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On Sunday I spent some time outside at a park with Skylar and then ran a few errands

I was running a little low on fresh fruit and veggies so I stopped at the grocery store and Trader Joe’s and replenished a few items


And I noticed these at TJs.  Has anyone tried these?

Or these?

Or these?

All of those cookies have caught my eye a few times….

The last time I asked you all about something, i.e. the Skinny Fries, lots of you told me the fries weren’t really so wonderful, so I’m glad I asked!

So I figured I’d ask if anyone’s tried any of those cookies?

I have heard good reviews about the Cats Cookies already.

I should probably just make another batch of cookies that I have tried and that I can vouch for 100% such as

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies


Flourless Chocolate Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Both kinds are gluten free which is really best for me if I am being honest with myself and gluten and how I feel after I eat it.

I’m less sensitive that I used to be, and can tolerate small amounts every now and then but I have a feeling any of those TJ’s cookies would do a number on me and I shouldn’t include them.  Darn.

And the White Chocolate Cookies & Cream Fudge doesn’t seem to bother me.  Which is a very good thing.

Thanks for letting me know you were tempted by it.  The foodie gods, approved it which made me happy.


1. Best thing you ate or did over weekend?

The white chocolate cookies & cream fudge was on the top of my food list.

I also got caught up on emails, housework, got things organized for the week, and felt sort of like I re-grouped a bit after coming off a really hectic and chaos-filled week last week.

Just getting organized going into a new week, if for nothing else, the weekend is considered a success in  my book if I can do that.

And of course spent time with the fam.

2.  What have you tried lately?  Any new products, foods, recipes, new workouts, playlists, blogs, TV shows, or anything else?  Verdict?

I have put a few new photography blogs in my Google Reader and have really been enjoying those.

I mentioned I just started watching Top Chef Just Desserts this season (and recorded some old reruns of Season 1 and they’re waiting for me on my DVR) and I love the challenge and competition and of course, the desserts!

And I have a Pinterest account and haven’t done much with it yet but I have a feeling that once I start, I will be hooked on it.

Have a great start to your week and if you’re just catching up on posts from the weekend here are mine:


  1. I’ve seen them at TJ’s too and have been curious about the Cat cookies, however since I’m allergic to Peanuts would have to say the wafers are on my “Only in the event of an Apocalypse” list of things to eat. :/

    If you’re aiming for gluten free… TJ’s makes a really great Rice Bread (that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and isn’t frozen to begin with) and they also have yummy brown rice tortilla shells that are a great alternative to corn tortillas. When heated, they actually fold nicely into a wrap too! Plus, their Rice Pastas and Gluten Free mac and cheese are inexpensive and yummy too. Ask them for a list of gluten free products next time you’re in. Lots of choices :)

    Think I’ll have to make some of those flour-less cookies still. Just with almond or soy butter instead, they look delish.

  2. Those peanut butter cookies look yummy! Especially since they are covered in dark chocolate :P

    I also can’t get over how bananas are only 19 cents/lb at TJ’s. I’ve been buying bananas for 49 cents/lb and I already thought the sale price of 42 cents/lb was a steal! haha.

    Best thing I ate over the weekend was roasted sweet potatoes and of course chocolate! :)

  3. I come here and I drool….multiple times!!

    The best thing I did over the weekend was I PARTIED!!! LOL! I haven’t done that in forever, so it felt soooo good!!


  4. The cats are great, I’m still waiting to try the others. I’m worried I might like them too much…btw, I made the mistake of reading the white chocolate cookie fudge post while hungry and almost started nibbling on my phone!

  5. I’m already following you on Pinterest; I know it can be a time suck but it’s also great for inspiration!

    This weekend I had an awesome power yoga class so that was great. Held Crow pose for much longer than usual! Love those flourless cookies (both kinds) – YUM!

  6. I’ve had the Cat Cookies before I started eating gf, the other two I have not tried. :)

    Your cookies look so good, I’m drooling!

    Best thing I did? Brought my baby to a farm so she could check out the animals! ;)

  7. I’ve started with Pintrest, but I’m using it mostly for blog recipes I want to try. Not enamored with it yet!

  8. I wen to TJs today too! Love that store. Bought a few new to me products (new veg burger, sauce, honey apple butter). I always get so excited! Best thing I ate this weekend was a crab cake!

  9. the cats cookies are good, kinda like teddy grahams, if you’ve ever had those. but the other two are delicious. the square ones are really munchable and have a great dark chocolate taste (tho not super peanut buttery), and the ones in the box with the layers are like what I always wished peanut butter patty girlscout cookies were and therefore are completely amazing. can you tell I shop at tjs a lot?

