    I actually message her in advance to make sure she’s in town before calling the salon to make the appointment. I just can’t take a chance on anyone else…

    It may be an obsession…

  22. Those chairs are very cool, but I had assumed someone did the work themselves. Hate to see the price tag on them. Eeek! I say let Skylar be artistic and have a “one of a kind” chair :)

    Being one of the few who doesn’t enjoy the process of getting their hair done, I push it to 6-7 months. Then pop in somewhere for a trim. I’m a no wash, no product, and no blow dry. Just wet it, trim it, and I’m out the door.

  23. Looks great! Those chairs are cute- I think Skylar could totally do some up for you! I get my hair done every seven weeks. Atmosphere is important- its my relax time

  24. What a great post to write about! Hair. So yes, I color my hair. Red.
    Interestingly enough I just moved from San Diego to the Big Island Hawaii 5 months ago and I loved my hair lady, who also turned out to be a good friend. Salon Nuage in Encinitas.
    Since coming to Hawaii, I’ve been coloring it myself. Yikes. Not so fun. But the upside. Way cheaper.
    My sister owns a hair salon/spa, a gorgeous fabulous one in Kennewick, WA. So I get the good stuff sent to me.
    So, now I love my atmosphere because I love my new home. But as far as doing it myself. Not so much on the loving it part. And I do it about every 5-6 weeks, but start the pony tail/hat thing at 4 weeks without a doubt!

  25. I have actually never even been in a salon before. My mom has cut my hair since…well my entire life! And if I ever want to color my hair I do it at home. I have a bad habit of just letting the colored hair grow out and then getting it cut. It’s just not something I really think about!

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  27. I’m so excited to get my hair done tomorrow. I too love how fresh and clean it feels. Something about new color makes me feel like I can take on anything! Your salon looks so spacious and light.

  28. Love the salon decor, very classy, natural, and clean. Love the chairs, they’re a work of art! Hair looks great and I do know the feeling of getting touched up – had to do that last weekend.

    1. About every 4-6 weeks.
    2. Not too much since I’m just getting quick cuts at them now.

  29. Try to get a trim & blowout every 2-3 months. It always makes me feel so good to have my hair trimmed and styled by the pros.

    Totally love my salons vib. Relaxing and enjoyable.

  30. You have such pretty hair :-)

    Glad my comments worked, and were just going to Junk. Wonder why they are going there though … weird!

    I get a trim a few times a year. That’s about it!

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