  10. I personally do not recommend those “Peanut Butter Goodies” cookies. They are not what you’d expect and we didn’t really like them. But your cookies on the other hand. Those look amazing!!

  11. the cat cookies are GOOOOD! I haven’t had the others… yet!

    I love Top Chef, and the Just Desserts is a good one, definitely.

  12. My fiance LOVES the peanut butter cookies. I wouldn’t know (they aren’t vegan) but he hoards them like the holy grail. The ginger cat cookies are super yummy though!

  13. I tried millet for the first time tonight and I was surprised, but we all LOVED it! It was really good.

  14. I love TJs Cat Cookies! The ginger ones are my current favorite :)

  15. Those are some of the best looking peanut butter cookies I’ve seen! And the white chocolate fudge is nothing short of heavenly!

  16. I actually have tried the cat cookies, my landlord was a crazy cat lady and always had them! They were okay, but not fudgy and gooey, which I think is necessary. I’d save your taste buds for the PB ones, or your own!

    I have a Pinterest account too, I need to check it out. Congrats on the foodgawker accept! I just got my second over the weekend and it feels so good :)

  17. haven’t seen those cookies in canada – what else is new?!!
    glad you got restocked – i have to have fresh fruit and veg in the fridge at all times. we pick a lot of the same products, i notice!
    have a great eve, averie!

  18. I saw your fudge 3 posts from my smoothie on Tasteologie today :) Congrats! The pictures came out great.
    For the record, I’ve never even seen those at TJ’s let alone tried them.

  19. Ok your 1st sentence is throwing me for a little loop? Not quite sure what you mean…
    But I take it you saw my fudge on tasteologie…

    And isn’t it crazy how much stuff TJ’s has that you dont even know about. I see people paying for items and Im like…where did they find THAT in the store? ha!

  20. I started adding stuff to my Pinterest too, but it seems like I need to spend some time on there and get the hang of it. It seems like everyone else finds such interesting photographs/things!

    There are so many things at TJs that I want to try — basically everything you mentioned in this post :)

  21. YUMMM!

    Hmmm something new I’ve tried lately. I started a bootcamp class at work on Tue & Thur and have been loving it. I wanted to mix it up a bit and get away from traditional cardio.

  22. Oh those cookies look awesome and that fudge looks amazing!!

  23. Dude the ginger cats are awesome and gluteny and lovely. I wish I could eat them.

  24. The most delicious thing I ate this weekend was at TGIFriday’s. Which feels weird to say, because most of their food seems so standard and heavy. But I found an item on the menu – Mediterranean Chicken Fusion Skewers – that I really enjoyed. The marinade on the chicken was just right, the veggies and rice it came with were well-flavored, and the portion size felt perfect. Yum!

    Have fun watching Top Chef Just Desserts! =)

  25. These desserts look amazing! awwww! I have been following your blog for some time and just started my own so I hope I will get to exchange some yoga ideas or recipes with u. Thanks for sharing and come to stop by sometime!

  26. I’ve never tried any TJ’s cookies, but have heard the maple leaf cremes (vegan, but not gf) are amazing. We’ve given those in a gift basket too.

    Gosh, I just froze at your questions. I’ve had a lot of good food lately and done fun things, but now I’m drawing a blank! Creamy soup has been on the menu a bit.

  27. Your cookies I bet taste better than those cookies anyway. I can definitely attest to the flourless peanut butter cookies. Delish! And I have to try the chocolate version next. Hmm…I know what I’m baking today!

  28. Both the goodies and the wafers are super good, I was buying them a lot but i stopped because me and my hubby can eat the whole thing in like five minutes! I agree with another posters comments that the goodies aren’t what you would expect but I still thought they were great. And the wafers have the crunchy peanut buttery dark chocolate thing going on so who could say no to that?

  29. I tried the dark chocolate peanut butter wafer cookies and do NOT love them. I keep eating them though, but still not really loving them. I wouldn’t buy them again. The dark chocolate flavor is good, but I find the rest to be just a blah flavor.

  30. The dark chocolate peanut butter wafers are so good, they are dangerous – I can’t keep them in the house for more than a few hours! I keep finding them in my cart when I shop there, though, yikes! I also love the cat cookies.

    I just found your site recently and am loving all the recipes, can’t wait to start baking more once the weather cools down here in Nor Cal.

  31. Sweet new TJ’s finds, I might need to check those out.

    1. Had a nice family gathering after going through my grandma’s apartment with tons of grilled veggies.
    2. The berry Vega Whole Health Optimizer that I adore and really good rosemary french fries at a nice restaurant.

  32. I tried a new TV show lately (The X Factor) and I loved it!!

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